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1. Let Murphy play in the AFL Grand Final

If you believe Bob Murphy should play in the Grand Final 2016 please sign this petition.

Murphy is the heart and soul of the Dogs and needs to make an appearance even if he plays for the first 5 minutes of the game. We need Murphy. We want Murphy.

#bemorebulldog #aflfinals

2. Coach Colbert Britt Memorial Field

Humble.. Determined.. MotivatIng.. Inspiring.. Encouraging.. Poised.. Wise... Dedicated.. LEGENDARY.

These are just some of the words used to describe Colbert Britt by people who have encountered him over the years.

He had powerful beliefs in the potential of every kid and helped mold many of our local youth in his 40 plus years of service to this district.

His record speaks for itself but in case you never had the pleasure of knowing him here is a small sample. Mr Britt Taught physical education here for 33 years. He coached the Football basketball and track teams. In 1990 he led the Mules to a championship season and the team was awarded the prestigious Rutgers cup. In 1996 a member of his track team won an Olympic gold medal. In 1990 he started the Friendship Games track meet and he was a charter member of the Lakeview youth federation.

In 2005 coach Britt retired from teaching but continued coaching until 2014. Even though his health was failing he found a way to put on his football varsity jacket and march out onto the field.

He LOVED football and the players loved him....they still do. COACH BRITT passed away last December but he lives through every player, student, and parent that was lucky enough to know.

We are asking the Malverne Board of Education to support us in naming the high school football field "Coach Colbert Britt Memorial Field" in his honor.
Please only sign this petition if you are a district resident or a Malverne alumni! Please feel free to add an encouraging message or your class year in the message box.

3. Football and Beer Unite

We are requesting that the NFL and Bud Light unite and allow all 32 football teams to be printed on the cans produced and be distributed to retailers all over the USA.

As of now there are only 28 of the 32 teams printed and they are only available in the local areas of each team.

We feel this will be beneficial for everyone involved, the NFL, Bud Light, and the consumers!

Thank you for your time!

4. Bishops Castle Town FC league petition

We are bishops castle town FC, a small football team from a little town called Bishops castle, in Shropshire 3/4 miles from the border of Powys. We played in the Shropshire Mercian football league recently for the past 10 season but prior to that we played in the mid Wales leagues for 26+ years! We are wanting to go back and play in the Welsh football pyramid but are having great trouble.

After a long time of persuading the Shropshire FA and the FA to back us they have finally agreed todo just that and allow us to play in the Welsh Amateur league which is what we have been chasing now for months and months.....

BUT AND A VERY BIG BUT! Now the Welsh FA the FAW... Have turned around and now said they they are not willing to allow us to play in their league! And for us to be allowed to play football we need both the FA and the FAW to agree together on us being allowed to play!

5. Residential Parking for Wesham Residents

Parking is restricted for residents and local businesses in the area when AFC Fylde football games are on all the football fans park on the streets surrounding the grounds, taking parking spaces outside residents houses.

This is not the only causing issues for local residents parking because they are parked on the ends of junctions and blocking access to driveways and businesses but also making pedestrians walk into the road to cross (causing a risk to harm). They are also parking over drop kerbs so local people cannot get their prams and mobility scooters down the kerb, causing distress to the users of the mobility scooters and putting parents and children at risk by making them enter the road to go around these car parked on the ends of junctions.

They are not just sticking to parking on the road either as they have taken to parking on the pavements and grass areas outside peoples houses.

6. Solar lights for Victoria field

I believe Victory Park should have lights so the community can use it at night. Since the summer is roughly around 4 months, this would let the community take more advantage of the summer to do outside activities on the fields that the park offers such as baseball, football, track, handball and soccer.

It will also encourage more people to be able to go at night because it will provide a safer environment.

Using the solar method will also help the park with the electric consummation that they use with the lights they have around the park but they don't help out with the activities due to the fact they don't offer visual aid.

7. Juventus Sign Up Draxler or Witsel or both

We have lost one of the promising midfielders in Pogba to Man Utd and we have got a world record fee for his departure so let's use it.

8. Aaron Ramsey Yellow Card Appeal

Wales v Belgium Euro 2016 Aaron Ramsey received a yellow card for a handball which does not look deliberate!

The referee of the evening Damir Skomina was liberally chucking needless yellow cards at Wales which could spoil their future in this tournament!

Luckily for us supporters Wales' passion and heart pulled them through to victory in this game. However, looking at what's to come I can't help thinking that this yellowcard for Ramsey was extremely unfair and should be revoked!

Please sign and share this petition.

9. Jürgen Klinsman for England

Jürgen Klinsman has played and managed at the highest level with great success. He is a free thinker and was responsible for the radical turnaround of German football.

The English national football team needs a complete overhaul. It needs a fresh approach from top to bottom. Klinsman is the ideal candidate having already done this with the German national team. He understands English football because he has managed here. He would command the respect of players, coaches and fans.

The FA must accept there are no English options and at least try to recruit Klinsman.

10. New England Manager - Laurent Blanc

Laurent Blanc has won at every level, knows the English game and in the last 3 seasons as PSG manager, has won 11 trophies.



Right people as you all know i really did have FAITH ENGLAND could win this competition. I am a massive football fan as most of use know, my local club is Middlesbrough Fc, who i have supported since as far back as i can remember, i am now 53 years of age. I have worked away most of my life like thousands of other good people, to try and make a decent living.

In 1999 i was offered a job in King's Lynn, Norfolk for a 3 week shutdown, i took the job and ended up there for 13 years. I used to sacrifice my weekend work and a lot of money a lot of the time so i could come home and watch my beloved Middlesbrough play. I also used to do a lot of away games as London was only an hour away on the train.

This did use to cost me a lot of money and involved a lot of travelling and a lot of 3am starts to travel back. I got sick of spending my hard earned money on watching them when these players who were earning £30.000 or even £40.000 a week, could not even get the ball to reach the front post when taking a corner, or the ball would end up near the other corner.

Here was i spending my hard earned cash on watching these so called professionals who just did not seem bothered if they won or lost, as long as they were getting their wage. I ended up not renewing my season ticket in disgust.

Now as you know i am a massive England fan as are we all. Once again this year i got all my Flags and Bunting out, i even got my partner to make me a 6 metre x 3 metre ST George's cross Flag to go on the gable end of our house.

I did the house up so good it attracted a lot of media attention and i did interviews for the local paper and Radio, It brought a good community spirit to our area. So much so that me and a couple of friends had decided our mission in 2018 would be to get as many houses as possible on our estate and in Middlesbrough to FLY THE FLAG FOR MIDDLESBROUGH AND ENGLAND for the world cup, and we could show the country that our town is amongst the best.

I put a lot of effort, time and pride in to putting all my stuff up and was proud of it and proud because i am English and we were going to go on and win this tournament.

We could win this tournament by having 2 of the best strikers in the business going off this past season in Vardy and Kane. Our defence looked suspect but i believed we could win this on fire power.

Roy Hodgson obviously had other ideas?

Now let's talk about last nights embarrassing effort, sorry attempt because there was no effort in their display.

I am now going to try and set up another ONLINE PETITION calling for these 12 players to never be able to represent England again at any level in a football tournament. And also any fan who has his/her ticket stub is reimbursed there money from the English FA.

Here are the people who did not try.
1 Hart
2 Walker
5 Cahill
6 Smalling
3 Rose
20 Alli
17 Dier
10 Rooney
15 Sturridge
9 Kane
7 Sterling

Vardy and Rashford did try to make things happen when they came on. That was the worst display i have ever seen by any professional team in any sport in my life.

These people did not even know what to do with the ball. Rooney could not even pass the ball 5 yards without giving it away, where was Sterling meant to be playing? Was Harry Kane a left winger last night? and as for that free kick which was from 41 metres and missed the goal by about the same distance.

Thousands of working class fans had scrimped and saved for years to be able to go to this tournament and support there beloved team ENGLAND.

I bet there was not 1 player there who is on under £100.000 a week there last night.

I put more pride and passion in to putting my Flags up on my property.

I know the last 2 weeks i have done a lot of people's heads in by telling them to have the FAITH, ENGLAND will win this and FLY THE FLAG FOR MIDDLESBROUGH AND ENGLAND.

I look at Wales, both Irish teams and Scotland, such small nations with such a BIG HEART. These players just seem so proud to put their countries Football Shirts on, they play with so much pride and passion, money doesn't seem to come in to there minds.

These England players were getting a 5* all inclusive holiday free, YES FREE. Most working people i know are now saving for next years holiday in Sunny Spain or Bulgaria because that's all they can afford.

I can go on and on about this pathetic showing up last night but it is pointless.

If you or me performed our job like that we would be sacked.

I would seriously like to see the FA banning these players from ever representing our great country again at any levels in football. And to pick the team from the smaller clubs and even players in The Championship, because these players would give their all and be happy and proud to wear an ENGLAND shirt

I will try and get a petition going today asking the FA to BAN these players.

Please SHARE this post and try and make it go nationwide, and please sign my petition when i get it ready.

Robert Harvey, Middlesbrough. a very disillusioned ENGLAND FAN.

12. We Oppose Government Involvement and Interference In Football

Ethiopian Coffee Football Club is an Ethiopian football club based in Addis Ababa. They are a member of the Ethiopian Football Federation Premier League.

Their home stadium is Addis Ababa Stadium.

13. GPS Football Stitch-Up of the Decade

Last weekend the second last round of GPS Football was supposed to take place. You would have surely noticed the somewhat rainy, windy weather. What some of you may not have been aware of, however, was along with cats and dogs, it was raining stitch-ups on Saturday morning.

Whilst for the other GPS schools every game was called off from the mighty 11E's to the 1st XI (the pinnacle of any soccer players school career), Nudgee College and Brisbane State High School still played...

The points from Nudgee's victory then allowed them to overtake BBC on the ladder, who didn't play, like the rest of the schools, and unfairly moved them further above a number of others. These points, for some unknown reason, are still allowed to count in the competition, which then mean Nudgee are likely to steal the premiership in what will be the most unfair load of rubbish since the 2003 Australian Idol.

Whether you go to BBC or not this makes a joke of every other round the footballers have competed in, the hard work every school's 1st XI have put in week after week and the support of every single individual who has gone to watch a game of GPS Football.

14. Boycott First 4 2016 Regular Season NFL Games

Unless the fans speak out and react, Roger Goodell will continue to arbitrarily penalize the New England Patriots and its players, and subsequently Patriots fans, who are the best, most loyal fans in football. He's been doings this since he was hired!

I'm fed up. The standing penalty for altering football PSI (which there is no proof that ever happened) was a maximum $25k fine. That is of course until Goodell got hired by the NFL, The Patriots were accused, convicted and penalized by Goodell, without any real proof.

Goodell may have been given the supreme power to punish without proof (the CBA does not require the NFL to have proof the penalize or fine), but the fans have rights too. Goodell has tarnished the game, and hurt the Patriots fans in the process. And he did it on purpose. What else would you expect from a former Jets employee?

That's why I put together this petition. At the end of the day, it may mean little, but doing nothing about Goodell's abuse of power isn't what us Patriots fans are about. By signing this petition, you state that you will not attend, support or watch any NFL games on television for the first 4 weeks of the NFL regular season, in protest of Goodell's mission to belittle the New England Patriots, its players and fans.

By the way Roger, where is the PSI data from the 2015 season? I imagine that will come out after TB sits for 4 games?

15. Marcus Rashford to go to the Euros

Take Marcus Rashford to the European Championships 2016.

He is scoring goals, creating chances, and doing the business.

16. From a Girl learning all about Life with a Ball at her Feet

Symbolism has never found more takers…As one of the world’s most influential people, Modi, has become the Prime Minister of one of the world’s most powerful, developing countries, India, the feminists have been waiting with bated breath, to know how successful have they been in their struggle. While I don't doubt the nobility in ruling party’s intent, I am forced to question… How has it been addressing the vulgar gender bias in fields which have been historically dominated by the XY?

I am a victim of that very gender bias albeit in a different arena.

At an age when most teenagers dream of leading the 'in' life, I spend my time thinking about how to get sponsorship to play football. Yes, football for me is synonymous with life. Correction… Football for me IS life!

Why is it that it’s the 21st century and we boast of parity, but it’s the same old stale wine in a brand new bottle; all on paper, all in words, but none visible to the naked eye? All aware in our hearts, both, the baby and the brutal.

Why are male sportsmen always looked up to? There are Messi and Ronaldo who are XY, but no one thinks of Carli Lloyd or Alex Morgan, who are XX, when looking up to football idols?

17. Diego Simeone to Manchester United

Dear fellow red devils,

This is a petition to get the Manchester United hierarchy to listen to its fans that enough is enough. We want success for our club and we want to be back among the elite in Europe. There has been much speculation about who the next boss will be to lead Manchester United into the 2016/17 season. Louis Van Gaal? Jose Mourinho?

Well my fellow red devils, I have found the perfect candidate to lead Manchester United back to glory; Diego Simeone. He has had incredible success at Atletico Madrid. Not only does he have incredible tactics to dismantle teams like, Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich but he has passion that many teams lack in a leader.

It reminds me of the passion that Fergie had when he led Man United. We want passion every time the players step on the pitch. We want the new generation of Manchester United youngsters to take the red devils to European and domestic glory. After all, we wouldn't be who we are without passion and Attack, Attack, Attack running through our veins. Glory, Glory, Man Untied!


18. Burst the Bubble

Police Forces in England & Wales were recently inspected on "Police Legitimacy" which includes "ethical culture" and "whether the force understand, engage with and treat fairly the people it serve..."

North Wales Police received a 'GOOD' rating in this inspection; however North Wales Police and Cheshire are two of the few forces to use the controversial restrictive 'bubble' to convey ALL fans to and from derby football matches between Wrexham and Chester and vice versa.

The use of the 'bubble' has been the subject of much criticism of law abiding fans of both Chester and Wrexham Football Clubs who resent having their freedom curtailed by an arbitrary, disproportionate and unfair method of policing. They further resent their categorisation and stereotyping as football hooligans and general troublemakers.

The Inspectorate make no mention of the fact that they inspected football policing methods in their report and we must therefore conclude that they did not.


We Will not sit back and watch while a bunch of people are destroying our beloved GOR MAHIA FC, our pride. We are not AFC LEOPARDS fans who sits back and lament the destruction of their club and do nothing.

"Way back last year, towards the end the team was really struggling to make ends meet. That's why Nuttall was approached to have his pay cheque cut from 600k to 300k. He agreed because of crisis.

"But now they have twisted the script that this pay cut was permanent and renefotiation must start from 300k when the great coach in the history of K'Ogalo asked to be given 850k.

In the process of dialogue Nuttall withrew his demand and asked for his 600k back, but the brokers wenye Gor wakakataa causing his termination. Will be giving you some info way back in Feb 2015... stay awake.. no sleeping today.

20. Bring Raiders to San Antonio

San Antonio deserves to have an NFL franchise.

Help bring the Oakland Raiders to San Antonio!

21. Bring Back Jose

Bring back Jose as a manager.

We are 16th in the league, the players who earn much too much are not playing because they are sulking.

This man has won us so much. Don't let selfish players win, keep Jose, sack them.

22. Jimmy Haslam, Please Sell the Browns

The Cleveland Browns have been failing the City of Cleveland, Ohio for too many years and are no longer worthy of the city's loyalty.

This petition would have the team be disbanded, moved, or otherwise removed from the City of Cleveland. The "sadness factory" must be shut down.

We the people would rather have no one to root for then to be saddened and angered every fall weekend.

23. Knight Andrew Jennings for exposing FIFA

The case for Andrew Jennings to receive a knighthood was clear for all to see on the PANORAMA show presented on BBC1 7th December 2015.

This is an elderly reporter in his 70's who has relentlessly endeavoured to expose football's world governing body FIFA as being run systematically as a corrupt organisation.

He has dedicated his life to exposing the criminal underbelly of FIFA in the face of personal danger to himself on numerous occasions and persevered regardless of being lambasted by the national press and other media and public figures for the past 15 years.

His work has caught the attention of not just Britain but the world so much so that the FBI are currently presiding over arrests of many of the figures who run the FIFA organisation. He does so voluntarily with a passion that is to be admired.

24. Save our Yorkshire Main Miners Welfare and its grounds

Our Yorkshire Main Miners Welfare is closing! It was built for the miners of our village. It is now home to our Edlington White Stars Football club, Yorkshire Main Football club, Cricket club and Bowling.

The club house and its land is worth far more than just money to us. Its a place our villagers need. It is a place our children need. It's our past, it's our present and it should be our future.

Have no illusion, once our club house closes its doors, that will be it! Everything will be gone! Knocked down, houses built! Our legacy gone forever! We cannot let this happen. Good people are losing their home, and livelihood!

25. Please Make Faton Bauta the Starting QB for the Florida Game!

As it stands now, Greyson Lambert is the starting QB for UGA. Although he broke records in the recent game against South Carolina, his accuracy since then has been under par. Lambert seems very uncomfortable and confused and is most likely not the best fit for our football team.

Our second string qb shows has so much proven talent and with a chance, it's highly probable that he could help our team become better in all aspects of the game.

26. Change the WJEC exam timetable for summer 2016 so it doesn't clash with the Euro 2016 Schedule

I propose a petition to try and change the WJEC exam timetable for summer 2016 due to Wales qualifying for Euro 2016. Currently both schedules (the exam schedule and the euro 2016 schedule) clash. However now that Wales have qualified for a major championship for the first time since 1958 I feel everyone should be able to support the team and enjoy the achievement out in France.

Why should a certain age group miss out on witnessing history because of the success of our football team? I've received much support for this petition and I hope you will join me in signing the petition.

27. Sign Chip Kelly at South Carolina

We are in desperate need of a new coach.

Let's get this petition moving to get Chip Kelly to the university of South Carolina.

28. Review Mundford Football Club Advertising Board's Refused Planning Consent

As a amateur football club for both adult and youth players we took the initiative to raise funds for the club by providing advertising space for local businesses around the perimeter fence of the main football pitch.

Having firstly consulted with Mundford Parish Council for approval with no objections, we pressed forward with approaching, selling and installing advertising boards from September 2014.

In March 2015 Breckland Council requested Mundford Football Club to submit an application for consent to display an advertisement(s).

In September 2015 Breckland Council refused the application for the 21x advertising boards facing the main road (Cranwich Road) for the following reasons:

1) By virtue of their location, height and cumulative length, visually harmful to the open setting of the open space area and detrimental to the visual amenity of the broader locale.

2) Creates an almost solid line of adverting with a mix of colours, designs and content which cumulatively results in visual clutter in what is, by nature of its use, a large open space and are intrusive in the street scene and detrimental to the amenities of the area.

To support our case so far, we have the backing of Mundford Parish Council and Norfolk County Council Highways. We are now asking for the local, national and football communities to support our appeal to overturn Breckland Council original decision to refuse consent.

Since the club installed the advertising boards back in September 2014, we have received nothing more than praise from the local community, businesses and visitors to the village on how professional these advertising boards are presented and are a credit to the football club

If we are not successful with our appeal to the council this will have financial implications in running of both adults teams, but more importantly the 60 youth players currently registered within the club to play weekly football, to improve their social skills and the enjoyment of team sports.

29. Support the refurbishment of Roval Drive

Immingham Pilgrims Clubhouse, at Roval Drive playing fields is in desperate need of repair.

We aim to be able to provide a clean and safe environment for our children to change and prepare for their football matches and training sessions.

We are asking to sign our petition to show your support of this cause as this will not only benefit our children now but for years to come.

30. Boycott the Champions League 2016

BT Sport are killing free viewing football, and taking champions league and europa league away from FREE viewing tv!