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1. Increase parking areas within Graves Park, Sheffield

Help us increase the parking areas within Graves Park, Sheffield.

What's the point of making the park so appealing, and then stopping you from getting in!

Hi, I am a local resident of Norton and I have been working closely with Sheffield Councillor Ian Auckland (Graves Park ward Cllr and Shadow Cabinet ~ including transport) to try and increase the number of parking spaces for the people who would like to visit Graves Park, Sheffield’s largest park.

The car parking at Graves Park is totally inadequate.

With the newly opened large playground and animal farm, there are simply not enough parking spaces to meet the volume of cars that come to visit the park, especially at weekends and in the summer months.

We propose the large grassed area next to the top car park (off Hemsworth Road) could easily be extended to house dozens more cars, with no detrimental effect to the parks vast grassed areas.

This would stop people driving round and around with limited success trying to find a free spot , before driving out of the park and in desperation trying to park on one of the few side roads or on busy Hemsworth Road. Hemsworth Road is a busy main road and can be very dangerous. One side of the road already has double yellow lines and on the other side a high verge. It is used by buses, Lorries and very fast emergency service vehicles. Cars that park on Hemsworth road block the road and reduce the Road to a single lane. I have seen small children wander onto the road, whilst parents have been unloading prams, etc., from the boot of their car. The cars park so tightly together those oncoming cars cannot see between the cars. Also vehicles often drive on the narrow curb on Hemsworth Road to pass each other. This is also very dangerous; not only for the park visitors but to the local residents (some are very elderly and cannot move very quickly).

We love our beautiful park and love visitors to come and enjoy the park, but to what cost?

Please help us do something about the parking within Graves Park.

2. No cuts in Early Years support: Fund our Future!

An early years experience can transform people's lives.
It's too important to lose!

3. Create Better Cricket Coverage

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you on behalf of a good hundred people (that I am friends with) who love and enjoy cricket and watch it into the early hours of the morning.
Currently, you are screening the World Cup on Fox Sports, live. This is brilliant as you are not bias to what games are on, you still show them.

But I, along with the many other supporters of the great game, believe we are being robbed of the exceptional cricket we could be seeing.

Today, Victoria beat Western Australia in a Bupa Sheffield Shield match by an amazing 7 wickets before lunch on the 3rd day. A brilliant effort by Andrew McDonald notching up 101 and Siddle's 87, as well as a brilliant 5fa by 'The Duke' - John Hastings. Imagine the viewing spectacle that would have seen! Yet we all had to hunch over our computer screens and watch the game, with a stationary camera that barely shows ground past the inner circle.

I understand that, as a broadcasting company, to be able to screen these matches, you need to generate money from it. But the public are continually asking the question, why have a dedicated AFL football channel, showing footage, interviews and behind the scenes coverage of a game, that is only played during the cooler months?

Cricket is a global sport, played by roughly 100 countries in the world, by men and women, in the cold and the heat and where playing is not dictated by your age, nationality, language you speak, colour of your skin and clothing you wear, it's a game that anyone, anywhere can play.

It's a game that brings everyone together in harmony.

Why is there no channel dedicated to screening cricket matches from around the world? Judging by the calendar of games around the world, there are games on every month. Even if you don't screen the games on a dedicated channel, even screen the domestic games live. You are able to show the English domestic tournament before Australian domestic. This baffles a lot of people and I see the question raised a lot on twitter.

If this email doesn't work, as I know the voice of one against a company isn't a lot, how can I proceed with this issue? I wish to pursue it on behalf of the entire cricket community in Australia who crave better coverage of the game they love. Petition? Likes on a facebook page? What will catch the eye of someone able to get this off the ground?

Kind Regards,
Katherine Ablinger

4. Save St Hildas

St Hilda's Parish Church is an imposing red brick building that stands on an abrupt cliff edge in the Firth Park / Shiregreen / Wincobank area of North East Sheffield. Built in the 1930's by the architect Leslie Moore (1883-1957) it represents an ambitious build that provides one of the few interesting historic buildings in the area.

The church was closed in 2007 and currently faces demolition as the Anglican Church no longer have use for it and no alternative has been sought. Having suffered limited vandalism that has caused only superficial damage it is sad that such a solid structure, that undoubtedly has viable alternative uses, is to be raised to the ground.

Once torn down it shall be gone forever and the shame is it does not seem to have yet been given a chance. This petition seeks to stop the imminent demolition of the building and supports attempts to find an alternate use.

5. Keep Kassa Makiese in Sheffield

Home Office Reference: M1440585

Kassa Makiese, 39 years olds, was forced to flee to the UK during the summer of 2011, out of fear for his life, after being detained in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for speaking out against the corruption, dictatorship and conflict surrounding the current government and expressing his political beliefs. Kassa was born in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1995 he joined the UDPS, a political party who are in opposition to the current government. Kassa was an active member of the party and was in charge of mobilising around 300 people in his area to participate in rallies and demonstrations.

Due to his position in the community as a family man, musician, community member and his role in the UDPS, he was very well known and liked. In July 2011 Kassa Makiese left his wife and three children to attend what he believed would be a standard demonstration against the corruption surrounding the current election. During the demonstration Kassa was interviewed by the media. The interview was cut short as he and the cameraman were attacked by the military. Kassa was badly beaten and is still receiving medical treatment in the UK for the injuries he sustained. He and several other members of the UDPS were then arrested and put in detention.

Due to the horrendous well-documented torture, violence, sexual abuse and executions faced by those who are imprisoned because they oppose the government, Kassa Makiese was helped to break out of the prison to save his life. He was instructed that he had to leave the Democratic Republic of the Congo immediately as he was at risk of being killed, and he was brought to the UK. Since Kassa has been in the UK, his family in the DRC have been visited 4 times by the police with summons notices, frightening and abusing his wife and children, breaking their home and forcing entry. His family have since had to move to safety elsewhere in the country.

Unfortunately in November 2011 Kassa was refused the right to asylum in the UK and is at risk of being forcibly returned to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This would be a death sentence for Kassa or, at the least, a life of imprisonment, abuse and torture. Asylum seekers like Kassa, who are returned to the Congo from the UK and are known to the authorities, have been found to be arrested upon arrival, interrogated, tortured, imprisoned and executed.

Since moving to Sheffield at the end of August, Kassa has been an active member of Highfield Trinity Church and has settled into the community helping others. He has been volunteering at Learn for Life Enterprise teaching music and English, assisting in classes and helping the organisation to look after new arrivals. He is beginning to rebuild his life after the trauma he experienced, is very well liked by all that know him and has already integrated well into Sheffield with much support behind him.

We ask that Kassa Makiese be allowed to remain here in Sheffield where he can be safe amongst friends.

6. Demand to keep free public access through the pedestrian bridge at Sheffield Station

For the last four years Residents Against Station Closure have been campaigning against the closure the pedestrian bridge that connects the Tram, Park Hill/Norfolk Park and surrounding areas with the bus station and city centre businesses and amenities.

The closure is opposed by all the local MPs and the City Councillors from Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Parties and a great number of local organizations and institutions. Unfortunately the Secretary of State for Transport recently wrote to Nick Clegg MP saying he was "keen to ensure that they [gates] are installed at Sheffield station."

Residents against Station Closure are now campaigning for the bridge, that was built with public money, to become a public right of way.

For more information visit or join us on Facebook at

7. Save the NHS


We believe the coalition government's NHS changes will significantly damage healthcare in this country. Specifically, they're cutting NHS funding - you may have heard the recent announcement about ward closures at the Hallamshire hospital. Also, they're pushing a new NHS Bill through parliament. If this becomes law, private companies will almost certainly be increasingly involved in healthcare. This may mean a greater risk that other NHS services and hospitals will close. If enough people object to the government's proposals, we can persuade them to change their minds.

Please sign this petition now; and ask your friends and family to do so. In a few weeks time, we will send the petition (with the list of people who have signed it) to Andrew Lansley, the government health minister, urging him to take note of the points below. We'll also send a copy to Nick Clegg, the Sheffield MP and leader of the Lib Dems.

If you want to find out more or get involved in our NHS campaign, please e-mail or phone 07842 374392.

Thanks very much
Sheffield Green Party

8. Save Portland Works!

Sheffield’s historic Portland Works is threatened with closure and conversion into flats. Please help us to persuade Sheffield City Council to reject this planning application.

This atmospheric metal trades building, a grade II* listed building, currently houses a thriving collection of profitable and innovative local businesses. It is a place where the boundaries between art, industry, and technology break down, allowing Sheffield’s manufacturing past to inspire its creative future. Local artists rub shoulders with tool makers, heritage craftspeople ply their trade next to businesses researching and developing new patents, and the sound of local bands rehearsing mingles with the rasp of grinding wheels.

The proposal to convert Portland works into flats threatens a whole traditional way of life. Conserving this place means more than preserving its beautiful grade II* listed architectural fabric, which witnessed the manufacture of the first stainless steel cutlery. It means defending jobs, safeguarding traditional specialist skills so that they can be passed on to new generations, and preserving continuity with Sheffield’s proud tradition of expert ‘little mesters’ who work in an enterprising, sustainable, and fundamentally local way.

There is a viable and exciting alternative to flats on this site, an option that seeks to conserve both the building’s fabric and its use. The Portland Works campaign, staffed by volunteers, aims to purchase the works building with funds raised through a community share issue. Our aim is to repair its fabric and to develop it as both a business cluster and a community space.

However, for this to be possible, Sheffield City Council must reject the current planning application to convert the building into flats. This petition urges them to do so, in the name of Sheffield’s historic past, its characterful present, and its sustainable future.

9. Let Ahmad Fahim Akbari and his family stay

Let Ahmad Fahim Akbari and his family stay.

10. Don’t let Sheffield become the forgotten Blitz

The city of Sheffield endured two nights of intense German bombing on December 12th and 15th, 1940. The devastating raids killed and injured over 2,000 people and made over 40,000 homeless.

Bombs were dropped across the entire length and breadth of the city with few suburbs escaping death and destruction.

Great swathes of the city centre were flattened including The Moor which has been totally rebuilt. The biggest single loss of life was in The Marples Hotel that received a direct hit and killed an estimated 70 people – bodies still remain buried to this day.

In 2010, on the seventieth anniversary of the raids, there is little to mark or remember the incredible sacrifices the city and its citizens made and we’re campaigning to get a permanent memorial on the site of The Marples Hotel and others in key sites like The Moor and ensure Sheffield doesn’t become the forgotten Blitz.

Your invaluable support will help us achieve these aims.

11. Imminent Loss of 12 Specialist Debt Workers In Sheffield

Imminent loss of 12 specialist debt workers in Sheffield. Currently no new cases will be taken on after 6 December, 2010.

This petition is organised by Sheffield CAB Debt Support Unit.

12. Rethink Cuts to Sheffield Children's Hospital

A Department of Health memo revealed the Coalition Government is planning to reduce the top-up tariff given to specialist children’s services by two thirds. This will result in £4.9 million cut each year to the funding that Sheffield Children’s Hospital receives.

The purpose of the top up tariff is to recognise that specialist children’s services need greater funding than mainstream health services. It takes account of the fact that children's procedures often involve more staff, more specialist equipment and requires closer monitoring than the same treatment for an adult.

A cut of this size could have direct repercussions on the ability of Sheffield Children’s Hospital to treat the most severely ill children in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the country.

This massive cut to specialist children’s services is far beyond what the government is cutting to other areas. It unfairly targets children and could hit Sheffield Children’s Hospital harder as it doesn’t have more mainstream services to rely on for income like many hospitals in other areas.

A spokesperson for the trust has confirmed that this cut “would have a serious impact on the hospital finances and its ability to deliver some services.”

13. Reading Week for 3rd Year Philosophy Students

A number of departments in the University have decided to give a reading week to their students around this time of the semester.

This seems to be due to the fact that the Swine Flue has not caused many class cancellations, and so, to help the students with the workload, the reading week has been granted.

14. The Steel City Derby Is One Of The World's Finest - So Give The Coverage We Deserve!

On the 16th Oct 1893 Sheffield gave birth the the Steel City Derby, being considered widely as one of the most passionate and hotly contested football games in the history of the sport with it's ability to place an evident divide down the middle of our fine city as the fans from both Sheffield teams pledge their allegiance in their own club.

In excess of 115 years later and 123 games later the Steel City Derby is still as passionate and as big as it ever has been in the city and surprisingly no real team has any real bragging rights or can claim to be dominant over the other as in total Sheffield United only lead Wednesday by 3 games in the total number of games won.

I'm not going to go into it much but over the history of the Steel City Derby the fans of both Sheffield teams have witnessed some pretty memorable games, and in the nineties the two teams competed down at the old Wembley stadium in a cup semi-final which believe it or not saw an attendance of roughly 75,000 people travel down to the capital from our fine city.

Sooooo.........I ask you this! Considering the significance of The Steel City Derby which is widely renound as a passionate affair and great entertainment for even the neutral spectator, Why do we only find our games between the two clubs televised once a season??? When sky clearly show favouritism when opting for coverage of less significant games and even Derby games which in theory aren't even genuine Derby games showing teams who play many away from each other??

This needs to change, and the only way we can make Sky take any notice of us is for the people of Sheffield to join forces together in Support of The Steel City Derby and to show just how much it means to us, and how significant we feel it is for them to give us the coverage that we deserve!

Therefore please take a minute to sign this petition which will be presented to Sky TV when a significant amount of Signatures have been collected!

Come On Sheffielders lets show Sky what The Steel City Derby is all about and just how much it means to us as fans and to our fine city!

15. Removal of Age Segregation Restriction at Corporation Shows

Sheffield City Council has placed a restriction on the Public Entertainment License of Corporation live music venue. The restriction means that people under 18 years of age must be segregated from 18+ year old customers with alcohol within the venue.

No similar live music venue in the city has such a restriction. We believe this restriction unfairly discriminates against younger gig goers.

Corporation has been successfully and safely running live events for over ten years. Corporation is one of the top 3 live band venue and alternative music nightclubs in the UK. Having been voted into the top 3 Rock Clubs in the UK by Kerrang and the venue won Best Club Night in the UK, for DROP on Friday nights in Metal Hammer.

16. Halt the Deportation of Priviledge, Lorraine and Valerie Thulambo

Tuesday 7th April

Priviledge, Valerie & Lorraine have been granted temporary release from detention. They are obviously extremely relieved after their near 4 month ordeal and very grateful for the support they have received from everyone. The case is ongoing and being dealt with by their solicitor. We now need to wait for the details of the next stage in the process before establishing what can best be done to support the case.

(Reuters) - Following is a chronology of Zimbabwe's decade in crisis:

1998 - An economic crisis marked by high interest rates and inflation provokes riots and massive support for the Zimbabwean Congress of Trade Unions headed by Morgan Tsvangirai.

1999 - The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is formed and Tsvangirai is appointed leader.

2000 - Voters back the MDC and turn down a proposed constitutional amendment which would have given the president more power.

-- Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF wins a parliamentary election amid charges of fraud and vote-rigging by the opposition.

-- Thousands of so-called independence war veterans, backed by the government, seize white-owned farms, saying the land was illegally appropriated by white settlers.

2001 - Government agrees to stop often violent land invasions in exchange for British funds to finance land reform. Mugabe later rejects criticism he has ignored the deal.

2002 - Mugabe wins election pitting him against Tsvangirai. Observers condemn poll as flawed and unfair. Commonwealth suspends Zimbabwe.

2003 - IMF begins steps to expel Zimbabwe over dues unpaid since 2001. Commonwealth summit agrees to continue suspension, leading Mugabe to pull Zimbabwe out of the organisation.

2004 - EU renews sanctions against Mugabe and his inner circle.

-- High Court acquits Tsvangirai of plotting to assassinate Mugabe and seize power, a ruling condemned by the government. Remaining charges are dropped in August 2005.

2005 - ZANU-PF wins parliamentary election, giving it the majority it needs to change the constitution.

-- About 700,000 people lose their homes or livelihoods in the demolition of urban slums.

2007 - Tsvangirai badly beaten in March after he attempts to attend a banned protest rally, spurring international condemnation of Mugabe's government.

2008 - Mugabe announces presidential and parliamentary elections for March 29, 2008.

-- Ruling party member and former foreign minister Simba Makoni launches election challenge to Mugabe and is expelled from party.

-- Annual inflation tops 100,000 percent according to official figures.
Information about Zimbabwe from the BBC News website:
March 2008
In the first round in March, Mr Tsvangirai gained more votes than Mr Mugabe.
Ahead of this, there were numerous, credible reports of systematic attacks against MDC activists.
About 200 were killed, 5,000 abducted and 200,000 forced from their homes, the opposition said.

Friday, 20 June 2008 10:19 UK
MDC Information Director Luke Tambironyoka says more than 500 women and girls have been sexually abused and raped in the political violence gripping the country. The Zanu-PF’s tactic of raping the attractive young women was used round about the time of the elections during “poitical re-education” meetings.
Life expectancy has plunged to 37 years from 60 years in 1990, largely due to the HIV/Aids pandemic.

September 2008
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the opposition leaders, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara, have signed a power-sharing deal, aimed at resolving the country's political and economic crisis.

January 2009
Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has agreed to join a unity government with President Robert Mugabe.

January 2009
Zimbabwe deals with Africa's worst cholera epidemic in 15 years and thousands face hunger, and follows the collapse of the currency.

The World Health Organization says the number of people infected is now more than 60,000, a figure they had called their "worst case scenario". More than 3,000 people have died from the disease.

17. Improved Street Lighting - Primrose Estate - Ecclesfield - Sheffield

The Primrose Estate in Ecclesfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire is an estate where the people have been forgotten. The people who live there work hard to earn a living, they pay their taxes and look after the area where they live.

Unfortunately this means that they are often overlooked when it comes to local authority resources. Sadly,the area is now falling victim to criminal activity.

One of the reasons that this is happening is because the street lighting installations are approaching 50 years old. The lamps fail to offer adequate lighting and allow criminals to damage vehicles and other property at will, without any fear of detection.

The people of the Primrose estate demand that their collective voice be heard.

We demand that our taxes be used to fund something that not only benefits us, but is NEEDED by us.

We demand that the street lighting is replaced, AND REPLACED NOW.

18. Stop Sheffield City Council from Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water and Milk

It has been announced that Sheffield City Council are to start adding Fluoride to drinking water and milk for school children under the guise of dental hygiene This is despite the evidence that Fluoride is linked to incidence of Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) especially in young boys.

19. Justice for Owls

Several members of the website Owlstalk, an unofficial Sheffield Wednesday fans forum, are being threatened with legal action by Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

- One member has a court date later this month (September 2007)

- The owner of the website is being threatened with legal action to hand over personal details of, originally, 34 members of the website. On 19th September, a statement was released stating that legal action was being taken against 13 fans plus the site owner.

- Another fan faced legal proceedings, but these were dropped when it was found the defendant was telling the truth. The man in question is now faced with legal costs upwards of £4800, which the club hasn't paid.

- Lawyers predict that should all the cases go to court, it will cost the club between £4-8million, despite the club being over £20million in debt.

- A statement released by Mark Lewis at George Davies Solicitors LLP on 19th September 2007 said
"On 14 September 2007 solicitors K & L Gates acting for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Limited, its board of directors, its Chief Executive, Kaven Walker and manager Brian Laws issued proceedings in the High Court in London against a fan, Neil Hargreaves seeking the names and details of another 13 fans who they wished to sue for libels posted on an internet website between 24 July 2007 and 3 August 2007.

Mark Lewis of George Davies LLP solicitors in Manchester said, “I have never before known such a reaction. It seems that anyone who dares to criticise the board, risks getting a hugely expensive legal case against them. It’s only football. Emotions run high...."

- On 20th September, Brian Laws, team manager, made a statement about his involvement -

"It has been suggested that I wish to pursue legal action against certain supporters but I would like to state categorically there is no truth in this whatsoever.

I am not suing anybody and my name is not going to be involved with anything of that nature. It surprises me that this has been suggested because I have no intention of taking any such course of action against any supporter"

- On 18th October 2007, the judge threw out 9 of the 13 claims still remaining.

- On 22nd October 2007, a user of the website concerned, and one of those facing possible legal action - HALFPINT - calculated that as a 70 year old resident in the United States, the most the club could take from her if it won legal proceedings was £119.07 per year. Yet it would cost the club £250,000 in legal fees to get it.

I personally believe it is shameful that an organisation which has had such a rapport with its fans over 140 years of existence should stoop so low, as to proceed with legal action against people who are, in my belief, innocent fans.