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1. Stop Medical Practitioner Crime & Abuse of Public Office

Janette Francis is a multi generation Australian and resident in South Australia (

In 2006 Janette was given radiology confirmation of her suspicions that she's been surgically raped (in about 1997) referring GP refused to act on that information and stated that the department of health told the doctor not to treat Janette. See this Youtube video

Several other radiologists refused to identify foreign items inside Janette seen in other radiology investigations since 2006. Several GPs refused to order relevant tests to determine the source of the disturbing sparking vibrations from what a person can feel is like lengths of cables under Janette's skin.

In 2007 after Janette told a GP about the (2006) radiology evidence, she was ambushed by several medical doctors inside Ashford private hospital. Janette was then illegally injected with a drug that rendered her unconscious. She regained consciousness to discover she'd been (illegally) transported to Royal Adelaide Hospital, where she was told she'd been detained under the Mental Health Act. Literally for doing and saying nothing out of the ordinary.

Janette was released after 24 hours as not being mentally ill, 24 hours later because SA Health couldn't be bothered to arrange for a psychiatrist to see her sooner. The department of health refused to give Janette any documents about her illegal imprisonment.

Several years later when in the process of trying to address the situation, Janette discovered her state health record says she had threatened to shoot people (with a gun, which was 100% false criminal defamation) and that's why I was (illegally) drugged and imprisoned at Ashford private hospital.

In 2010 Janette lodged associated complaints to the national medical practitioner registrar, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, about the (above) corrupt doctors. AHPRA refused to acknowledge and investigate her complaints.

January 2014 Janette was unlawfully assaulted and battered by several South Australia state public officers, they unlawfully imprisoned (again) falsely her claiming that right under the mental health Act. Janette was illegally held for several weeks, forced to take mind altering drugs, lived under threat of statute authorised barbaric electric shock and forced brain surgery. The government public officers said the reason Janette was imprisoned was because she wrote to South Australia's health Minister Jack Snelling MP, asking him that in light of the unlawful actions of AHPRA staff and corrupt medical doctors, how would he suggest she go about having illegal implants removed.

9 September 2016 after Janette complained to her state housing landlord about a hostile neighbour with a video camera erected at 90 angle from their house down her driveway and at her front door, (specifically to keep me under surveillance) the housing public officer abused their position to breach Janette's privacy and inform the neighbour Janette was taking state housing to court to get an order to disclose the neighbour's name so Janette could prosecute them in civil court over their surveillance camera pointed at Janette's house as a private nuisance and risk to her security.

10 September 2016, (confirming the Public Officer's abuse of position, and presumably to stop Janette from learning his surname) the neighbour committed criminal defamation of Janette by claiming to state health that she had violently threatened them with serious harm. Immediately, state hosing dispatched a mental health team to approach Janette at her urban residence, illegally trespass on her property and criminally assault Janette with threat of a third round of unlawful imprisonment.

12 September 2016 the name disclosure matter went to trial, Janette got the court order forcing state housing to give her the neighbour's name.

12 September 2016 someone (presumably the outraged neighbour) criminally defamed Janette by making an online complaint to Crime Stoppers claiming knowing it was false. They said Janette was growing and disturbing huge amounts of marijuana from her medium density state housing rental. South Australia's police were quick to investigate that only (6) six days later.

22 September 2016 in confidential legal appointment, Janette asked (state) Flinders University Legal Advice Clinic to assist her to formulate a magistrates court application (Neighbourhood Dispute) against the neighbour with the camera. Neighbourhood disputes was one of their advertised free legal advice services. FLAC refused in writing (email) to provide their service as advertised, and abused their position as Public Officers by breaching legal professional privilege, and Janette's privacy, when they posted a letter to the neighbour about the content of their legal advice they gave to Janette, which arguably is another act of criminal defamation.

21 June 2017 giving her name and address, Janette made her own online complaint to Crime Stoppers about the neighbour's camera which is now in breach of s5 Surveillance Devices Act 2016 (SA) Optical Surveillance Devices, and other matters. South Australia's police refused to investigate indicating compliance to yet another criminal conspiracy intended to treat Janette as if she is in prison by keeping her under illegal surveillance at her residence.

By 6 July 2017:
- State and Federal police have refused to investigate any of the above crimes against Janette, despite Australian criminal law that makes the above, serious crimes.

- On the facts, there's an active and ongoing criminal conspiracy amongst registered medical practitioners and government public officers, to conceal Janette's 1997 criminal surgery with health minister Jack Snelling MP as not simply one of many participants, but one of the leading conspirators.

2. Help us bring bulk billing MRI to Gippsland!

Baw Baw Radiology is a locally owned family business that opened in June 2016. We are a fully comprehensive clinic with a brand new, state of the art, 'wide bore' MRI.
We are trying to Convince the federal government to give us a medicare license to be able to bulk bill all eligible MRI scans.

We have a patient pool of 200,000 and cover a large rural area between Berwick and Traralgon. Currently patients are having to travel large distances, and sometimes waiting weeks to get access to a rebatable scanner.

We have all of the facilities here, and would like the community to help encourage the government to make our scanner 100% bulk billed for our locals.


Social Security needs a REAL raise. Every time they get a raise, the government cuts their benefits like Food Stamps (SNAP), housing (HUD rent subsidies), and ALWAYS a corresponding increase in their MEDICARE premiums. They end up losing money. Give them a real raise! They have worked hard and deserve to not have to choose between medicine and food at their ages.
Also the disabled people on Supplemental Security Income need raises. I would DARE anyone to live on the $740, a whopping $45 in SNAP (Food Stamps) and some housing subsidy depending on where they live that I know many of them get a month,

THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF THE OLD, THE INFIRM, THE YOUNG KIDS, AND THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY AND STOP HELPING OTHER COUNTRIES. LET OTHER COUNTRIES HELP THEMSELVES LIKE WE DID. CHILD LABOR (oh poor kids in other countries)... My Dad worked for 50 CENTS A DAY WHEN HE WAS 11, I babysat for $15/week when I was 13. How many of our fathers and mothers and even ourselves worked child labor (even if it was illegal because our families needed the money. REFUGEES...stay home and fight for YOUR freedom the way we fought for ours. Build your countries up and stop fighting among yourselves and destroying them (which you will do until you have to pay for the rebuilding yourselves). Anybody who wants to go help, GO. I'll keep helping the poor, the old, the kids, the infirm, the vets, and all the PEOPLE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.




4. Reform Food Stamp and Medicare administration

This Petition is for anyone who has applied for Government services, and has been rail roaded in to not getting them..... eg.. food stamp sending letters for interviews weeks after the interview dates, having NO way to contact DFCS at all about our food stamp / medicare cases.

All they give you is one phone number to call and after waiting for hours (literally) they just hang up on you, and you have to start over.... this has happened for over a week for me and I still have yet to get my medicare turned on, they can't even tell me why it is turned off..

5. Sign the Petition for CMS

The Puerto Rico Medicare Coalition for Fairness is composed of key leaders from the healthcare segment in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico who have committed to make a call for action regarding Medicare equality on behalf of the beneficiaries. The Coalition’s mission is to seek more financial support for the beneficiaries of Puerto Rico by calling upon the U.S. Congress and the Obama Administration to protect the rights of U.S. Citizens residing in the island. Please see our website for more information:

As you may know, the Medicare Advantage (MA) program in Puerto Rico is going through severe funding cuts related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is estimated that Puerto Rico has lost over $1 billion in funding between 2011 and 2014. In addition, Puerto Rico is expected to lose over $5 billion from 2014 to 2019, which totals a shocking grand loss of over $6 billion dollars in Federal funding for the island’s Medicare program from 2012 to 2019. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently published its “Advance Notice of Methodological Changes for Calendar Year (CY) 2015 for Medicare Advantage (MA) Capitation Rates, Part C and Part D Payment Policies and 2015 Call Letter” (the Advance Notice) which discusses proposed rate and other changes for Medicare Advantage in 2015. The Advance Notice is issued in draft form but will be issued in final form by CMS on April 7, 2014.

Based on the Advance Notice, the dramatic decrease for Puerto Rico’s Medicare Advantage funds will worsen in 2015. While the MA cuts nationally are a concern to many, the Advance Notice announcement means MA rate cuts for Puerto Rico’s beneficiaries will approximate 7%-10% in 2015, compared to 2014 rates, with more cuts mandated by the ACA through 2017.

If nothing is done to change both the 2015 Advance Notice and the already mandated ACA cuts, the unintended consequences of the implementation of the ACA for Puerto Rico will continue producing the greatest capitation cut of any jurisdiction in the United States on a population whose Median Household Income is 62% less than the United States National Average.

In response to this situation, healthcare leaders from the Coalition recently sent a letter with proposals to president Obama and will be traveling in the forthcoming days to Washington DC to further advocacy efforts on behalf of Puerto Rico’s beneficiaries.

6. Support Medicare Overhaul to Support the Poor and Older Americans

It has come to my attention that medicare should be looked at and changed. It should cover dental and vision health also. Poor people and the older Americans cannot pay out of pocket for all of this. I know of people who only get 800 dollars a month as income.

This is an outrage that people have to live like this. It should also cover 90% not 80%. I have heard comments from people about this but no one has done anything, because they believe that nothing will be done about it anyway.

I thought that is what the government is supposed to do, to make sure Americans have the help they need, to live, instead of exist. I feel that this issue needs attention.

7. Save Medicare in Australia

Medicare should cover the cost of doctors' visits. Now with the government wanting to make it so you have to pay to see a doctor on top of what medicare pays, in essence you have to pay something also.

8. Support Denticare: national dental treatment insurance

Medicare is a part of the Australian health system that covers all Australian citizens and some permanent residents. The Medicare system covers hospital, medical and pharmaceutical areas, however when it comes to dental health only some area are covered (department of human services 2013).

Research has shown that oral health does not only affect the mouth and region but the health and wellbeing of the whole body. Mr Al Watanabe, a dentist in Solmon creek discusses how poor oral health effects a person’s overall health, and has linked poor oral health to heart infections, clogged arteries, strokes, respiratory problems and for pregnant women premature and low birth weight (Harshman 2013). Dr Malik a dental surgeon discusses how the teeth and the entire mouth are pathways to the wellbeing of the entire body. Dental erosions can be linked to acid reflux or mineral imbalance, or chronic sinus congestion resulting from poor oral health (Johnston 2013). Gum inflammation (gingivitis) causes serious periodontitis, which include symptoms like bad breath, bleeding, swollen and receding gums, and eventually tooth loss. Research also links periodontitis to a risk of heart disease and strokes. Steven James from the Australian Diabetes Council discusses how a large increase of cavities and gum disease cause high blood glucose, hence people with diabetes have an increased risk of oral complications (Johnston 2013). Al Watanabe further discuss how poor oral health will impact negatively on people who suffer from diabetes, because when a sufferer of diabetes bad oral health such as gum diseases they have harder time controlling their sugar levels (Harshman 2013).

The Australian government is always trying to insure the mental and physical well-being of all its citizens, then why is oral health excluded from the health scheme. We are demanding that medicare cover dental and we hope you can give us your voice to support our cause.

Overall the costs of oral health leads to:
- poor oral health
- financial burden
- physical and mental health problems
- bad physical appearance.


• Harshman, M. (2013, Jul 15). Better teeth, better health. Columbian. Vancouver, Wash, ProQuest Central, ISSN 10434151 Retrieved from

• Department of Human Services 2013, Medicare services, ABN 90 794 605 008, retrieved from

• Johnston B 2013, body+soul, The dangers of poor dental health, NewsLifeMedia Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

9. Higher Medicare Rebates for PGD

Having 2 sons with Haemophilia, and wanting a 3rd child, I have been looking into PGD only to find the out of pocket expenses to be huge. When there is a genetic condition involved I strongly believe that the costs should be covered by Medicare.

The financial burden on the government to have a child with a medical condition is far greater than the PGD costs. As an example my youngest son's medication alone is approximately $100K per year plus the Centrelink payments. Therefore at the moment my 2 children are costing the government approximately $250K per year. Add a possible 3rd into the equation!

10. Give social security disability status to those who really need it

My mother Connie Cox who has had a heart attack, and triple bypass surgery, high blood pressure, and a heart disease has been denied social security disability three times. But people who can get out here and work daily and doesn't really need it get it.

My mother can not work, and there is alot of people who knows how bad her condition is and how it effects her. Why is this that the ones who need it has to fight so hard and the ones who don't get it first try? I know people and hear of people everyday who get benefits and work under the table while receiving benefits. Just doesn't seem fair. I know my mothers condition keeps her from being able to work. It even limits her daily life activities. She has been turned down again just this month the reason was not enough medical history. She can not go to the doctor she needs to and have the tests she needs because she has no health insurance or a job because of her condition.

If they would give her social security disability she can have medical coverage and go to the specialist and heart doctors like she needs to. She goes to the clinic to get her medicines she has to have. She has had to go to the er and has all of that history on there, but specialist won't take you without insurance and that is not enough. So how is she supposed to get the medical history she requires to get social security disability? I just don't understand what they want her to do. And battling this has put alot of emotional strain on her as well as the health issues she deals with daily. If you know my mom you know she is not in the health to work. This happens to often to people who deserve to receive benefits they can not get.

Please take the time to read this and hear our concerns.

11. Ban cuts to Medicare and Medicaid

Paul Ryan’s GOP budget proposal, for 2013, plans to cut government benefits to Medicare, Medicaid, and nutrition and housing programs while increasing the defense spending $228 billion through 2022.

He plans, also, to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), leaving 34 million people without health insurance coverage. On top of that, he plans to raise the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 over the next 12 years. Therefore, beginning in 2023, only people born in 1958 or earlier will be eligible for Medicare.

ObamaCare cuts a half-trillion dollars from Medicare over the next ten years.

12. Stop the self-serving Greed of Congress

The United States Congress has proven itself to be self-serving by voting itself:

1) A Lifetime Pension;

2) A Lifetime Free Healthcare Plan.

13. They broke it. Make them pay to fix it!

They broke it. . . . Make them pay to fix it!

There is a crisis . . . but it is NOT a deficit or debt crisis.
  • There is an employment crisis because of a lack of decent stable jobs.

  • There is a moral crisis because the rich and well connected want the rest of us to pay for their irresponsible speculation, fraud and greed.

  • There is a crisis of democracybecause our political system is dominated by people with money rather than people with good ideas.
    We've made our sacrifices. . . . We sacrificed our jobs, standard of living, health care, children's education, retirement security, the environment and the precious lives of our loved ones in wars.

Let those who caused the crisis now make their sacrifices!

14. 'Better Access' to Psychological Services

A few months ago, the Australian Government cut public access to psychological services, but now there is a chance to reverse this decision. We need YOU to sign the petition below so that our politicians can see the public objections to this move.

Since the beginning of November last year, people with a diagnosed mental disorder who are referred by their GP for psychological treatment have had their access to services cut short to just 10 appointments, regardless of their need for further therapy. Research has shown that 16 to 20 sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy and interpersonal therapy are often required for lasting improvement. A review of the research funded by the Australian government also confirms that up to 20 sessions are needed to treat common psychological conditions. A large-scale review of the scheme recently found that the Better Access program delivered cost-effective treatment options for a majority of people who had never accessed services before. These cuts down to just 6 sessions with a further 4 pending re-approval from a GP, contradicts the controlled research replicated world-wide regarding the recommended minimum treatment for mental health care.

On 1 February 2012, the Government announced that from March until December this year, people with a diagnosed mental health disorder will temporarily be able to receive 6 more appointments of psychological treatment if they can demonstrate that their case is “exceptional”. Unfortunately, this news also confirms the information we received that the Government made a deal with The Greens to stop them from disallowing the cuts. Subsequently, the Greens have now withdrawn their motion to disallow these cuts to mental health services. Join us in raising your concerns about this latest compromise. This temporary offer of 16 sessions is still a reduction to psychological services and by the end of the year the Government plans to once again cut services down to just 10 sessions again. The Government claims that the ATAPS program will replace services that are being lost in these cuts, however, we know that this claim is simply not true.

The limit of 10 sessions stops people from accessing psychological treatment at the half-way mark. Therapists are expected to select evidence-based treatments, but will only be able to do half of the job. Addressing the gaps in our health system must not come at the cost of programs in mental health care that have been shown to be effective.

You can also visit our campaign website for more information.

15. Stop the Government from Cutting Medicare to Psychologists, Social Workers and Occupational Therapists

I will be transferring my votes to Ben Mullings larger campaign. See if you wish to support this campaign.

The Federal Government have recently announced they will be significantly reducing the number of sessions covered by Medicare for accessing allied health services under the Better Access to Mental Health initiative.

This means that people with a mental illness will not be able to seek affordable and proven non-medical (that is non psychiatric drug) treatment. This is despite an evaluation of the program that supports Medicare rebatable visits to psychologists that was conducted early 2011, which showed it to be both cost effective and achieve excellent outcomes. Under the new proposal, the amount of sessions someone can access has been reduced to 6 plus a possible 4 additional sessions if approved. That's one visit every 2 months! (unless an additional 4 sessions have been "approved" by a GP review). None of the approved interventions (CBT, IPT & Narrative Therapy for Indigenous Australians) have been empirically supported over such a small number of sessions.

The Australian Government recently stated that they are focused on making Mental Health equal to Physical Health in terms of our provision of services and level of care. If that's the case, then why is it possible to see a medical practitioner (GP) every day of the year without a previous diagnosis (actually, you can see them without even being sick! - Just for a check up) whereas to see a Psychologist you need to have been diagnosed by a GP, have only 6 sessions (non-sense when CBT is based around 12 sessions for treatment of all major conditions) and you need to get a GP review in order to have any more than 6 sessions. Is this really valuing Mental Health as we do Physical health? Reflect for a moment on the barriers to seeking mental health treatment as opposed to physical health in this country.

I work in a medical centre with a large number GP colleagues, and all of them have had a reduction in their rebates for a mental health care plan under the new arrangement. This is not the only issue for medical practitioners: The other is the cut to psychologist/OT/Social Work sessions numbers for their patients with often complication mental health conditions. 6 sessions is simply not adequate, and GPs have stated that if anything the current system needs expansion and simplification rather than further restriction.

The proposed restrictions will mean that thousands of psychologically unwell people are now being prematurely cut off from the treatment they require. Tell the Health Minister no! - as Australians we deserve to have basic mental health treatment that the rest of the developed world take for granted.

* Please note: There is another petition on this site that is essentially the same at this one and was posted a day later. I have asked the author to merge the two, but this was declined

16. Complete Medicare Inspection at SimonMed Maryvale

A Medicare inspection is necessary for the opening of SimonMed Imaging Maryvale location at 4616 N 51st Ave., Phoenix, AZ. SimonMed Imaging has proven to be an area of need for the Residents in the community for their Imaging needs.

The surrounding Health Care Providers and Residents are calling for the opening of SimonMed Maryvale.

17. Medicare Scare-Mongering

The text of the petition you see directly below is exactly the same as the one supplied for signature at the bottom of this page. The only difference between them is that this background version provides links, as well as two footnotes, for anyone desiring more information.


To: The New York Times

As with many of the other NY Times editorials on Health Care this year, "Medicare Scare-Mongering" on September 27 appeared to be heavily biased against Republicans. Not only did it accuse them of "cynicism and hypocrisy," but it ended by concluding that:

"... Republicans have done far too good a job at obscuring and twisting the facts and spreading unwarranted fear. It is time to call them to account. President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have to make the case forcefully that health care reform will overwhelmingly benefit Americans -- including the millions of older Americans who participate in Medicare."

While we fully agree that anyone "obscuring and twisting the facts and spreading unwarranted fear" should be called to account, we believe it is irresponsible for a major news organization such as yours to single out Republicans -- especially when there are recent examples of "scare-mongering" by Democrats, including President Obama:

1. A Democratic National Committee advertisement accused Republicans of voting "to abolish Medicare." This was determined to be "NOT TRUE" by, which published its full analysis on September 8 under the heading of "Senior Scare, Yet Again."

2. During his remarks to a Joint Session of Congress on September 9, President Obama stated that, "One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn't reported gallstones that he didn't even know about. They delayed his treatment and he died because of it." This was determined to be FALSE* by the St. Petersburg Times' PolitiFact web site, which received a Pulitzer prize earlier this year for (among other accomplishments) "separating rhetoric from truth to enlighten voters."

In the future, we hope that you will make a special effort to be less biased in both your editorializing and reporting.**

*This was just one of a large number of half-truths and outright falsehoods that have been documented by PolitiFact in its two year coverage of our ongoing national debate about health care. It is only natural that those who are passionately concerned about this issue would tend to exaggerate on occasion, and there is ample evidence of that from advocates of both Democratic and Republican reforms -- including, unfortunately, those who appear to be opposed to any major reforms at all.

And while we the people are fortunate to now have nonpartisan online resources such as and to help us separate fact from fiction, they have obviously not proven to be much of a deterrent for the age-old political habit of spreading "misinformation." That's why the author of this petition believes it's more important than ever for concerned citizens (especially political Independents) to speak out whenever major news organizations become as biased as the New York Times apparently has.

** A good example was set in 2007-2008 by the Washington Post's effort to "truth squad the national political debate" leading up to the presidential election. Numerous articles were written on Health and other issues, without preferential treatment appearing to be given to either Democrats or Republicans. This was evident in the significant coverage given to presidential candidates Obama and McCain, as well as vice presidential candidates Biden and Palin.

18. Remove restrictions on qualified family doctors from accessing Medicare Provider Numbers in Australia

The Australian Government's policies for redistributing qualified doctors to rural areas by restricting their access to Medicare Provider Numbers has created a shortage of family practitioners in both metropolitan & rural areas.

Without action, Australian's will have fewer options when it comes to choosing a family doctor.

19. We the People call for a review of Constitutional Healthcare Reform

Fellow American Citizens we are faced with the largest one piece of legislation in our lifetime that will affect each and every one of us. This legislation is healthcare reform and there is a lot of controversy over this huge bill. Seniors are scared of reduced benefits, some are worried about government paid abortions, and we are all worried about the cost. Citizens of this grand country it is time to take a stand for how we feel and make congress hear us!

This issue is being pushed thru both sides of congress on such a fast pace that our concerns are not being heard clearly.

With this petition to stop the bills as they are now in Congress we hope that they will come to a more reasonable plan as we have roughly outlined on our website

20. Medicare should cover basic dental costs

New South Wales is one of the largest areas of health disproportion with people from the low socioeconomic areas having fewer teeth. Those that are more fortunate to own a Government concession card are more likely to visit their dentist on a regular basis.

The system within New South Wales public dental services provides to preschool aged children as well as full time students who have since left Year 12. This system is heavily underfunded and simply cannot handle the 147,000 people who are currently on public dental waiting lists.

21. Help to keep non-emergency medical transportation going

Opposed to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed rule, file code CMS-2232-P, which allows states to eliminate non-emergency medical transportation as a benefit under Medicaid.

**Non-emergency medical transportation is essential in the delivery of healthcare to approximately 36 million Americans covered under Medicaid.

**The poor, mentally and physically disabled and elderly patients who often have barriers to health care will be unable to receive life sustaining health care treatments.

**Under this proposal, undeserved populations will have to pay for their own transportation to medically necessary health care services.

**Medicaid recipients often have physical or mental impediments that require specialized transportation that only non-emergency medical transportation providers can provide.

**Without non-emergency medical transportation, doctors, hospitals, and clinics will be unable to treat their patients when they need treatment.

**While states may try to cut costs by eliminating Medicaid non-emergency transportation benefits, states will in actuality be creating a disadvantaged population who will not have access to preventive care. In the long run, the costs to states will be huge as Medicaid patients will end up in expensive facility based care and hospital emergency rooms.

We hope you will consider our views and assist in stopping this proposed rule as it will cause the general destabilization of Medicaid healthcare services nationwide.

22. Make SRS Available on Medicare

At present neither of the major parties running for the 2007 Election have any policy relating to been committed to continuing and/or extending the Medicare benefits available to transgender people undergoing gender re-assignment.

The only political party that supports this are the Greens. As much as this is majorly supported it however makes no difference unless they hold a balance of power.

It's up to groups such as the Greens along with affiliated groups to try to implement change by having these changes supported by the government of the day. Neither major party has any concrete policies in place to address GLBT issues such as SRS and its time they did.

This Petition is to support the right for TG people to undergo SRS through the Medicare sytem.

In alot of cases TG's go through life unable to afford the cost of correcting a genetic error and rarely get the support they need. It's time this changed.

23. Petition Congress to pass Single-Payer HR 676 – National Health Insurance

Our health care system is failing.

It denies care to many in need and often leaves families - even those with coverage - in financial ruin.

Huge administrative costs and profits divert resources from care to bureaucrats and investors.

Insurers' dictates and the pressures of competition and profit threaten medicine's most sacred values.

“Of all forms of inequity, injustice in health care is the most shocking and the most inhumane.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please join us and be part of the solution. By providing your e-mail you can stay informed with periodic e-mail alerts. And rest assured all your information stays private. Thank you for your support!

24. Gia tin Ygeia / For Health

Amalia Kalyvinou, a Greek 30-y.o. literature graduate died after fighting for 17 years not only with cancer and amputation, but also with malpractice, bribery (“fakellaki”) and bureaucracy in the corrupt Greek National Health System. Before dying, she managed to document her ordeal in her fakellaki/malpractice blog, in order to awaken as many people and as many consciences as possible.

Her death hit the nerve of Greece as by storm. On 01.06.07, set as “Amalia’s Day”, the biggest internet movement that has ever taken place in Greece, starting at giatinamalia blog, with the participation of thousands of citizens all around the world, sent the message to every direction, loud and clear: “Quacks should be the exception, not the norm!”.

The bloggers that continued the public dialogue in the amaliasday blog, now carry on with the "Gia tin Ygeia / For Health" movement, which includes the giatinygeia forum and the giatinygeia google-group opening and the simultaneous gathering of signatures at this e-petition site, in which everyone can participate.

We are grateful to all those who honour their service and fight for public Health, but we protest against the disintegration phenomena in the Greek National Health System that brought us to this point.

στη μνήμη της Αμαλίας Καλυβίνου

Η ηλεκτρονική κινητοποίηση της 1ης Ιουνίου 2007, ενάντια στην υπολειτουργία του Ε.Σ.Υ., που η αναλγησία, η αυθαιρεσία και η ασυνειδησία του, μαζί με την αδιαφορία της Πολιτείας, μας έφερε στην σημερινή συλλογή υπογραφών. Ευγνωμονούμε όσους τιμούν το λειτούργημά τους και παλεύουν για την Υγεία μας, αλλά διαμαρτυρόμαστε ενάντια στα φαινόμενα διάλυσης που μας οδήγησαν ως εδώ.



1. Να ληφθούν άμεσα μέτρα για να σταματήσει το φακελάκι και η ανισότητα στην αντιμετώπιση των ασθενών: βελτίωση αμοιβών του ιατρικού και νοσηλευτικού προσωπικού, λειτουργικές εφημερίες, υπερωρίες, ρεπό (εναρμόνιση με κοινοτική οδηγία), και καλύτερη οργάνωση της παροχής ιατρικών υπηρεσιών τόσο για τον ασθενή όσο και για το προσωπικό.

2. Να γίνουν πιο ευέλικτοι και αποτελεσματικοί οι γραφειοκρατικοί μηχανισμοί, ώστε να πάψουμε να θρηνούμε θύματα χρονοβόρων διαδικασιών για εγκρίσεις εξετάσεων, φαρμάκων, ειδικών θεραπειών κτλ. Να καθιερωθεί μέγιστος χρόνος επεξεργασίας σχετικών αιτημάτων, αποζημίωση σε τυχόν υπέρβασή τους και ενημέρωση / εξυπηρέτηση ασθενών που λόγω πολυπλοκότητας του σημερινού συστήματος δεν λαμβάνουν ποτέ τις αποζημιώσεις που δικαιούνται. Επίσης να διαμορφωθεί ενιαίο πληροφορικό σύστημα υγείας με πλήρη δικτύωση όλων των νοσοκομείων και κέντρων υγείας.

3. Να γίνεται έγκαιρη και αδιάλλειπτη μεταφορά ασθενών στα νοσοκομεία, να στελεχωθούν οι ανεκμετάλλευτες νοσοκομειακές μονάδες, να ενισχυθεί το προσωπικό όπου χρειάζεται, να εξοπλιστούν επαρκώς τα νοσοκομεία / κέντρα υγείας με σύγχρονα μηχανήματα, ν'αυξηθεί ο αριθμός των κλινών -δεδομένης της αυξανόμενης ζήτησης- ακόμη κι αν αυτό απαιτεί χτίσιμο νέων μονάδων, και να προχωρήσει η αποκέντρωση της παροχής περίθαλψης.

4. Ν'αυξηθούν τα κονδύλια για την ιατρική έρευνα πανεπιστημιακών νοσοκομείων / ερευνητικών κέντρων, και να δημιουργηθεί φορέας διαχείρησης τομέων έρευνας, ώστε να μην επικεντρώνεται σε προσοδοφόρους (λόγω φαρμακοβιομηχανιών) τομείς, παρά να καλύπτει ευρύ φάσμα αναγκών.

5. Να θεσμοθετηθεί η δια βίου επιμόρφωση του ιατροτεχνολογικού προσωπικού, να καθιερωθούν μηχανισμοί ελέγχου ποιότητας, διαπίστευσης, αξιολόγησης κι επιθεώρησης των παρεχομένων υπηρεσιών, με σκοπό τη βελτίωσή τους. Επίσης να καθιερωθούν ευέλικτοι κι αποτελεσματικοί μηχανισμοί και όργανα για την προστασία των δικαιωμάτων του ασθενούς και την προώθηση προληπτικών μέτρων.

6. Να επιβληθεί αυστηρότερος έλεγχος και μείωση της σπατάλης στην αγορά του φαρμάκου και των προμηθειών υγειονομικού υλικού (εργαλεία, μηχανήματα, αναλώσιμα κτλ), με καλύτερη μηχανοργάνωση, ελέγχους επάρκειας, διαφάνεια και τιμές αναφοράς (ανάλογο της λίστας τιμών των φαρμάκων).

7. Να καθιερωθεί το ενιαίο ιατρικό ιστορικό για κάθε ασθενή, στο οποίο να έχουν πρόσβαση οι ασθενείς και οι θεράποντες ιατροί και αυστηρότατες ποινές για την άρση του ιατρικού απόρρητου για έτερους σκοπούς (ιδιωτικές ασφαλιστικές καλύψεις, όροι εργοδοσίας κτλ).

8. Να ληφθούν άμεσα μέτρα για την εξυγείανση του ασφαλιστικού ζητήματος (ήδη αυξάνονται ολοένα οι εισφορές από τους ασφαλιζόμενους χωρίς την αντίστοιχη βελτίωση στην παροχή ιατρικής περίθαλψης), και να σταματήσει η προλείανση του εδάφους για την εμπορευματοποίηση της δημόσιας Υγείας και την άνευ όρων παράδοσή της στον ιδιωτικό τομέα.




«Ο ασθενής έχει το δικαίωμα του σεβασμού του προσώπου του και της ανθρώπινης αξιοπρέπειάς του.» (άρθρο 47 του Ν. 2071/ 1992)

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25. Save the MR/DD Waiver Program

West Virginia's MR/DD waiver renewal application submitted in June, 2005 was not developed with the meaningful participation* of all stakeholders. It does not adequately reflect stakeholder concerns. It does not adequately ensure the health and welfare of program participants, and it does not move toward self-direction as claimed.

Instead, the application removes the determination of service needs from the interdisiciplinary team (which includes the participant) and puts it in the hands of an independent needs assessor at greater administrative cost to the program.


* "Meaningful participation" must include the ongoing involvement of a broad coalition of stakeholders in the decision-making process to ensure that reforms will improve participants' experience with the long-term care system. Consumers must be involved in system planning, policy development, local program management, and quality assessment.


In less than four months, the CMS is scheduled to implement a new way that Medicare reimburses community cancer clinics, where over 80% of Americans fighting cancer are treated, for the life-saving drugs they administer.

These changes are a step in the right direction to correcting the Medicare overpayment for certain drugs and to lowering seniors' financial burden on their 20% Medicare co-payment. Our concern is that the new system is untested in actual practice and has not been sufficiently analyzed, especially in terms of the impact on cancer patients' access to quality care.



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28. Support Chiropractic medicare cover

1985- thex report stated that chiros should be covered under the medicare scheme etc...