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1. We want Adrian Donnelly to Play

Students should have a right to play whatever sport he or she desires. They also should have the right to choose to continue to play the sport or not without penalties for leaving the sport. If a rule is created to prevent students from quitting a sport that is taking away their rights. Instead, focus on creating an environment and program where students don't want to quit. Students only have 4 years to play sports for their school. Being unable to play any sports for the full calendar year is not fair and is taking a students rights away. We believe Adrian Donnelly should have a right to play soccer this season for PCA.

2. 2k sports.... please bring back a football title! licensed or not!

After a decade since we saw a football game released by 2k sports, fans are itching for a new football title from the highly regarded company that makes fluid sports titles with amazing animations and physics. I speak for myself and many others when I say that NFL 2k5 was possibly the greatest football game ever made. The presentation, the game modes, the fluid physics, even the tackling animations are superior than madden 18 a decade later. I have never played a football game with so much replay value. Then you guys released All pro football 2k8 which was even smoother with the same engine as 2k5 but fine tuned. The title may have not had the official NFL license but with the legends integrated and the engine modified to suit the next gen consoles at the time, we laid our eyes on the perfect football game. The only thing that was truly missing was the license of the NFL. I do realize sales for all pro football 2k8 may have not been prominent, but in 2008-2008 ea sports still had some decent market share but with 2k dominating on the other side (basketball) and being regarded higher than ea sports in this current generation, I know you guys can market a football game that would do amazing regardless. Please 2k sports, in a hard effort here, please fight for the NFL license, or at least make another football game. Sports fans and gamers are waiting on one!

3. bring back multi-player draft

Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle. That not only summarises the prerequisites of justice, but also each and every multiplayer draft that has been played on Ultimate Team throughout the years.

I refuse to sit here and be taken advantage of. I will not sit here and be told that multiplayer draft is taken out of FIFA 18, only for EA to try and implement it in FIFA 19 as a revolutionary feature.

I have had enough. You have had enough. We have had enough.

It is time to show EA that gaming, is for the gamers, and not their overinflated, self-righteous, greedy egos.

4. I stand for the Flag!

If you are tired of seeing over paid players disrespect the National Anthem and those who fought for our National Freedoms say it with your signature to boycott watching and going to any National Football League games.

5. NFL Superbowl Blackout

Let's start by saying I didn't like the words that president Trump chose in explaining the protest by NFL Players . However I have felt for several weeks that a NFL player can make a phone call any day of the week to any media outlet and have a means to talk about any inequalities or any injustice they choose to address . For any person or player to not stand for the flag is the wrong platform to choose for a protest . If your child wants to get your attention and throws a rock through your window . You then scream at your child and ask him why he did it , and the child says mom I had something really important to tell you . At that point does it really matter what the child has to say . My point is that whether you agree or disagree with the protest , the vehicle being used for the protest is a poor choice . Just because it will get the attention of people , it does not make it right . I consider myself a huge NFL fan , but it's up to us as fans to show players and the NFL that we will not accept any player or person kneeling during our country's great anthem . Too many men and women of all races and backgrounds have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms . I know many people will say , well this protest is one of these such freedoms . I feel that this is just a poor excuse . If you feel the words of president Trump were divisive and cause such a reaction , then look in the mirror and understand that kneeling for the flag will cause a divisive response as well .To sum it up , today I will choose to turn my tv off if such a massive protest exists.

6. Boycott the NFL

The flag and national anthem of this country represent the freedoms and the men and women who have fought for those freedoms of this country, throughout the course of history. Without respect for this, we would not have the right to our opinion or the right to make millions of dollars playing sports. You have the right to protest, but you have to use the right venue. Disrespecting the flag & anthem during televised games, that you get paid millions of dollars to play, is not the right venue! You are disrespecting the men and woman who have given their lives for you, to have the right to make those millions of dollars. That is ur job and you get paid very well to perform it. Organize your group and protest at a different venue. Nobody is telling you, you can't protest, just not during your job. We will not stand for it and demand the NFL be taken off the air until all players respect this great country that gives you that right. We ask all fans and sponsors to sign this protest.

7. To see our Military, Firefights, Police etc perform at the Superbowl.

I want to see our Military, Police, Fire Departments etc (choirs, bands whatever they have) perform at this years Super Bowl.

8. NFL...Stop the personal messaging on the sidelines and #justplayball

The "non-4 profit" NFL needs to put a stop to the "in-your-face" personal messaging occurring on the sidelines!
While I feel it is disrespectful to the men & women whom fight for the very freedoms that they are expressing, the fact is it is against your very own rules!
Rule 5 (Article 8)
“Throughout the period on game-day that a player is visible to the stadium and television audience (including in pregame warm-ups, in the bench area, and during postgame interviews in the locker room or on the field), players are prohibited from wearing, displaying, or otherwise conveying personal messages either in writing or illustration, unless such message has been approved in advance by the League office. Items to celebrate anniversaries or memorable events, or to honor or commemorate individuals, such as helmet decals, and arm bands and jersey patches on players’ uniforms, are prohibited unless approved in advance by the League office. All such items approved by the League office, if any, must relate to team or League events or personages. The League will not grant permission for any club or player to wear, display, or otherwise convey messages, through helmet decals, arm bands, jersey patches, or other items affixed to game uniforms or equipment, which relate to political activities or causes, other non-football events, causes or campaigns, or charitable causes or campaigns. Further, any such approved items must be modest in size, tasteful, non-commercial, and noncontroversial; must not be worn for more than one football season; and if approved for use by a specific team, must not be worn by players on other teams in the League.”
Let those that have a message to share, do it on their personal time and let us enjoy the game that they are paid quite well to play!

9. Keep Jake STRINGER at the Kennel in 2018!!

Jake STRINGER is a 23 year old all Australian, Premiership player who has been the Western Bulldogs leading goal kicker over the last 3 years. Well documented off field issues and a falling out with the club has lead to the Western Bulldogs to make the decision to trade STRINGER despite having 1 year remaining on his contract, leaving supporters absolutely stunned and devastated. Many are even threatening to not renew their memberships if STRINGER is moved on.

Our aim is to show the powers that be at the Western Bulldogs that STRINGER is a loved and valued member of the Bulldogs and the fans want him to stay.

10. Raphael Varane pace increase FIFA18

Hi there, i and many others believe that Raphael Varane should recieve more pace on his FIFA18 card. His current rating of 79 pace is a complete joke in my opinion. Raphael Varane is no doubt the fastest cb in the world currently and giving him not even 80 pace is autism. Aubameyang has been given the most pace for fifa 18 with his card recieving 96 pace. Now i agree that Aubameyang is an extremely fast individual, but Varane is nearly as quick as him if not faster. Heres a video clearly showing Varane ass raping Aubameyang in a pure sprint for the ball played through:

How can Varane be able to pass Aubameyang (fastest player in the world according to EA), with only 79 pace. It makes no sense to me or anyone else who plays this game we love.

11. Fire Darrell Bevell

I believe it to be clear that OC Darrell Bevell has gotten by in his career off of the talent he's been gifted with, all the way back to his time in Minnesota. He's had the privilege or working names like Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Russell Wilson, Marhawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham and many

His vanilla play calling and pompous-like attitude of trying to force fit talent to his scheme (which is trash and requires high-level talent) rather than find ways to get the ball in his playmakers' hands.

It's time he goes.

12. Save Jim Castle, Massabesic High School's Athletic Trainer

James (Jim) Castle has been the Athletic Trainer for Massabesic sports for many years now and is loved by many students and parents as well. My own personal experience with him was a great one as he took care of my son for several years in various sports. He always greats me with a smile and great conversation. He's passionate about his job and loves the kids. He has been a great Athletic Trainer for us and has been informed he won't be back after this year. I hope we as a community can come together and change the minds of those who are letting him go.

Thank You for your time,
Rick Bear

13. Bring Football Back to Bonac.

On Thursday, August 24, 2017 the East Hampton School officials cancelled the football program due to low enrollment stating to the press that "the decision to pull the plug this week was made so that the players who were turning out for football practices could switch to other fall sports if they wished." There was no discussion with the parents and very little with the players in regards to this. Within less the 24 hours the program was completely shut down. A majority of the team have voiced that they do not want to play another fall sport, they want to play football. As of Friday evening the kids have recruited at least 5 more players. After speaking with a majority of the football parents, they have stated that they were in agreement that this was done prematurely with no communication with us. Please sign this petition, we need as many signatures as possible in the next few days to show that the community supports our kids and their efforts to bring football back to Bonac ONLY if we can get enough players, with experience, recruited by Monday evening. We support our coaches 110% along with all administration and our Board of Education. Safety always comes first. This is not an attack on anyone but a request for a reconsideration of decision by the Board of Education and Joe Vasile-Cozzo, the athletic director IF we can bring enough experienced players to the team by Monday evening. We are just trying to help our kids do what they love...safely. Please share on social media, whether near or far every signature counts.

14. FC Barcelona, por favor, ficha a Seri ya

Spanish (English below)

Hola Barça

Cuando somos aficioando del Barça, somos en amor de los valores de un club que siempre se ha describido como "mas que un club", valores de deportividad, de juego bonito, de ganar un champions con un once lleno de jugadores de la masia, de formar balones de oro y no comprarles, de haber formado el mejor jugador de la historia, de fichar a jugadores que no son galacticos y ver como pueden ser heroes como Beletti o jefes del equipo como Mascherano, un club que hace que uno de los mejores capitanes jamas vistos en un equipo de futbol da el bracelete a Abidal para mostrar que el equipo es mas importante que el prestigio de levantar una champions.

Hoy, el club necesita mas que nunca hacer retoques inteligentes y no ceder al panico, es verdad que Neymar se ha ido, pero el Barça es mas grande que ningun jugador, y es tiempo de no hacer otra vez los mismos errores cuando Figo se ha ido.

Nosotros aficionados del Barça queremos el mejor para nuestro club, y a dia de hoy, lo que necesita el club es un relevo a un jugador que no ha faltado los dos ultimos anos : Xavi Hernandez, el metronomo, sin el, se ha visto el ano pasado que el medio campo no tenia ni alma ni posesion y estaba esteril.

English :

Hi Barca

When we are fan of Barça, we are in love with the values ​of a club that has always been described as "more than a club", values ​​of sportsmanship, nice game, winning a championship with an eleven full of masia players, To form golden balls and not buy them, to have formed the best player in history, to sign non-galactic players and see how they can be heroes like Beletti or team bosses like Mascherano, a club that makes one of the best captains ever seen in a football team gives the bracelet to Abidal to show that the team is more important than the prestige of raising a champions league title.

Today, the club needs more than ever to make intelligent adjustments and not give in to panic, it is true that Neymar is gone, but Barça is bigger than one player, and it is time not to make the same mistakes again when Figo left the club.

We fans of Barca want the best for our club, and today, what the club needs is a replacement to a player who has been missed the last two years: Xavi Hernandez, the metronome, without him, we have seen past year midfield had neither soul nor possession and was sterile.

15. Broadcast live Wrexham commentaries on BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales have stopped broadcasting live commentaries of Wrexham AFC games. This is because it disrupts the broadcasting schedule. Funny that Cardiff and Swansea games do not. This excludes and disadvantages Wrexham fans who are unable to attend games and do not have access to online services. Many parts of north Wales have poor broadband and that has not been considered by this unilateral decision. Please reconsider BBC. This is a penny-pinching and petty policy that will alienate many people.

16. BRHS and NEHS Thanksgiving Day Football Game

This year the Thanksgiving Day Football Game will be played on Wednesday night, prior to Thanksgiving. It has been a tradition for both schools to play on Thanksgiving morning. The school made the decision to change the date, without consulting or asking the opinion of the coaches, athletes, band members, staff, alumni or community. We would like to have the game reinstated to Thanksgiving morning, so those of us in the Community can continue our traditions that we have been taking part in for the last 15+ years.

17. Keep Zeke On The Field

We as Cowboys fans can't and won't stand back and let Goodell and the NFL suspend Zeke for something he has been cleared of by the law!!

18. Milan, sign Ruben Neves!

Ruben Neves is a fine young Portuguese Soccer player who is in desperate need of a transfer to another club due to his lack of playing time at FC Porto. He plays as a central midfielder for FC Porto and for Portugal. A club that could provide a solution to this problem is AC Milan, who are in desperate need of a midfielder. As a result, this petition has been assembled as a way to try and establish a transfer for Ruben Neves from Porto to AC Milan. This would be a match made in heaven.

19. Reinstate Coach Michael Oliva

"Dear Pearl River Community,
As many as you have heard over the last few days, Coach Mike Oliva was fired as head coach of both the football and baseball programs at Pearl River High School without reason. Under Coach Oliva, both programs thrived. In just his 4th season as the baseball coach, he led our program to the first section championship since 1984. Coach Oliva has had a positive impact on my life and on the lives of many of my teammates, fellow students, and community members. He personally went above and beyond to ensure I would be able to play baseball at the college level. He has always had the backs of his players and their families, and now it's our turn to repay the favor. This has been poor decision made with no explanation. If you support Coach Oliva please sign the petition to reinstate him as Head Coach for Baseball and Football at Pearl River High School. The overwhelming support for Coach already coming forth in the short span of hours since his firing speaks volumes about his leadership, his passion for what he does, and how genuinely he cares for his players. It is our turn to help him.

20. Zola OUT! Voice of the Fans!

Were now 8 points of relegation. Since Zola has been appointed we have won 2 out of 17 games played. With his latest actions he blamed the players for recent results.

21. Technical Match Offical in Football

For too long many decisions made by officials in football have been inacurate and have led to players being punished for no reason and goals being awarded or disalowed without acurate decisions being applied. the intorduction of technical match officials at games would rapidly eliviate this problem.

22. Arsene Wenger Thank You BUT its time to go

*14 years since last EPL TROPHY (2003/2004)
*Only finished 2nd twice since then
*knocked out of champions league in the round of 16 6 years in a row
*wenger refuses to spend money on big players

23. Should Girls Be Able To Play Football In High School

Okay, so im a girl, i want to play football; but the coaches dont seem to be agreeing with me. Please support my decision to play.

24. Agassa Kossi doit dégagé

Au vue des récentes prestations de notre gardien Agassa j'ai décidé qu'on addresse u'e pétition à la fédération pour qu'ils le dégage!

25. Re release of Blitz: The League for next gen consoles

Everyone wants a football game where the rules are bent a little bit. Blitz is the perfect example! You can do dirty hits, brawls, almost anything you want. The problem is that this game has sadly fallen out of date!

The graphics are falling behind the times, and soon, it won't even be playable because it's limited to older consoles. Don't let this happen! Since Midway went out of business, send EA a message that we can't let this video game masterpiece fade away from existence!

Every signature is appreciated!

26. Enshrine Buddy Ryan

Born in Frederick, Oklahoma in 1931, the great James David Ryan started on an epic journey that would serve to touch the lives of many. James Ryan, or as he was more commonly known as "Buddy", would go on to be one of the greatest, yet most unaccredited coaches of all time. He has led some of the NFL's greatest defenses of all time.

During the 1976 and 1977 season he was the defensive line coach for the Minnesota Vikings historic "Purple People Eaters" defense. After that he left the Vikings for the Chicago Bears where he went on to form what may be his greatest accomplishment, the 46 Defense. This brilliant scheme changed the game of football. It was the key aspect to forming what is known as the greatest defense of all time, the 85 Bears.

Buddy had a knowledge for the game that few others had. Sadly it has not been recognized as much as it deserves to be. His players however, were definitely present to his brilliance. Buddy Ryan can be accredited for guiding and mentoring many of the NFL's greatest defensive players of all time, and they would all vouch for his skill and care for his players. He touched the lives of them, and no one was hurt more after his passing in the summer of 2016.

27. Female Raggies Football team

Football is a unisex sport but not many girls are playing. Raggies football club is a well known club that have many teams playing for them. The only problem is, they do not have any female teams. Girls might be able to join other teams but not all girls feel comfortable with that as boys are much more rough and competitive. If girls are in a team and are playing again other girls they would feel more comfortable and in place.

28. Let Murphy play in the AFL Grand Final

If you believe Bob Murphy should play in the Grand Final 2016 please sign this petition.

Murphy is the heart and soul of the Dogs and needs to make an appearance even if he plays for the first 5 minutes of the game. We need Murphy. We want Murphy.

#bemorebulldog #aflfinals

29. Coach Colbert Britt Memorial Field

Humble.. Determined.. MotivatIng.. Inspiring.. Encouraging.. Poised.. Wise... Dedicated.. LEGENDARY.

These are just some of the words used to describe Colbert Britt by people who have encountered him over the years.

He had powerful beliefs in the potential of every kid and helped mold many of our local youth in his 40 plus years of service to this district.

His record speaks for itself but in case you never had the pleasure of knowing him here is a small sample. Mr Britt Taught physical education here for 33 years. He coached the Football basketball and track teams. In 1990 he led the Mules to a championship season and the team was awarded the prestigious Rutgers cup. In 1996 a member of his track team won an Olympic gold medal. In 1990 he started the Friendship Games track meet and he was a charter member of the Lakeview youth federation.

In 2005 coach Britt retired from teaching but continued coaching until 2014. Even though his health was failing he found a way to put on his football varsity jacket and march out onto the field.

He LOVED football and the players loved him....they still do. COACH BRITT passed away last December but he lives through every player, student, and parent that was lucky enough to know.

We are asking the Malverne Board of Education to support us in naming the high school football field "Coach Colbert Britt Memorial Field" in his honor.
Please only sign this petition if you are a district resident or a Malverne alumni! Please feel free to add an encouraging message or your class year in the message box.

30. Football and Beer Unite

We are requesting that the NFL and Bud Light unite and allow all 32 football teams to be printed on the cans produced and be distributed to retailers all over the USA.

As of now there are only 28 of the 32 teams printed and they are only available in the local areas of each team.

We feel this will be beneficial for everyone involved, the NFL, Bud Light, and the consumers!

Thank you for your time!