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United Kingdom

I am a UK citizen who is outraged about the fact Barack Obama will not consider giving Michael Jackson His Legacy title.

Even though 1993 was a tough time for Michael after the Chandler made false allegations about Michael i do believe the innocence from children is exceptional, and is solely and purely seen by alot of people and Michael loved these attributes gave "he loves the innocence in their playful smiles and wanted to bring healing in to this harsh and awful world we live in" Yet people still try to deceive their way in to Michael's Life and even in his death trying to claim the rights to something that they have no right to - Michael's property, dignity, pride, innocence, love and pure soul of which they had eventually destroyed a very gentle man.

In 2005 the same happened again only this time Michael was given the best gift any person could give him - Freedom from all haters and Bullshiters (tabloids) and found himself cleared of all charges despite a 40 years within the entertainment industry, and his good works as a fabulous humanitarian, Michael is still being betrayed and he should not have to endure such filth and ignorance from his fellow country men and people from all over the world too.

My petition is to get Barack to change his mind about Michael and to focus his attention about the good Michael has given to everyone, his humanitarian are so fantastic the heal the world foundation alone supports over 100 charities world wide and it is still growing I found that many more people are flocking to the charity organization wanting to more good work for charitable causes in Michael Jackson's name and i can see this continuing throughtout the ages too.

I would like to get many people on board for support this petition to have Michael at the center of attention in the whitehouse to make sure Michael's work will be recognised for the reason's Michael was here in the first place to bring the world Peace, Joy, Happiness, global harmony, humanitarianism, Love and entertainment Please help me to get barack obama to change his mind about Michael Jackson once and for all.

If you would like to show your support further there tee's for men, women and children which shows your love, respect and support for Michael.

Visit www.fortheloveofmichael.spreadshirt.net 100% of all proceeds will be donated directly to one of MJ chosen charities Cancer Research UK who helps to support Children with cancer at the Great Ormond Street hospital in London UK.

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