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1. Pardon Kristian Saucier

Whereas during your 2016 campaign you cited the clear injustice and obvious inequality of Naval Submariner Kristian Saucier and Hillary Clinton in the mishandling of classified information,

Whereas Saucier who admitted to his error that was done when he was 22 years old and has proudly served our country for 11 years with the hope of making the Navy a career,

Whereas Saucier was repeatedly given excellent reviews by his supervisors and had risen in rank to US Navy 1st Class Petty Officer (E-6),

Whereas two other Navy men who did the same thing in mishandling "confidential information" a low level classification, remain in the military pursuing their naval careers. Their punishment fit the infraction, and did not include any prison time or dishonorable discharge and loss of benefits. Their military careers went forward, while Saucier's reputation and career was derailed,

Whereas Saucier did not face a military court though he was sill in the Navy at the time, but his case was taken up in a civilian court,

Whereas, as Saucier says in his own words, "I served my country for 11 years, I did two tours in the Middle East, and I would like to have my good name back, that's what's most important to me," he said. "Nothing can give me back the year I lost with my daughter and wife in prison, but a pardon would definitely restore my good name."

Whereas the consequences of what most would consider a "rookie error" without malice and in face of what some elites, politicians, and generals by comparison have done, we the undersigned, petition our Commander In Chief to consider this matter as you said you would during the 2016 campaign. We humbly request that you right this wrong, pardon Kristian Saucier, US Navy 1st Class Petty Officer for his eleven years of exemplary service in the Navy, Honorably Discharge him with all associated benefits.

Thank you for your consideration,

2. Review Veterans Affairs Canada Denying Family Caregiver Relief Benefit to Eligible Veterans and Families

Eligible Veterans and their primary caregivers are being denied benefits by Veterans Affairs Canada. It was 2016 when a Veteran applied for the new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit soon to realize that he and his family would not be eligible for this benefit. They were not even given the opportunity to be considered for this benefit because of conflicting policies between the old and new charters. Not only this family, but several other families are being denied these benefits as well.

Veterans who received a disability pension and received a disability award do not qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. In this case an individual must apply for the Attendance Allowance. In order to be qualified for the Attendance Allowance a Veteran must have received a disability pension (old charter) of at least 1% or more. The individual must have a physical disability which requires a need for assistance or supervision with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, feeding and medication administration. To be eligible an individual must require assistance or supervision for a least three of the conditions mentioned above. The Attendance Allowance was created solely for those with physical injuries and does not accommodate individuals with mental or cognitive conditions. So what happens to these Veterans who suffer from a mental or cognitive condition, and do not have a physical impairment. What happens to these Veterans who have a mental/cognitive condition, and a physical impairment, but the physical impairment does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Attendance Allowance. These Veterans will be denied both the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit and the Attendance Allowance. If you look at the Veterans Bill of Rights it states that a Veteran will “Be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy”. It is clear that these Veterans are not represented fairly, which questions the integrity of the "Bill" and how VAC views it.
The new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit (FCRB) provides eligible Veterans with a tax-free lump sum grant. This benefit ensures Veterans continue to get the support they need when their informal caregivers are temporarily unavailable. It allows an informal caregiver to take time off and recharge or attend to their own health and well-being, while the Veteran's needs are still being provided for in his or her absence. In order to be eligible for the FCRB an individual must have received a disability award (new charter) of at least 1% or more and not have been awarded a disability pension. The FCRB was created to provide necessary care of an individual who is in need of such support due to a physical, mental and/or cognitive condition. The FCRB is very much the same as the Attendance Allowance, however unlike the Attendance Allowance the FCRB also covers individuals who also have a cognitive and mental conditions.

for the protection, confidentiality and privacy of this Veteran we have replaced their name and rank.

In 2004 Corporal Harry had sustained a foot injury in a training accident and was awarded a disability pension under the old charter for 2%.. In 2013 Corporal Harry received a disability award for 55% under the new charter for having PTSD consequential from a special duty area. Although Harry met the eligibility requirements when he applied for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit, he was denied. Veteran Affairs Canada told Harry that he did not qualify for the FCRB because he had received a disability pension in 2004. Veterans Affairs suggested that he may apply for the Attendance Allowance but was advised that this allowance was only intended for individuals with physical impairments not mental or cognitive conditions. Harry decided to apply anyway, he thought maybe they would take special consideration in his case because he didn't qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Unfortunately he was wrong and was denied the allowance because his physical injury in 2004 was not significant enough to meet the eligibility criteria for the allowance. Due to Corporal Harrys mental and cognitive condition, him and his family would have been eligible to apply for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit if Harry not received a disability pension in 2004.

Veterans Affairs Canada certainly draws a fine line between the old charter and new charter when it comes to disability payouts and awards, so why is VAC not drawing the same line between the Attendance Allowance and Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Hypothetically speaking; if VAC has grandfathered these Veterans under the old charter for collecting Allowances, then why aren't they grandfathered for collecting disability pensions as well; The vary same pensions Veterans are Battling in court today. The policy needs to be changed to accommodate these Veterans and their families. Veterans Affairs Canada should determine which program he/she would benefit from, not deny them for both.

Veterans like Corporal Harry who are involved in this situation are clearly being discriminated by Veterans Affairs Canada. These Veterans are not treated equally, do not have the same opportunities as other Veterans, and stigmatized for their mental and cognitive conditions. Veteran Affairs Canada has also violated the "Veterans Bill of Rights" by treating these Veterans unfairly. It's really an unfortunate situation for these Veterans. They deserve the same opportunity as everyone else.

We have contacted the Veterans Ombudsman’s office about this issue. Unfortunately at this time there is not enough cases to move forward. We have created this petition on behalf of Veterans and their families to raise awareness with the effort to encourage change in this flawed policy. Please help by signing and sharing this petition. Also we invite you to visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts, stories or experiences.

3. San Diego Police Department: Reopen Justin E. Lenoir's Missing Person's Case

A ripple effect has occurred and must be corrected.

Justin E. Lenoir's missing person's case file has been closed by the San Diego Police Dpt. This in turn has also closed his NAMUS (National Adult Missing & Unidentified) case file. He has also been removed from California's missing person database.

Please help me correct this because Justin has not been found.

4. Clear the Battlefield: Save Allepo and Protect our Troops

As service members, veterans and their loved ones; we believe clearing the battlefield of people who are fleeing war and war like atrocities is our patriotic duty. We believe that our troops don't suffer from PTSD when they are confident the target is a confirmed terrorists. We believe it's the uncertainty that causes traumatic stress.

Many of us have seen, first hand, the terror inflicted by the enemies we have been sent to eliminate. We have also witnessed, with horror, the enemy using innocent life to shield their own. Many of us will live with those images for the remainder of our days and it will be our loved ones, not Congress, who comfort us.

Sign here to tell the President of the United States that you support our troops by clearing the battlefield of innocent civilians so they can do their job.

Sign here to tell the world that you know the difference between terrorists and the terrorized.

Sign here if you believe clearing the battlefield of innocent civilians is important to our troops as is clearing it of roadside bombs.

5. Omnipresent God in You to guide you to revere all Unconditionally

Bring World Peace Now.

The Omnipresent God in all people is guiding all people in any given moment as to how to revere what or whom is before you in the moment. By looking beyond the outer façade or packaging of the relative world you can start to realize God is everywhere. When you realize God is everywhere you start to love all unconditionally. The highest form of love is not attachment but reverence to the indwelling God.

When you can feel love/ reverence towards all unconditionally you develop an understanding heart. You understand why people attach to the relative world and see the relative world as their source. Seeing the relative as their source is creating a false god. There is only one Absolute Source… God attach to that Source and release the relative.

Attachment to the relative is the cause of ALL STRIFE IN THE WORLD TODAY! The land is not ours, the resources are not ours, people, family, children are not ours, indeed our lives are not ours. They are all God’s in our trust. We are not our culture a macro mask aka persona, we are not our religion mask/ persona, we are not our language. We are to honor all as a part of God first and foremost and put all else as secondary. No matter what our role in life we are to honor the Omnipresent God in all.



Jan Eric Prieditis

6. Say No to changes to Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

The new U.S.-Afghanistan security agreement adds restrictions on already bureaucratic rules of engagement for American troops by making Afghan dwellings virtual safe havens for the enemy, combat veterans say.

The rules of engagement place the burden on U.S. air and ground troops to confirm with certainty that a Taliban fighter is armed before they can fire — even if they are 100 percent sure the target is the enemy.

In some cases, aerial gunships have been denied permission to fire even though they reported that targets on the move were armed.

7. Stop military advances on Syria - Texas

The US government, along with the United Kingdom, are advancing a naval strikeforce and other military equipment and personnel towards Syria, in anticipation of a military engagement and this, regardless of international laws or any United Nations decree.

8. Reduce Marine Sound Pollution

Our planet's oceans have become a very noisy place. Places like New York and LA no longer compare to the noise pollution of our oceans. This increase in noise has caused many hundreds, if not thousands, of marine animals to die from stranding themselves on beaches to dieing from organ failure and bleeding in the brain.

Links for research:

9. Return My War Veteran's Home

In October of 2007 Countrywide Mortgage (now Bank of America) sold James Harris's home out from under him using dummy lawyers to hide the paperwork. He was current on his payments and had papers served at his door giving him three days to move out of his home. He immediately filed a complaint, a Grand Jury was held, a court case ensued, and assurances were made to him by individuals from the AG's office that he would get his home back free and clear of the mortgage plus damages. The last time he heard from anyone was over three years ago.

All attempts to get information have been met with silence. He has even sent registered letters with return confirmation and doesn't get a response. This man was named after his uncle who was a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (posthumously, WWII) has served three tours in Vietnam during which he was shot in the back and received flash burns to his face. He served in Granada, Panama, and Desert Storm/Desert Shield. He served his country with bravery and honor and he deserves respect from his government and its officials. He deserves answers just as much as he deserves his home back. He deserves better than having to drive past the house that was stolen from him every day when he goes to work.

In over 15 years of knowing him this is the one and only time I've ever seen him give up on anything. Please sign this petition and show him no one is giving up on him.

10. Investigate Toxic PCB's on Canadian Warships

Canadian Navy destroyers, tankers, and destroyer escort ships built in the 1950's and 1960's contained toxic PCB's: "Any of a family of industrial compounds produced by chlorination of biphenyl, noted primarily as an environmental pollutant that accumulates in animal tissue with resultant pathogenic and teratogenic effects."

Polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB's are known to cause cancer, genetic, and neurological disorders in those exposed to them, even over a short period of time. The above mentioned warships were eventually sunk as artificial reefs after decommissioning, and divers later found high levels of PCB's emanating from them. While this poses a risk to marine, plant-life, and recreational divers, what about the 10's of thousands of Naval personnel who lived, worked, and sailed on these vessels during their 30 year life span?

Record of the discovery can be found in many news archives, this is one as an example:

Ships used as reefs contain PCBs - CBC

11. Investigate U.S. Veterans Hospital Patient, and Patient Caregiver Abuse at the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks

My husband, Lynn E. Carter and I have waited well over 2 years for a formal public apology and investigation we ask of you concerning U.S. Veterans Hospital Patient, and Patient Caregiver Abuse at the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks U.S. Veterans Hospital, Fayetteville, Arkansas, June 15, 2011, John R. Henley M.D. and Mark A. Elderle M.D. Fayetteville Arkansas U.S. Veterans Hospital Administrator DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Fayetteville Arkansas 72703-6995

Why did my husband lay on a stretcher filled with feces and urine for 5 hours at a U.S. Veterans Hospital E.R. Fayetteville Arkansas on 6-15-2011?

To this date, I have received no formal apology or reply regarding this issue from the office of President of the United States, President Obama, Vice President Biden, U.S. Veterans Administration, VA Hospital Administrators, Congressman Steve Womack Senator Mark Pryor and Senator John Boozman all have refused to open an investigation. Mark A. Elderle M.D. and John R. Henley M.D. Fayetteville Arkansas U.S. Veterans Hospital Administrators DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Fayetteville Arkansas

When we pulled up to the Emergency Room, I pulled into the drive-thru, and a male EMPLOYEE Came out and RUDELY told me I could NOT park here because it was the ambulance entrance that I would have to move my car down the hill and go in through the emergency room check in. I got back in the car, and pulled down the hill and went up the stairs and went to the check in desk. When I told the employee at the desk what was going on, he told me to pull my car BACK up the hill to where I just was because they would have to get my husband out of the car and into a wheelchair. I walked back to the car, backed up the hill to the door and they came out and put my husband in a wheel chair and wheeled him back to the check in desk. In a few minutes they came and got us and a nurse checked us in and asked us all kinds of questions about what was going on. After she was finished, they took my husband back to a room in the ER where we were for the next 5 hours. Five hours in which my husband lay in pain and his own URINE, FECES, and STENCH. When we were leaving the VA hospital, when I went to go out the door we came in, I was trying to push/force it open and the HIPPIE looking guy behind the desk (the same one who made me pull down the hill in the first place) RUDELY YELLED “Don’t do that, you’ll break the door”, “we have to push the button”, and I said to him “Then open the damn door!” So he pushed the button, the door opened, and I went and got the car and came back for my husband. I was the one who was mad, not my husband. My husband “Lynn E. Carter” was incapacitated DUE TO THE STROKE he was having and not at all mad or upset. He was barely conscious… We then drove to Fort Smith AR (because of MY decision, not his) to Sparks Regional Medical Center where my husband, Lynn E. Carter was hospitalized, and treated with human dignity. But because of the critical time lost (wasted) at the VA hospital – there was not much medically they could do by the time we got there except to make sure he was stable. This was time lost in a possible life/death situation. We are honest law abiding Christian, United States citizens. We Vote, we pay our taxes on time every year and we also contribute to charities. How can our country allow this to happen? June 15, 2011 was a night of PURE LIVING HELL FOR US. My husband still suffers mental anguish due to the events of June 15, 2011 at the Veterans Hospital ER, Fayetteville Arkansas.

You send letters asking our support, donations and ask for our vote, yet you ignore us in our times of need. After over one year of waiting for an investigation into the U.S. Veterans Hospital abuse of June 15, 2011 Congressman Steve Womack and Senator Mark Pryor Senator John Boozman still have not acknowledged this issue. What about the future of fellow U.S. Veterans? Pray for fellow U.S. Veterans and U.S. Veterans Hospital cases which go unreported.

12. Approval To Re-Enlist in the Armed Forces

My discharge was inaccurate and imprecise, because during the time I was in DEP, I wasn’t smoking at all. I was enlisted into The United States Navy on August 20, 2009 and I shipped off October 28, 2009. In the middle of June, when I decided that the Navy was something I wanted to do I knew it was time to commit myself solely to it.

I was a very heavy smoker, not because I loved it, but it took my mind away from my unhealthy surroundings (Memphis, Tn) and instability. When I spoke with the recruiter and she said, “The Navy has a ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ with drugs, I knew it was time to handle business. I PROMISE I gave up the smoking and got a pharmaceutical government job at McKesson. I had to take a drug test in August with Select Staffing, in Memphis, Tn, to obtain the job. I passed it with flying colors. Also, I took numerous of drug tests with my recruiter and passed each one. Then, took two urinalysis exams for MEPS; once while getting my examination and the other before I shipped off. I don’t understand how I failed! Plus if there was still THC in my system it wasn’t from smoking while enlisting nor while in DEP. It came from being a heavy smoker before I decided to join the Navy.

It is scientifically proven that the length of time it takes to remove THC completely from your body depends on the amount that you consume each day. I was a Heavy Smoker, smoking a plethora of grams a day or every other day. The length of time varies, due to different smokers and different bodies. It also proves, that if you are a heavy smoker, it could take anywhere from two months to seven months. Maybe Even More! The marijuana that was used before considering the Navy enlistment shouldn’t be used against me, for I wasn’t a product of the NAVY until August 20, 2009. The day that I signed myself over should’ve been the THC considering factor. I was in DEP for two months, and once again, I Did Not Smoke. If it takes almost 2 months to 7 months or more to remove a heavy smokers THC, why didn’t the Navy check the levels of THC before enlisting and when we arrived for Training.

I was constantly passing all of my drug tests from my recruiter, MEPS, and my job. If I would have known that it took longer for THC to leave my system and the urinalysis given to me everywhere else didn’t mean anything, I would’ve waited and tried to check my THC levels. Passing every drug test prior to shipping off really gave me confidence that I was THC free and I was done with weed. I even tried to fight my case in Training. I was willing to do anything to stay. I agreed to drug test, appearing before the board, and I even requested to respectfully to appear before the Captain. The most important thing to me was appearing before the Captain, so he would understand how sincere and passionate I was about returning back to my division. I felt I was falsely accused of drug abuse and my THC level.

I’ve sent a DD293 before in 2010 and this is my second time submitting one. I never received a letter or email stating if I was denied or approved of the code & narrative reason change. I’m not going to give up and I will keep sending paperwork until I get a response. I know it’s almost been three years since I was discharged, so I’m mailing and faxing this before you may say it’s too late. I’m clean as a whistle and if I was to be drug tested right now, it would show up as 0% THC. Everyone deserves a second chance!

13. Tests For Persian Gulf Illness Veterans

Do you care about veterans and would like to help many in some small way?

Signing this petition is that WAY you can do just that!
New tests PROVE injury to Persian Gulf Illness Veterans.

A brain scan reported Sep 15 2011 to show brain injury in PGI Vets. A SKY blood test shows chromosome damage in PGI Vets. Yet the CDC which VA follows, has now limited how many symptoms PGI Vets are actually related to PG Illness.

You can go to the website link and see many articles or videos about this subject. Please do! You can show some support and encouragement for PGI Vets that visit that page also! Please do! It is visited by PGI Vets globally.

So with the new tests available, PGI Vets can have their injury rated for compensation and move for treatment research for such injury. Any money now given for research to PGI is only going to be on what symptoms are being recognized as related to PGI.

This is why PGI Vets should have the new tests done. Please sign this petition and share with others to tell the legislature to pass a law for PGI Vets to be tested with the new tests. Thank you for your support! PLEASE share this petition with others!

14. Help Make Asheville, NC A Tricare Prime Service Area Again

In April of 2011, The North Region of Tricare, which is the US Military Medical Insurance, redid their contract with Healthnet Federal Services, the contractor for the North Region.

With this contract revision came some very disturbing changes that need to be adjusted such as ripping the Tricare Prime Service Option out of the Asheville, NC Area.

Please sign this petition to fight to bring it back to this area asap as there is an extensive ammout of military retirees, and guard & reserve members in this area that are being affected by this unfair change.

The change that was brought forward by the April 2011 contract was that they were wiping away all NC Tricare Prime areas accept for a 50 mile radius of the NC Military Instalitations. This is totally unfair. Please sign this petition.

15. STOP Veteran Benefit CUTS


Go to: STOP Veteran Benefit CUTS and like the page please!!! Everyone atleast knows 1 Veteran, some way or some how. They are your Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Best Friends, Neighbors, Classmates, or Co-Workers!




16. Help Indiana Vets


Many veterans are not willing to come forward in person to describe how they are treated by the very organizations charged with the responsibility of taking care of our Indiana Veterans.

17. Request for Combined Service Medal

Soldiers receive a good conduct and long service medal after 22 years of service, the police, fire service all have their equivalent, however what happens to someone who serves 22 years or more in a combination of these services ? They are awarded nothing.

Should there not be a combined service medal available to those that carry out their duties with a good record for 22 years are more ? I think they should be rewarded like all the others....

18. Support The Armed Forces By Introducing The Military Covenant into Law

The Military Covenant was written 400 years ago, its is a mutual obligation between society, government an the Armed forces.

It recognises that the Armed forces may make many sacrifices including the Ultimate one.

In recent years we have seen several instances where if the Military covenant was in law it would of stopped national outrage, i.e Luton 2008 & Barking 2009 Islamic Extremists protest an abuse soldiers, 2010 Poppies burnt on Armistice day.

It would hold to Government responsible for providing the care that many ex-service people need, whether that be physical or otherwise. It could also be used to tackle crimes such as defacing war memorials, which sadly seems to be on the increase.

There has been increased media coverage of the military covenant as the government has been accused of failing to meet it; this criticism came from not just the media, but also several previous Chiefs of the Defence Staff said the government needed to do more to help support injured troops and their families.

Further information can be obtained from;

19. Support Veteran Educational Benefits (Post 9/11)

There are many veterans who are having issues with their Educational Benefits & it has become so overwhelming, especially during a time where unemployment rates are high & that alone clearly creates an unstable economy.

Myself & others have been responding on FaceBook about issues with our educational benefits & the hardships we face. The main issue has been communication between Veterans & VA representatives. There really is no excuse why VA has not kept an open dialog with Veterans. Veterans coming home from war has been treated unfairly, & till this day, they still haven't gotten it right.

Veterans should not overwhelmed about how they are going to support the very families who have also sacrificed. They should not be left waiting on the phones, standing in long lines at the VA offices, given 20 pages of different websites to find a job & then when you get on the site, It takes an hour to search what you're looking for, & then find out all the red tape you have to go through just to see if you qualify.

Honestly, I say its time to speak out. Please read the facebook stories from Veterans. Contact the VA representatives who have also heard from other Veterans about their concerns. Let them tell you how overwhelmed they have been.

20. Encourage Commanding Officer Wayne Keble to learn to love sprouts

In 2009 the Commanding Officer of HMS Bulwark Wayne Keble OBE, declared that Brussels Sprouts were the 'Devil's vegetable.' The poor sprout was allegedly banned from the Captain's Table.

This petition seeks to encourage, persuade and convince the Commanding Officer that he should try and embrace this humble vegetable. For too long the sprout has been the object of vilification - it is high time it was given an opportunity to show its true worth.

21. Bring Home 13 American Heroes

After more than 200 years of internment on foreign soil and US government indifference, it's time for the American people to bring home 13 heroes from America's first foreign conflict, a fight that goes on to this day for freedom of the seas. In 1801, the United States went to war to stop pirate attacks on its ships in the Mediterranean.

The war went on for three years, when, on Sept. 4, 1804, Master Commandant Richard Somers and 12 others attempted to execute the second-ever commando raid on foreign soil. The raid ended in disaster as Somers' vessel, the first USS Intrepid in the US Navy, exploded, killing all on board. The bodies of Somers and his crew floated ashore the next day and remain buried in an unkempt cemetery and an unmarked common grave to this day in Tripoli.

Starting in 2006, the descendants of the sailors attempted to bring home the remains of these brave men. Our own government continues to thwart these efforts.

This MUST change.

22. Lift the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Ban

As a proud gay veteran, I was discharged from the United States Army based on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for openly admitting that I was indeed a homosexual. People say that they believe in equal rights for everyone. But why is it that a homosexual man or woman has the most unequal rights.

If a homosexual male or female were to apply for the same business position as a heterosexual male or female 9 out of 10 times, the heterosexual will get the position applied for just becasue the heterosexual population in this country wants nothing to do with us. Why is it that a homosexual male or female must fight for their rights for everything we do, when you don't see heterosexuals fighting for their rights to live equally or be equally treated. As goes the same for open, homosexual, men and women of this so called "great nation", to openly serve in our armed forces both here wuthin the states as well ad overseas. Did you know that less than 1% of the American population ever joins the military.

We need to quit stereotyping the homosexual males and females, that are so willingly ready to lay down their lives for this country at a moments notice, and support them as they openly serve the United States of America. If you won't stand behind them, then feel free to stand in front of them. It says in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, and I quote verbatim,

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness..."

It says "...that all men are created equal...". It doesn't say "that all STRAIGHT / HETEROSEXUAL men are created equal.". It says "... that ALL men...". What part of "...ALL men..." didn't they understand? My biggest question is who says my choice of lifestyle is wrong? Who says that a man can only be with a woman and not another man and vice versa? This is America and I will pursue my "unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." That's they way we do it! HOOAH!

23. Allow Women in Direct Combat

Everyone was born equal but there has always been a gender split. Sexism just like racism should be abolished, but this has to start with the Government taking significant action.

Women are currently unable to join Royal Marines (General Service), Household Cavalry, Royal Armoured Corps, Infantry or the RAF Regiment. If women can carry the same load, do the same work and pass the same tests then what is wrong with them serving with men?

24. Change Arlington Cemetery Burial Honors (Enlisted vs. Officer)

Arlington National Cemetery Burial Honors (Enlisted vs. Officer)

The difference between a Full and Standard Honor Funeral is dramatic, however, unless you have worked at Arlington, you would never know the difference. In fact, the only way an Enlisted Service Member can receive a Full Honor Funeral is to be a Medal of Honor Recipient, which are usually awarded well after burial, meaning a Enlisted Medal of Honor Recipient wouldn’t receive Full Honors at time of burial.

Basically, a Full Honors at Arlington consists of a Horse Drawn Caisson transfer from Chapel to gravesite, 8 pallbearers, Army Band, 1-2 escort marching Platoons, Cannon Salutes for General Officers, “Cap Rider-less Horse(0-6 and above), firing party, bugler and a Chaplin. A Standard Honors Funeral consists of a hearse transfer, 6 pallbearers, firing party, bugler, and a Chaplin. Another misconception is that E-9’s receive Full Honors as stated in Army Regulation 600-25, however, they don’t, in addition to the Standard Honors rendered above, they get the Caisson, 1 escort marching platoon, and a drummer, which contradicts what Army Regulation 600-25 states they will receive the band.

I might add, the above Special Officer Honors rendered at Arlington, are not offered at any other National Cemetery in the United States. I feel Arlington Honors should mirror the rest of the National Cemeteries.

For the last year, I have addressed this with the President, multiple Congressman and Senators, multiple Veteran Organizations of which I am a member of, and Army Offices in Washington D.C., but have received little to no response back. The ANC Superintendent sent me a response stating that he agreed with my position, however, he believed changes would be difficult to implement. I have talked to numerous Senior Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers as well who support this and are addressing this in their own direction.

The bottom line is this, a 2nd Lieutenant can die in a car accident 2 days after graduating Officer Candidate School and get a Full Honor Funeral, while a Master Sergeant in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corp, or Navy with 22 years of Service can die in Combat in Afghanistan or Iraq, receive a Silver Star for Valor, and receive a Standard Honor Funeral. This is flat out disgraceful. In a place our Nation considers to be the most hallowed ground in America, a place that demands our respect, I think this issue deserves to be looked at. Honors rendered should be equal, based off actions, not just rank. A panel should decide official criteria for Honors rendered based off individual careers, and circumstances of death, not just by rank. I think the Funerals should be like the Tomb Stones in Arlington, all the same. At a minimum, all Active Duty Soldiers’ killed in Combat should receive a Full Honor Funeral.

Official criteria needs to be re-looked at is the bottom line, this disgraceful discrepancy has been passed over as “customs and courtesies” too long.

Anyone wishing to assist my efforts please sign this petition which I will be submitting to applicable parties in Washington D.C., so please forward this to all Veterans you know asap. The only way this will be changed is through legislation, so please contact your Representatives'.

SFC Robert Allen Durbin
Taji, Iraq

25. Make JROTC/ROTC signatures on

I have sent a request to the owner of to begin to make signatures for ROTC/JROTC. Here is my original request as well as the next two emails.

From Me "If you don't mind, I would really appreciate it if you were to make a ROTC/JROTC section. That would really make me happy!"


That's not a bad idea. Aren't the rank different or something for ROTC? I'm not real sure..


Jay Guardia

From me: "The Ranks vary once you reach the officer ranks. And the Awards very a lot.
View full size
those are the ranks and the awards can be found on
View full size
These are for Air force which can also be found at
View full size
these are for navy which can also be found at
The Army JROTC awards can be found at
Most of the Marine JROTC awards can be found at

This is all I know as far as awards outside of Army JROTC.
Thanks for listening,
(This post does not include the pictures I sent with the email.)

It is obvious that he is considering my request, however I would like to show him that I am not the only one who wants this.

26. Citizens against OLF

Citizens Against OLF is an organization dedicated to stopping the Navy from building an OLF (outlying landing field) in northeastern North Carolina.

Why is the OLF bad for Gates County?

- damage to property values
- loss of money already spent by taxpayers to preserve native habitat

- extremly loud jets flying over night
- land taken away
- hunting and fishing threatened
- the OLF will detract from our natural beauty

- bald eagle threatened
- wetlands destroyed
- The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge harmed
- fish and hunting game driven away

- wetlands destroyed, which are natural barriers to flooding caused by major storms and hurricanes


See our website on how you can help and for more information:

27. Save the Obudsman and Keep The Peace In The Navy

Do you know that we are about to lose one of the best ombudsman we ever had. She has gone far and beyond what her duties were. She went out of her way to make sure every person was happy, down to the last fraction.

Even on her days off and her breaks every second she could get she helped us out. Doing anything and everything just to help us out, even with the smallest of things. Plus she would never let bad things be said about anyone, when a rumor started she stopped it right then and there, she made sure everyone was happy and getting along.

Now all I'm asking you to do is sign this petition and make sure we keep the best ombudsman we ever had. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition.

28. Restore the Royal designation to the Canadian navy and Canadian air force

We, the undersigned veterans, citizens and residents of Canada, and loyal subjects of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, draw the attention of the Minister of National Defence to the following:

WHEREAS the Senate of Canada passed a motion on December 14, 2010, encouraging "the Minister of National Defence to change the official structural name of ‘Maritime Command’ to a new name that includes the word ‘Navy’.";

WHEREAS the Naval Service Act received Royal Assent on May 4, 1910, and the Canadian navy commemorated its centennial in 2010;

AND WHEREAS the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) was the navy of Canada until 1968 when the three Canadian armed services were unified to form the Canadian Forces, and the modern Canadian navy has been known as Canadian Forces Maritime Command since unification, but still refers to itself unofficially as the "navy" and maintains many RCN traditions;

AND WHEREAS Command-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces is vested in the Canadian Monarch and ships of the Canadian Forces continue to be called "Her/His Majesty's Canadian Ship";

AND WHEREAS it is currently improper to use the expression "Royal Canadian Navy" and its abbreviation "RCN" in references to the Canadian navy after February 1, 1968;

AND WHEREAS the Royal designation of the Canadian Navy was executed by a Royal Proclamation which has never been revoked, and that the Canadian Government and the Canadian Forces are required to resume usage of the expression “Royal Canadian Navy”, if the expression “Canadian Navy” is used in any official capacity;

AND WHEREAS the above also pertains to the "Royal Canadian Air Force" and its abbreviation "RCAF" in references to the Canadian air force after unification, which has been known as Canadian Forces Air Command since September 2, 1975, but still refers to itself unofficially as the "air force" and maintains many RCAF traditions;

AND WHEREAS notwithstanding the National Defence Act, which states that "The Canadian Forces are the armed forces of Her Majesty raised by Canada and consist of one Service called the Canadian Armed Forces", separate service uniforms were reintroduced in 1986, separate service chiefs were reinstated and returned to National Defence Headquarters in 1997, separate service websites were officially established and references to the separate services are now commonplace throughout the increasingly tri-service Canadian Forces, all of which have been accommodated without in any way compromising the unified command structure, integrated nature or corporate unity of the Canadian Forces;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of the Royal designation as it pertains to the "Canadian Navy" and "Canadian Air Force" could be facilitated without in any way undermining the unity of the Canadian Forces acting as a single organization under a unified command structure, and without in any way compromising the integration of military operations, logistics support, personnel and administration of the separate services acting together under the current functional command system, which was the intent of Bill C-243, The Canadian Forces Reorganization Act, which we the petitioners strongly support;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of such Royal designations could be facilitated without in any way replacing Canadian Forces Maritime Command and Canadian Forces Air Command, whose Chiefs of Staff would continue to exercise nominal command over the navy and air force respectively;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of such Royal designations could be efficiently accomplished and executed without material cost to Canadian taxpayers;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of such Royal designations would restore the traditional esprit de corps of the navy and air force, just as continued usage of the Royal designation of longstanding regular force and reserve regiments has preserved the traditional esprit de corps of the army, and just as continued usage of the Royal designation of the longstanding Royal Canadian Mounted Police has preserved the traditional esprit de corps of Canada's federal constabulary force;

En français:

Nous soussignés(es), les vétérans, citoyens et résidants du Canada ainsi que les loyaux sujets de Sa Majesté la Reine du Canada, désirons attirer l'attention de la Chambre sur ce qui suit :


que le Sénat du Canada a adopté une motion sur Décembre 14, 2010, encourageant "le ministre de la Défense nationale pour changer le nom officiel de construction» du Commandement maritime à un nouveau nom qui inclut le mot «Marine» . ";

que la Loi du Service Naval a reçu la Sanction royale le 4 mai 1910, et la marine canadienne a célébré son centenaire en 2010;

que la Marine Royale Canadienne (MRC) était la marine du Canada jusqu'en 1968 où les trois Forces armées canadiennes ont été unifiées pour former les Forces canadiennes;

que la Marine canadienne moderne a été nommée « Forces canadienne Commandement maritime » depuis l'unification, mais se rapporte toujours officieusement à elle-même en tant que « Marine canadienne » et qu’elle maintient beaucoup de traditions de la MRC ;

que le commandement des Forces canadiennes est investi dans le monarque et les navires des Forces canadiennes continuent à s'appeler « Navire Canadien de Sa Majesté »;

qu’il est actuellement inexact d'employer l'expression « Marine Royale Canadienne » et son abréviation « MRC » dans les références à la Marine canadienne depuis le 1er février 1968;

que la désignation « royale » de la Marine canadienne a été instaurée par une proclamation royale qui n'a jamais été révoquée et que le gouvernement du Canada et les Forces canadiennes sont obligées de reprendre l'utilisation de l'expression « Marine Royale Canadienne » si l'expression « Marine canadienne » est employée dans sa qualité officielle;

que ce qui précède concerne également l’ « Aviation Royale du Canada » et son abréviation « ARC », qui s’appelle « Forces canadienne Commandement aérien » depuis le 2ieme septembre 1975;

que malgré la Loi sur la Défense Nationale , qui déclare que « les Forces canadiennes sont les forces armées de Sa Majesté levées par le Canada [et] constituent un service intégré appelé ‘‘Forces armées canadiennes’’ », des uniformes séparés ont été réintroduits en 1986 et que des chefs de services séparés ont été rétablis et sont retournés au siège social de la Défense Nationale en 1997. De plus des sites Web séparés des services ont été officiellement mis en ligne et les références aux services séparés sont maintenant une banalité dans toutes les Forces canadiennes de plus en plus tri-service ayant été ainsi adaptées sans compromettre a structure unifiée de commandement, la nature intégrée ou l'unité de corporation des Forces canadiennes;

que réinstaurer la désignation royale appartenant à la « Marine canadienne » et la « Force aérienne canadienne » pourrait être fait sans miner l'unité des Forces canadiennes en tant qu'organisation simple sous une structure unifiée de commande et sans compromettre l'intégration des opérations, de l'appui de logistique, du personnel militaire et de l'administration des services séparés tels que voulus par le Bill C-243, Loi sur la Réorganisation des Forces canadiennes que nous, pétitionnaires soutenons fortement;

que la réinstauration de l'utilisation de telles désignations royales pourrait être effectuée sans remplacer les Force canadiennes Commandement Maritime et les Forces canadiennes Commandement Aérien, dont les chefs du personnel continueraient à exercer le commandement nominal;

que la réinstauration de l'utilisation de telles désignations royales pourrait être efficacement accomplie et exécutée sans coût pour les contribuables canadiens;

et que la réinstauration de l'utilisation de telles désignations royales reconstituerait l’esprit de corps traditionnel de la Marine et de la Force aérienne, tout comme son usage continu l’a préservé pour les régiments réguliers et de réserve de l'armée et tout comme c’est le cas pour la Gendarmerie royale du Canada, la police fédérale du Canada;

29. Amend Lautenberg Act Amendment

April 24, 2007

This petition is electronically signed and submitted to Congress by the people of the United States Of America.

Later Started in December 2005 but failed and petition was closed due to lack of signatures.

Rewritten By Eric R. Clark of Fort Worth Texas, to include not a Repeal of Act

The Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban (1996) was an amendment to the Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act of 1997 which was passed by the 104th US Congress in the Fall of 1996. Officially known as 'Gun Ban for Individuals Convicted of a Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence' -- 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(9)'[1], 'Public Law 104-208'[2] and is often referred to as the Lautenberg Amendment after its sponsor, Frank Lautenberg.

The Lautenberg Act conflicts with State Laws that are in effect that do not impose a statute under federal law, and or state laws preventing persons from owning a firearm, ammunition, or possessing of such items.

In Example: A person convicted of Domestic Violene in Texas is charged with and convicted of a Misdemeanor Charge Class A. A person convicted of Domestic Violence in very few other states Domestic Violence is charged as a felony.

In all states a violation of a protective order, as well as any other act of Domestic Violence while a protective order is in place is Considered a Felony and the Charges that were initially filed will automatically become a felony charge of Domestic Violence.

The Lautenberg Amendment and or Act does not specify to whether or not a Felony Conviction of Domestic Violence whether by plea, or by Deferred Adjudication or a Misdemeanor Charge of Domestic Violence should fall under the act.

The Lautenberg Amendment excludes all persons convicted of any type of Domestic Violence, or the Subject of a Magistrates Protective order from owning or possessing any type of Firearm, Ammunition, and or other types of weapons that involve a projectile device.

30. Bring British Forces Home from Iraq

This petion is raised on behalf of the families of those who are serving and have served in Iraq. It is to voice our oposition to our troops being deployed on an operation, which under the surface, does not comply fully with the oath they have taken. The soldiers joined up to defend their country and keep the peace, not to invade other countries on behalf of President Bush.