#Economy & Taxes
Congressional "Super-Committee", other Members of Congress and the President
United States of America

They broke it. . . . Make them pay to fix it!

There is a crisis . . . but it is NOT a deficit or debt crisis.
  • There is an employment crisis because of a lack of decent stable jobs.
  • There is a moral crisis because the rich and well connected want the rest of us to pay for their irresponsible speculation, fraud and greed.
  • There is a crisis of democracybecause our political system is dominated by people with money rather than people with good ideas.
    We've made our sacrifices. . . . We sacrificed our jobs, standard of living, health care, children's education, retirement security, the environment and the precious lives of our loved ones in wars.

Let those who caused the crisis now make their sacrifices!

We call on Congress and the President to --

  1. Create jobs and get people back to work. If the private sector refuses, government should do it;
  2. End the wars and bring all our troops and contractors safely home as quickly as possible;
  3. Cut the bloated Pentagon budget and end the waste, fraud and abuse in military contracting; eliminate all nuclear arms and demilitarize U.S. foreign policy;
  4. Restore fairness to the tax system. rescind the Bush era tax cuts for the richest Americans; close the loopholes and make the wealthy, corporations, banks and financial speculators pay their fair share of taxes;
  5. Require Social Security payroll taxes be paid on all income, not just the first $106,800;
  6. Treat health care as a right, not a profitable commodity: institute universal “Medicare for All” health care and get profit-gouging corporations out of the health care delivery system.

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