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We the parents of students attending our Jefferson Township Schools are concerned about the failure rates of our children/students. It appears that parents have voiced their concern an approximately (ongoing) 3-4 yrs. in reference to this matter and the board members have listened and stated they are not hearing enough complaints,nor have the principals of these buildings, and the previous superintendent's. This is false, and definitely not true. Some of us parent's have contacted the Superintendent and the previous Principals to no avail. We were assured improvement would be made and to date it has not, and now our children are also being harrassed by teachers.

If one teacher voices a complaint about a student or more students, then the other teachers that the students also attend classes with are gathered to meet and discuss negatively in a meeting with said child or children. THIS TRULY LOWERS THE SELF-ESTEEM OF OUR CHILDREN AND THEY DON'T WANT TO ATTEND THE CLASS OF SAID TEACHER'(S) NOT KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT. "WE ARE TIRED AND WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT THIS BEHAVIOR TOWARD OUR CHILDREN." The teaching concept no longer has any regard to the title "TEACHER".

We, the undersigned, ask for the removal of teachers that will not show support of students failing their subject(s).

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