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1. Barclaycard

My mom past away on the 13th April 2017, After all her finances where sorted and banks notified, we thought no more had to be done, then out of the blue, I received a letter dated 31st May 2017 from Barclaycard stating my mom owed £184.96 on her credit card. I immediately contacted them and told them mom had no outstanding debts, then to my disbelieve they told me the account was opened on the 8th May 2017, how could this be? i explained my mom had passed away the month before, so how could this be her??? Then it was agreed that the account had been opened Fraudulently. This was reported to the Police, who investigated and had a submission of guilt from the person who used the Credit Card. Fantastic they got a result!!!! Well far from it, due to the fact that the person who committed the fraud and paid back the Money to Barclaycard they no longer have a vested interest, so there fore will not pursue a conviction. So Basically if you pay back the Money, Barclaycard actually condone people to commit Credit Card Fraud


I found a discount rate online. So, I saved around twenty bucks. They found another way to extort money. I checked in around 5:30 pm. Was exhausted and went to sleep almost immediately. Woke up around 10 ish pm. Ate leftovers. Texted a couple people. Went right back to sleep. It's common for me to leave the tv all night. Which I did. Woke up around 10:15 and left. The last thing I did before I left was turn the tv off. An hour or so after I left they called and told me to come back because I smashed the tv and cut the cord. I said EXCUSE ME? The last thing I did before I left was turn the tv off. So I went back to take pictures. I Talked to the maid who cleaned my room. I said what happened to the tv? She said I dont know it was like that when I came in. I said wheres the cord. She said Idk. I said you picked the wrong person to mess with. Is this how you replace your equipment. So... BEWARE!!! THEY'RE THEIVES AND LIARS. This is a pic if the tv with a crack all the way across it and what's left of the cord hanging down.
The Chamber of Commerce has been notified. We are also filing with the BBB, Georgia Consumer Affairs and America's Best Corporate office.

Thank you for your support in keeping Georgia Business fair and honest.

3. Stop Medical Practitioner Crime & Abuse of Public Office

Janette Francis is a multi generation Australian and resident in South Australia (

In 2006 Janette was given radiology confirmation of her suspicions that she's been surgically raped (in about 1997) referring GP refused to act on that information and stated that the department of health told the doctor not to treat Janette. See this Youtube video

Several other radiologists refused to identify foreign items inside Janette seen in other radiology investigations since 2006. Several GPs refused to order relevant tests to determine the source of the disturbing sparking vibrations from what a person can feel is like lengths of cables under Janette's skin.

In 2007 after Janette told a GP about the (2006) radiology evidence, she was ambushed by several medical doctors inside Ashford private hospital. Janette was then illegally injected with a drug that rendered her unconscious. She regained consciousness to discover she'd been (illegally) transported to Royal Adelaide Hospital, where she was told she'd been detained under the Mental Health Act. Literally for doing and saying nothing out of the ordinary.

Janette was released after 24 hours as not being mentally ill, 24 hours later because SA Health couldn't be bothered to arrange for a psychiatrist to see her sooner. The department of health refused to give Janette any documents about her illegal imprisonment.

Several years later when in the process of trying to address the situation, Janette discovered her state health record says she had threatened to shoot people (with a gun, which was 100% false criminal defamation) and that's why I was (illegally) drugged and imprisoned at Ashford private hospital.

In 2010 Janette lodged associated complaints to the national medical practitioner registrar, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, about the (above) corrupt doctors. AHPRA refused to acknowledge and investigate her complaints.

January 2014 Janette was unlawfully assaulted and battered by several South Australia state public officers, they unlawfully imprisoned (again) falsely her claiming that right under the mental health Act. Janette was illegally held for several weeks, forced to take mind altering drugs, lived under threat of statute authorised barbaric electric shock and forced brain surgery. The government public officers said the reason Janette was imprisoned was because she wrote to South Australia's health Minister Jack Snelling MP, asking him that in light of the unlawful actions of AHPRA staff and corrupt medical doctors, how would he suggest she go about having illegal implants removed.

9 September 2016 after Janette complained to her state housing landlord about a hostile neighbour with a video camera erected at 90 angle from their house down her driveway and at her front door, (specifically to keep me under surveillance) the housing public officer abused their position to breach Janette's privacy and inform the neighbour Janette was taking state housing to court to get an order to disclose the neighbour's name so Janette could prosecute them in civil court over their surveillance camera pointed at Janette's house as a private nuisance and risk to her security.

10 September 2016, (confirming the Public Officer's abuse of position, and presumably to stop Janette from learning his surname) the neighbour committed criminal defamation of Janette by claiming to state health that she had violently threatened them with serious harm. Immediately, state hosing dispatched a mental health team to approach Janette at her urban residence, illegally trespass on her property and criminally assault Janette with threat of a third round of unlawful imprisonment.

12 September 2016 the name disclosure matter went to trial, Janette got the court order forcing state housing to give her the neighbour's name.

12 September 2016 someone (presumably the outraged neighbour) criminally defamed Janette by making an online complaint to Crime Stoppers claiming knowing it was false. They said Janette was growing and disturbing huge amounts of marijuana from her medium density state housing rental. South Australia's police were quick to investigate that only (6) six days later.

22 September 2016 in confidential legal appointment, Janette asked (state) Flinders University Legal Advice Clinic to assist her to formulate a magistrates court application (Neighbourhood Dispute) against the neighbour with the camera. Neighbourhood disputes was one of their advertised free legal advice services. FLAC refused in writing (email) to provide their service as advertised, and abused their position as Public Officers by breaching legal professional privilege, and Janette's privacy, when they posted a letter to the neighbour about the content of their legal advice they gave to Janette, which arguably is another act of criminal defamation.

21 June 2017 giving her name and address, Janette made her own online complaint to Crime Stoppers about the neighbour's camera which is now in breach of s5 Surveillance Devices Act 2016 (SA) Optical Surveillance Devices, and other matters. South Australia's police refused to investigate indicating compliance to yet another criminal conspiracy intended to treat Janette as if she is in prison by keeping her under illegal surveillance at her residence.

By 6 July 2017:
- State and Federal police have refused to investigate any of the above crimes against Janette, despite Australian criminal law that makes the above, serious crimes.

- On the facts, there's an active and ongoing criminal conspiracy amongst registered medical practitioners and government public officers, to conceal Janette's 1997 criminal surgery with health minister Jack Snelling MP as not simply one of many participants, but one of the leading conspirators.

4. Social Media Responsibilities and Romance Scams

The information noted on romance scams are based distinctly on one victim. From the multiple falsified accounts based on this one victim’s photographs and military standing, hundreds of women have been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by just “his” account alone. There is a desperate need for social media responsibility when it comes to the building of duplicated accounts and detection of accounts deleted due to falsifying another’s identity. There are options such as facial recognition technology and the ability to recognize IPN addresses used by past fraudulent offenders. Are you aware that Facebook’s facial recognition program, Deep Face, is able to recognize faces accurately 98 percent of the time, where as the FBI’s face recognition program, Next Generation Identification, only has an 85 percent success rate? We are limited judicially to prosecute the scammers since the majority of these immoral beings are located in other countries. Those social media companies located within the United States will need to help protect their clients further by improving their security along with making the scamming process impossible or far more difficult when trying to pursue their prey.


For years residents being serviced by the North Springs Improvement District have been defrauded and dealt exorbitant water utilization bills outlining usage exceeding 100,000 gallons of water within a month's time frame for an average size single family home. Technicians are trained to attribute the outrageous water bills to extended irrigation usage, leaky toilets and pipes, and water theft. However, NSID has expressed they do not feel the complaints need further attention hence proving their commitment to theft and increasing their bottom line rather than conducting a proper investigation for resolution. Residents being serviced by NSID shouldn't have to pay for resources they do not utilize. We need a proper audit of all accounts, provide residents with refunds for billed overages, and an investigation and prosecution of parties involved with this possible federal offense.

6. Is Traffic Monsoon guilty or innocent Judge Jill Parrish? What's the delay?

When the SEC filed a lawsuit against Traffic Monsoon alleging that it operated as a ponzi, it sparked controversy throughout the industry. Chaos erupted among members both online and off.

A Federal Court Judge, Jill Parrish, signed the order to freeze assets, setup a receiver to hold the assets, restrict any business activities,

So many thousands of members are still waiting on the judges outcome? It's been several months since the court date and still no decision has yet to have been made.

Until this decision, members can't access their earned funds or continue trading.

Members of TM have been through enough, either TM must come to a verdict of guilty or not guilty, either way the judge should have made a decision by now as the waiting is simply not right and not just.

This petition is to ask Judge Jill Parrish to hurry up and come to decision so the thousands of members can have closure and move on!

7. IRS Commissioner, Investigate Sanders for Tax fraud

It is tax day and Sanders has still not released his taxes suggesting tax fraud.

8. End English Language School Scams

Reform the English language learning sector for international students in Ireland.

In the last year, 15 schools have closed without notice. In nearly all cases, students were left entirely out of pocket, and no recourse or remedy.

In one instance a student from Nepal lost four times his annual salary on pre-paid school fees. In another case a Brazilian family lost half of their life savings on fees, travel and accommodation for their daughter's wasted trip to Ireland.

9. Facebook Stop Posting Ads For Fraudulent Internet Scam Websites

Facebook is filled with false advertisements linking to fraudulent internet scam websites, such as

Please join in asking Facebook to stop supporting these fraudulent money scams by posting their advertisements.

Let's stop bombarding our newsfeeds with fraud sites!

10. Stop MTC's 2 N$ a Day Theft

So how will this new data charging work? To the prepaid customers, after you have used all your free data or megabytes included in any Aweh weekly subscription, a daily fee of N$2 is charged when the data session is initiated at the beginning of the day (00:00).

The small fee allows customers access to 10 Megabytes until midnight. When the customers reach their daily usage limit, the data session will be suspended until the next day cycle so that there will be no surprises. We have also introduced a functionality where the customer will now receive a notification sms when they reach 8 Megabytes (meaning 80% of their daily 10 Megabytes per day), simply notifying the customer that their daily data session is almost exhausted, and will recommend that the customer buy a new data bundle by calling *682#.

We will apply exactly the same principles to our Postpaid Select packages; when a customer reaches 80% of its data on monthly subscription on his/her package, an SMS will notify the customer about the pending data depletion and that a daily fee will be charged once depleted. The daily fee will depend on the subscription; the higher the subscription, the more data the customer can use during the day, so please see information on our website pertaining to daily fees that apply to different packages.

Also important to note is when postpaid customer reaches their daily data usage limit, the data session will be suspended till the next day’s cycle unless the customer opts to buy a new data bundle. The same SMS notification will be send to the postpaid customer as the prepaid. This new system is consistent with the data bundles that MTC introduced in the market some years back.

And to make this even more exciting, Ekandjo explains that MTC has now doubled the Megabytes of the data bundles, i.e. with the same price customer will get double Megabytes.

The data bundles also generate an SMS that will always notify the customer when usage reaches 80%, which puts the customer in much better control of their usage.

11. Protect the poorest homeowners in USA today

Lots of the poorest homeowning families in Texas are facing this because they are told from day one that it is normal. From top official HVAC companies to home manufacturers. It is all called normal. But in mobile homes only. That might help to cover the bogus reason for ever saying "legal" in mobile homes "only" in Texas "only"? Suggested Law: We are not allowed the air laws that congress made through EPA.

This is what happened to my family because Ancient laws are still in effect and obeyed with proof showing how wrong the laws really are. Wife must use inhaler now and never smoked etc.. My grandson has been here since his birth and has breathing problems that he got here. The future problems will be that of asbestos because it was the lowest grade insulation allowed by Texas laws for exteriors. The main concern for me now is the fact that we all breathed it for ten years while all made excuses to cover up what they thought was their "plan" for mobile homes HVAC and laws that could be omitted just to make sure as another excuse to do nothing. The long run is what has me so worried. It must be just like asbestos and will kill us all. But later on just like asbestos? I don't know but with what I discovered here hidden in insulation below my floor will cause exactly what asbestos does.

I complained to every one possible back in 2000 that it was not normal. It never slowed down or lessened at all. I would change filters every day and it would not make any difference. I complained so much back them that Action Aire gave me the new mobile home division of TDLR. They sent inspector here with camera. He took pictures of it all. All except where the problem was coming from. TDLR said mobile home division can not work on a case that concerns A/C. They took over and they said it is normal for mobile homes to have excessive dust. That was to cover the BS filter set-up. They never came here at all to make the investigation that got started by a division that can not do the case. They took all info I had back then and called it "legal in mobile homes only". They all thought they were covering the bogus laws. Just because of the pictures that a MHD inspector took. They all thought it was their plan at work so simply dismissed it because they know that they are the CAUSE and CREATOR of HVAC problems in "mobile homes only" I do not know how to get help but I will find it somewhere. Can you please look into this and call anytime. I had a few missed calls and messages deleted.

I am sorry for not having sooner contact. Here is one of the many letters that people like our officials have gotten. It explains some of it but not the details of how wrong this is and how easy to prove just that with TDLR's own books and web sites? Are you sure we do not need a little more honest regulations here? It is really too bad that all eyes here are closed to what is happening right under their noses? But who cares? It does not have any thing to do with their families lives or future lives of their grandchildren? I know it is election troubles and all the slander that is tried comes out now. I have been caught in the middle of this since 2000. Not one company or state office is able to defend the bogus laws created to create what? For who? I don't know or understand why such a thing is allowed to continue? I do not care just like the rest of you. I do care that my family breathed insulation particles while all made excuses to COVER UP THE BOGUS LAWS created for "mobile homes only" clean air to be eliminated completely with one in-action of our state? So here it is once again. Plead with Mr. Abbott to at least consider opening the case I keep filing with the Atty. General's office and complaint forms etc. If you can please? My family breathed insulation dust for years because out dated laws were being followed. Wronged by obeying ancient laws that cause harm. LAWS THAT make it legal to completely omit work and parts but only in a families home that purchased a manufactured home. The same family who bought and paid for a correct HVAC system that ended up sabotaged legally. A Concealed Weapon in use? A law that places a weapon when and where desired. A weapon that is legal to use. A weapon that is :specialized" to attack "only" the specified targets. or Only the "legal targets" A weapon that is IMPOSSIBLE to use on "ANY OTHER RESIDENCE". LAWS PROTECT THOSE RESIDENCES from it being able to happen. . A legal weapon that cost nothing to "place in action".

A legal weapon that has no cost to "maintain". A legal weapon that requires no cost to start or carry through with the guaranteed slow destruction. A legal weapon that requires not one piece of materials be used. A legal weapon that never misfires. A legal weapon that never misses it's segregated targets. A legal weapon that is guaranteed to work every time it is placed into use. My last contact with state official who is also had to follow depression era laws for mobile homes only. Because it was the law. He said he could do nothing at all about it. Your logo is Simplicity? Convenience? Efficiency? I don't think any of those are available for problems that deserve truthful answers. Guaranteed Health hazards that no one can deny. Created mechanical failures that no one can deny. Not one person in the entire world can come up with a single thing to say that is correct in any way about the insulation dust. Or anything good or correct about the legal "look like" filtering system that is guaranteed to cause damages. #1 rule, Clean Air in. The rule and code for many trades. "THE" #1 Rule of all HVAC businesses and manufacturers is clean air in, clean air out. .The legal in mobile home only method makes that impossible to be achieved. It is impossible to have a sealed system. #1 rule of all A/C companies of must have clean air into equipment is broken immediately. Because it is impossible to filter any part of the entire intake area.

The health hazards that are guaranteed is just one of the other side effects of not installing equipment correctly. Here are some facts to keep I had no idea what to do about the discovered missing tie-in. Discovered while replacing parts that were damaged from the filter set-up. Please give me a lie detector for any of this or more? If people get out of murder with it give me one for truth. I had to complain about the filters because no one thought it could be anything else except the faulty filter system at work. Doing what it is designed for. It is guaranteed to cause and create problems. What would you do if your family breathed insulation for 10 years? "it's legal", but in mobile homes "only", as the one and only reason it was able to occur. Just one true opinion with facts from any L&R about why it is "illegal" every where else to use tape as metal duct hanger and tie-in. A true opinion with facts about Just the health hazards" of the filter set-up. Maybe any HVAC manufacturers codes for installing correctly could be used? We breathed insulation while excuses wasted time for us. Excuses made to cover the filter wrongs. The wrongs that everyone has gotten used to calling normal in mobile homes only. Even our highest officials at state believe it is normal because that is what they were told. Not shown facts about results it has. Legal excuses. I have been complaining since 2001 and it is on walk through papers that something is wrong with A/C. That was at purchase of home in 2000. I have contacted everyone possible since then. I did not wait too long to complain. The complaints were covered with bogus excuses of a law. It is unsafe and very provable health hazards that are caused and created by nothing but the installation method that is called legal. My family and I have been caught in the middle? Our so called normal dust was insulation particles. It hung in the air 24/7. I do care that my family breathed insulation dust and particles for over ten years. The main concern for me is the missing tie-in that was discovered which caused all the insulation in our home. But discovered much too late. TDLR AC division gave answer of it is legal in mobile homes only for entire complaints answer. The discovered missing metal that had tape for the main connector to the duct work was a 3" total void of metal between two metal ducts., all covered over with tape.

Under the floor buried in insulation. And The make shift and the incorrect use of filters that cause nothing but problems and health hazards. That is what I had here. There should not be a time limit on proving how damages and health hazards are "caused and created by laws" or codes that allow it to occur, maybe even ancient laws obeyed? My families lives are important to me. We have been subjected to what is worse than asbestos because laws and codes "obeyed" allow faulty and illegal installations of AC equipment. But "only" in manufactured homes. Any states L&R office can supply facts, not opinions, that prove the harms and damages guaranteed to be caused by missing metal tie-in connectors. Any states L&R office can prove how wrong it is to NOT HAVE a sealed filter system for a residence. And the guaranteed problems caused and created from it. Obeying the law? Both times? 2001 and 2010? Both times with completely wrong answers for my family. How about an amendment that makes sure "all residences" deserve and HAVE safe air conditioning. The laws that keep your homes from being a health hazard. It should not take much time to get a law that says "all" HVAC hook ups should be the same as far as safety when used in any residence. Laws, CODES or something should show and say that it is AS WRONG AS IT IS. Someone please try to prove it is correct in ANY WAY. Especially any HVAC expert. It is "illegal for any other place or home" in America to have installed. But it is legal to expose my grandson to this because we bought a manufactured home. No tie-in and no possible way to have a sealed filter or sealed system. ALL "BASIC" STANDARD INSTALLATION CODES AND RULES of HVAC manufacturers are ignored. The ones you must follow to have your warranty be any good. Warranties are guaranteed to be voided as soon as installed and ran. By EVERY MAJOR MANUFACTURER OF HVAC in America. They know it destroys their equipment. They do not have a problem admitting that to anyone at all. Especially the consumers who ask. Any HVAC manufacturer, Any states L&R offices, Any HVAC academy or school, Any employee of TDLR, Any expert of HVAC can not find "just one thing" to say that is good or correct about the set-up that is legal "here only" because of a depression era law. Allowed and legal in mobile homes only. The “only” thing all of the experts "opinions" can come up with is :”it’s legal”. Nothing more, just it's legal, with no FACTS at all to even support why it is able to be called legal. Or why it should be legal. We simply have it to where the only places to complain to are all following ancient laws that harm us.

Mold is caused with this set-up. A very provable fact. Not maybe. Guaranteed. It is impossible and illegal to use tape inside duct work to cover voids in missing metal. It is also illegal to use to hang the duct with. Protect what equipment? Protect which people? Certain Consumers are under neither of those categories when it comes to the law and manufactured homes HVAC systems installation methods and operations. Texas is the most beautiful state. Texas is the most envied state by others. Texas has it all except for one thing? Updated laws for everyone? Protect who? Protect what, from who? What would you do if your family breathed insulation because someone was worried about a law being read or quoted correctly? This is wrong and my family got infested with insulation. Every A/C company and State office said it was normal and replace filters every two weeks. While all made excuses to NOT INVESTIGATE (only photos)what they all thought was the normal created filter problems in action. Making the so called "normal" dust problem? Everyone assumed it was a "filter problem" because of the way IT WAS INSTALLED. The mobile home only method. Expert HVAC Service Companies refuse to work in mobile homes. All the equipment in intake area is exposed to the same thing that your filters make sure to catch.

All that brown fuzzy looking dirt. To prevent what happens without filtering the air correctly.. Every time the unit is turned on, everything is exposed to unfiltered air in all the wrong places. I was told by most state agencies that it was normal and legal because that is what TDLR decided with old laws. They all must go by TDLR depression era laws also. Legal but not safe, Legal but not efficient, Legal but not recommended at all, Legal but impossible to use for a required "sealed HVAC system". The use of a correct system is impossible but the system is labeled legal. ” it’s legal” the one and only answer for me that anyone at all can come up with. Can common sense have a place in Texas? No one can prove anything is correct about the legal in mobile homes only set-up because "their proof" used to make laws, codes, and facts ALL prove it is completely wrong and illegal in your home or office. And why it was made illegal. Lots of good reasons used to never do it. This "legal"system that has hanging duct tied in with tape. The system causes and creates damages to the air conditioner and all it’s components. The system produces very high humidity. 100% very guaranteed in wrong places. The system looses very much of it’s efficiency because of all the unfiltered air and dirt that is allowed freely in "all the wrong places" Is this system guaranteed to create and cause health hazards? Yes. Very simple questions with very simple yes or no answers prove to anyone it should never be allowed anywhere. Wrongs and real problems that should "not be able to get covered with,” It is legal.

My families inside controlled environments are just as important as all codes say they must be for EVERY one else's homes and offices. Yours are protected by codes and laws. The Freedom of Information act can get more than enough evidence from any License and regulations office about how HVAC must be tied in to duct work. There are laws and codes that INSURE "it can never happen anywhere else", except our homes. Never yours or theirs because laws and codes "PREVENT" it. The more you look the dirtier the air system has been made that is called legal in mobile homes only. It is an injustice that should not be able to be endorsed and backed up by state laws that are provable ancient failure Laws that protect no one. The unit "can not possibly filter any of the air" that goes into "any part" of the ENTIRE intake area because of incorrect filtering. That leaves an entire home with unfiltered air. The missing tie-in has no explanation at all. It is deadly. It caused the visible dust 24/7. The entire HVAC collects and gathers dust. In All the wrong places that get dirtier and moister in all the wrong places. The coils exchange heat in the wrong places with nothing but UNFILTERED AIR which gets dirtier and wetter with NO WAY TO FILTER IT AT ALL. Snowballing. That all causes extra condensate in the wrong places. Causing 100% humidity in all the wrong places. It looses efficiency very rapidly. It waste electrical power. It gets worse with time and usage. I had a completely missing metal connection to duct work from unit. The needed filter rack was completely omitted also.

That is the part that makes sure "all the air" that goes into any of the equipment's intake area is "through a filter only". Manufacturers insist on it. Any HVAC inspector insist on it and will shut down job if not there. But left out legally in mobile homes only because of ancient laws. The missing tie in connection was hidden under the floor in the insulation that the EPA makes very sure is sealed good enough for road safety. I knew nothing of the missing tie in because all said dust was "normal" to be hanging in the air 24/7 BUT for mobile homes only. So live with it. So a case about filters and missing parts with TDLR A/C div. is all I could do two times. 2001 with all dust complaint. 2010 with discovered missing metal at tie-in of duct work. The ancient law is the filter set-up. The missing tie-in is the deadly part. New home owners are all told it is normal for mobile homes. It then becomes more and more trouble to take care of the AC . And all the excuses seem to get more and more normal and used by all. And like daily pills you learn to take them. Simple Questions? How about this one: Can this set-up of legal in mobile homes only possibly prevent any health hazards? NO Or this one: Can the set-up for mobile homes only prevent damages of any kind from happening? No. Or this one: Does the mobile home only set-up cause and create problems for any HVAC used on? A BIG YES. Mold is guaranteed along with the 100% humidity are just two small samples. Simple questions with simple answers should be all it takes to explain it to anyone. Of course that is not legal or something? It takes years to be told that you just have to live with it because it is legal. I can see the filters being called legal. But the missing tie-in and all the insulation here in home totally avoided? Because of a picture they all decided was the cause of the dust problem back in 2001.

The list of problems caused and created for the air handler and residence are "facts" that say to never allow this anywhere. Why can everyone only produce a statement of “it is legal” to explain it all? The air handler itself is nothing but created and caused problems because of the improper installation. "All manufacturers" of HVAC say “it voids our warranty” when installed this way. Instantly! Not after a while of usage. My family breathed insulation particles for over ten years because of all the misleading and wrong answers from all involved. including the ancient laws "more than most" to answer on critical issues for complaints. There are many questions that deserve answers. It could possibly effect a very large number of homeowners who are completely unaware because every one tells them it is "normal in mobile homes only". And they learn to take their pill. And are very well adjusted to all the extra cleaning required and bleaching the mold. Almost "every single statement" in the Texas Deceptive Trade Act and Consumer Protection Act, about all the wrongs and violations it takes to be called a deceptive trade are violated with statement of ancient “it’s legal” but in manufactured homes “only”.

To cover NOT HAVING ANY LAWS OF PROTECTION AT ALL is a better way to put it. No laws that even make sure HVAC's are installed with at the least, the very basic “required” manufactures parts and directions. Just to keep a warranty for new equipment. The same it’s legal would NEVER pass "anywhere else in Texas" or the entire USA. Health and safety, and protection? Not a one for us. Clean safe air and efficient operation of the air handler. All taken away should not be a part of buying a lower quality home. We need to get past the “it’s legal in mobile homes only” that is used instead of a real code or law being considered that at least meets the manufacturers installation needs. That should protect people and their environments. And the HVAV equipment's protection "all in one." The side effects of all this cost only the poor. There are many very legitimate reasons prove this should never be done anywhere or "to anyone". It is illegal in the zoos of Texas! It causes damage to HVAC! It waste electricity because of efficiency loss. It causes 100% humidity in all the wrong places while in operation. It requires two full size filters every two weeks to maintain the "normal extra dust" in mobile homes "only". 52 per year? per TDLR's maintenance instructions for mobile homes only A/C and how to control the so-called normal excessive dust. There was nothing normal about a missing tie-in. It got overlooked because of "NORMAL" answers from all when complaining about excessive dust.

Ask someone that manufacturers HVAC (ie:Lennox) to show or explain what their unit MUST HAVE to operate properly and REQUIRES when installed with people in the environment but mostly just to protect their HVAC equipment properly and keeping a warranty is THEIR MAIN REASON. Lots of return visits per year and Cleaning of the parts that should never be exposed to the dirt( that you get trapped in your filter) is what happens. Exactly what the filter is designed to do. That alone is impossible to achieve. Unfiltered air all ends up in/on the Air Handler and In every piece of the air handlers system that should be kept clean. There is no possible way to have a sealed system. Consumers are denied the installation method that HVAC manufacturers require and use as a STANDARD and “MUST HAVE” installation method. We get the voided manufacturers warranty when it is installed the Texas "manufactured home only" method. Consumers are placed in a guaranteed to have created health hazards environment when this is allowed. Consumers rights are denied. Consumer protection is denied. Consumer safety is denied. Home owners rights are denied. But only one branded consumer gets all this done by its LACK OF laws of protection. This is done to manufactured homeowners "only" because that is the only place in the world it was made legal back in depression era days?. The U haul climate controlled self storage units can not use this set-up. It is illegal. IT "causes dust and humidity" and It would never pass codes. Zoos can't use it etc.. The safe and effective air handling that is "required for all other people by laws" is eliminated completely and immediately when installed and used the mobile home only method.

It is damage causing and wrong. It would not cost the builders one cent to do it correctly. It would not cost any installer of HVAC one cent to install it the way HVAC manufacturers designed it to be done. Maybe some time to teach correct way to do it is all it would take? Every HVAC manufacturer on this planet says: “it voids our warranty” when installed the mobile home set-up method. My homeowners insurance (that is required) states : “we do not pay for damages that are "caused by improper installation of appliances or equipment”. They said filters wrong. Clayton Homes says “call the HVAC company that installed it”. Action Aire says : “call Clayton Homes”. After years of complaining to both and many others Action Aire says to call the new mobile home division at TDLR. The Texas Department of License and Regulation. TDLR is the place where I was told the installation of system is legal , but in manufactured homes "only". The only reason I ever looked into it at all is because I had a completely missing tie-in and TDLR insisted that I prove the filter set up is wrong, because all thought it was a filtering problem that has laws to protect it. They did?

I sure did by the looks of it and how it didn't work and was causing nothing but mechanical problems instead of filtering at all. It looked good but is completely useless for A/C filtering or residence filtering. Very provable to anyone and has been proven to TDLR who evaded it all with "it is legal in mobile homes ONLY". I have photos of all the missing and incorrectly installed HVAC. Please Help?

Sincerely, Tim Glover

12. No To Silver, Charcoal and Champagne "Labradors"!

The Labrador Retriever only comes in the coat colors black, yellow and chocolate. "Silver", "Blue", Charcoal", "Champagne", are not recognized in the breed. Those dogs carry the dilution (Dd or dd) gene, which is alien to the Labrador Retriever breed.

Any dog carrying the dilution (dd) gene is NOT a purebred Labrador, even if its pedigree certificate says otherwise.


Judges and Attorneys Violate the Rules, Commit Fraud Upon the Court, and Corrupt the Legal Process.

Make People of Color aware for Equal Justice you call your United States of America and we can make the changes NOW by uniting together NOW as ONE NATIONWIDE.


Obstruction Of Justice concealing documents; Obstruction of Justice -- Conspiracy to Defraud United States 18 U.S.C. § 371; Subornation of Perjury Violation of 18 USC § 1001.

14. Carta Abierta al pueblo venezolano: “La TRANSICIÓN necesita un cambio del Sistema Electoral”

Las elecciones en Venezuela no respetan el espíritu de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos en materia electoral, porque no son “Elecciones Auténticas”.

Desde hace diez años, y auspiciado desde el alto gobierno, el sistema electoral venezolano ha sufrido la injerencia del régimen castro-comunista, como parte de un plan impuesto por personas ajenas al país, cuyo objetivo es mantener a toda costa el poder.

Bajo la falsa premisa de la necesidad de incorporar "modernas tecnologías", hoy los venezolanos tenemos un sistema que solo pueden interpretar un grupito de “técnicos”. Millones de ciudadanos están en manos de una micro élite de técnicos, por cierto, con negocios prósperos con empresas del Estado.

En otras palabras, el pueblo ha dejado de ser soberano en materia electoral.

Desde hace años un grupo de venezolanos hemos denunciado consistentemente fallas graves, que han derivado en la conformación de un sistema electoral fraudulento (ver Carta abierta en ocasión del 14 de abril 2013):

El Registro Electoral. Ha crecido a espaldas del control ciudadano, y en la última auditoría seria e independiente (2005), el CNE le ocultó al auditor información documental sobre casi el 52% de la muestra elegida. A su vez, el componente de registro de huellas tiene un 8% de los inscritos sin huella digital registrada. Y el diseño ha incluido la creación de centros electorales inaccesibles para la oposición;

Violación del artículo 63 Constitución - “Representación Proporcional”. El oficialismo (PSUV), modifica los circuitos electorales, y ha logrado que teniendo menos votos en la elección de la AN (2010) obtuviera casi las dos terceras partes del total de los diputados, y en la elección de gobernadores (2012), la mayoría en las 22 de las 23 Asambleas Legislativas. Y el 8D no será una excepción, porque encierra el cálculo premeditado de garantizarle al Régimen la gran mayoría de las Cámaras Municipales, incluso en aquellos municipios donde ganen en votos candidatos a alcalde de la oposición;

Dispositivos electrónicos: El CNE, cara a la elección del 7O-2012, implementó el sistema SAI (captahuella unida a la máquina de votación), hecho que ha generado en el electorado la clara percepción de una seria amenaza al principio universal de que el voto debe ser, y parecer, secreto. Y como consecuencia del uso de estos dispositivos electrónicos, el CNE ha entregado al partido de gobierno información privilegiada en tiempo real;

Violación de principios para postulación de candidatos: El CNE, cara a la elección del 7O-2012, permitió la inscripción del candidato oficial, a sabiendas de su condición de enfermo de muerte. Y vista la inminente muerte del Sr. Chávez, avaló la prórroga del periodo presidencial que finalizaba el 10 de Enero, permitiendo que el vicepresidente pasara a ser presidente y candidato, con todo y su casi segura “doble nacionalidad”;

Autoridades electorales parcializadas e ilegítimas: El CNE está en manos del Poder Ejecutivo Nacional (4 de 5 cargos). Los Rectores tienen sus períodos vencidos.

Todas estas anomalías del sistema electoral han contado con el silencio de nuestros representantes ante el CNE. Este hecho político, unido a nuestro voto “a ciegas”, ha facilitado la configuración de esta aberración llamada Poder Electoral, que es en definitiva, el padre de la desgracia política denominada 5ta República.

Una clara consecuencia política del 14A, es que la gente se abstenga de votar como respuesta al régimen autoritario y al liderazgo opositor que desmovilizó la protesta cívica, y ello fundamentalmente, porque la abstención que se practica en las coyunturas políticas como la que sufrimos, tiene un significado distinto al que tendría en una sana democracia. Y este significado internacionalmente es el de la protesta cívica, o la conocida objeción de conciencia.

Debemos entender que los venezolanos perciben ya, que con “elecciones controladas” su calidad de vida no mejorará, y más grave aún, no cambiará el rumbo actual de la nación, hoy signado por, al menos, los siguientes once elementos:

1. Las autoridades de los Poderes Públicos son fruto de “elecciones controladas”;

2. Una severa crisis económica y social, acompañada por una legislación que hace cada vez más improductiva a la ya débil clase trabajadora;

3. El caos en las calles, y los miles de asesinatos anuales de personas honestas;

4. El crecimiento de la industria del narcotráfico y las mafias enquistadas en el Estado;

5. El intento de la supeditación de la Institución Militar a intereses extranjeros;

6. La pérdida de soberanía nacional y el vicio que corroe la administración pública;

7. La violación permanente de la Constitución y el silenciamiento de los medios;

8. La presencia de extranjeros en posiciones claves de la vida nacional;

9. La creciente y progresiva criminalización de las justas protestas ciudadanas;

10. La vocación totalitaria del Régimen;

11. La colaboración de parte del liderazgo opositor con el Régimen.

15. Stop Ontario works from paying women to have babies

Ontario works is supposed to help women get back on their feet. It isn't! women are going on this welfare system and never getting off. They see it as free money. They keep having more kids and acting like they don't know who the daddy is. They are taking up spots in the day care system and still not working.

We should have something in the system to stop this. There should be a limited time frame for the people to be on it. Not a forever program. I believe one year is more than enough time. If you have more kids while you are on welfare you get cut off. We can not keep paying for people to sit at home and take advantage of this system. Most have males living with them.

Ontario works doesn't do home visits anymore to insure that the people are not lying. Large groups are using their money for drugs and alcohol not spending it on the children and housing. if a person on the welfare system can afford monthly car payments and insurance something is wrong. As a tax payer I am getting upset that we allow this to continue.

16. Action is needed by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India to safegaurd the interest of the investors and consumers

Some serious scams are happening in our country including corporate frauds. The latest is the chit fund fraud of the sharda group in the state of west bengal along with the other serious frauds happening across the country where huge public money is being lost. As an institute specialized in accounting, why an action is not being initiated from the institute’s side to safeguard the interest of the “AAM AADMI”.

Even the way the electricity bills and oil prices are increasing, its becoming very difficult for the consumers to take the extra burden now and therefore the cost audit reports which are prepared by the cost accountants should be informed to public so that the public can know the actual cost of the products which the people are consuming.

People who support the view and want this to reach the president of our institute and the other concerned authorities may sign the petition.
I request all the people to sign and circulate this petition.

17. Urge the Alberta Government to protect the rights of Injured Workers, and amend the Workers Compensation Act

Previous to CIWAA's inception the WCB and the Government have relied on Injured Workers inability to organize and remain fragmented leaving many voices without a united message.

We must unite all the Injured Workers under one group and one message. That group is CIWAA and that message is We will not allow WCB to deny legitimate claims of Injured Workers in order for corporate Alberta to benefit with the lowest WCB premiums in Canada at Injured Workers expense.

NOTICE: The name and address of every person who signs this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is in proper form to be presented to the Legislative Assembly.

To Contact Injured Workers:

18. Put the Fear in Fera

The 2009 Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, meant to outline future and enforce previous punishments for the Wall Street Executives who knowingly committed crimes that resulted and/or exacerbated the 2008 financial crisis has failed to live up to its name.

On February 15 2013, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren cautioned, "too big to fail is now too big to trial." University of Illinois Attorney and Professor Jim Moye has researched extensively on the subject and crafted improvements for this piece of legislation.


19. Carta abierta a la sociedad democrática venezolana ante el llamado a Elecciones el 14 de Abril de 2013

El candidato Henrique Capriles, en su declaración de fecha 10 de marzo, envió claramente el mensaje de estar dispuesto a escuchar a la sociedad civil y hacerla partícipe de las decisiones que se tomen en razón del futuro de nuestro país.

En la citada declaración el candidato advirtió a viva voz que nos estamos enfrentando al poder del Estado, mostrándose como un luchador, como el hombre fuerte que necesitamos para confrontar a los más viles detractores de la democracia y la libertad que haya conocido Venezuela.

Pero hasta el momento, ni nuestro candidato Henrique Capriles, ni el Comando Simón Bolívar han exigido con vehemencia condiciones a este CNE, absoluta y visiblemente parcializado con el régimen, a pesar de que el propio candidato señaló, ante una pregunta de una periodista, que sería su Comando de Campaña quien hablaría acerca de ese tema. Solamente el digno movimiento estudiantil venezolano ha dado muestras concretas y públicas de luchar por condiciones justas y equitativas para ir a unas elecciones.

En nuestro criterio, el Comando Simón Bolívar debe dejar en evidencia que nuestras elecciones no son libres, ni transparentes y tampoco equitativas, como recientemente afirmó la Presidente del CNE, Tibisay Lucena. Esta nueva batalla debe hacer hincapié en que la institucionalidad fue demolida, que nuestra Constitución ha sido deshonrada, en fin que hemos perdido la democracia con prácticas de persecución, abuso, intimidación, mentiras, discriminación y violaciones a los Derechos Humanos.


We are all suffering due to the austerity measures that have had to be imposed following the downturn of the economy that was preceded by the deliberate and criminal mis-selling of mortgages and other financial products.

Many consumers are now attempting to claim back these losses including p.p.i insurance but many are either too afraid to do so, or are unaware of their rightful entitlement. In the event that a applicant for mortgage or loan wilfuly included false information they would be prosecuted for fraud.

The bankers should be prosecuted for their attempts to defraud the public.


La grave violación constitucional realizada por el TSJ y ejecutada en la Asamblea Nacional al prorrogar el periodo presidencial 2007-2013 finalizado el 10 de Enero, ha puesto a Venezuela en una situación de inestabilidad política de consecuencias impredecibles. De acuerdo a los más renombrados juristas del país, a partir del 10 de Enero de 2013 son ilegitimas y usurpadoras todas las autoridades que en este momento detentan el poder ejecutivo, con lo cual sus actos son nulos, de acuerdo a la misma Constitución (Art. 138).

Este desconocimiento a la Constitución de 1999 por parte del TSJ, no es más que la consecuencia de contar con unos poderes públicos cuyo origen ha sido el resultado de procesos electorales marcados por el signo del fraude. Desde el año 2004, ninguna elección en Venezuela ha sido auténtica. De acuerdo a la definición de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos de la ONU (Artículo 21), y la Carta Democrática Interamericana de la OEA (Artículo 3), para que unas elecciones sean auténticas, deben ser universales, justas y libres. Estos dos instrumentos multilaterales, que forman parte de nuestra legislación interna, imponen al Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) condiciones ineludibles para el ejercicio de sus competencias, que de incumplirse invalidan automáticamente los respectivos eventos electorales por carecer de “autenticidad”.

Pero además, una elección no puede ser auténtica si no es oportuna. Esto es, si no se realiza en el tiempo y en los lapsos que el marco jurídico establecen para su convocatoria. Ya en el Revocatorio que fue postpuesto del 2003 para el 2004, el pueblo venezolano fue sometido a la manipulación orquestada por el CNE y la Misión Identidad, para cambiar las percepciones de los ciudadanos ante la negativa imagen del gobierno y su presidente. Ahora, desde el mismo momento en que no se respeta lo previsto en el Art. 231 de la constitución, se está prolongando de manera artificial y acomodaticia la convocatoria a unas elecciones presidenciales, con la obvia finalidad de procurar una transferencia de liderazgo al sucesor ya anunciado, en detrimento de una elección justa y equilibrada.

Este fraude continuado y por etapas, compuesto de un conjunto de acciones que lo hacen complejo y multifactorial, ha llevado a la Nación a una crisis sin precedentes, con el agravante del concurso de parte del liderazgo tradicional de la oposición, que ha llevado a la sociedad democrática a una agenda exclusivamente electoral, y de paso, sin posibilidad alguna de triunfos relevantes.

En efecto, en el período que va desde el 2004 al 2012 podemos encontrar elecciones que marcaron pautas en este proceso de desnaturalización de un sistema electoral democrático. En el año 2004, el CNE inaugura la etapa del apartheid electrónico, al digitalizar las listas de los firmantes de la solicitud de revocatorio al presidente, proceso organizado de manera ejemplar por la organización Súmate. 

En el año 2007, el Régimen sufre su aparente primer revés electoral, rápidamente compensado en el 2009 con una consulta ilegal y puntual avalada por los poderes públicos, y que desemboca en la conocida reelección indefinida.

En el 2010, el CNE avala la modificación a los circuitos electorales realizada por la Asamblea Nacional, teniendo como consecuencia que una minoría en votos termine casi con las dos terceras partes de los diputados de la Asamblea Nacional, con lo cual se violó el artículo 63 constitucional que establece, inequívocamente, el respeto a la representación proporcional.

Y en el año 2012, el CNE avala un sistema electrónico que, entre otras cosas, acaba con el principio fundamental de todo sistema democrático: «la libertad del voto». La Constitución, legislación y tratados válidamente suscritos por la República en materia electoral, ponen el acento en el secreto del voto, pero el uso de tecnologías de información añaden un elemento adicional: la percepción de si el voto es secreto o no, más allá de que tecnológicamente se hayan tomado o no, medidas preventivas entendibles para el ciudadano común y corriente.

Entonces, la LIBERTAD del voto viene apareada a la percepción del elector común - que no tiene conocimientos técnicos - de que su voto “parezca o no” secreto, con el agravante, de que el actual sistema impuesto por el órgano electoral infunde el temor en el elector de que su voto no es secreto.

A esto resta añadir que sólo si existe equilibrio y transparencia por parte del CNE, principios de rango constitucional, se podrá confiar en que el árbitro electoral tendrá la capacidad de hacer elecciones auténticas. En caso contrario, habrá sobradas razones para sospechar que los resultados declarados por el CNE muy probablemente no reflejan la voluntad popular.

Vistas las razones antes expuestas, y como consecuencia de la posible declaración de la falta absoluta del Presidente de la República, sin temor a equivocarnos, se nos lanzará a un nuevo proceso electoral sin que se hayan tomado los correctivos necesarios para garantizar que esos resultados reflejen la voluntad de los electores.


22. Review Election Fraud in 2012 South Korean Presidential Election

There has been fraud and unconstitutional acts in the 2012 South Korean Presidential Election in terms of South Korean National Election Commission counting votes illegally.

Many Korean demands for manual counting or even re-counting, which is their constitutional right. There are election rigging made by Progressive Programs that have been secretly used to fix the 2012 South Korean Presidential Election.

The graphs representing the voter turnout and the votes earned for Mr. Moon and Ms. Park, measured over time, were consistently smooth to have occurred in real life, which have been imply unlawful intervention. Only the graphs implied by the Formula of Logistic Function can produce such a beautiful, smooth curves.

Please Support the Korean People of Democracy with Free and Fair Election.

23. El 16D Bolívar despertó en Bolívar!

¡Bolívar despierta cada cien años! Esa frase de Pablo Neruda quedó grabada hasta en el propio Maciso Guayanés. Y hoy, desde las antiguas rocas del Estado Bolívar, se le escucha lanzando su llamado a la libertad, y a la lucha por nuestra segunda independencia.

Andrés Velásquez inició una gesta justa al exigir que se cuenten todos los votos de las urnas electorales del Estado en la elección del 16D. Esa es nuestra bandera también.

Cansados estábamos de ver a un liderazgo sin guáramo, avalando todo lo que dice y hace el CNE más déspota de nuestra historia contemporánea de Venezuela.

Tenemos que apoyar a la gente de Bolívar. Sus reclamos son justos, oportunos, y su accionar pasará a formar parte de la piedra angular de este proceso de liberación de la dominación que pretenden los representantes del castrochavismo, tanto en Venezuela como en la región latinoamericana.

24. Llegó la hora de luchar por Elecciones Auténticas en Venezuela



El sistema electoral venezolano se ha pervertido inaceptablemente. En nuestro documento LA RECTA FINAL, alertamos al Comando Venezuela sobre la complejidad del actual sistema electoral (

Con la excusa de incorporar "modernas tecnologías", hoy Venezuela padece un sistema electoral injusto, que intimida y coacciona al elector, con un Registro Electoral que no se ha auditado, de manera seria e independiente, desde el año 2005.

En las recientes elecciones del 7 de Octubre de 2012 se acumularon vicios, irregularidades, abusos y violaciones de la Ley Electoral y de la Constitución, que obligan a declarar que las elecciones dejaron de ser auténticas, libres y secretas, como establece el artículo 21 de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos.

Baste citar, a modo de ejemplo, que a partir de la introducción de un sistema de captahuellas se originó una seria percepción en el ciudadano de que su voto será conocido, con lo que un porcentaje importante de venezolanos votó coaccionado. Esto hizo que el sufragio dejara de ser libre y, por ende, nuestras elecciones no fueron auténticas.

Por otra parte, los ciudadanos observamos atónitos el desbordado abuso de medios del Estado en favor del candidato oficial. Con ello las elecciones dejaron de ser justas y equilibradas.

Además, la forma como se ha organizado el cierre de las mesas, facilita que el CNE emita boletines cuando no se han realizado la mayoría de las auditorías de control ciudadano (auditorías de cierre o de verificación), situación que desvirtúa la naturaleza de un proceso electoral, por lo que decimos, que en nuestras elecciones el pueblo no cuenta sus votos.

Estas son sólo tres de una muy larga lista de atropellos a la dignidad de los ciudadanos en que ha incurrido el Consejo Nacional Electoral, y que aún no ha sido organizada en detalle, pero que sin duda pone en serio entredicho la validez de un proceso en el que la transparencia y la equidad son fundamentales.

Todo esto ocurrió sin que el liderazgo opositor asumiera una posición contundente en la defensa del derecho a elegir mediante Elecciones Auténticas. Entendemos que eso se debió en algunos casos, a una errada estrategia para impedir la abstención de su electorado, probablemente debido a la controvertida experiencia del retiro de la oposición el 2005. Pero no descartamos que en otros casos haya habido complicidad, lo cual sería imperdonable.

El reconocimiento, por parte de algunos voceros calificados de la oposición representada en la MUD, de que el candidato del Poder ganó en las urnas, retumbó y sigue retumbando en los tímpanos de una parte importante de la ciudadanía, cuya percepción es que el resultado no refleja la voluntad popular.

Hay quienes pretenden que los electores pasen la página, pero para pasar la página hay que leerla primero.

Llegó la hora de plantear una justa lucha por ELECCIONES AUTÉNTICAS, y hacer un llamado al voto valiente e inteligente de los ciudadanos. Primero, porque ya no se puede hablar del voto libre; y segundo, porque en este sistema electoral, el pueblo no es el que cuenta los votos.

Y esa lucha por un sistema electoral justo, es la única forma de resolver, de forma cívica y pacífica, la larga crisis de gobernabilidad que padece el país, y que hoy se visualiza claramente en la composición de los Poderes Públicos, y en la existencia de perseguidos y presos políticos.

25. Petiton to Stop Fraudulent 3rd Party Gas Billing Charges

This Petition seeks to remove, disband, and replace the third party gas metering systems at 4001 Clarks Lane, known as Yes Energy Management (formerly EBS Billing Systems) in the Bristol House Apartments; formerly the Bristol Apartments, etc. all, attached to each rental unit, and causing residents financial distress.

Since 2009 residents have complained of being billed fraudulent gas charges in upwards of $771 a month. (No furnace bill should exceed an approximated $30 per month that a tenant “actually” uses the furnace to heat said apartment doing winter months.)

In every rental lease (in the back of the lease titled, “Addendum To Rental Agreement (Utilities), page three, last paragraph it states: “In the event resident fails to make any utility payment for which Resident is responsible for or to reimburse Agent for Gas Charges, then the amount thereof, in the discretion of the agent, if paid by the Agent, may be added to and deemed part of the rent due. Page 2 states, “Resident shall reimburse Agent, on a monthly basis and as additional rent...”.

These clauses, through contradictory to each other places each resident in an unfair, unreasonable, and unlawful position when they are charged excessive gas charges that exceed his or her actual gas usage. These clauses are used to “lawfully steal” from Residents by using “ineffective and/or fake” metering systems to manipulate the true amount/value of the gas usage/charges (especially the furnace portion of the bill), that each tenant uses.

In addition, it prevents residents from getting public assistance for gas bills, causing the sick and the elderly to forfeit vital medical attention and medicines needed for his, her, or a child’s health, reduces food and other necessities allowances, causes embarrassment of having a court notice place in the lobby doorway for anyone to see, placing their families in jeopardy of being evicted (gas charge is taken out of “current” rent paid causing the rent to be deemed as late, and in jeopardy of the “Right of Redemption” rule (4 times or more late in a 12 month period a tenant can be evicted) when a tenant struggles to pay these outlandish charges, waiting for the bill to be corrected, or credited; including, but not limited to the dangerous issue of fear of turning on the heat when it is extremely cold to avoid receiving an excessive gas charge or purchasing dangerous portable heating equipment.

Suggested solution: Demand that owners of rental properties provide “separate” GAS meters for each residential unit as with the electric, restrict gas charges from being allowed to be added to or deemed as rent, and refund the total amount each resident was over charged form the date of installation of these third-party gas meters. This petition will be given to every local, state, federal agency, court system, high powered attorney, and investigative news reporter that are affiliated and/or involved with the resolve /removal of this fraudulent gas metering system.

26. Royal Commission into Australian Banking

Justice for All

Please register your 'Call for a Royal Commission into the Banking Sector of Australia', with broad terms of reference.

Many Australians are victims of Full Doc, Low Doc and No Doc LAF fraud in Australia. The President of BFCSA (Inc), Ms Denise Brailey, recently spoke at a Senate Hearing in Canberra and produced undeniable and indisputable evidence of Australian banks and lenders' widespread involvement in Loan Application Fraud.

There are countless victims who have had their houses and businesses taken illegally by the banks.

There is also the serious situation of regulators turning a blind eye to consumer complaints and the same regulators supporting the banks. The regulators are hiding behind flawed legislation and their own internal policies.

This petition will be presented to the Australian Government to indicate the Will of the People that a Royal Commission into the banking sector must be instigated as a matter of urgency.

27. Jail Woman Who Stole From Dying Girl

Olivia Downie was a 7 year old girl from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In January 2009, Olivia started complaining of severe backaches and tiredness, she looked very puffy and lethargic, she screamed in sheer agony for weeks and weeks.

We phoned NHS 24, paid numerous visits to the GP and outpatients department. Then we took Olivia to Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. They diagnosed cancer within 24 hours and then went onto diagnose Neuroblastoma Stage 4. We were shocked and horrified to the core, devastated..... how could our sweet innocent child have cancer??!

Doctors started Olivia on chemotherapy straight away to shrink the main tumour on her left adrenal gland. The treatments had horrible side effects, such as losing her beautiful blonde hair, violent sickness, loss of appetite, made her tired, confused and angry and gave her gastrionomitus. After chemotherapy, they operated to remove the tumour, which was the size of a grapefruit. Olivia had more chemotherapy to try to rid the bone marrow disease, and then high dose chemo, the hardest of all chemotherapies. Olivia remained unconscious over her 5th birthday on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2009. It was heartbreaking and soul destroying to watch our precious little girl go through all of this.

Her dad and I just wanted to take her pain and suffering away, do anything to stop it, but there was nothing we could do, except be there for her. Olivia then had radiotherapy and was sent home for a short break.

Through months of research, we discovered Immunotherapy, a new trial drug available to stop Neuroblastoma in its tracks. The survival rate for Neuroblastoma stands at a terrifying 20%. Unfortunately, Olivia was not eligible for the UK trial. With the help of Olivia's consultant, our local MP and sheer persistence, we got the ok to take Olivia to Germany for Immunotherapy. The local community came together through different fundraising ideas and raised money to help send Olivia for 6 cycles of treatment. All seemed well, until scans performed at Olivia's 4th cycle discovered 2 new tumours. This was a huge setback for Olivia.

Olivia's disease was stubborn, and although the treatment in Germany clearly helped Olivia, it progressed in other areas of her body. We were running out of options and our last real hope for a cure lay in Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy. Olivia was accepted onto a course of treatment at a clinic in Mexico, that has years of experience of helping children with Neuroblastoma, including UK children, but they didn't have enough funds to cover the costs. Olivia's disease has been stubborn, and although the treatment in Germany clearly helped Olivia, it has progressed in other areas of her body. Olivia arrived safely in Mexico after a difficult flight. Treatment began as soon as possible. Sadly Olivia took a turn for the worse early on in treatment and was transferred to a hospital near by. Olivia was now dying and we had to bring her home. Olivia managed to get back to a hospital in Scotland where she passed away peacefully.

While everyone was frantically raising money for treatment to save this little girls life. One woman decided to steal from the cause. She collected hundreds of pounds from Fraserburgh and surrounding areas telling them that she was doing a sponsored walk for Olivia's appeal. She never handed the money over or paid it into Olivia's Appeal.

Olivia's family wanted to press charges, they wanted the money paid into Logans Fund (a charity that helped Olivia) and this woman to be sentenced for theft and fraud. So the case was to be taken up in court until without reason the case was dropped with no charges pressed. This woman hasn't even been given a warning, she has been allowed to walk free and enjoy this money she stole from a dying child.

We need as many people as possible to stand up against this and say we want her taken to court and charged. The courts are sending out a message that its okay to steal from charities as this woman has not been made an example of.

28. Demand an Investigation of Mexico's 2012 Presidential Election / Demandamos una investigacion a las elecciones presidenciales de Mexico 2012

On July 1, 2012, Mexican citizens voted for their next president.

Unfortunately, the process was plagued with voter fraud which included people being turned away from voting precincts, discrepancies between the numbers reported by the voting precincts and the numbers reported on the official web page of IFE (The institution in charge of supposedly ensuring fair democratic elections), and buying of votes.

This can be easily proven by going to and browsing "fraude electoral 2012" or similar search terms. Also on several facebook posts and twitter.

We as citizens of this great nation must demand that democracy is respected not only in our nation but throughout the world.


Este 1ero de Julio los Mexicanos votaron para elegir al siguiente presidente de Mexico.

Desafortunadamente el proceso estuvo plagado de fraudes, tales como: mucha gente le fue negado su derecho a votar en diferentes casillas, hubo discrepancias entre los numeros reportados en las casillas y los numeros reportados en la pagina web del IFE.(Institucion supuestamente encargada de regular el proceso electoral democratico), asi como la compra de votos.

Esto puede ser facilmente comprobado, tan solo con ir a y buscar "fraude electoral 2012" o titulos parecidos. Asi como tambien en facebook y twitter.

Nosotros como ciudadanos de este gran pais, debemos demandar que la democracia sea respetada no solo en nuestra sino en todo el mundo.
(pedimos disculpas por falta de acentos)

29. Impeach Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland

Impeachment of Governor or Lieutenant Governor. The Legislature may provide by law, not inconsistent with Section 26 of Article III of this Constitution, for the impeachment of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Governor to take care that laws are faithfully executed. He shall take care that the Laws are faithfully executed.

The Governor of Maryland has violated the Law and his Oath of office knowingly discarding fraud that had taken place under the Federal Whistle Blower Act, see below.

Paulette Faulkner, a former child support specialist with the Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement Program, knows all about that generosity. In 2009, she wrote O'Malley a letter complaining of rampant fraud in Maryland's Medicaid, food stamp and welfare programs.

Faulkner's job was to verify applicants' eligibility for these federally funded benefits. "If they did not have a Social Security card, birth certificate, voter registration card, or photo ID, I would have to deny them," she said.

But Faulkner's supervisor soon ordered her to approve them anyway, even though she would be putting herself in legal jeopardy by doing so.

"The whole situation was discriminatory," she told me in an interview. "People were not being treated the same way. I was in my right to turn them down. That was never disputed. They told me, 'You're a person of color. You should be more sympathetic.' Did they think that just because I was black, I'm not supposed to do the right thing? I was insulted."

Faulkner turned to O'Malley's office for help: "Am I aiding and abetting illegal activity? Shouldn't I be reporting these people to ICE or immigration? I am really concerned because I am a candidate for the Central Democratic Committee ... and I want to make sure that I am following the law."

The OIG was soon sent in -- to investigate Faulkner, who was fired in 2010 for posting her office phone number on her private campaign website. "It was really about my going to the governor's office to complain about the fraud," said the Laurel resident. "My co-workers were livid, and tried to speak up on my behalf, but they were afraid. Nobody from the state ever interviewed them. And all I ever got was a response that they had my complaint and would look into it." A call to O'Malley's office was not returned.

30. Restrict Fake Text Message Apps

There are several apps now for smartphones which allow for text messages to be sent to someone on behalf of another person from a third party's phone.

The concept is the message appears to be sent by the second party and is traced as such, but it is actually sent from a third party. Whilst it is being used in some senses for pranks and the like, it could have devastating consequences on relationships, families, business and other facets of society by causing unrequired social conflict, and also being a conduit to commit crime.

We at The Run Home believe something needs to be done to address how legitimate these applications are.