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The popular German band, Rammstein, is releasing a new album and going on a tour for their new release. But it is only a UK tour and most of us Americans are not willing to travel or don’t have the money to travel that far too see them live. America loves Rammstein, they had been on our top charts multiple times and I believe it is time we show them how much America wants them back here to play for us.

Rammstein is a popular German band that is well known for many of their hit songs. Sadly they mostly play in the UK and most Americans who are fans don’t have a way of seeing them and are not willing to travel that far to see them. It’s been a couple years since Rammstein has played the USA and we want them back! So please sign my petition to have the consider a tour for their new album here! Even if it doesn’t work, we will have tried and maybe they’ll consider it.

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