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1. Review Club Hours for the youth of the LeoGoodwin Foundation Teen Center

Changing club hours would be beneficial for the youth of the LeoGoodwin Foundation Teen Center. at this moment the club is open at 3pm on schools days , but on Non-school days its open from 9am to 5pm. The teens that attend this center start arriving btween 11am to Noon. As we all know most teenagers don't wakeup early in the morning.

This brings the benefit of having the club Hours changed to either 11am to 8:30pm or 11:30 to 9pm, the teens would be able to spend more quality time at the club and interact with more activities during the summer and on non-school days.

2. Continuation of the Hypermobility Syndromes (HMS) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Services at Chapel Allerton (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)


As you are all aware Professor Bird retires after serving the above community of patients at the end of September 2010. Our information indicates that the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust do not intend to continue with the service that our community accesses. So with the loss of Prof. Bird and the highly skilled multi-disciplinary team, the existing and 300+ new patients a year, will no longer have access to what is widely recognised as a designated HMS/EDS Clinic.

This will have a devastating effect on the needs of those of us who access the current service in Leeds. Additionally this will lead to an increase in referrals to the other three existing designated HMS/ EDS Clinics in the UK, namely Glasgow, UCH in London and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. There is no doubt that many of us despite the difficulties in travelling and the extra cost will wish to attend a specialised service in a designated clinic, (especially considering the difficult journey that the majority of us undergo to gain a diagnosis in the first place). It is also apparent that this patient group in fact needs more designated clinics, run by knowledgeable and skilled staff who are up to date with research and who participate in research in attempts to best indentify how to manage and treat what can be a condition which significantly impacts on a patients physical, emotional, financial, family and social lives. It is not in the interests of this patient group to attend ordinary rheumatology appts, so with that in mind we are asking that you all sign this petition for the following reasons;

1.The continuation of a fit for service fit for purpose designated service/clinic for people with HMS/EDS at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
2.The need for more designated clinics for people with HMS or EDS.

3. Support Homestyle Bakery & the Black Lion Pub

Issues of fairness with respect to this business & the city need to be reviewed.

4. Reduce the Cost for State Conference

The Florida State University chapter of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law International Fraternity will be holding a state conference for the Florida chapters from March 28th, 2008 - March 30th, 2008. The chapter will be charging its members $40 to attend the conference.

During the conference, those participating in mock trial will not be able to attend the dinner on Friday night, nor will they be able to attend the various activities and speakers on Saturday aside from the banquet and social, however they are still being asked to pay for all of the events. The members of mock trial are asking to pay only for the amount of the banquet.

Many members of the Leadership Board have also contributed a great amount to the conference and as a result are asking for a reduced rate of $20. The Executive Board may determine whom the "contributing members" of the Leadership Board are.

However, if a question results about whom is considered a "contributing member" of the Leadership Board, the Leadership Board reserves the right to call for a vote to decide.

5. Foreign Language Courses in Corning-Painted Post School District

For years, only two foreign languages have been obtainable at the Corning-Painted Post School District, while in other districts in New York, as many as four may be offered. This is much to the dissent of the student populace.

Because of this, many of the students, only being able to choose French and Spanish, never get the chance to take a language they want so they quickly lose interest in it all together and many drop out after taking the Proficiency Exam that is required by New York State.

If a student were offered a language they would like, instead of being required to pick between two they do not like at all, they are more likely to stay in the class and therefore would have a higher chance of staying in the class and would lead to better understand among the younger generation of the United States and the world.

6. Secure Placement of Existing Vintage Ranch Students in Spectrum Elementary

February 28, 2007

We have recently learned that existing students who attend Spectrum Elementary who reside in Vintage Ranch are considered to be moved out to the new school #28.

Vintage Ranch students and their families who attend Spectrum Elementary have been with the school since its inception. We are the founding families for Spectrum Elementary School. We are outraged that our families' children are going to be considered to be transferred to the new school.

Spectrum Elementary has grown and is established today because of its families and students' contribution along with the incredible principal Mr. Hallock and his staff/teachers. We have all worked diligently over the past three 1/2 years to raise funding for school's necessary equipments, landscaping, books, and necessary materials such as sun shades for play ground structures.

We have formed a bond within our school community which is enviable compared to any other school. After solidifying our place in a school where we believed that our children will graduate from, we are now threatened to vacate our rightful place.

At a meeting which held place at Spectrum Elementary on February 22, 2007, all but one person was happy with the new boundary proposed which included East of Gilbert, South of Williams Field, West of Val Vista, and North of Pecos. Many people left feeling secure and safe that the outcome would be guaranteed and that the new boundary made most logical sense. And now after a Board meeting held on February27, 2007, someone brought up the idea that only Vintage Ranch will be carved out to be sent to the new school, and this is based solely on number 150 which will fill up the new school. This idea is preposterous because it doesn't take many important factors into consideration.

First of all, this will destroy our kids and families' relationships and undermine our community as a whole. Secondly, this will single out our community among the "Ranches" and devalue our property value. It is a fact that income, education, and property value are correlated to excellency of schools. If Vintage Ranch is linked to a school where the demographics are vastly mixed with apartment community and town homes, this will definitely drag our property values down.

We believe that the new school being built should be reserved for students who will reside in housings that are currently in construction as well as people who live closer to the news school which would be East of Val Vista and South of Pecos.

7. Save the Straight Up Scuplt & PITB Abs and Back Classes

August 1, 2006

It has come to our attention that Ballys Total Fitness, Bay/Bloor location, will be revamping the Group Exercise schedules.

We, the undersigned, would like to express our NEED (ok, deep desire) to continue to attend the Straight Up Scuplt & PITB Abs and Back Classes.

For most of us, these classes are a large part of why we continue to attend this gym. We love the results we achieve and how the instructors have an amazing ability to motivate us and always keep things fresh and challenging. Noted below you will find individual comments.

On a whole, we would like to see these two classes remain in their current day and time slots, if possible. If this is not possible, please try to keep them in the evening and back-to-back.

Thank you in advance for considering our comments.

8. Remove Seating Facilities for Concerts at S’pore Indoor Stadium

February 7, 2006

This is a Petition to request for action on the removal of seating facilities for Rock & Pop concerts (S'pore Indoor Stadium).

I attended my very first rock concert in my teenage years. In my opinion, it was one of the best concerts that ever took place in S'pore. The energy exuded by the 1000+ fans were truly an amazing sight. It was a METALLICA Concert & at that time, they were one of the hottest Metal Bands around (& they still are!!).

Although I absolutely enjoyed the unforgettable event... but what disappointed me utterly was the inclusion of seating facilities. I was extremely surprised (or rather, Shocked!) that there actually were seats for a Rock concert. What a Travesty it was.

The seats were absolutely redundant & a major obstacle for the fans to have a great time. For Goodness sake... this is a ROCK Concert. Nobody will ever seat down during a Rock Concert.
I really do not comprehend the reason for placing seats in the main arena. I did not pay $150 to seat down at concert events. Apparently, everybody were not utilising the seats at all.
The fans were either standing or using the seats as standing-stools (including myself & my friends).

In 2001, I attended the COLDPLAY/TRAVIS Concert. The concert was excellent, but the seats (again!) were a major disappointment. Then there were also ushers demanding fans to take their seats. This is unacceptable as those at the rear will not be able to see their favourite band perform because the fans in the front were standing up & obstructing the view.

Hence, those fans behind have to stand on the seats to enjoy the concert & get their money's worth. The concert tickets cost over a $100 each & i bought 4 tickets for my friends so we would have a enjoyable night.
However, we were deprived of having good clean fun.

I understand the need to have seating facilities for shows/films, theatrical performances & plays as i do attend these events as well. (eg. Cirque du Soleil, Cabarets, etc )
Nowadays whenever there are any concerts (like the upcoming Franz Ferdinand & OASIS concert), i would think twice about spending money to attend the event where i have to mandatorily take a seat to enjoy the concert.

I'm very sure many others out there would share my exact sentiments.
Thus, I write this petition to appeal to the authorities & organisers to remove the seating facilities for all Rock/Pop Concerts in the future.
I always believe this action will undoubtedly please all fans & concert go-ers.

Furthermore, more eager fans would not hesitate to buy tickets to see their favourite artistes/bands perform.
This will definitely be a win-win situation.

The cost of setup would be lower as there will be significantly less maintenance of the seats & manpower to arrange the seats prior to the event.
Please do your part & sign the petition to put a halt to all these unreasonable decisions to place seats in the arena.

Kindly send this petition to all your friends & relatives who believe in this cause as well.

On completion of the signature inputs, this petition will be sent to all relevent authorities pertaining to concert events organisation. (Ministry of Information & The Arts, SISTIC, etc). Thank you very much for your kind & generous support.

Yours Sincerely,
Kenneth Fan Kei Lim

9. Keeping extra credits for honarary classes at Pebblebrook

January 11, 2006

My name is Chasidy Walker and I attend Pebblebrook Highschool of Mableton, Georgia and as of today January 11, 2006 I was notified by my school teachers that there will no longer be extra credits given to the students who attend honor classes.

We work hard, we strive to bring home the best grades to show our parents our ability, not just our parents but ourselves! One of the people or groups of people we reflect with our outstanding progress is our own school... the very school who comes to take away the privilege we recieve along with grades; when one attends a honor class and makes a passing grade we recieve points, extra points that goes toward our GPA.

I belive this was an unfair act, no reward for working hard, but yet and still those students on level and below are now going to recieve the same credits we recieve?

Why take something away from us that we worked hard to earn?

10. Zoning of the Kanata Woodlands in the Beaverpond Area

We are sending this e-mail and message to you because of your interest in preserving environmental land in the area north of the Beaverpond/Kizzel Drain.

A proposal by the City of Ottawa to amend the City of Ottawa Official Plan and Zoning to allow a subdivision to accommodate some 3,000 homes in an area which has significant environmental value has been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) by a group of Kanata Lakes/Beaverbrook residents as well as the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association and the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital.

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Hearing of the appeals will be held at the Walter Baker Centre (Kanata Recreation Centre) on Terry Fox Drive (100 Walter Baker Place) and will commence at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 2005.

The evening of November 9, 2005 has been set aside to hear the views of the public at large. The Public Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 9, 2005 for the Walter Baker Centre commencing at 7:00 p.m. You can attend both the formal sessions during the day and, in particular, the public session which we encourage you to attend and to give your view to the OMB - verbally, in writing, with photographs or a combination.

If the development proceeds as proposed, a significant portion of the community heritage and its forest will be lost along with the attendant recreational and natural environmental amenities.

The OMB gives serious consideration to the views of the public, particularly when there is a strong contingent of the public making representations to the Board on issues being considered.

11. Lower The Costs Of College Tuition

This petition was created to lower college tuition costs. It is to stop colleges from raising their tuition every year. Instead, all colleges would remain at certain fixed rates, each year. This would only change if a college were to have financial problems, then that certain college may raise it's tuition as needed.

College tuition needs to be lowered so that more common folk may be able to attend, because they are the ones that are always the most ambitious and want to attend college the most.

12. Parent/citizen concern for students attending Jefferson Township Schools

We the parents of students attending our Jefferson Township Schools are concerned about the failure rates of our children/students. It appears that parents have voiced their concern an approximately (ongoing) 3-4 yrs. in reference to this matter and the board members have listened and stated they are not hearing enough complaints,nor have the principals of these buildings, and the previous superintendent's. This is false, and definitely not true. Some of us parent's have contacted the Superintendent and the previous Principals to no avail. We were assured improvement would be made and to date it has not, and now our children are also being harrassed by teachers.

If one teacher voices a complaint about a student or more students, then the other teachers that the students also attend classes with are gathered to meet and discuss negatively in a meeting with said child or children. THIS TRULY LOWERS THE SELF-ESTEEM OF OUR CHILDREN AND THEY DON'T WANT TO ATTEND THE CLASS OF SAID TEACHER'(S) NOT KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT. "WE ARE TIRED AND WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT THIS BEHAVIOR TOWARD OUR CHILDREN." The teaching concept no longer has any regard to the title "TEACHER".

13. Support Magnet School in Sumner Co, TN

On March 18, 2003, some members of the Sumner County Board of Education showed a willingness to cut new programs in order to maintain employee salaries and benefits should local revenues fall short of needs. One of these targeted programs was the Merrol N. Hyde Magnet School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2003. A drawing has already been conducted to select the magnet school students and these selected students were requested to sign a form of intent to attend the magnet school in lieu of their normally zoned school.

This petition is part of a grass-roots effort by concerned citizens of Sumner County to convince the Board that discontinuing plans for the magnet school at this time are an unacceptable risk to those already slated to attend, as well as to the community at large based on the impact to future economic development should the magnet school be delayed.

14. Abolish Mandated Uniform Policies in Public School

Let me begin by saying that we are not fundamentally against uniforms. We are against uniforms being mandated in public free schools. Private schools are not part of this petition, as they are private and can make their own rules. You do not have to attend a private school if you do not agree with their policies, you do have to attend a public school. This policy is not only a direct violation of First Amendment rights to free expression, it violates a parent's right to decide, individually, what is best for their child and their family. The decision of some parents to send their children to school in uniform is not the problem. The fact that their decision is being imposed on our child without our permission is the problem. Children are being punished and shunned because of minor violations of these uniform policies. In most cases, the selling point of a uniform policy was to avoid this problem, yet it is now being taught and practiced by the educators themselves. The education of our children has eroded terribly in this country. Yet time and effort is being wasted on whether or not a child's clothing is the right color, or whether or not they are wearing the correct fashion accessory. We need to stop allowing ours, and our childrens' rights to freedom to be so easily taken away.

15. Bring Gorillaz to Indianapolis

MISSION: To bring a kick-arse band to Indianapolis, creating a happy medium between those who couldn't attend the New York and Chicago shows.

16. Allow Greg To Attend Luau III

Greg needs to attend the final Luau.
That's it.