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Saline Area Schools Board of Education
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Dear Parents & Community Members of the Saline Schools,

The Saline Area Schools have recently begun making young women in Middle School undress in locker rooms in the presence of male-to-female transgender students.

The school administration decided that they will not notify parents or ask for the consent of the young women before placing them in this situation. Certainly, many of these young women and their families would not consent to such an arrangement, if they knew the truth.

We strongly encourage kindness and compassion for all children – especially those struggling with gender confusion. However, our girls in Saline should not be forced to undress in front of the opposite sex without their knowledge or consent.

Thank you for your support!

Dear Saline School Board,

As members of the Saline community, we are very concerned that the Administration is having female students undress for gym class in the presence of biological male classmates – without their knowledge or consent.

Young women have a natural right to privacy, and our schools have always protected students from being seen in a vulnerable state by anyone of the opposite sex.  This new policy sets a dangerous precedent for student privacy. Students may no longer assume they have bodily privacy when changing for athletic events, showering after gym class, or participating in overnight field trips. Our hearts go out to children struggling with their gender; however, all students deserve to feel safe and to know the full truth of who is sharing these intimate spaces.

It is also important to remember that Saline is home to many people of faith who believe children are created as male and female. It is a form of religious discrimination for the Administration to impose the ideology of transgender values on families and school staff who believe differently. Being inclusive of all children means finding ways to accommodate different viewpoints within our school community.

We ask that the District find a way forward which is respectful of all students’ needs, including transgender students. The current path violates student privacy, infringes on religious values, and compromises student safety. At a bare minimum, we ask that the Board require the Administration to seek informed consent (in writing) from students and parents before placing any child into a locker room that has students of the opposite sex.

The Board is chosen by the people of Saline and entrusted with the great responsibility of protecting all our students.  Now more than ever, our schools need your guidance in addressing this momentous issue of student privacy.

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