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MISSION: To bring a kick-arse band to Indianapolis, creating a happy medium between those who couldn't attend the New York and Chicago shows.

Everyone knows that the Gorillaz are amongst the greatest bands of the new millennia. They play their sets with great skill and candor (natch). Unfortunatly, their performances are very selective--only bringing their kick-arse sizound to major cities and venues. More unfortunately, many people (including myself and many, many others) cannot attend these impeccable concerts because of personal reasons (i.e.: lack of $$$, no transportation, bitchy over-protective parents, ect.) I have created this little petition to put an end to the Gorillaz' selective set-playing and bring a little bit of Brit culture to an otherwise dull-ass city. But this isn't just for me. I hope to inspire other Gorillaz fans to do the same, until the Gorillaz play more than just the same old venues. Please sign, and bring the Gorillaz to Indianapolis!//stoney

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