Sumner County Board of Education
United States of America

On March 18, 2003, some members of the Sumner County Board of Education showed a willingness to cut new programs in order to maintain employee salaries and benefits should local revenues fall short of needs. One of these targeted programs was the Merrol N. Hyde Magnet School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2003. A drawing has already been conducted to select the magnet school students and these selected students were requested to sign a form of intent to attend the magnet school in lieu of their normally zoned school.

This petition is part of a grass-roots effort by concerned citizens of Sumner County to convince the Board that discontinuing plans for the magnet school at this time are an unacceptable risk to those already slated to attend, as well as to the community at large based on the impact to future economic development should the magnet school be delayed.

We, the undersigned, support Sumner County's first magnet school. We do not want this important program cut from the budget.

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