U.S. Department of Education
United States of America

January 11, 2006

My name is Chasidy Walker and I attend Pebblebrook Highschool of Mableton, Georgia and as of today January 11, 2006 I was notified by my school teachers that there will no longer be extra credits given to the students who attend honor classes.

We work hard, we strive to bring home the best grades to show our parents our ability, not just our parents but ourselves! One of the people or groups of people we reflect with our outstanding progress is our own school... the very school who comes to take away the privilege we recieve along with grades; when one attends a honor class and makes a passing grade we recieve points, extra points that goes toward our GPA.

I belive this was an unfair act, no reward for working hard, but yet and still those students on level and below are now going to recieve the same credits we recieve?

Why take something away from us that we worked hard to earn?

We, the undersigned, disagree with Pebblebrook taking away our honorary privileges.

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