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1. Save Five Towns College Summer Pops 2017

Five Towns College has offered a Summer Pops Band program under the direction of Dean Karahalis for the past eight years. The Summer Pops featured talented current students and alumni as well as community members. The group not only served as a place for musicians to sharpen their skills but also served as a networking opportunity between members. Unfortunately this summer the program is being cut. Please sign this petition to show how much this group is loved and how appreciative we are to be a part of it.

2. Bring the Scorpions to Ireland

The Scorpions have been performing for 50 years now and have performed on all the continents and in many obscure countries in this time. There are many fans of the band here in Ireland, myself among them that would love to get a chance to see them perform in Ireland. I myself have travelled to many countries, spending a lot of time and money to see them play live. Lets bring them here to meet us as we have gone abroad to see them.

3. 21 Pilots Love Story

A very important friend of mine said she would date me if I got Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots (band) to hold her hand or bring her up on stage during the Albany show at Times Union Center in January.

Please help me make this happen! P.S. we are both dressing up as blurryface Tyler and Josh it'll be the best thing ever.

4. HomeTown to Amsterdam

With this petition we want to show the Irish 6-piece-boyband 'HomeTown' how loved they are in the Netherlands and make many Dutch Homies' dreams come true by getting them to perform there.

Because everyone deserves a chance to see their favourite band live, right?

5. Bring Saied Music Store to Owasso!

When have you ever been in need of a simple box of reeds, or a replacement flip-folder for that Friday night football game just a couple of hours away? Now, this would usually be an easy fix, just run to your local music store, right? This is where the issue is.

Owasso is a busy and growing suburb and we are in dire need of a reliable, name-brand music store. Yes, there are two locations of Saieds Music in Tulsa, but that's a 25 minute drive there, and 25 minutes back, not to mention the traffic.

Placing a Saieds Music Store in Owasso would bring great service to the musical community, and a lot of business to the store. For instance, from the 6th grade through the 12th grade, in Owasso public schools there are roughly 900 band students alone, not to mention the many other mucisians outside of this school organization.

6. Remove the name "SLAYER" from the group FSG(f*ckin slayer gang)

This group has bashed and insulted members of slayer(living and deceased) as well as their families and millions of fans.

They are not endorsed or welcome to use the band title in their group name.

Enough is enough.

Help end the nonsense.

7. 5 SOS to South Africa

If you or anyone you know lives in South Africa you should know about the struggle ... Nothing interesting ever happens here and thus I created this petition so that we can say to 5SOS managers that we the South African Fans also want to see them Live ... Please sign and share to make my and so many others dreams a reality ... #5sostosa

8. We want BUCK-TICK on world tour!

Buck-Tick is a Japanese rock band, formed in Fujioka, Gunma in 1983.

Until now, they gave concerts in Japan only.

9. Save live music at the pub

This petition is to raise objections to the proposed development of the land next to The Pub, Lancaster. The proposed development will include domestic residences.

If these are built the surrounding area, which includes The Pub will be re-classed as a residential area. This means that anyone living in these flats will be able to complain about any excessive noise in the area and this could very well mean an end to what we all love - live music at The Pub.

10. No More Freshman Band (IFHS)

Our band director has created a freshman only band. Many of us, as students of the band, do not feel that this is a wise decision. To list just a mere handful of the rising concersns, we believe that as a result of this separate band, many of the more experienced freshman may not reach their full extent of their abilities. The upperclassmen will not be able to bond with them. We will no longer be able to practice as a full band. Combining concerts will be difficult.

Last of the reasons listed here, but certainly not least, this freshman band will have less than twenty members, and will most likely not be able to benefit from this experience.

11. Start a student only concert band at SLCC

Salt Lake Community College currently only has a studio ensemble for students and is partnered with a community concert band (Murray Concert Band).

Although the community band is very good there is no student only concert band that may help students grow and mature together as young musicians while playing college level concert band literature.

12. Create a Class for Jazz Band

The Mighty Lobo Band of Cisco, Texas does not have the privelidge of having an actual class period (within school hours) for a Jazz Band class. We are forced to practice after school hours, which is on our own time, for upcoming contests.

There is simply not enough time able to be spent in this manner. Moreover, not all students of the current makeshift jazz band are able to stay at the school in order to practice for the events at all, forcing us to choose possibly two days out of the week for practice. We need an elective class within school hours in which jazz band students can practice altogether.

If we can get a class period during school hours, we can attend contests more confidently, and have a greater chance of placing high against other jazz bands in the region, thus reflecting greatly upon Cisco High School.


Legendary band Tool have announced their first AUS/NZ headlining tour since 2002. But they have skipped the City of Perth to the dismay of many Tool fans living there.

Perth would easily be able to accomodate a Tool gig in the newly opened Perth Arena, and more than likely be able to sell all the tickets.

14. Get No Limits on Vans Warped 2014!

Get No Limits on Vans Warped 2014!

We know, we know, 2014 is such a long time. But since No Limits has a short-long delay in releasing anything. They think 2014 will be a GREAT time to have everything ready to tour! They would do ANYTHING to get on Vans Warped no matter what the circumstances are! (Except sleeping with people. That's a no-no.)

They love music very much and their dreams are to be on Vans Warped and fill their career choices!

15. Lift the performance suspension of Clark Atlanta University's Marching Band

Clark Atlanta University suspended performances of its “Mighty Marching Panthers” Marching Band in light of an ALLEGATION regarding the POSSIBILITY of hazing within its ranks.

While there is no immediate evidence of hazing or any other foul play, the University of its own volition chose to take a thorough, comprehensive look into this serious matter.

The school has stated that when the allegations are proven to be untrue the band can return to its planned schedule of events.

However, by signing this petition you are stating that because no evidence has been found to warrant suspension of performances at this time the band should continue to perform while the investigation is being held until the unlikely event that actual proof is found.

16. Support the EHS Band

The school district of pickens county is taking the rights of the EHS Band to raise money for the needs of the band.

The district does not get that the band is just as important as the football team, and has won many honors, awards, and titles for the school through competition.

This is from a source that was in the meeting for the board. "The new stadium is set up differently than the old one so the only concessions we could sell would be to the visitors side. We are also not allowed a sales table or face painting. They said it had someting to do with no... portable tables or mobile tables...something along those lines. I am sure the boosters could have something written up to share with others."

"We were told it was up to the principle and I believe they said the athletic director as to how it was all determined. The band boosters came up with the $14000. based on past years in-take."

"I know last year at some games we made several hundred dollars face painting, it seems a shame to lose that money for the band. I am repeating this as accurately as i can remember from tonight's meeting. They had more details and said more would be forthcoming."

17. Sink 'The Pirates' Ship

Aardman Animation along with Sony Animation & Columbia Pictures are due to launch the film 'The Pirates : Band of Misfits' (other names worldwide) on the 28 March 2012 through until 27 April 2012.

On viewing the current trailers for this film, it would appear that this respected animation studio has lost sight of the damage that it will do by continuing to propagate the stigma that effects many people worldwide who suffer from leprosy.

It is not clever or creative, in the 21st century, to lampoon leprosy sufferers in this way neither it is understandable why these studios and distributors feel that it is acceptable to do so. Are we to see other disabled people portrayed in such a way? Would they create a film in 2012 that highlights the prejudicial language the black communities used to be assailed by at the time this film is set in?

This is an anachronistic film based on a prejudiced, flawed and cruel concept and no one with the smallest amount of compassion should support its box office receipts.

The expectation of this petition is not to ban this film but to hurt the producers in their pockets and seek a public apology for the way in which they have portrayed and humiliated one of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in the world.

18. Support The Quotes playing Reading Festival 2012

The Reading Festival from its origins used to begin with a performance by a local rock band. Latterly, this tradition has fallen away. Reading has a long tradition and association with music as well as hosting one of the Worlds most famous music festivals. A very large proportion of the Festival crowd are from Reading and its environs.

The Quotes are a young, highly dynamic and energetic Reading band who have financed their own album and have a very large following. We would like The Quotes to play Reading Festival 2012 to demonstrate their talent and the rock music talent that Reading continues to generate. Where better to do this than their local Festival!

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19. Slipknot Rock In Rio 2013

É um desejo de todos os fãs rever o Slipknot novamente no Brasil.

Se você é fã e deseja revê-los novamente em mais uma edição do RIR no Brasil, Assine!

20. Stop compulsory marching at the Australian Nationals

The NBCA continues to include the Parade March as a compulsory component of the Australian National Band Championships, despite a majority of bands and band members disliking it's inclusion.

The Band Movement has undergone great change in the past 40 years. Bands that used to do nothing but march in parades now present concerts and play a different style of music.

Marching continues to project an image of Bands that is rooted in the 19th century, and has not changed since 1950.

Particularly at the Nationals, bands work hard to perform high quality music to a very high standard, and project an image of bands as an oustanding musical activity.

The Parade simply projects bands as average musical organisations, and undoes the day-to-day work that bands do to promote banding as a contemporary activity.

This proposal does not suggest stopping the parade. Rather, it suggests that those who believe in marching can continue to march. The NBCA should give bands the option to projecting this image, or wanting to move forward with a new image of banding as a MUSICAL rather than MOVEMENT activity.

21. Sick Puppies to Toronto Ontario!

The Sick Puppies is an amazing band, though they hardly play shows in Canada, if any.

We the Canadian fans should be able to see them live in our own country, instead of having to travel to the U.S. to see them.

Sick Puppies rose to prominence in 2006 when their song "All the Same" was uploaded along with a video to YouTube. The video supported the Free Hugs Campaign which was launched in Sydney, and has since received over 66 million views on the website.

This success followed up with Dressed Up as Life in 2007, which entered the Billboard 200 at number 181. Their third studio album is titled Tri-Polar.

22. Bring Molotov Jukebox to Canada!

Molotov Jukebox is one of the most wonderful and unique sounding bands out there right now, and after touring the UK for 2 years, I think it's time for them to bring the sound of Gypstep to Canada! (:

Download their amazing single "Laid to Rest" at iTunes now!

23. Get 'Europe' (the band) to tour Australia

'Europe' is a Swedish hard rock band, founded in the outskirts of Stockholm in 1979. It was their third album, The Final Countdown, released in 1986, that was to give the band international success, selling over 20 million albums worldwide with songs such as The Final Countdown, Rock the Night and Carrie.

In 1989 'Europe' released tickets to an Australian tour for their forth album, Out of this World, unfortunately however, they were forced to cancel their tour but have since been quoted in interviews saying they would love to come here for an extensive tour.

Their latest album, Last Look at Eden, is fast becoming widely known and much loved on Australian shores. We would like to show Europe that Australia wants a tour!!

Please support this petition to invite Europe to tour this beautiful country and to show them that after 20+ years Europe still has what it takes to rock Australia!

24. Get Mike Krompass & Dave Filice back in David Archuleta's band!

Mike Krompass and Dave Filice were the best guitar and bass players David Archuleta ever had. Mike has been with David since the beginning, co-wrote 2 songs from David's debut album with him, 2 songs from David's new album The Other Side Of Down, and produced one of the songs as well.

Dave Filice was David's bassist on his summer tour 09 and his Christmas From The Heart Tour 09. Both are great guys and great musicians, and lots of fans have really gotten to know both of them and have almost become friends with them. If they're not in the band for David's next tour, it really won't be the same.

Sign if you agree and want Mike and Dave back in the band! Because Mike and Dave weren't just "part of the band", they were part of the family.

25. Petition to get Abingdon Boys School to play in Poland

This petition is to show the band how many loyal fans they have in POLAND that would love to see them perform here.

*Please sign and spread the message around on the internet. Thank you.

26. a-ha, come to Australia!

It has been nearly 26 years since Norwegian band a-ha performed in Australia, and have not released their last album here. Now they're on their farewell tour, and have neglected all us loyal fans!

At the beginning they said they would be performing here, but no dates were announced. So please, sign this petition to bring them back for the last time.

27. Avenged Sevenfold Come To Australia!!!

We've got their albums, we've got their dvd's, we love them, and we want them here in Australia again!

A7X came here in 2006 and both old and new fans want them back! They're touring USA this year, and the UK, why not come here too!

28. Demand Hey Monday to Lake Forest

Demand Hey Monday to Lake Forest, California!

Hey Monday is an American five-piece power pop/pop punk band from West Palm Beach, Florida, formed in 2008. Their debut album Hold on Tight was released on Oct. 7, 2008.

29. Save the Shenandoah Buzzin' Dozen Pep Band!

For two years, the Shenandoah University Buzzin' Dozen Hornet Pep Band has been performing at Shenandoah Hornet Athletic events and other campus occasions (the Grand Marshall Parade of the Apple Blossom Festival, freshman orientation, pep rallies, etc). The band has increased attendance to these events, raised enthusiasm from both players and spectators alike, and performed fun-loving, upbeat music for all to enjoy.

On Thursday, Feb 4, the Pep Band was suspended indefinitely; and their director, graduate student Eric Price, was fired. This occurred after a humorous email from Price to the band was taken out of context and administrators were notified.

Price was not given any sort of warning, nor was he given any written notification of his termination. The band was notified in a email that failed to mention why it (the band) was being suspended.

30. No Sales Tax on Concert and Theatre Tickets

On September 22nd the associated press published an article outlining the proposed final budget plan for the state of Pennsylvania. This proposed budget among other things calls for the addition of a 6% sales tax to concert and theater tickets.

From The PA Budget Website

"$100 million from lifting the sales tax exemption on admissions costs for theater, dance, concerts and performing arts, as well as museums, historical sites, zoos and parks."

There is a specific singling out of the performance arts in this proposal. Sporting events and other forms of entertainment are not slated to receive any additional taxation in the budget proposal.

This proposal has been confirmed with the Governor's office of public liaison. As of Sept 23rd 2009 the proposal is slated to be on the Governor's desk in to weeks time in bill form for signing.

In an already crippled live performance industry and an era of limited household incomes it is important to act quickly to keep entertainment outlets affordable.