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There are many veterans who are having issues with their Educational Benefits & it has become so overwhelming, especially during a time where unemployment rates are high & that alone clearly creates an unstable economy.

Myself & others have been responding on FaceBook about issues with our educational benefits & the hardships we face. The main issue has been communication between Veterans & VA representatives. There really is no excuse why VA has not kept an open dialog with Veterans. Veterans coming home from war has been treated unfairly, & till this day, they still haven't gotten it right.

Veterans should not overwhelmed about how they are going to support the very families who have also sacrificed. They should not be left waiting on the phones, standing in long lines at the VA offices, given 20 pages of different websites to find a job & then when you get on the site, It takes an hour to search what you're looking for, & then find out all the red tape you have to go through just to see if you qualify.

Honestly, I say its time to speak out. Please read the facebook stories from Veterans. Contact the VA representatives who have also heard from other Veterans about their concerns. Let them tell you how overwhelmed they have been.

Power is in the numbers! I need all Veterans (including VA reps) who have had issues with benefits whether related to education, medical, etc to sign this petition & pass to every veteran you know.

The VA reps don't deserve to be worked so hard, when they clearly know that the system is horrible & unfair. To the VA reps, please continue to work diligently on our cases, & pass this message along to your colleagues as well. Also, for those of you who are responsible for answering Veterans questions, please make sure that you are doing that & not ignoring their concerns.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together!

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