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1. ACT in February for NY

In every state and the District of Columbia high school students can take the ACT in February. However, the test is not offered in the state of New York. Why?

In 1979 the legislation passed the Truth-in-Testing Law, which has the affect of disallowing the ACT standardized test being offered to New York high schoolers in the month of February.

This petition is asking the New York State Senate, New York General Assembly and New York Governor's office to amend the 1979 law thereby allowing our students to have the same opportunity as the rest of the country.

I ask that you, as a high school student, sign this petition which I then will share with the legislature and executive branches.

For more specific information on how New York got into this awkward situation, please visit this NYSEAC website.

2. LGBT Equality

It has come to my attention that the Judicial Branch is exceeding their authority when it comes to the fourteenth Amendment.

The fourteenth Amendment clearly states that all people born or naturalized in the United States are due to equal protection under the law and no state shall deny any person this right. However, the Judicial Branch seems to think that LGBT citizens who were born or naturalized in the United States should not be protected under equally under the law as stated in the fourteenth Amendment.

3. Add lack of credit to "no discrimination" rules for landlords

A landlord or property management company should not be allowed to deny renting to you for lack of credit history. So long as they have good rental history it shouldn't be an issue for them to rent a place.

I know several people who are low income and in the lower-side of the middle class that get discriminated against because they don't use credit. As long as they aren't late with rent or have evictions on their records.

Lack of credit shouldn't enter into the picture. Also if the renter has references from previous landlords that should be taken into consideration before lack of credit. Also if a late payment or collection notice on utilities is more than 3 years old it shouldn't be used to not rent to a prospective tenant.


As Samoan citizens living in New Zealand, Australia, USA and other countries, we continue to maintain our connections with our lands, family titles and ties to Samoa.

OUR COMMITMENT TO SAMOA is not only by words but by our Deeds and Financial remittances to our families and churches.

In the Annual Report for the Financial Year 2011-2012 by the Central Bank of Samoa (p10), it said the following:

"Private remittances increased a further 6 percent to $392.2 million in 2011/12 (on top of a 6 percent recovery in 2010/11), underpinned by a 29 percent increase in remittances for households as well as a 7 percent (or $2.5 million) growth in funds for Churches. Families remained as the main recipients of funds, with its share edging up 2 percentage points to 75 percent, followed by Churches with 10% share. The main sources of household remittances were NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA and the USA with shares of 37 percent, 32 percent and 20 percent respectively..."

In Central Bank of Samoa Bulletin of September 2014, it said at page 10:

"The gross inflow of private remittances went up by 16.7 percent to $94.8 percent million largely due to increased funds for "households" and church. The main sources of remittances were from NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA..."

The Lawyers and Legal Practice Act 2014 violates our rights under Article 15 of The Constitution of Samoa to be equal before the law and entitled to equal protection under the law.

5. Support the cleanest and safest methods for obtaining fuel, fertilizers, dyes, and water

History reminds of nazi control, gas chambers in slavery times and in new age times, torture was encouraged. States such as Alabama, welcome Monasato, who promotes the strongest chemical and product.

We recommend education to those within this community and everywhere. It has become a global crisis affecting children globally.

Ethanol, Chemtrails and war remind us all to defend our planet and health.

6. Urge the Alberta Government to protect the rights of Injured Workers, and amend the Workers Compensation Act

Previous to CIWAA's inception the WCB and the Government have relied on Injured Workers inability to organize and remain fragmented leaving many voices without a united message.

We must unite all the Injured Workers under one group and one message. That group is CIWAA and that message is We will not allow WCB to deny legitimate claims of Injured Workers in order for corporate Alberta to benefit with the lowest WCB premiums in Canada at Injured Workers expense.

NOTICE: The name and address of every person who signs this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is in proper form to be presented to the Legislative Assembly.

To Contact Injured Workers:

7. Keep the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs in Tuggeranong


The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) fears the loss of one of our major employer in the Tuggeranong Town Centre will be devastating for businesses and investment and lead to job losses in the future.

The Federal Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs has announced it plans to consolidate its offices and is considering relocating from the Tuggeranong town centre.

The TCC is concerned if the department workers are relocated it will have a negative impact on businesses in the Town Centre that rely on business from this department and its workers.

A lot of the small businesses in Tuggeranong rely on the public service for their day to day trade and base their business decisions on this trade. This also includes our local Clubs, Group Centers and local shops.

A petition has been launched calling on the Federal Government to locate Deapartment of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs in Tuggeranong.

The petition has the support of the Federal Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann MP and ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries.

The TCC urges all Tuggeranong residents to sign the petition below.

Kind Regards
Darryl Johnston
Tuggeranong Community Council Inc
PO Box 436, Erindale Centre ACT 2903

8. Remove Handgun Caliber Restrictions in Australia

For a decade now, handgun caliber restrictions and magazine restrictions have been in effect after a tragedy involving a high caliber handgun.

Sporting shooters are unable to use handguns with a caliber of more than .38 inch or 9mm unless they are involved in a specialized competition e.g. metallic silhouette which requires a high caliber handgun.

The law entitles sporting shooters to own high velocity, low caliber cartridges but not the lower velocity, high caliber cartridges with a larger projectile. Sport shooters are also limited to 10 rounds or less which creates a major disadvantage during competition shooting events.

The purpose of this petition is to remove unnecessary caliber restrictions and increase the maximum magazine capacity from 10 to 15 keeping public safety in mind.

9. Support a Student Bill of Rights

Petition for an American Student Bill of Rights:

Students in the United States are blessed to have legal rights, freedoms and protections. These include constitutional, civil, contract, consumer rights and rights specific to higher education. They are scattered, however, through a number of legal documents and court decisions making it hard for students to find them.

Please sign this petition for the creation of a National Student Bill of Rights which clearly states what rights exist to protect students and how they are applied in institutions of higher education.

It doesn't matter which country you live in or where you are from, please, show your support. Press the sign petition button at the bottom of the page. You have nothing to lose and students have everything to gain.

10. Unsuitable Owners not Dangerous Dogs

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was introduced in response to various incidents involving particular breeds.

These incidents received huge tabloid attention and public concern over the keeping and breeding of all dogs which were classed as the same type.

The following breeds which are of pedigree or crossed with are now classed as Dangerous Dogs
Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro.

11. Review Australian Gun Laws

For 16 years now, law abiding firearms owners have had to put up with strict gun laws after the Port Arthur Massacre. It has been 16 years now since the Port Arthur Massacre, Its time the government and Gun Control Agencies stop using it as an excuse to keep our strict gun laws.

Statistics have shown Australian and New Zealand gun owners are among the best in the world, its time the government give something back to the law abiding firearms owners of Australia.

12. Save Rose Cottage Horse Agistment!

The ACT government has been trying to develop this land for over the last ten years. Every time a proposal has been put forwards, the local community has rallied to keep the land the way it is, in a largely undeveloped state.

The South Tuggeranong community DOES NOT want this land developed - rather, we would like to see it remain in it natural state as a piece of bush land that all the community can enjoy for outdoor recreations such as horse riding, bush walking, etc.

See Survey Results Supporting The Preservation of the Land.

Please sign our petition to stop the development of our community's bush land!

13. Stop Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Exchange Grants

The US Government is forcing every state to implement a health insurance exchange program by January 2014 to support the Affordable Care Act.

In order to help the states cover the cost, the government is going to provide them with grants. Since there is a chance that the Republicans may take office next year and kill the program, I want all grants for the Affordable Care Act stopped for the next 12 months.

The country cannot afford to throw money at a program that may not be around in a year.

14. Yes to 10 cent Container Deposit Legistation in the ACT (Helpful Waste Management)

This 10 cent Container Deposit legislation would benefit ACT communities and environment in many way.

This would extend the life of the landfills in the ACT, Encourage recycling, reduce littering along the road side, river, lakes within the ACT, reduce the incidents of "glassing", reduce playground incidents that are caused by glass shards, help in supporting local charities and community groups in the ACT, reduce costs of the ACT Government from roadside cleaning and Reduce environmental management costs.

ACT families are amongst the highest recyclers in Australia, and they would be financially remunerated for being so.

15. Return Due Process to Mississippi

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."
~The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

With the NDAA's indefinite detainment without due process clause, (meaning legally, the Federal Government can arrest anyone for anything at any time secretly) It is time to recognize that Mississippians could lose their right to a fair trial.

With new bills being introduced to take away our first amendment rights, we should be worried about the consequences of disagreeing with any legal policies the government wants to implement.

If there is a suspected terrorist or protester, they should have the right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers to determine if their actions were illegal, and to determine the extent of punishment under law.

16. Make your Will mean something

In NSW, anyone can challenge your will. The Succession Act was introduced in 2006 and is now being reviewed by the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice.

Wills mean nothing under this law. Family, ex-spouses and friends can challenge your Will which means your loved ones miss out and costs your estate thousands of dollars in legal fess trying to defend your wishes.

17. Minister for Immigration You have been served


The petition of certain representatives of a ‘minority ethnic Latin American community’

Draws to the attention of the House:

The Minister for Immigration discretionary power under s499 of the Migration Act 1958 and the Ministerial guidelines for unique and exceptional circumstances created under this section of the Act.

The community expectation that the Minister for Immigration will comply with this provision of the Migration Act 1958 without breaches to the ‘hearing rule’.

IT IS SUBMITTED that the Minister decision stating ‘it would not be in the public interest to intervene’, was derived from a ‘flawed assessment’ on the Applicant’s case (CLF2011/85543). The Minister ‘ignored’ to consider the applicant’s brother who is resident of Australia. Therefore, lack of ‘procedural fairness’ is a clear breach to the ‘hearing rule’. The decision must be declared invalid due to an ‘administrative error’.

IT IS SUBMITTED that the Judiciary system of Australia has not jurisdiction to review such decision. The Applicant’s brother and family members resulted aggrieved. The Applicant previously applied for Protection visa, if returned to Colombia his life would be in high risk of danger which will bring psychological consequences to his brother.

18. Oppose the abolition of the Chief Coroner

Please join CRY’s campaign for justice for families of fit and healthy young people who are dying from undiagnosed but inherited heart conditions.

Every week in the UK, 12 young people (under 35 years) die from undiagnosed heart conditions and CRY believe there are hundreds more ‘broken hearts’ which are not being sent to heart specialists for proper examination due to short-comings in the coroners’ system.

This means other family members are at risk if a genetic heart defect is present; and bereaved families suffer even more heartache from not knowing the true cause of death.

To stop these short-comings, a Chief Coroner must be at the heart of the coroners’ system.

A Bill is going through Parliament NOW which proposes to abolish the role of Chief Coroner for England and Wales and this needs to be stopped.

19. Petition ACT Action buses for mobile application

Hey all,

We are a group of ANU university students, and as a born and bred Canberran, I’ve always had trouble with the Action Bus system. I have a hard time finding out where the stops are, the bus website is really hard to use on the go, and judging from the posts already made regarding this, I decided to go ahead and implement a mobile application for Action.

Our ideas so far involve a live-bus positioning so that you know where the bus is along its route, telling you the closest bus stop along with the times, scheduling a trip, alarms and anything people can suggest.

We developed a prototype with dummy data, and met up with Action to show them our work so far, and to try and get the data needed to get it working perfectly and accurately.

We were unfortunately told that while Action already has all the compiled Google Transit Feed data, they cannot provide us with anything due to the politics and bureaucracy involved

We want to develop our application for Android, iPhone, and even Blackberries, but we cant until we get the data and Action’s help.

20. Enact the DREAM Act

The D.R.E.A.M. Act would allow children and students who have grown up in the United States, have graduated from high school and have no criminal record, to attend and complete college or serve 2 years in the military to legalize their immigration status.

21. Amend The ACT Solar Feed In Tariff

The ACT Government has legislated for a Solar Feed-In Tariff (FIT), which has offered ACT residents and property owners 50.05c per kW/hr for the electricity they produce. This FIT is accessed through a contract with our local Electricity Utility, ACTEW.

Earlier this year, the ACT Government announced that, effective July 1st., the FIT rate would reduce to 45.7c. kW/hr.

During 2010, there has been a worldwide shortage of inverters, a component of grid-connect solar PV systems. The shortage has been most pronounced in some sizes of inverters, and worst amongst the top-quality brands. These shortages are expected to continue until 2011. Recently, there have also been stock shortages of some of the more popular solar panels.

Combined, these two factors have meant that many Canberrans have had their solar installations delayed, through no fault of their own, nor of the retailer they are purchasing through.

On Wednesday June 9th, 2010, ACTEW advised that they would not accept any further applications for commissioning systems before the June 30th. cut-off date.

This will disadvantage many customers who have committed to purchase PV systems, but have been unable to have them installed, and the commissioning booked, before the announcement of June 9th.

Our petition calls on the ACT Government, in the interest of fairness, to use the DATE OF PURCHASE of the PV system, not the DATE OF COMMISSIONING, as the qualification date for accessing the current FIT.

22. Increase Reservoir Storage on Aberdeen Plateau

Enough studies! Construct new and larger reservoir(s) on the Aberdeen Plateau for years when snow/rainfall is heavy so our beautiful community and properties are sustained in dry years.

23. Reform the 1975 Family Law Act

Family Law Act 1975 to be corrected. New Family Law Act to have the following Terms included:

* In Australia, Federal Magistrates are to do a check on both parents with DOCS and Police, at the beginnning of the Court proceedings, to see if any records are held on either parent before issuing a Court Order for either parent to have Custody of the child.

* Domestic Violence Father not ever to be given Custody of a baby by submitting a lying Affidavit without any evidence. Especially the day after being threatened by Police with an AVO being taken out on him.

* Mother of baby always to be Subpoenad to Court.

* Both sides of a story are to be heard. Especially considering the Mother has evidence to back up everything she is saying.

* Baby not to be removed from Mother unless there is a decent enough reason to do so when both sides of the story have been heard.

24. Stop The Performance Tax

Save Free Radio! Do you love your radio stations – the music, news and traffic? Do you love getting your music for FREE? It’s all in danger! Everything you love about your radio station could be a thing of the past! Unless you act NOW! There are bills before congress that threaten free music on the radio.

The foreign owned record companies and misinformed artists want congress to establish a tax where stations would pay for the right to play music on the radio. This additional tax would change radio and put music radio stations in danger of going silent. Learn more…

Your radio station needs your help! By signing this petition and sending an e-mail to congress you are telling congress NOT to pass this tax on radio stations. Click below to sign the petition and save free radio! You also can make calls to your congressional leaders and email your friends.

25. Amend an appeal process for all Ontario Highway Traffic Act infractions

Did you know that the Police in Ontario, Canada have the power to impound your vehicle and suspend your license without any form of appeal process? This in turn will raise your insurance rates, cause you to pay fees to reinstate your license, cause you to pay fees to recover your vehicle from the impound lot (and don't forget the towing of your vehicle there!) and possibly cause you credit and employment problems in the future. Yes, it's true!

All of this because there is no court date, no appeal and no due process for many offences under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario! It's your word against the Police. You have NO rights! This quote is taken directly from the Highway Traffic Act:

"No appeal or hearing

(9) There is no appeal from, or right to be heard before, the suspension of a driver’s licence..."

How is this possible? Where do we live? Read the Act for yourself, you may just be surprised in what you find out. Many acts have been amended and changed in the last year that revoke many of your rights as a citizen of Canada (or Ontario?).

Please sign our petition! Show solidarity that we won't stand for these amendments in a free country where we're supposed to have rights!

26. Stop Proposed Cull of Kangaroos at Majura, ACT

The ACT Government have approved the cull of a large number of kangaroos at the Department of Defence site, Majura ACT. Exactly how many will be killed is not known but it could be well into the thousands.

They have based their decision on Maxine Cooper's Grasslands Investigation which claims the kangaroos are starving. However, no scientific or hard evidence of this is provided in the report. In fact, the Federal Government have even questioned this since only a small number of carcasses have been found on the property. The exact number of kangaroos on the Defence Site at Majura is not known but there has been reports of more than 6,000 kangaroos on the site.

The report states that only 1 kangaroos should be allowed per hectare. This means that the cull they are planning to undertake will mean the shooting of a large number and proportion of kangaroos on the site. The figure could be as many as 5,000. The report states clearly that orphaned joeys will not be spared. There lives will be finished by the legal practice of killing joeys in which is usually beheading them or bashing them to death with a blunt object. Photographs taken by wildlife groups recently show healthy grasslands and kangaroos alike.

Australia is a dry country and kangaroos are designed to survive these climates. They are our national symbol, cultural heritage and are a true representation of what it means to be an Aussie Battler. Yet, the ACT government has agree to cut so many of their lives short.

27. BreinsAmnesty Proposal Social Security Payroll Tax Cut 2031 Petition

Why do Republicans in the House of Representatives, choose not to support the Social Security bill? Failure to maintain substantial payroll tax revenues will allow the government to perpetuate the Social Security Trust Fund.

So why should We The People who can least afford to pay employment taxes under the guise that it is for retirement. Let's stop The government from diverting trillions of dollars of employment taxes for other purposes under the disguise of charity.

28. Help save our critically endangered habitat

The petition refers to the illegal clearing of remnant grasslands in the Wyndham shire in May/June 2008. The clearing occured just outside the urban growth boundary to the west of Werribee. This area contains the largest mapped patch of federally listed critically endangered western plains grassland on the Keilor_Werribee plains. The removal involved The ~375 ha with approximately 50% moderate to good quality rocky remnant native grassland. Plants and tussock in remnant grasslands could be in excess of 100 years of age.

A large rolling machine went over it in May, pushing rocks, surface vegetation including grassland, about 5cm into the soil. Bare earth paddock resulted which has been sown to crop which about 1 – 2 cm high on the 14th of September. This activity is illegal pursuant to clearing controls (52.17) part 1 in Section 5 (Particular provisions) of the Planning and Environment Act. The landholder is most likely claiming that an exemption under the clearing control table exemptions (52.17-6) applies and any vegetation under 10 years old previously used for agriculture is exempt of clearing. However this exemption only applies to land previously used for agricultural hence this landholder should face prosecution as 50% of the area bulldozed was remnant grassland that has never been worked and the majority of flora on site would be well in excess of 10 years old.

This type of activity is not new to the area with 3000 hectares lost per year with most removal having no applications to remove applied for under state or federal jurisdiction. This rate of removal was calculated in the mid 90's and has most likely accelerated.

With respect to the clearing control act only the respective Council, the minister of planning and environment (Justin Madden) or his office are authorised officers able to prosecute the land owner pursuant to section 126 of the Planning and Environment act. It applies to owners and occupiers and states that it is an:

Offence to contravene scheme, permit or agreement;
(1) Any person who uses or develops land in contravention of or fails to comply with a planning scheme, or a permit, or an agreement under section 173 is guilty of an offence.

This act allows for criminal charges be laid and a rediculously low offence of up to $126,000 paid.

Interstingly, concerned individuals or state bodies such as DSE are able apply for an enforcement order pursuant to section 114 of the Planning and Environment Act. This section states:

“any person may apply to the Tribunal for an enforcement order against any person specified in subsection (3) if a use or development of land contravenes or has contravened, or, unless prevented by the enforcement order, will contravene this Act, a planning scheme, a condition of a permit or an agreement under section 173.

Although no criminal charges can be laid an order of restitution can be made perhaps using Paul Gibson-Roy’s method for restoring grasslands and effectively block any future development on this site as per section 119-b(iv) which states:

“to do specified things within a specified period (A)to restore the land as nearly as practicable to its condition immediately before the use or development started”.

This impost will be far greater felt to the land owner than the maximum offence carried under section 126 of the Planning and Environment Act as no doubt the land owner is speculating over positioning of the UGB in the next few decades and on current market value that would cost him $1,000,000 per hectare in land he can no longer develop.

Hence not only should section 126 be enacted with Council and/or The Minister enforce planning controls but a body such as DSE, charged with protecting such habitat under the Fauna and Flora Guarantee act should also prosecute by enacting Section 114 of The Planning and Environment Act. Unfortunately no resources have been given to DSE to prosecute such cases and as a result DSE will likley not prosecute. This short coming has been highlighted and although aknowledgement has been made no funds have been made available to DSE. The Minister for Planning and Environment needs to rectify this immediately.

Obviously if DSE prosecuted utilising section 114 of the planning and Environment Act then would be speculation would be stopped and irresponsible landowners put on notice.

29. Reinstate Our ACT Kangaroos onto The Rehabilitation Licence

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION TO HELP REINSTATE THE FULL TERM REHABILITATION OF OUR ACT SICK, INJURED, ORPHANED NATIVE EASTERN GREY KANGAROOS (EGK's), onto the ACT Rehabilitation Carers Licence. Please send the word around, post this petition onto your website, and send it to everyone else you know, and your mailing list.

Kangaroo meeting with Maxine Cooper, the now former Commissioner of Sustainability and Environment, in her office on Thursday 14/10/10, that included discussions on full term rehabilitation for sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, which Maxine's dept is investigating.

Nora Preston has requested that a new expert advisory committee be David Croft, Nora Preston, Dror Ben-Ami, Daniel Ramp, Keely Boom, to replace all the unqualified non expert advisory committees.

Media release on 23/4/07

These animals mentioned below are all dead, however, the fight still goes on, to turn the site into Wildlife Carers Group proposed city Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, now renamed as the City Memorial Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, in tribute to the kangaroos that were needlessly tortured to death, under the rspca's watchful eyes, who then inappropriately claimed that this massacre was humane.

PLEASE sign our other petition as well on to save ALL the Eastern Grey Kangaroos on the Lawson Defence site (BNTS) from relocation and death, and turn the site into a Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary with educational facilities, wildlife hospital, rehabilitation enclosures, etc. Media releases on 13 May 2007,, 14 May 2007,, 20 May 2007,,,, 25 May 2007,, 7 March 2008.

These kangaroos have suffered enough and will not survive any relocation, which will cause acts of animal cruelty with this type of research, they must be left alone on the site where they have lived safely for their entire lives.

Nora Preston, The Founder/President of WCG - Wildlife Carers Group began rehabilitating wildlife in the early '80's.

ACT EGK's were rehabilitated in carers back yards, with their fences extended, to prevent them from escaping.

Our ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Eastern Grey Kangaroos were removed off our rehabilitation licence in mid 1980's, to prevent us from rehabilitating our sick, injured, orphaned NATIVE Eastern Grey Kangaroos, (EGK's) claiming, that our EGK's were not native to the ACT.

In 2005, Nora Preston, President and Founder of Wildlife Carers Group, (WCG) applied for and was issued with a licence by TAMS (Territory and Municipal Services), with a Rehabilitation Carers Licence, to rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned native animals/wildlife.

Nora Preston contacted the now former Licensing Officer and the now former Local Chief Minister Jon Stanhope of the Labor Party, and pointed out to them that our Native EGK's were indeed native to the ACT, that the licence was incorrect and needed to be amended, and to include the full term rehabilitation of our Native EGK's.

Nora Preston - WCG, received A formal letter from both the former Chief Minister Jon Stanhope and the former Licensing Officer at that time, from TAMS, apologising for the error, and amended the licence, however, only amended rehabilitation for 48 hours, instead of the required full term rehabilitation, and then want the healthy animals destroyed.

There have since been 2 different Chief Ministers, and 2 different TAMS Ministers, all of whom Nora has continued to liaise with and has kept fighting to have this licence amended.

Failing to amend the Rehabilitation Licence to full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned EGK's, allows acts of animal cruelty, inhumanely and unnecessarily killing/destroying EGK's that are healthy, that have every prospect of a successful rehabilitation.

This ACT licence is being governed under an old 1996 report.

Furthermore, Research has been cruel by TAMS, with Bromocriptine fertility research, which is an oral administration, suppressing the milk from the joey, slowly starving it to death, page 64/65 in Report 3, or cruelly ripping the joey from it's mothers pouch, causing bleeding of the mouth, with further hemorrhaging, injuries, and death. The 1996 ACT Kangaroo Advisory Council 3 Reports are on

These are all acts of animal cruelty, therefore in breach of the animal welfare act, and will have to stop.

This report will show how out of date the current advisory council is, working off a report, reported in August 1996, however, Report 1, page 5/6, that was stating a report in late 1994, also recommended that the culling must stop, because they 'were over culling our native kangaroos', and yet, the wildlife rehabilitation licence was never updated to include full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos to allow the recovery of the EGK's population, which has continued to rapidly decline.

Report 2, page 5, first paragraph, then contradicts Report 1, claiming that 'this licence specifically excludes Eastern Grey Kangaroos because of their abundance in the ACT', which is describing the Rehabilitation licence.

The ACT is the only state in Australia that cruelly prevents the full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned Native EGK's.

The advisory council is made up of the kangaroo commercial industry, farmers, rspca, (who categorise our native EGK's as feral on their website, and insist on cruel killing, then claim that the inhumane killings are humane) etc, all who have a serious conflict of interest with kangaroos, and want them to be driven to extinction, with the mentality that 'wildlife can't live amongst humans' which was quoted to Nora Preston by the head ranger of TAMS, and the local government who was in charge of the environment file at the time, with absolutely no regard to the destruction they were causing to our environment, conservation of, or the animal rights and welfare.

It is time to put the environment, conservation of, and wildlife first, to be educated, come back into this century, civilisation, and start acting like civilised, educated people.

For animal welfare reasons, the Rehabilitation licence must be amended and to reinstate the full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned Native EGK's.

To prevent road kills, the shooroo needs to be modified, so that it can be activated in the vehicles, when travelling at any speed.

Saving and Caring for our Environment, Conservation, and all of our Native Wildlife.

30. Save ALL the Kangaroos

URGENT - CANBERRA/ACT KANGAROOS NEED YOUR HELP - Please sign this petition as individuals, and send to everyone else, if you have a website, please add this petition's link to it.

Please check out and facebook for horrific photos of roo cruelty, this is the reality, and please follow us, and join us on twitter,

UPDATE: Our native roos were again being slaughtered in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and want to abuse taxpayers money to violently kill kangaroos in 2015 based on their lies. VOTE OUT THE ACT GOVT AND THEIR VIOLENCE AND LIES IN THE NEXT ELECTIONS. Click on or copy and paste this link for updates:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Licence conditions for Wildlife Carers Group in my name:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Licence K8464 backdated to 2008/2009 with special conditions:

1.Full term rehabilitation for ALL sick, injured, orphaned native wildlife

2.No records for TAMS – Privacy Act

3.No Carers list for TAMS – Privacy Act

4.No Vets list for TAMS – Privacy Act

5.I do all the inspections

6.Open licence, does not expire or get cancelled unless I cancel it or leave Wildlife Carers Group, as per TAMS original special conditions

7.No interference by TAMS or any dealings with TAMS at all

8.Rescue of all native wildlife

9.Export Licence

10.I’m appointed as advisor in all wildlife and animal welfare related matters to replace the RSPCA and Marg Peachey if she has been appointed onto any of these positions.

11.Wildlife Carers Group takes over all Wildlife Rehabilitation and Native Wildlife killing applications

12.RSPCA shut down with shelters taken over by Animal Liberation if they agree

13.TAMS prevented from working with animals

14.Remove all Conservator/TAMS conditions.

Public apology over the defamatory letters sent to all my carers, vets in 2008 and to anyone else these and other defamatory letters were sent out to referring to me and Wildlife Carers Group. One defamatory lie was that I did not comply with section 28, the other lie was that I hadn’t yet responded to their renewal licence which they had NOT sent out to me. I had to chase after them to get the renewal licence sent out to me;

Public apology over defamation leading to and on10/8/12, and thereafter for the unlawful trespassing and theft of wildlife and my wildlife food etc taken against me;

Public apology on 11/8/12 defamatory article in the Canberra Times;

I was repeatedly reminded by the ACT Government that we are an independent group.

Independent – adj. 1. Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing. 2. Free from the control of another or others; self-reliant.

To see the full report please click or copy and paste on this link into your browser: and the Canberra Times Poll that shows only a small minority support the government killing:

The ACT government only give notice late in the day, the day before the killing is to commence, to disallow any defence to be prepared to stop the kill of innocent native animals.

ANIMAL WELFARE - Please copy and paste links below, to kangaroo cruelty into your browser, to view the horror. Kangaroos are killed in an extremely inhumane manner. Legally kangaroos killed are required to be killed by a single shot to the brain. there are instances where kangaroos are not killed in this manner. As a result, the kangaroo is shot agonisingly in the jaw, neck or the body, flees in response and will suffer a prolonged and painful death.

These joeys are killed often by shooters smashing them into the ground, against tow bars of cars or with a metal pipe or other blunt instrument. Alternatively, when not caught, an out of pouch joey will be left to fend for itself and will generally die of predation, starvation or dehydration.This is not to mention the stress suffered by kangaroos from hearing shots being fired and from being chased down by shooters.

Please check out This link 'KANGAROO CHILLER BOX INVESTIGATION' from animal liberation which wildlife warriors also have the same link to on youtube, that contains the cruel bashing to death of roos shot but not directly killed, hung up while still alive, and left suffering, trembling as they hang, tortured to death, and joeys bashed to death, possibly attempting to decapitate the joeys head on the back of the truck with several blows., so called controlled government butchering, you will note that the kangaroos are still alive when hung up, suffering, AND BEING TORTURED TO DEATH, the male is laughing at the cruelty he has just inflicted on this kangaroo, a joey stomped to death, even the child stomps on it as he walks past following his father, orphaned joeys hopping around, left to starve to death, a joey bashed till its eyes popped out, but is still alive, suffering, a prolonged death, and the male admitting that these are protected species. Native protected animals called pests, the very same native animals that maintain a healthy well balanced eco system. The code of practice that the shooter refers to is inhumane, and unacceptable, as witnessed in this video footage. Kangaroos are not fit for human or dog consumption, heavily contaminated with various diseases/harmful bacterias, e.coli, salmonella, etc. Keep watching till it stops, keep an eye on the timer, next to the speaker symbol, length 10:59.

Kangaroos don't need to be killed with this spray, that deters them:

If Kangaroos are a problem for your crops,
we have a environmentally friendly soil spray
that harmonises the environment, so Roos
no longer wish to be there.
There is no smell, no poisonous substances and
no harm done to any plant or animal.
"It all in the vibe".
This product can be applied with any other spray round.
Contact us on 04091166269 (ref: online Canberra Times ad choices)

This product cannot be over used, since vegetation/native flora is there for our native wildlife to consume. If over used the kangaroos will starve to death.

No evidence to support that this cull is necessary.

No documented evidence to support this cull.

No figures of population of roos.

No evidence of documented damage.

In this article, Nora Preston interviewed on 15/4/10, (that has now been removed from their website) don fletcher from tams says that kangaroos are not the main problem and in fact'native grasses' are not threatened with extinction, but other animals and plants are, and that "the biggest 'contributor' to the loss of the natural treeless grasslands of our region has been agriculture (by far)".

This statement is admitting to the flawed, dishonest kangaroo management plan, and Russell Watkinson's media release, on Friday 18/6/10, that blames the kangaroos for driving legless lizards, earless dragons, etc, and the deteriorating grasslands and woodlands to extinction, by eating all the grasses, when Fletcher admits that the native grasses are not threatened by the kangaroos, but by human activity, including toxic sprays.

Please check out this link that was in the Canberra times on 17/10/09, that completely refutes the allegations against the roos destroying grasslands, that was sent to maxine cooper, that were also ignored.

The report is by Julie Lindner, who has also been studying the grasslands and the roos for the past 20 years, which backs up what I've been saying all along.

The kangaroo management plan is conjunctional, and not based on any scientific facts.

The only objects that are causing the destruction of grasslands, woodlands, threatened species and ecosystems are tams staff and their shooters, and the government that fails to listen to the experts to end this inhumane, unnecessary practise.

Claiming to murder 3,427 kangaroos, on the same sites as last year, the tams department are yet to prove that this population exists, since they do not count them.

The unnecessary kangaroo cull cannot take place before the former Commissioner Maxine Cooper of Commissioner of Sustainability and Environment investigations with Wildlife Carers Group and 3 ecologists who are experts with kangaroos and the environment, is finalised. This matter was never finalised and the inhumane killing continued through to 2014.

It is extremely important that you order the cull to stop immediately, until the facts are exposed and the kangaroo management plan is amended, removing all the false allegations against kangaroos causing damage to the environment, for which there is absolutely no scientific evidence or fact for.

Wildlife Carers Group meeting with the former Commissioner Maxine Cooper of Commissioner of Sustainability and Environment that Nora Preston attended with Dror Ben-Ami, Daniel Ramp, and David Croft, ecologists and experts in kangaroos and the environment, David Croft repeated Nora's constant warnings to stop killing the kangaroos in the ACT, to leave them alone, before they are driven to extinction.

Wildlife Carers Group have personally been warning the ACT Government, and their lack of care/rehabilitation of the Eastern Greys, over culling, driving them to extinction, that would lead to legal action, under the animal welfare act, since 2005.

There are no grounds for any cull to go ahead, other than a destructive department's staff, who have no knowledge or expertise in kangaroos, or the environment.

This department have not, and never do, count the kangaroos, Wildlife Carers Group do.

Wildlife Carers Group have therefore repeatedly requested that all applications to kill wildlife be handed over to Wildlife Carers Group, to be investigated, before any cull licences/permits are issued, and further that a $2000 fee be charged for applying to kill a native animal. It is illegal to harass, bait, trap and kill protected native wildlife. All wildlife are protected.

We look forward to you ordering the required changes, stopping this unnecessary cull, and handing over the native wildlife killing applications to Wildlife Carers Group to investigate.

The tams department, hands out permits to cull to private land owners as well as culling our native kangaroos themselves, and have thoroughly depleted our population. The department has to be stopped from handing out any further permits to cull to private land owners as well.

You need to be made aware, that our native kangaroos maintain a healthy well balanced Eco system with the loss of any single species causing serious ramifications throughout the Eco system.

Without the kangaroos gentle grazing, the areas turn into a dust bowl, vegetation dies, this is scientifically proven.

Kangaroos are soft footed, and cause no damage to the environment, and do not cause any loss to any other species, the loss to any species is caused by TAMS and their advisers who should have been sacked in 2005.

They provide natural fertilisation to the vegetation.

Taxpayers are not prepared to pay for the killing of protected native Kangaroos, or continue to pay wages for the unqualified advisory committee.

The money is there to save our native wildlife and their habitat, without committing death or acts of animal cruelty.

the chronicle, page 7, 7/6/11, article 'cull aims to control roos', by Meredith Clisby.

Firstly the strict code of practise was not endorsed by authorities that have expertise and knowledge, and who care. The code of practice is inhumane, and not acceptable, as seen in

The 7/6/11 Chronicle article is a very biased article, only giving one side, failing to point out the legalities, and the facts.

The article further writes what Sarah Hnatiuk said who is coordinator of Friends of Mount Painter Park Care Group.

This person is not qualified to make statements on who caused bald patches, on Mount Painter, and we can state that the kangaroos did not cause them.

When we staked out Mt Painter, we saw horses in there, TAMS in their 4wd's driving around like hoons, shooters disturbing the area, also allowed to drive around, that also trail bikes enter and ride around in.

This was confirmed again on 9/6/11 when tams and the shooters were seen driving through the gates of Mt Painter, and upto the top of the hill.

We are seeing the problems with our native kangaroos, with the government listening to the unqualified, people who for some reason hate kangaroos, instead of working with the experts. Native roos maintain a healthy well balanced eco system, with the loss of any single species causing serious ramifications throughout our ecosystem.

This is how your taxpayers money is being wasted.

There are more links on youtube to show the facts on the extreme cruelty committed to our native protected macropods.

Meeting on Kangaroos, held on Thursday 14/10/10 with the former Commissioner Maxine Cooper, Commissioner of Sustainability and Environment, (in Maxine's office) Nora Preston, 3 interstate ecologists, and their own legal advisor. Wildlife Carers Group's Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary cost is being investigated, along with Wildlife Rehabilitation Licence that excludes full term rehabilitation for sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Nora Preston had David Croft from Darwin, included in this meeting through a telephone conference, while the rest of us were personally in attendance. David Croft also advised to stop killing the kangaroos, and to stop the land development in the ACT.

We were asked to comment on the current fictional, conjunctional Kangaroo Management Plan, using references.

Nora has recommended a new expert advisory committee, David Croft, Nora Preston, Dror Ben-Ami, Daniel Ramp, Keely Boom, to replace all the current unqualified non'expert' advisory committees.

All the senseless killings in the past 3 years were raised, tams research, and animal welfare.

Kangaroo Management Plan FLAWED.

More recently, a media interview 15/4/10, that shows that the government kangaroo management plan is seriously flawed, with the government ignoring expert advice.

Clearly only the unqualified believe that the kangaroo management plan is well thought out, and that the culling needs to continue.

The problems with continued false reports/statements sent to the media, and injected into the kangaroo management plan, need to be rectified, and amended, that is flawed, dishonest, negligent and immoral.

The government needs to make necessary changes and start taking advice only from those with expertise and knowledge in these areas.

Continuing to allow unqualified advisers to make important decisions about our kangaroos, wildlife, wildlife rehabilitation licences, is a serious breach of animal welfare, is causing more harm than good, and contributing to climate change.

There is plenty of native grasses for these reptiles to survive in.

After doing the UC interview, I was invited to attend the grasslands workshop on 20 May 2010, held at CSIRO in Gungahlin, where Fletcher was also present, and was one of the speakers.

He once again got up, showed google photos of deteriorated grasslands, and once again, falsely accused the kangaroos of causing this destruction, attempting to outrage the audience, and cause unwarranted ill feelings towards the innocent macropods.

I corrected this deliberate erroneous attack on the kangaroos and false statement.

This bounty on kangaroos, false media releases, false statements at workshops, meetings, seminars etc, need to stop against the kangaroos, and so does the inhumane killing.

Wildlife Carers Group has been fighting to have the licence amended since 2005.

Mother nature is not forgiving in the destruction of the land, stripping her of all of her natural nutrients, that includes kangaroos, other wildlife and wildlife habitat.

The fact is that the Australian government is driving our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos to extinction, with deliberate false media releases, false kangaroo management plans, and false reports.

You should also know that wildlife is not fit for pet or human consumption, spreading diseases, bacterial, etc, and that government approved shooters are not concerned about the animals welfare, hygiene, and whether or not the meat is suitable for pet or human consumption, and the fact that they are driving our native wildlife to extinction, they are only in it for greed, for the money.

We urge you to cancel all wildlife products from Australia, and boycott this country's products. Please urge this country to cease killing/harvesting our wildlife, to prevent them from driving our valuable native wildlife to extinction that maintain a healthy well balanced eco system.

No matter what this government writes on paper, which is flawed, they will attempt to convince you, that the shooters/harvesters are humane, because of the kangaroo management plan, and are government authorised, no one polices (supervises) the shooters, and they continue to commit acts of animal cruelty, as you can witness on the youtube links.

In early May 2009, majura defence firing site unnecessarily commenced torturing our native kangaroos to death, once again using inexperienced security guards, using the roos for target practice, with acts of animal cruelty being reported to Wildlife Carers Group.

Since Wildlife Carers Group had not counted the kangaroos, the population is unknown, therefore the population of over 3,000 they claim that they have killed in such a short time is unbelievable.

NSW Animal Liberation (AL) served defence with a court injunction, and stopped the kill. June 2, 3 ,4, 5 was spent in court that Wildlife Carers Group/I personally attended for 4 full days. The Conservator of Flora and Fauna/ACT Government responded to the court injunction. Defence withdrew on the first day of the hearing, successfully spending the day arguing why they should be allowed to withdraw, and yet still be allowed to argue for conservator of flora and fauna in their defence.

Unfortunately NSW AL lost the court case. The tribunal erred when they failed to record and note the evidence heard in court by tams, that the damage caused within the fenced area was due to defence and occasionally tams staff, entering the area to unnecessarily herd the roos out 2 or 3 times a week, which deteriorated and caused the unsightly damage to the area.

We are still fighting to stop development on the bnts site, and to turn this site into the Wildlife Carers Group proposed Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in tribute to the kangaroos who were inhumanely tortured to death on this site.

After the defence/majura site 2009 unnecessary cruel slaughter of the roos, The ACT government then went ahead and tortured the kangaroos to death all around the entire ACT reserves.

NSW AL again hit the ACT Government with a court injunction to stop the killing on the same day that it commenced, however, the government then stopped the kill prior to the hearing, one week later, therefore, NSW AL withdrew their court action.

In 2009, after pre election promises of changes to be made, by the Labor Government, NO CHANGES HAVE OCCURRED.

If you would like to end animal cruelty and violence, and terminate the people holding the positions who are responsible for, and were involved in these unlawful acts of animal cruelty, and publishing/submitting fictitious reports, driving our native wildlife to extinction, who have no knowledge or expertise in their positions they hold, please sign this petition.

The violent slaughters were unnecessary.

These people, who have absolutely no expertise and knowledge in Kangaroos/macropods, or any other wildlife, are holding extremely important positions, and are not only aiding in placing this country into deficit, by being paid hard earned taxpayers money, but are also aiding in driving our native wildlife to extinction, and with that, accelerating climate change, destroying the healthy, well balanced eco system that our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and other wildlife assist in maintaining.

In 2009, more licences to kill our native roos, have been issued, with the same people still in office, still continuing with their fictitious reports and advice to the government.

The native Eastern Grey Kangaroos are not in plague proportions, it only appears so, because they have lost their habitat, so we can see more of them, and although it is great to see them, it is extremely sad that they have lost so much of their habitat through mismanagement by tams/conservator, and other government advisers.

Wildlife Carers Group has again submitted the City Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, with horror pictures from the 2008 bnts site inhumane slaughter, photos of Rose Cottage horse paddock, counting 193 roos in 2008, opposing rspca's count of a well rounded up but unrealistic figure of 2000, along with alternatives to killing, that is wasting taxpayers money, placing this state and country into further deficit.

The horse agistment paddocks are wildlife corridors, for our wildlife, they will not be killed for lawfully being in their wildlife corridors, for horses.

Article in The Chronicle, p.20 northside and southside, unsure about the other parts of canberra/queanbeyan, Tuesday 14 April 2009, 'Roo protectors bounce to action'.

This article mentions that I would prefer the fertility program, however, I specified, HUMANE fertility program. Bromocriptine, and some of the other methods are not humane, and must be aborted.

Fertility programs have to be monitored, because if over used, will bring on the same results, extinction of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Don't believe the minority of horse owners either, (not all horse owners have these misconceived views about our native kangaroos), kangaroos are not starving to death where they are agisting their horses, the roos have more than likely been road kills, that have crawled away there, and died, or killed by the rangers and left in the horse agistment paddocks to rot.

The pasture belongs to our native kangaroos and wildlife, not the farmers (who incidentally, get a government subsidy to help them protect and save our wildlife on their properties, some of who appear to be abusing that government hand out), and the horse owners who agist their horses.

Their horses are agisted in wildlife corridors that belong to our native wildlife, that includes our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

The hoofed animals live harmoniously with our native roos.

If we are to turn this devastation around, of the destruction of our planet, we need to declare AUSTRALIA a wildlife sanctuary, and nurture our wildlife, end violence and unlawful acts of animal cruelty, and unlawful acts of fraudulent reports that accelerates climate change, having a devastating impact on our healthy well balanced eco system that drives our native wildlife to extinction.

The World should follow, and declare their countries, a wildlife sanctuary.

Remember, we are of the majority, those who want to torture our kangaroos to death, are of the minority.

It has been advertised by defence that they unnecessarily, inhumanely, violently massacred 514 Eastern Grey Kangaroos on the BNTS site,, that apparently commenced on 17/5/08, (my source) although largely advertised, commenced on 19/5/08, that continued till early June 2008, after announcing on 16/5/08, that the slaughter will commence.

Claims that there were no joeys between April and July, were also found to be false, by these so called 'experts', when the females began to throw their joeys out of their pouches, out of stress, and fear for their joeys, attempting to save them from the human predators.

The females return to pick up their joeys after the danger has passed.

In this case, of course, they were needlessly butchered, joeys poisoned with toxic pellets that were dropped onto the ground for them to eat.

Contrary to the rspca's claim that this unnecessary massacre was humane, the massacre was extremely cruel, violent, conducted by those who were incompetent, negligent, using unqualified, inexperienced staff, including the rspca, security guards from 'pros', etc. Check out for some photos. The photo of frenzied kangaroos shows a security guard herding them. The other photo shows cruel research on the roos. More information on click on 'news' link.

The remaining kangaroos left on the BNTS site, after they were tortured to death, died a horrific inhumane death through TAMS senior ecologist scientific research, after he inserted fertility drugs up their nose. So much for the ethics committee who are suppose to provide protection to animals against any acts of animal cruelty.

Please sign this petition as individuals to provide full term rehabilitation to all sick, injured, orphaned EASTERN GREY KANGAROOS, on the ACT Wildlife Rehab. Licence for Wildlife Carers Group:

Media release

Some of the abbreviated local, national and international media releases, 13 May 2007,, 14 May 2007,, 20 May 2007,,,, 25 May 2007, and again this year, 7 March 2008, when the unnecessary cruel killing was again being pushed by the Local Jon Stanhope Government,, that exposed a plan by the Department of Defence and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government to cruelly butcher up to 3,200 Kangaroos at two Defence sites in the ACT, in May 2007, which received, not only local, but also received national and international publicity.

The macropod population is always grossly over exaggerated by the commercial roo industry, farmers, the rspca, etc.

In May 2007 approximately 100 kangaroos were sighted on the BNTS Site.

A site visit on 2 May 2008 with defence personnel, showed a count of under 100 kangaroos, and that food was plentiful.

Another site visit was requested for a recount.

The cull commenced before this second visit was coordinated.

The kangaroos were healthy, but very nervous upon approach, and fled.

A dramatically lower number was also sighted on the Majura Site, than what was led to be believed by the Defence Application to Cull Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

The false and misleading information given in May 2007 were to 'save' the kangaroos from starving and to prevent them from competing with certain endangered grassland species reported to be on these sites - Striped Legless Lizard, Grassland Earless Dragon and the Golden Sun Moth, which later included the Ginninderra Peppercress native grassland, (which the kangaroos can't digest, therefore, don't touch it) and Perunga Grasshopper.

Our observation showed that the Eastern Grey Kangaroos and other wildlife species on this site are coexisting harmoniously.

The cause for certain native flora and fauna species being wiped out is due to leaking buried toxic waste and the spraying of toxic sprays to kill the weeds on both defence sites, along with the over excessive vehicles being driven all over the sites, by man.

More information on the Wildlife Carers Group website, and click on the 'news' link.

BNTS is a 136.8 hectare site with Eastern Grey Kangaroos trapped by a 2.5 metre high kangaroo proof security fence inside a 116ha site at the decommissioned Belconnen Naval Transmission Station (BNTS).

In 5 July 2007, the summit exposed the fact that the decommissioned BNTS site was actually proposed for housing development, with the site being handed over to the ACT Government for FREE.

The Eastern Grey Kangaroos are healthy, therefore, to go ahead with this cull, or relocation of the kangaroos is unnecessary, an act of cruelty, and in breach of the animal welfare act.

Freelance photographer Ray Drew (photograph on this petition) has been documenting the process of the cull, with his daily photographs.

The licence for the cull expired in July 2007, with an application to cull being misleading and misinforming, thereby being null and void.

This petition is to demand the end of unlawful acts of fraudulent reports, unlawful acts of animal cruelty, and the end of the unnecessary killing of our Native Eastern Grey Kangaroos along with other wildlife, tabling WCG alternatives to killing at the next sitting, saving all the kangaroos in the ACT, turning the bnts site into a city Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, to end tams/conservator authority to make decisions in wildlife rehabilitation licences, killing licences, wildlife matters, handing them over to WCG, and to amend the current ACT Wildlife Rehabilitation Licence for the full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, an omission of the licence only applying in the ACT, compared to the rest of Australia.

The Memorial City Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary will house ALL the existing Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and kangaroo proof fencing, along with the only Wildlife Hospital with a public viewing surgery, in the ACT, educational facility, rehabilitation facility, cafes, viewing platforms, extra enclosures for the rehabilitation of the sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and other native wildlife, and will prove to be a very successful tourist attraction, increasing tourism to the ACT, preventing the need to cruelly and unnecessarily cull, or relocate any of the kangaroos.

The International Arboretum and Gardens project has been allocated to one of the sites that was wiped out by the ACT bush fires in 2003, rather than the government replanting our native flora, (food source) to assist with the survival of our native fauna, which is rather irresponsible.

Saving ALL our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.