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On the 16th Oct 1893 Sheffield gave birth the the Steel City Derby, being considered widely as one of the most passionate and hotly contested football games in the history of the sport with it's ability to place an evident divide down the middle of our fine city as the fans from both Sheffield teams pledge their allegiance in their own club.

In excess of 115 years later and 123 games later the Steel City Derby is still as passionate and as big as it ever has been in the city and surprisingly no real team has any real bragging rights or can claim to be dominant over the other as in total Sheffield United only lead Wednesday by 3 games in the total number of games won.

I'm not going to go into it much but over the history of the Steel City Derby the fans of both Sheffield teams have witnessed some pretty memorable games, and in the nineties the two teams competed down at the old Wembley stadium in a cup semi-final which believe it or not saw an attendance of roughly 75,000 people travel down to the capital from our fine city.

Sooooo.........I ask you this! Considering the significance of The Steel City Derby which is widely renound as a passionate affair and great entertainment for even the neutral spectator, Why do we only find our games between the two clubs televised once a season??? When sky clearly show favouritism when opting for coverage of less significant games and even Derby games which in theory aren't even genuine Derby games showing teams who play many away from each other??

This needs to change, and the only way we can make Sky take any notice of us is for the people of Sheffield to join forces together in Support of The Steel City Derby and to show just how much it means to us, and how significant we feel it is for them to give us the coverage that we deserve!

Therefore please take a minute to sign this petition which will be presented to Sky TV when a significant amount of Signatures have been collected!

Come On Sheffielders lets show Sky what The Steel City Derby is all about and just how much it means to us as fans and to our fine city!

Sign our petition in support of The Steel City Derby, We want the TV coverage that our fine football derby game deserves!

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