#Children's Rights
Community of Overberg
South Africa

- Two children (aged 2 years & 6months; and 1 year & 6months respectively) were unlawfully, unfairly and crudely taken from their mother on Monday, 19 October 2020, by a local Senior Social Worker.
- The children were removed with physical force, their cries of despair following the screeching of the well-known Metalic Blue VW CityGolf tyres as they were taken to an unknown address.
- The children are being hidden there, held against their will and best interest - somewhere here in Kleinmond, a town so small but yet the possibilities are endless.
- The mother was unethically and unproffesionally mislead, manipulated, lied to and threatened by the Social Worker. She was taken to Hermanus Hospital, for a mental evaluation. The social worker claimed she was mentally ill, though after being thouroughly screened, the hospital did not admit her, and cleared her physically and mentally.
- Returning home later to her life-partner and father ofher her children, the mother was shocked to find her children were not there, though the Social Worker had assured her that morning she would be taking her children home to their father.
- The children have still not been found. The Social Worker, the Management of Child Welfare Kleinnmond, Kleinmond SAPS, as well as the chairperson of the police forum were contacted and notified of the social worker's unproffesional, unethical and dishonest dealings. The children were reported as 'missing/ubducted' to the authorities but to date, no-one has assisted these parents in finding their children, they are still "missing".
- The parents have not stopped searching for their children. They have not stopped "fighting the system" and would like to bring to light the corruption, discrimination and unethical dishonesty that has been going on in our community.
- The parents have appointed a lawyer, who will be dealing directly with the high courts of South Africa, fighting for the immediate return of the two wrongfully removed children to their home and the loving care of their longing papents.
"... Your signature is our voice. Our unity will create an undefeatable image, of a community standing together for what they believe: That above all else, every child is a gift from God, only borrowed and entrusted to their parents. How can we allow the voices of our children not to be heard?

In light of above sitution, we, the undersigned, call urgently upon the legal system and courts of South Africa to ensure that, in the best interest of these two children, they be safely returned to their loving parents without any further procrasternation.

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