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1. Allow Chelsea Manning to Enter C anada

Chelsea Manning is a pardoned criminal. Her real crime was proving to the world that the USA committed war crimes. Her conviction was for telling military secrets - the "secrets" being that the USA commits war crimes such as knowingly and purposely murdering civilians in a war zone. At the time of the whistle blowing Ms. Manning was in the USA military. She was mentally tortured for months before her trial and then sentence to prison. President Obama pardoned her.

2. STAND UP FOR BILL (And Other Vietnam Veterans And Their Families)

Background: My husband, Bill Meehan was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (MM) in 3/2015. I accidentally found out that MM is one of 15 diseases presumed connected to military service in Vietnam and exposure to Agent Orange. Bill was rated 100% disabled and we received wonderful support from the VA. Bill died in 7/2016. After he died, I realized that none of the civilian health care professionals we saw ever asked if he was in the military. Many Vietnam vets don't know that some very common diseases (such as type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease and prostate cancer) are connected to service in Vietnam. They don't realize that they, and their surviving spouses, are entitled to benefits.


3. Apology to America for Canada's Prime Minister

An apology to the United States and soldiers both American and Canadian for the actions of our Canadian government and their decision to pay 10.5 million to a convicted combatant against Canada and it's allies. For Canadians who are ashamed of their Prime Ministers actions and the secretive way he went about taking tax dollars to aid a combatant who fought against Canadians and Americans alike.

4. Review of Banned Breeds Regulations in Camp Pendleton

A resolution regarding ‘banned breeds’ aboard United States Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Whereas, According to that all ‘banned breeds’ with extended waiver must have been removed by September 30th of 2012, and

Whereas, With the stress families of Camp Pendleton are emphasizing the consideration of temperament exam, and

Whereas, If an animal that is considered a ‘banned breed’ may successfully complete and pass a temperament exam annually, then they may be registered aboard Camp Pendleton, and

Whereas, If the animal fails the temperament exam, the owner does not renew it upon the anniversary of the original or the owner does not register the animal on base then they have 30 days to remove animal or receive a DNA test at the owner's expense at the base shelter, and

Whereas, If the animal’s DNA test comes back greater than 50% of a banned breed the owner must either register the animal for a temperament exam or remove the animal from base property. If the DNA test comes back less than 50% all DNA test fees will be refunded and no temperament exam will be necessary, and

Whereas, With these actions it recognizes and promotes proper animal behavior amongst the military community of Camp Pendleton; therefore be it

Resolved, That banned breeds be allowed aboard Camp Pendleton as long as they pass an annual temperament exam, be it further

Resolved, The relationships of banned breeds with not only improved care and good training, but will be a step to lessen the stigma of said breeds, be it further

Resolved, That with the ability of the families of Camp Pendleton and the Command to work together further on a solution to not only on bettering military families life, but also the pets of military families as well, therefore be it resolved.

5. Stop the Excessive Funding of the Military and Wars

The excessive funding of wars is what has left America trailing behind other countries when it comes to education and healthcare. More funding needs to be used in these areas instead of the military and war areas. More important things such as these need more funding in order to improve and become on par with other countries.

6. Social Media Responsibilities and Romance Scams

The information noted on romance scams are based distinctly on one victim. From the multiple falsified accounts based on this one victim’s photographs and military standing, hundreds of women have been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by just “his” account alone. There is a desperate need for social media responsibility when it comes to the building of duplicated accounts and detection of accounts deleted due to falsifying another’s identity. There are options such as facial recognition technology and the ability to recognize IPN addresses used by past fraudulent offenders. Are you aware that Facebook’s facial recognition program, Deep Face, is able to recognize faces accurately 98 percent of the time, where as the FBI’s face recognition program, Next Generation Identification, only has an 85 percent success rate? We are limited judicially to prosecute the scammers since the majority of these immoral beings are located in other countries. Those social media companies located within the United States will need to help protect their clients further by improving their security along with making the scamming process impossible or far more difficult when trying to pursue their prey.

7. Change MCAS Futenma relocation to somewhere else than Henoko

Department of Defense is currently planning and preparing for the relocation of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Henoko. Relocation of MCAS Futenma to Henoko will effect beautiful coral reefs and about 5,400 species according to the National Nature Protection Association in Japan. We need your help now to effectively let Department of Defense and other government organizations in both Japan and America know of what actions they should take. Your sign can be a big step to protect both Okinawan locals and beautiful environments.

8. Higher Education Lower Price

From the humble origins of providing higher education to WWII Veterans to institutions devious use of the Psychology of Money, Americans have found themselves demanding education, but receiving it at a hefty cost. The old adage goes, “you have to spend money to make money”, but at what point is enough money, enough? It is time for Americans to rally together to reduce these costs for the collective and future generations. We must make our voices heard and work with our government to develop effective and efficient solutions for higher education funding.

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9. Include all religions into the list of authorized religious distinctions.

There are currently on 66 religions authorized to be put on military records to indicate religious preference. The first amendment states that "...make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...". The current list of approved religions can be shown through the available emblems for gravestone markers (although morbid).
Many religions are not included in this list.

10. Texans for HB 3002 Disabled Veterans

HB 3002 helps severely disabled Texas veterans with a VA rating of 80% and 90% who currently today only receive $290 annual property tax relief to receive property tax exemption on their homestead at a percentage equal to their VA disability rating percentage. This will help over 58,ooo disabled veterans in Texas who need the most help with property tax relief. Time is critical and action needs to take place now. Thank you or supporting our disabled veterans HB 3002.

11. Restore the American Flag to the Civil Air Patrol Uniform

In reference to The National Uniform Committee of the US Civil Air Patrol HQ's decision to remove the USA Flag emblem from field uniforms, we determine that the duty of CAP is to foster patriotism to the United States of America among its cadets and civilians. Honoring our flag is consistent with the patriotism the cadets express in their service to their country. Furthermore, the cadets are proud to display the flag on their uniform and find do not find it inconvenient. CAP is comprised of those who willingly volunteer their time and effort to help their communities and nation, Thus, displaying the flag is considered an honor that should supersede any concern for strict USAF compliance and hypothetical points of contention.

12. Armed Forces Discount at CINEWORLD, Nationwide!

It has been noted that some branches of Cineworld Cinemas offer a very healthy discount for our Armed Forces members and this is great.

It is highly disappointing though that some store managers reserve their right to refuse Armed Forces discount even though they have a close proximity to large Military Establishments. A prime example is the disparity between Didcot branch who offers the discount, THANKYOU DIDCOT CINEWORLD! and the nearby branch of Witney in Oxfordshire, a town served by RAF Brize Norton, which refuses to offer discounts to HM Forces personnel.

We would like Cineworld to extend their discount across the board to all member of the Armed Forces , NHS and Emergency Services.

Please sign below if you agree !

13. The right for Veterans who have an honorable discharge to be able to shop at the Exchange and Commissary

We don't think that it is right that we have served our Country and just because we didn't retire from the military that we don't have rights to the Exchange or the Commissary.

If a Veteran has an Honorable Discharge they should be able to still have those privileges.

14. For Dennis. Let Veterans get Veterans Day off of work

After speaking with my friend this morning, it was brought to my attention that not all veterans get Veterans Day off of work. I find this completely unacceptable and I would like your help.

Please sign this petition and share it if you believe that ALL veterans deserve to have Veterans day off, regardless of their place of employment, to reflect on their duty to our country.

15. Offer Cheaper Car Transport Services for Our Military

The Objective: To ask that shipping companies provide more affordable automobile transportation services to our military service members.

The Problem: Our military families often move to many different duty stations through the U.S. and even though their household goods are often taken care of by the military, which most definitely helps with some of the tension and the expense of going through one of their many moves, our service men and women must either drive or ship their own vehicles across the country.

Usually, most families own more than one vehicle and this further adds to the pressure of moving their cars across the country, not to mention the stress.

16. Support Veterans with TBI and TBS who should not be called "DERANGED" by the Media

Approximately two (2) weeks ago, on a CNN segment hosted by Poppy Harlow a panel of so-called experts were discussing the shooting death of Mr. Keith Lamont Scott shot and killed by Charlotte, NC Police. One of the experts was a legal analyst named Paul Callan. The point was brought out by either the Host Poppy Harlow or someone on the Panel, that Mr. Scott's wife could be heard on the video which had just been released by the Police saying to the police "he won't hurt you he has "TBI" and he just took his medicine"! As they went around the panel getting their comments as to how the police handled the situation, Paul Callan said: "Poppy the larger question as far as I'm concerned, is how does a "DERANGED" individual get a gun"? He went directly from TBI to "DERANGED"! Poppy Harlow nor anyone else on the panel corrected him! No one! Now more than any other time with the high rate of suicide, this issue must be understood! Anyone who suffers from PTSD or TBI , Military or not should be respected! They are NOT "D-E-R-A-N-G-E-D"!


17. New Command and Conquer game, New Story... XBOX ONE

Successful Franchise, Undervalued... It's time!

18. San Diego Police Department: Reopen Justin E. Lenoir's Missing Person's Case

A ripple effect has occurred and must be corrected.

Justin E. Lenoir's missing person's case file has been closed by the San Diego Police Dpt. This in turn has also closed his NAMUS (National Adult Missing & Unidentified) case file. He has also been removed from California's missing person database.

Please help me correct this because Justin has not been found.

19. Allow military service dogs to return home with their handlers

The military is giving away service dogs and not allowing them to go home with their handlers when term of duty is over.

These dogs deserve to be with the ones they have served with. Some of them suffer from ptsd. I don't see why the military think they have an arbitrary right to give these dogs to friends or people of influence.

These dogs are not jeeps or guns or ordinance they have life and have served well and deserve to retire with the people that love them and have taken care of them.

20. Clear the Battlefield: Save Allepo and Protect our Troops

As service members, veterans and their loved ones; we believe clearing the battlefield of people who are fleeing war and war like atrocities is our patriotic duty. We believe that our troops don't suffer from PTSD when they are confident the target is a confirmed terrorists. We believe it's the uncertainty that causes traumatic stress.

Many of us have seen, first hand, the terror inflicted by the enemies we have been sent to eliminate. We have also witnessed, with horror, the enemy using innocent life to shield their own. Many of us will live with those images for the remainder of our days and it will be our loved ones, not Congress, who comfort us.

Sign here to tell the President of the United States that you support our troops by clearing the battlefield of innocent civilians so they can do their job.

Sign here to tell the world that you know the difference between terrorists and the terrorized.

Sign here if you believe clearing the battlefield of innocent civilians is important to our troops as is clearing it of roadside bombs.

21. Help Our Veterans First

As a country we are doing amazing things in helping refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and almost any country that seeks aid regarding this matter. However we disregard our Veterans the help they need when they get home. As a country we do not even know how many homeless Veterans there actually are.

We are not helping them but rather putting 10.5 million towards Syrian refugees without looking at the domestic issue of our Veteran affairs first. These men and women gave their lives for country, our freedom, to protect our way of life. Then when they come home, we treat them like their expendable pawns in a chess game.

Human lives cannot be valued, before we look to help other countries, we should look to our own. We should support our Veterans heavily as prized members of our society, understanding without a doubt that they are the heroes of the world.

22. Petition to force presidential candidates to specifically address the reality of Veteran Suicide

According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health ("Estimating the Risk of Suicide Among US Veterans," Kaplan et al.), an estimated 5,000 veterans die by suicide each year. The VA's Suicide Data Report, 2012 found a higher figure, 22 suicides per pay, or 8,000 per year. The VA study also recorded 11,000 non-fatal suicide attempts a year.

A 2007 study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that male veterans are twice as likely as their civilian counterparts to commit suicide.

50% of those with PTSD do not seek treatment....out of the half that seek treatment, only half of them get "minimally adequate" treatment.

Fact is this is a topic where studies, or reports, or panels need not apply. Losing even one soldier at home due to lack of available care is appalling. With a federal budget of 3.5 trillion dollars, our military should not have to suffer a lack of care. If you can send our friends and family to risk death, you can do what is necessary to protect and care for them at home.

23. Take down the facebook page, "Military Parents abuse their Children"

I'm an army wife! I have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful kids! I don't abuse my kids! I have many friends that serve that feel this page is attacking our families with no actual proof!

No matter how much we try to show facebook that the page, "Military Parents abuse their Children", is offensive they are not listening!

Help us show them that this page is attacking our soldiers for events not even proven, and that we will not allow this on our watch!

Check it out yourself at facebook.

If you read this you will see how many people are offended by this page!

24. Congressional Medal of Honor for Frank Ward Sr.

Frank G Ward Sr. saved the life of Teddy Roosevelt's son and was awarded the Medal of Honor.

His family has the orders but not the Medal. frank Jr. is not only my friend but a fellow Disabled American Veteran.

He served over 20 years in the Navy 17 on a ship.

He is in his Eighties now and it's time he gets His Dad's Medal.

25. Support Military Parking Privileges

I want the military to be able to park wherever they want.

They give us our freedom.

26. Bring back Our America

1-Prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

This amendment seems to have been forgotten.

27. The British government should give citizenship to British service veterans worldwide

This petition is to support fellow Service veterans who are in need of being a British national and to help attain this through the British government. I think service men and veterans and dependants who have served in the British military deserve better as they paid national insurance contributions and tax and paye.

In other countries like USA, Australia, France service personnel can get citizenship in those lands. What about those who served in UK?

28. Show Respect to our military and veterans and prisoners of war

I would like to see support for our American. Military both now and in the past with the veterans. Prisoners of war need to be included in this respect. I don't feel that any American should be degraded most importantly in this case a prisoner of war.

These are people who have given there appendages, there commitment to being in a volunteer service to Our Country.

I believe people should give RESPECT to each and every military persons past and present, especially those unfortunate enough to have become prisoners of war.

29. No Veteran Should Ever Die Due to Months-Long VA Health Care Delays

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May 5, 2014: The American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger today called for the resignations of Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, Under Secretary of Health Robert Petzel and Under Secretary of Benefits Allison Hickey. (Video and Text) And Concerned Veterans for America also, "fully supports American Legion call to fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki."

Although months-long delays causing deaths at some Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals might seem like an impossibility to anyone who is unfamiliar with this issue, unfortunately it's not:

January 30, 2014

CNN has been investigating these life-threatening delays at some VA health care facilities for over a year now, and the above report (text included) is just one of a large number they have made. There have also been some reports by other news outlets, but they have been few and far between, so updates to this background section will probably all be from CNN. Here is their latest (text included):

And if CNN's reports aren't enough to tell you that the VA hasn't been aggressive enough in putting a stop to these life-threatening health care delays, then bear in mind that this is "an issue that has endured for more than a decade." (Army Times, on March 15, 2013)

Lastly, in case you might think it's unfair to single out the executive branch in this petition, take a look at how much the legislative branch's House Committee on Veterans' Affairs has already been doing to investigate, publicize, and correct this and other serious problems in the Veterans Administration. And to show just how little control a legislative committee can sometimes have over an executive branch department, look at this excerpt from their web site's Trials in Transparency page: "VA is currently sitting on nearly 100 separate requests for information made by the committee, some dating back more than a year."

Obviously, the time is long overdue for much more than investigations, news reports, congressional hearings, and speeches. It's time for the Obama Administration to put intense pressure on the Veterans Administration, and not to let up until the VA can certify that these life-threatening delays have been eliminated at every single one of its health care facilities!

[NOTE: The Veterans Administration was reformed and renamed the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1988, but its former title has been used here because that's how most veterans still refer to it in this author's experience.]

30. The United States government should endorse biological warfare

The United States government should endorse in the production, development, and stockpiling of biological weapons because of its role as the next great step in warfare and its detachment from the battlefield.

Not only for offensive purposes, but for defensive purposes as well, preferably in Fort Detrick, Maryland at USAMRIID.