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1. Give Flint Water Credits Until Water is Safe to Drink

On February 7, 2017, Governor Snyder ended water credits to Flint residents before the water is safe.

In May, notices went out to 8,000 homes that liens would be placed on their homes for unpaid balances due to the termination of the water credits.

The NAACP, and the ACLU agreed that the liens were unlawful because the water residents are forced to pay for is still unsafe.

The Governor's office claims the water is safe due to minimal testing:
- Less than 1% one of homes in Flint were tested. 341 of over 30,000 homes.
- The first test said 90% of 341 homes were under 12 ppb meaning.
- As many as 34 homes in their test were over 12 ppb.
- A 2nd round of testing in November 2016 said 90% were under 8ppb.
- The CDC discourages children from drinking water of 5ppb.
- Residents are still suffering rashes and hair loss from bathing in the water.
- Anti-biotic resistant bacteria has been identified collecting in our filters.
- Bacteria collected has caused respiratory infections in residents.
- Lead service line replacements are ongoing causing spikes in lead count.

No level of lead in water is safe. Experts recommend that children and immune compromised people do drink water over 5ppb. Our water source was switched by a decision of the Governor's appointees, while Flint was under Emergency Management. After international outcry, our water was determined unsafe. Water donations ran out, and the Governor made bottled water pick up available at fire stations. Because we were still paying the highest rates in the country for toilet water, the Governor provided water credits to subsidize out of pocket costs to victims of this tragedy.

Now we need the Governor to resume the water credits until every home in Flint has water which tests until 5ppb.

2. Say No to a Pay Raise for Governor Rick Snyder

- Governor Rick Snyder and the State of Michigan have used an extra $12 million dollars and growing to answer for the Flint Water Crisis.
- Governor Rick Snyder ended water credits for Flint residents as soon as a mere 1% of homes tested to contain 12 ppb of lead, (the federal limit is 15ppb) causing 8000 homes to be threatened with water liens.
- Governor Rick Snyder imposed high new taxes on retired pensioners on fixed incomes.
- Governor Rick Snyder gave huge tax breaks to corporations and wealthy elites, while middle class incomes stagnated or declined.
- Governor Rick Snyder, and Attorney General Bill Schuette actively fought the Department of Labor's ruling to pay overtime to deserving workers.
- Governor Rick Snyder ignored the people of Michigan in creating the Right to Work Law.
- Governor Rick Snyder created the Emergency Manager Law PA 436, under which Mayor Mike Duggan says an Emergency Manager lied to him about $500,000,000 in pension shortfalls.
- Michigan's elected officials are already among the most highly compensated in the nation.
- There are no shortages of candidates willing to run for Governor at the current rate of pay.

3. More Kpop concerts in Michigan

A community of Kpop fans and I, feel sort of neglected, due to the simple fact that we here in Detroit Michigan do NOT have the luxury of receiving a perform by our favorite groups. i would also like to inform you that on a variety show, i noticed that Kim Namjoon(Rap Monster) of bts (bangtan boys) had on a Detroit hat,
link: ( ) in this video.
Recently, to be exact, on Wednesday March 29, 2017 bts had a concert in Chicago that I had badly wanted to attend. Due to certain circumstances, i was unable to attend however, i can assure you that myself along with dozens of fellow ARMYS would be able to attend a performance in the Detroit metro area. I'm unsure if you are aware that there are thousands of kpop fan living in AND around the Detroit metro area.There are A LOT of things to love about Detroit. Detroit Michigan was the place where the first car was made. its also where many famous people come from for insentience,famous Korean-American Actor Ken Jeong and Rapper Big Sean. Famous Motown singers also came from Detroit. The point is all music is important, And i would love if bts shared their music in Detroit Michingan.
Thank you for your time, Love An ARMY Ahmya

4. National Clean Water Collective

The National Clean Water Collective is comprised of grassroots organizations and activists that have come together to solve the Flint Water Crisis.

They conducted their third successful water drop on Columbus Day, and across three water drops they have mobilized hundreds of activists in over twenty states.

Additionally, through their “CleanWater4Flint” project, the team has collected and distributed over $100,000 worth of supplies to the community with the help of sponsors like Watercura, The National Council of Women, FILA, The Budgetnista, That Suits You, Piece of the Rock Foundation, and The #BeYou Campaign.

The National Clean Water Collective is currently working to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that focuses on both immediate relief and long-term solutions.


Grand Rapids, Michigan, It is time for UNITY.

What power do the words UNITY or DIVISION really have? Quite a bit if you ask me. The goal of this petition is to change a major street name in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The street name is DIVISION AVENUE, and our hope is to change it to UNITY AVENUE.

3 reasons WHY we should change it:
1. It is a proactive action that sets a positive tone for what Grand Rapids is about.
2. It shows the city, state and country that we prefer to unite instead of divide as a community.
3. It demonstrates that we can come together to make a change for the better.

If you believe in this idea and the effect it can have, please sign and share this petition to show your support!

Your fellow citizen,

Kurt French

6. Replace the pipes in Flint Michigan

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), which was originally enacted into law in 1974, focuses on ensuring that public drinking water meets appropriate safety standards; in contrast, the Clean Water Act regulates pollution in our nation's lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

The lead pipes must be replaced for the health and public safety of the residents in Flint Michigan.

7. Tell Michigan Senators to voice the people of Michigan, and become superdelagates for Bernie Sanders

Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow are superdelagates of Hillary Clinton. The Michigan primary on March 8, 2016 showed that the people of Michigan want to elect Bernie Sanders the democratic presidential nominee for the general presidential election.

The senators of Michigan should voice the people who voted for them and become superdelagates of Bernie Sanders. People from all states are welcomed to sign!

8. Let's get Matt Damon to sing "Snyder doesn't know"

The city of Flint, MI has been devastated by the poisoning of their city water and infrastructure.

Matt Damon has called for the resignation of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over this issue. Let's get Matt to sing a new version of "Scotty Doesn't Know", from the movie Euro Trip, call "Snyder Doesn't Know".

Please, someone with song writing chops, write the words.

The goals: Help remove Gov. Snyder from office, bring awareness to the fact that the water infrastructure of Flint NEEDS to be replaced.

9. Allow Centerfire Rifles for Michigan Night Time Predator Hunting

Coyote populations are on the rise throughout Michigan and requiring more refined methods of management as the growing need to control their populations and potential unwanted interactions with humans, livestock and pets increase.

The current Michigan regulations of restrictive calibers and cartridge/shot shell types fall short of providing effective means to manage some predator species. And here’s why:

• The Plains (Western) coyote in Michigan typically weighs upward to 40 lbs. for adults;

• Shots taken with currently allowed night time firearms present great difficulties in maintaining humane, one shot kills beyond 100 yards without the risk of run offs which require tracking;

• .17 and .22 cal. rim fires cannot be reloaded to take advantage of optimum accuracy;

• The effective range of shotguns with allowed available commercial loads do not provide combined adequate knock down power and shot pellet grouping for ethical kills beyond 60 yards .

By allowing centerfire rifles with a maximum diameter of .224” and a maximum case length of 2.0” with the aid of a game or predator call will:

• Allow at least (24) twenty-four .17 caliber through .22 caliber reloadable centerfire rounds with adequate power for quick, one shot kills that classify the majority of day time predator hunter’s currently owned guns.

• Be consistent with laws currently in place in two nearby states, Ohio and Indiana, which general information and FOIA requests filed have determined that no recorded personal injury or property damage reports were made resulting from allowing centerfire rifles at night for predator hunting;

• Allow law enforcement to continue to effectively enforce deer poaching laws by requiring firearms to continue to be loaded only at the calling site.

10. Mandate Low-Income School Outreach by University of Michigan Students

For many young students who attend schools in low-income neighborhoods around Detroit, the idea of attending college is more of a myth than a goal, a fancy thought rather than a valid path for the future. Before these children can strive for a college degree, they must first believe that it is possible.

Student outreach programs at the University of Michigan that target these disadvantaged schools help resolve this problem, but participation in these efforts is dismal compared to what the student body is capable of.

The implementation of a new graduation requirement, mandating that students participate in at least one outreach trip to a school in a low-income area, would impose minimal costs on the University and its students but would have a tremendous positive impact on the goals and hopes of these underserved children.

Help make these dreams a reality! 27,407 college students making a small effort can go a long way!

11. Stop Clawson Skatepark Bollard Installation

A new skate park has been built in the Clawson City Park in Clawson, MI. Since the installation of this skate park; it has been the most used facility in the whole park area. It has come to the attention of the city council that the skateboarders are using the cul-de-sac as a run off from the stair set.

The city has receive complaints from drivers that the skateboarders are riding into the street without looking. Their solution to this is to install bollards or traffic pylons at the end of the stair set to stop the skaters. This was never discussed with the skate park committee, the skaters themselves, or the community. The pylons are not only dangerous to the skaters but they destroy the hard work of the skate park builders who made such an effort to create a great park for the community to enjoy.

The City of Clawson spent over $200,000 to build the skate park in the park. All plans were approved for the build. The stair set run off would have been longer but botched soil sample readings called for a redesign of the skate park, which was also approved for building.

Though the city won't put up warning signs for drivers to be cautious; I believe it's the drivers job to watch out for the skaters. They're the ones in operation of a motor vehicle and should be conscious of what is going on around them.

I represent the skaters who enjoy the new park. It would be awful to see such a great accomplishment defaced by those who do not understand us. We view this as an attack of ignorance and discrimination.

12. Legalize Prostitution in Michigan

Michigan needs to legalize prostitution in order to insure public health and safety as well as collecting taxes from an untapped industry.

13. Support No Statute of Limitations for Criminal 1st Degree Sexual Conduct in Michigan

Currently in the state of Michigan there is NOT a statute of limitations on 1st degree criminal sexual conduct UNLESS the abuse or attack took place before the year 2000. If the law recognizes NO limits then that's exactly what it should mean.

So at this time if a sexual abuse/attack took place before the year 2000 the offenders can not be prosecuted even with a written confession.

A survivor should be able to choose when to come forward during the healing process if they choose to prosecute in a year or 30 years from now.

14. End Daylight Saving Time

It has been proven that Daylight Saving Time increases risks for certain health related issues. It has not been proven that the time change saves residents, businesses or the State Government any money.

15. Illinois Michigan Canal Reparations in Utica Illinois

The I&M Canal was once a beautiful and integral part of Utica's commerce, in the 1800's. Since then, it has definitely seen better days. With all the commerce and expansion, things fall to the wayside.

Unfortunately, our canal has become one of those. A large portion of our tourism, biking and hiking is based and revolves around our canal and its attached towpath.

The canal is currently stagnant and covered in green moss and garbage. The businesses and residents of the Village of Utica are asking for your help.

16. Overturn Abortion insurance law in Michigan

A new law has been passed in the state of michigan requires women to purchase additional insurance for elective abortions including in cases of rape or incest.

The law states that health care insurance will no longer cover abortions in this case even if it is a danger to a womens emotional/mental and physical health.

Each women should have the right to chose how she deals with an unwanted pregnancy.

17. Decriminalization of marijuana in Michigan

Hello, I'm calling on every citizen in Michigan for this one, and I know nobody has time to sit and read so i'll keep it short sweet and to the point. The Federal government will always oppose marijuana legalization because they get grants to pay for the 20 billion dollars a year to keep it illegal.

I'm asking that the people of Michigan stop wasting the money that could go to schools, roads, job creation, or anything else that directly benefits this state. Your tax dollars are paying for the search, seizure and the time convicts spend in jail because of marijuana. It boils down to this, I'm sick of paying for something that doesn't directly pertain to me, and I'd rather give the money to a school teacher who educates rather than prisoners.

Marijuana also has sufficient medicinal properties, so much so that it has been legalized for medicinal purposes, i want to legalize for ALL purposes.

Washington did it, and they tax it to pay for roads and education, just like we could. Please brothers and sisters, unite, sign, legalize.

18. Support the Creation of the TAMARACK RAIL TRAIL

Whereas the railroad between Big Hill Rd in Sturgis, Mi and Snow Prairie Rd in Branch county, Mi., operating on an almost 15.5 mile, 100 foot wide corridor is being abandoned and we would like to preserve the economic benefit of keeping the corridor available for future, possible railroad use through the mechanism provided by the federal government called railbanking.

Whereas the railbanking process needs the approval and sponsorship from local town, city and county governmental bodies to be completed successfully.

Whereas selling this corridor to adjacent landowners or other private parties would benefit a very small percentage of the residents of the St. Joseph and Branch county Michigan area versus selling the land to a non-profit organization intent on developing a public accessible linear park called the Tamarack Rail Trail and benefiting all residents of the two counties.

Whereas the Friends of the Tamarack Rail Trail, Inc. is the organization formed for the purpose of acquiring the land and developing this linear park. It is a Michigan non-profit corporation that can receive tax deductible donations. It’s membership is 100 percent volunteer and is open to all interested persons.

Whereas the “Friends” will make every effort possible to accommodate or provide specific solutions to all problems that might arise or be caused by this public use and, in particular, individual concerns of adjacent land owners.

Whereas the trail will provide an alternate means of connecting Sturgis, Burr Oak, and Bronson. It can be connected to the Sturgis Non-Motorized Trailway system. It will provide health, educational, economic, social, and recreational benefit to all current and potential new residents of the two counties in a safe, natural environment.

Whereas the specific local cost to buy the land, estimated at $300,000, will be raised privately without any local government money contribution. This local cost amounts to $3.00 per resident of the two counties. Local governments only need to provide sponsorship of the railbanking effort in order to acquire the land. State and federal money set aside for park or trail use only will provide the balance of the money needed. No funds will be taken from money needed to provide necessary, regular local services.

Whereas the intent of the “Friends” group will be to acquire the land within the next two years and afterwards work on the development of the trail surface. The “Friends” will assume all liabilities and maintenance expense that go along with land ownership. If the “Friends” group dissolves, all assets (land and money) will be turned over to another similar non-profit organization, local government agency(s) or State of Michigan organization capable of administering the assets.

19. Change Central Registry for child abuse and neglect

For years CPS/DHS has been in control of a database called Central Registry for Abused and Neglect. Before 1992 people were placed on this registry only for obtaining services and were never notified of the registry or the fact they were placed on it.

The rule was you would be removed after your child turned 18 or 10 years after whichever was the later. In 2004 it was put into an amended law that CPS had to notify the person placed on this registry via certified restricted mail, however the postal service will allow anyone in the household to sign for it. Also any case which happened before 1992 even though a hearing is in front of an administrative law judge the Director of DHS must have final say.

An audit done in Michigan on September 2010 came up with this conclusion:

"DHS had not established effective internal control to help ensure that it always added the substantiated perpetrators of CA/N to the Central Registry that DHS identified during CPSinvestigations (Finding 1).

DHS had not established effective internalcontrol to ensure that it completed and reviewed CPS investigations timely (Finding 2).

DHS had not established effective internal control to help DHS ensure that it prevented the improper expungement of perpetrator records from the Central Registry (Finding 3)."

"DHS had not established effective internal control over system access for users with the capability to edit key Central Registry perpetrator identifying information fields. In addition, DHS had not established effective internal control over the monitoring of edits made to Central Registry perpetrator information (Finding 7)."

20. Give Nathan Duszynski a job for his family

Today is a sad day for the city of Holland, Michigan, particularly for one resident who was trying to help out his family survive. That family-dedicated resident is none other than 13-year-old Nathan Duszynski.

The reason why this petition was made for him is because he and his family are in a shelter after being denied from selling hot dogs from a mobile stand. You see, Nathan was trying to help his family to survive in Holland, Michigan because his mother and father are disabled. He signed up for his own food cart to earn some money. But the moment he started to sell at a local sporting goods store, City Hall shut it down. Now they have two different homes to cope with the parents' different disabilities.

The point is they shut him down because he was not connected to any business, but it was still unfair for him and his family. So, this petition is a rallying cry for signers, not just from Holland, Michigan, but from the entire United States and the world as a whole, to support him in on of these ways:

a) Convince at least one of the brick and mortar businesses to train him for a job within their premises.

b) Start a Kickstarter fundraiser for Nathan Duszynski to help him train to be a businessman and run a great business.

c) Convince City Hall to let him sell his hot dogs in a store and even hire others in hot dogs carts to spread the goods.

If everyone helps out Nathan to earn money legally, we will be a better world of people for all to see.

You can see the story at:

For Kickstarter, go to

Thank you for supporting Nathan Duszynski!

21. Brooks4Congress2012

I am running for the US Congress because I feel I am the best qualified to serve in this role as part of my civic responsibility as a citizen of the US. I spent most of my working life in the service of my country as an officer in the United States Navy.

I am stepping forward as a candidate for Congress because, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” I also believe, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke.

We Have Lost the Spirit of Participation in our Democracy 

I believe we have lost our way in America because we have lost the spirit of participation in our democracy and have outsourced virtually everything in our country - including our values. Nothing has been asked of us, except to “go shopping.” We abdicate to others the jobs of fighting our wars, paying our taxes, controlling our government and caring for the least fortunate among us.

We look inward to our own self-interest, instead of outward, to the best interests of us all. We have abdicated the role of “we, the people” in our government, to “we, the special interests, lobbyists, and the wealthy.” 

We Have Abdicated Our Civic Responsibilities to Those Who Finance Re-election Campaigns 

Money in politics is a systemic corruption in our republican form of government. Benjamin Franklin, after signing the Constitution in 1789, was confronted by a woman outside the hall who asked, “What kind of government do we have?” 
“A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it,” was Franklin’s reply. In order to keep this republic, we must return to “one person, one vote” rather than “one dollar, one vote.”


I am running as an INDEPENDENT because both Democrats and Republicans bow before the god of campaign contributions. The average congressman spends 75% of his/her time raising money for re-election, and whatever scraps of time remain, grudgingly represents his/her constituents. My incumbent opponent in this election is A PARTICIPANT in the scramble for campaign contributions that created our current dysfunctional government. He is a career politician who depends upon PACs and special interests for almost 70% of his campaign contributions. He consults you, the voter, ONLY when he wants to be re-elected. 

I am NOT a career politician. I will NOT accept any campaign contributions from PACs, special interests, the wealthy or corporations. My candidacy is an opportunity for you, the voters of the 8th Congressional District, to return to the truly representative government envisioned by our Founding Fathers. The alternative is to continue down the road of dysfunctional, corrupt government. 

With a “critical mass” of INDEPENDENTS in Congress who pledge to accept no campaign contributions and serve only 1 term, “we, the people” can break the hold of moneyed interests and lobbyists. But it is up to you, the voters of the 8th Congressional District to show the way. 

If you elect me to Congress, you will make US political history.

22. Petition to Stop House Bill No. 5711

House Bill No.5711 will do the following:

-Criminalize all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, without exceptions for rape victims, the health of the woman or in cases where there is a severe fetal anomaly

-It would require health centers that provide abortions to have surgery rooms, even when they don't provide surgical abortions.

-It would require doctors to be present for medication abortions and to screen women for "coercion" before providing an abortion

-Ban "telemedicine" abortions, or the use of technology to prescribe medication for abortion services and the morning-after pill

If this bill is passed it holds the potential to shut down most reproductive health centers in the State of Michigan, which is not only detrimental to the health of women but also infringing on a woman's right to choose.

23. Ban K2/Spice in Sanilac County, Michigan

Synthetic cannabinoids have recently been linked to several high-profile criminal cases in Michigan. When ingested, the substances reportedly have effects similar to marijuana and can currently be purchased at gas stations, tobacco shops, and on the Internet.

Synthetic cannabis/marijuana is a growing and rampant problem in this country. In Michigan during the month of May, a man beat his father to death and put his brother and mother in critical condition while trying to get more money for synthetic cannabis. A grandmother shot her grandson due to his violent behavior that was a byproduct of synthetic cannabis intoxication. An 18 year old boy overdosed and was found dead on a beach less than a quarter mile from his home after smoking synthetic cannabis.

Sanilac County has seen a major increase in its consumption and the health ramifications due to it. The frequencies of problems caused by a multitude of synthetic cannabis products have been increasing rapidly. Drug designers change the molecular structure of it each time a law is passed to ban the previous chemical composition.

We must move to outlaw and ban all forms of synthetic cannabis.

24. Eliminate The Emergencey Managers

Governor Rick Snyder or the Michigan Legislature may NOT appoint an Emergency Financial Manager over any County, City or other municipal body.

The elected officials that have been voted in by the people are the peoples choice and the government may NOT over turn the will of the vote of the people at any time.




26. Stop Rising Unemployment in Michigan

With the fall of the auto industry and the nation in a recession, Detroit and the metro area has been hit the hardest economically, out of any region in the United States.

The nation's unemployment rate is 9.6%. Michigan's is a staggering 13.1%.

27. Save Summit Park-Ludington, Michigan

Summit Township in Mason County, Michigan has awarded a bid to a Muskegon contractor to design and build a 2,880 square foot Township Hall in the middle of Summit Township Park.

This would permanently eliminate the recreational area located between the restrooms and the tennis courts.
Save our park, save our green space.

28. Create Jobs in Michigan

Long term unemployed are desperately searching for work. Some have exhausted all unemployment benefits and are having trouble making ends meet.

People need work to keep them off the streets and keep them from being hungry.

29. Proposal to Change the Voting Age to Sixteen

Apathy among voters today is a major problem in American democracy. In the 1998 elections, only 36.1% of the voting age population turned out to vote, the lowest percentage since 1942, when America was at war. Even in a presidential election year, 1996, turnout was only 49%. This level of turnout makes building a thriving democracy difficult.

Lowering the voting age to sixteen can be a small but meaningful step in raising voter turnout in the District. A lower voting age, combined with a curriculum designed to teach young people about the political process can increase their interest in voting.

A lower voting age would provide:

• More enthusiasm about politics by the youth which would bring more awareness to nonvoting adults

• Active participation in the political process leading to a lifetime of voting

• A forum to encourage government to deal with the concerns of youth that are inadequately addressed

• Protection for the interests of the youth

• Partnerships between young people and adults which will allow both groups to be better represented by allowing a more accurate number of supporters

30. Stop the deportation of Adan Cruz Cabrera

Adan Cruz Cabrera is my fiance and father of my son. He was detained on November 17, 2009 after taking a wrong turn while driving and ending up at the Department of Homeland Security.

Adan is NOT a criminal and he is a very hardworkingman, wonderful father, and giving, kind person. He doesn't deserve to be taken away from his family and his family doesn't deserve to have him taken away.

Please help!