#Human Rights
Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Previous to CIWAA's inception the WCB and the Government have relied on Injured Workers inability to organize and remain fragmented leaving many voices without a united message.

We must unite all the Injured Workers under one group and one message. That group is CIWAA and that message is We will not allow WCB to deny legitimate claims of Injured Workers in order for corporate Alberta to benefit with the lowest WCB premiums in Canada at Injured Workers expense.

NOTICE: The name and address of every person who signs this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is in proper form to be presented to the Legislative Assembly.

To Contact Injured Workers: www.canadianinjuredworkers@gmail.com

To the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled:

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government of Alberta to protect the rights of injured workers by amending the Workers Compensation Act to achieve the following objectives:

1. Ensure that all decisions made with regards to Injured Workers are based on medical evidence from treating physicians or clinical technicians and not the opinion of WCB paid administrators or physicians.

2. Reopen all denied claims of Injured Workers where the decision was based on difference of opinion of WCB paid physicians and Medical Panels which contradicted the clinical observation and findings, ongoing direct examinations and supporting medical evidence of treating physicians and/ or clinical technicians.

3. Provide WCB with a clear mandate that decisions must be based on medical evidence from treating physicians and/or clinical practitioners. Re-establish medical objectivity by replacing the Medical Panel Commissioner and Medical Review Panels with truly independent medical examiners chosen from a roster established by a professional body of physicians with appropriate qualifications such as the Canadian Medical Evaluators Society.

4. Guarantee the right of claimants to natural justice, including: the right to cross-examine doctors and staff under oath, the right to submit evidence, the right to a fair appeals commission in-person hearing, open to the media and public on request of the claimant, the right to all documentation on a claimant’s file when requested with no protection given for any statements made or provided by anyone including doctors.

5. Eliminate all incentive programs which give bonuses or any other form of payments to case managers or other employees of the WCB or to healthcare providers with regards to decisions on whether or not a worker is fit to return to work or whether or not their claim should be accepted or denied.

6. Forbid the practice of “deeming” workers ready to work or capable of earning income at a particular level even though the worker is not able to obtain or perform such work and/or the work does not exist.

7. Increase the permanent disability and death (non- economic) benefits to reflect the real impact of disability on a worker's life.

8. Section 38(4) of the WCB act, reads, “While a medical investigation is being conducted under subsection (3), the Board may pay compensation to the worker notwithstanding that the worker’s entitlement to it has not yet been determined.” Change may to shall to ensure medical help is not delayed.

9. Provide WCB coverage for agricultural workers.

10. Conduct a judicial inquiry into the treatment of workers by the WCB. This would ensure no one involved in conducting the inquiry has previous affiliations or work experience with the WCB.

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