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1. Damand Funding for Rochester's VOC!

Since the end of the Vietnam war, the United States has had a completely volunteer military to protect the well-being, best interest and freedom of Americans. Coming home from a war-torn area however, is difficult to adjust to and many return with physical and mental disabilities that impair their ability to find jobs and housing. Though the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester has provided aid to vets and their families in the area since 1973, it has recently received news that $2.1 million will be cut from federal funding. THIS IS NOT OKAY. They served us, now it is our time to serve them!

2. I support the Robley Rex Replacement Hospital being located at the donated fifty acre Radcliff site in the pastoral setting of serene rolling hills

Printed in the News Enterprise, Sunday, February 19, 2017
Congressman Brett Guthrie was in Hardin County, stopped by my office
February 9 to discuss the location of the replacement for Robley Rex Veterans Hospital. During our conversation, it became obvious Radcliff’s offer of free land and the community’s questioning of the selection process for choosing a site for the hospital had gained attention at his level. My initial discussion with Guthrie was centered on the flawed process by the various Offices of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction. There is an obvious culture of waste, abuse, lack of accountability, and absence of responsibility in the VA hospital cost overruns that have recently been reported.
The OALC’s are supposed to be the watchdogs to insure the taxpayer’s dollars are spent wisely. In the following documented cases, the OALC’s have failed miserably without consequences: $350 million overrun in Orlando; $260 million overrun in Las Vegas; and a $370 million overrun in New Orleans. These three overruns -$980 million - are collectively more than the proposed cost of the
Robley Rex Replacement Hospital.
Additionally, the reported cost overrun for the Aurora, Colorado, Veterans Hospital is over $1 billion. When these cost overruns were approaching $500 million in September 2011 and were reported by a contract specialist to the OALC, the contract specialist was fired by the executive director of the AOLC. When these figures were approaching
$1 Billion, the executive director of the OALC was allowed to resign without
consequences, and reportedly, he was given a $50,000 bonus.
Ultimately, the people who will suffer from this lack of accountability and absence of oversight in these four example of waste, abuse, neglect and probably fraud, are the veterans who will lose two hospitals which equates to $2 billion toward the cost of potential care.
Representative Guthrie and I then turned our attention to the Robley Rex replacement hospital and the purchase of the Brownsboro Road site. The purchase was in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act, which
requires that an environmental impact statement be completed before land for a federal project is purchased.
The Louisville Veterans Administration Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction purchased the Brownsboro Road site on July 10, 2012; the draft EIS, a 527 page document, was published in October 2016, more thanfour years after the land purchase.
The EIS is a means of assessing a site purchase, not justifying a purchase already made. The Louisville VA is awaiting the final EIS before making their final decision. The questionable activity of the Louisville Veterans Administration OALC does not end here. The purchase is replete with questionable activity and decision making.
The Brownsboro Road site was purchased by Blue-Finley-Blue Properties, LLC on May 27, 2004 for $4,963,510.00. The property laterwas appraised for VA purchase at $9.8 million; it was reappraised, by the same appraiser, 14 months later at $12.9 million, and it was purchased for the higher appraised price by the Louisville Veterans Administration OALC on July 10, 2014.
I have spoken to hundreds of veterans about this purchase, and we find serious fault with this transaction. We suspect fraud, waste and abuse. We doubt that this purchase had anything to do with a more convenient and accessible veterans hospital for veterans. Apparently, our doubt and concern has been unsubstantiated by the Veterans Administration Inspector General (IG) who conducted an investigation into this purchase. In September 2015, the Inspector General’s office issued their report, which concluded the Louisville Veterans Administration OALC may have overpaid more than $3 million for the property.
It is extremely disappointing to us veterans that the OALC rebutted the IG report by writing more than 20 pages of bureaucratic verbiage, and the office suffered no consequences for their actions. What is also of serious concern to us veterans and should be of serious concern to every tax payer and patriot who wants proper treatment for veterans, is that the OALC culture of cost overruns has already started at the Brownsboro road site. The $3 million overpayment is not the only part of the site purchase that is surrounded by controversy. A significant component of the environment impact statement is community support. If the EIS had complied with the National Environmental Policy Act, the Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction would have known that residents of the city of Crossgate, the residential area that surrounds the site, strongly objected to the location. OALC would have known that the residents were concerned about the negative impact on property values because of the
proximity of tall buildings. They would have known that future expansion to the minimum 34.5 acre site was a serious threat to the neighborhood and they would have known about neighborhood traffic concerns. The most significant component of where to build the veteran’s hospital should have been the veteran. However, we somehow were lost in the process. When the new VA Hospital site was announced in 2012 by the hospital search committee, the following two quotes from WAVE 3 News accompanied the announcement.
“The size, the location, the utility available, the cost of construction, it was just a perfect site.” Any veteran served by the VA would never have endorsed that comment. Another quote: “that is why the panel of hospital leaders chose the Brownsboro site over nearly two dozen others.” A panel of veterans who use the hospital would never have chosen the Brownsboro site. Veterans south of Jefferson County who travel Interstate 65 for appointments, would have never
agreed to add the Waterson Expressway to that equation. These decisions were not made for the veteran. It is disingenuous when anyone, political or
bureaucrat, praises the men and women who so bravely served our country with accolades about the quality healthcare they deserve and then congratulate this site selection in the same breath. This site selection reeks of a lack of genuine concern for veterans. Don’t praise the veteran with words: reward the veteran with action. With the historic $3 million appreciation value of the Brownsboro site in just 14 months, imagine what the site is worth now. Sell the site, make a profit for the VA, accept the free Radcliff site of 50 acres and build
a hospital in a quiet, serene location where all veterans have been welcomed since World War I. I have a scheduled appointment with the Director of the RobleyRex VA Medical Center and I will personally deliver the unsolicited Proposal to him. With the help of Representative Guthrie, I plan to take our message to Representative Phil Roe, Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee. Also with Guthrie’s help, I plan to take our message and an unsolicited proposal to the new secretary of Veterans Affairs shortly after he is confirmed. Residentsof Hardin County and the surrounding area can have a significant impact on the location of the VA hospital. Please sign your name added to the list of supporters. Building the VA Hospital in Radcliff actually
could happen, but we need your help to have a fighting chance.

3. Tiny Homes (Built out of shipping containers and/or on wheels) should be legal, when built to code and when on their OWN lot!

The Elderly and Veterans get evicted from trailer parks whenever trailer parks sell out to condo developers. This practice more often than not leads both Elderly and Veterans groups to become Homeless and it (sometimes) even leads some of them to Suicide.

Municipalities currently REFUSE to issue Building permits for Tiny Homes due to fact later are on wheels and hence not taxable. When approached and told we'd put these on their respective foundation, Municipalities told us Tiny Homes Villages would be a breeding ground for Crime.

The CRIME here is allowing the Elderly and Veterans to become Homeless instead of coming to their rescue by providing them affordable, clean, safe, and autonomous dwelling, via the building of off-the-grid Tiny Homes.

This outlook needs to change and Municipalities SHOULD be made to respect the Affordable Housing Act by ALLOWING the building of Tiny Homes on their own respective land lot and/or in a Tiny Homes Village Setting, to maintain the Elderly and the Veterans' Communities intact, much as possible; having been evicted from their home surely being traumatic enough an experience.

Further adding weight to this petition is fact minimum wage earners CANNOT afford current rental fees for an apartment (in Ottawa, at the time and date of this writing). So we add these people as well in this petition because NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BECOME HOMELESS. Not when plausible, affordable solutions exist.

Greed has had Its time and we've all had more than enough of It!

4. Save American History: Keep the Confederate Monument in Forest Park

Here lately there has been a non stop attack on Veteran Monuments and American History. Our history is watered down in the classrooms to our kids, leaving them with little understanding of our history and even less understanding of how our country is supposed to work. With the ongoing removal of Confederate Monuments we are not only disgracing our veterans but deleting history. This can not continue, where does it stop; are Asian American's going to ask for the removal of Pearl Harbor Monuments, are we going to remove the Lincoln Memorial, are Native American's going to call for the removal of the American flag because it represents the people that stole their land and slaughtered their people. We can not change history it must be put out and embraced in order to prevent from making the same mistakes. This is not an issue on race the Civil War was an issue on the states right to govern themselves. We can't change that slavery was here in America but we can change the current path that will only lead to the complete deletion of our history. Be part of the lll% stand up and make it known that true American Patriots will not stand by and allow the continued assault on our history.

5. Save Location of Veterans Assistance and Services

320 East Friendly Avenue Greensboro NC has become a landmark for veterans needing assistance with compensation, health, housing, food and much m0re. Disable Veterans volunteer their time assisting others in need. Giving back to the community what has been given and has helped them.

The location is in danger of being closed because of the lease not being renewed, and the facility being turn into a storage area. Where are the veterans to go? Why take something that is bringing almost a million dollars of revenue into the Greensboro community? Why take away something that has helped over two thousand veterans in less than two years by changing their lives one veteran at a time? Accessibility to the facility, care of the each veteran with patience and knowledge, and comradery of service members needs to be sustained and preserved.

Please help us save what is beneficial not just for those we help, but for those with PTSD who what society say are not able to work with what they call "normal". Volunteering to help their comrades brings them joy and keeps them grounded.

6. Texans for HB 3002 Disabled Veterans

HB 3002 helps severely disabled Texas veterans with a VA rating of 80% and 90% who currently today only receive $290 annual property tax relief to receive property tax exemption on their homestead at a percentage equal to their VA disability rating percentage. This will help over 58,ooo disabled veterans in Texas who need the most help with property tax relief. Time is critical and action needs to take place now. Thank you or supporting our disabled veterans HB 3002.

7. STOP foreign affairs department removing the word "mateship" from a Kokoda memorial.

The Kokoda Trail is a sacred military site and there is no place for Political Correctness.
One of the most brutal conflicts in Australian war history, the Kokoda Campaign was a powerful victory that directly saved Australia from the threat of Japanese occupation.

Mateship is often associated with Australia's diggers in World War I.
It is a term that conjures images of young men providing unconditional support for one another amid the toughest of conditions.

The memorial is comprised of four black marble obelisks engraved with the words “courage, endurance, mateship, sacrifice”.

I can tell you from experience...that that Digger Mentality stills flows within the 3 services of the ADF now, and to have some people who have never served a day in their life's think that changing Mateship to Friendship means the same thing then they are delusional.

8. The right for Veterans who have an honorable discharge to be able to shop at the Exchange and Commissary

We don't think that it is right that we have served our Country and just because we didn't retire from the military that we don't have rights to the Exchange or the Commissary.

If a Veteran has an Honorable Discharge they should be able to still have those privileges.

9. For Dennis. Let Veterans get Veterans Day off of work

After speaking with my friend this morning, it was brought to my attention that not all veterans get Veterans Day off of work. I find this completely unacceptable and I would like your help.

Please sign this petition and share it if you believe that ALL veterans deserve to have Veterans day off, regardless of their place of employment, to reflect on their duty to our country.

10. Help Our Veterans Get Employed

The Goal: To request companies and business owners give to more precedence to military veterans and military retirees during the hiring process and to request the government to come up with an effective employment program for our veterans to assist them as they transition into the workforce.

The Issue: A number of our military vets have put their lives on the line while spending many years being thousands of miles from their family members and working in dangerous and hostile places. Unfortunately, many of our service members are subjected to massive government cutbacks and quite a few of them were given pink slips before they left the field in Afghanistan. Many families have struggled with the transition and have been left devastated with the sudden loss of employment.

11. Stop Forced Veteran Enlistment Repayments!

It has recently been reported that members of the California National Guard are being required by the Pentagon to repay enlistment bonuses and other financial incentives given them upon enlistment a decade after serving their state and country in Afghanistan and Iraq. After conducting audits, the Pentagon has determined that the California National Guard payed enlistees more than was approved, and is now requiring soldiers to make restitution. These are men and women who VOLUNTEERED to serve their country, who enlisted in good faith, and who completed their tours of duty.

If overpayments occurred, as has been alleged by the Pentagon, the fault lies not with the individual soldiers, but with the California National Guard, a military force organic to, and under the command of, the State and Governor of California. The State of California is the entity that authorized payment of large enlistment incentives in order to fill dwindling ranks; therefore, the State of California and the California National Guard are the parties responsible to make restitution - not the soldiers who enlisted in good faith. Driving soldiers into bankruptcy to repay funds they accepted in good faith and who fulfilled their service obligations is morally and ethically abhorrent.

12. Help support our Veterans by stopping this mockery! (NO REPAYMENT OF BONUSES EARNED)

This is the news that I woke up to this morning.
"Nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers have been ordered to repay huge enlistment bonuses a decade after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan."
"The Pentagon is demanding the money back after audits revealed overpayments by the California Guard under pressure to fill ranks and hit enlistment goals. If soldiers refuse, they could face interest charges, wage garnishments."

This is is not only horrible, it's flat out wrong. It is not the people's job to know how much money the government has to spend on bonuses or anything for that matter.That is the government's job. Would you go to to a welfare recipient ten years down the line asking them to repay the money that was given to them? Hell no you wouldn't and you certainly shouldn't.

13. Support Veterans with TBI and TBS who should not be called "DERANGED" by the Media

Approximately two (2) weeks ago, on a CNN segment hosted by Poppy Harlow a panel of so-called experts were discussing the shooting death of Mr. Keith Lamont Scott shot and killed by Charlotte, NC Police. One of the experts was a legal analyst named Paul Callan. The point was brought out by either the Host Poppy Harlow or someone on the Panel, that Mr. Scott's wife could be heard on the video which had just been released by the Police saying to the police "he won't hurt you he has "TBI" and he just took his medicine"! As they went around the panel getting their comments as to how the police handled the situation, Paul Callan said: "Poppy the larger question as far as I'm concerned, is how does a "DERANGED" individual get a gun"? He went directly from TBI to "DERANGED"! Poppy Harlow nor anyone else on the panel corrected him! No one! Now more than any other time with the high rate of suicide, this issue must be understood! Anyone who suffers from PTSD or TBI , Military or not should be respected! They are NOT "D-E-R-A-N-G-E-D"!


14. Let Disabled Veterans Continue to Serve in the Military

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all major businesses and corporations to hire people with disabilities. This applies to most government agencies as well, with one glaring exception—the U.S. military, which is not required to comply with the ADA.

Currently if you are wounded in combat, or for that matter, on the job on any military base while serving, the only way you can remain in the military is if you heal completely from your wounds and can continue to do the job you were trained to do. There are a few soldiers who were disabled in combat who are still serving, but the numbers are few and those lucky ones were chosen on a case by case basis. We’d like to see a policy change that will insure a path of rehabilitation and retraining, if necessary, for some wounded and disabled soldiers, so many of them can still have a chance at a military career and a life of dignity.

It is our belief that, once implemented, this policy change will eventually lead to a decrease of Veteran suicides, an increase in the morale among soldiers who become disabled, and add important diversity to the military that at this time is lacking in most places.

15. Review Veterans Affairs Canada Denying Family Caregiver Relief Benefit to Eligible Veterans and Families

Eligible Veterans and their primary caregivers are being denied benefits by Veterans Affairs Canada. It was 2016 when a Veteran applied for the new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit soon to realize that he and his family would not be eligible for this benefit. They were not even given the opportunity to be considered for this benefit because of conflicting policies between the old and new charters. Not only this family, but several other families are being denied these benefits as well.

Veterans who received a disability pension and received a disability award do not qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. In this case an individual must apply for the Attendance Allowance. In order to be qualified for the Attendance Allowance a Veteran must have received a disability pension (old charter) of at least 1% or more. The individual must have a physical disability which requires a need for assistance or supervision with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, feeding and medication administration. To be eligible an individual must require assistance or supervision for a least three of the conditions mentioned above. The Attendance Allowance was created solely for those with physical injuries and does not accommodate individuals with mental or cognitive conditions. So what happens to these Veterans who suffer from a mental or cognitive condition, and do not have a physical impairment. What happens to these Veterans who have a mental/cognitive condition, and a physical impairment, but the physical impairment does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Attendance Allowance. These Veterans will be denied both the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit and the Attendance Allowance. If you look at the Veterans Bill of Rights it states that a Veteran will “Be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy”. It is clear that these Veterans are not represented fairly, which questions the integrity of the "Bill" and how VAC views it.
The new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit (FCRB) provides eligible Veterans with a tax-free lump sum grant. This benefit ensures Veterans continue to get the support they need when their informal caregivers are temporarily unavailable. It allows an informal caregiver to take time off and recharge or attend to their own health and well-being, while the Veteran's needs are still being provided for in his or her absence. In order to be eligible for the FCRB an individual must have received a disability award (new charter) of at least 1% or more and not have been awarded a disability pension. The FCRB was created to provide necessary care of an individual who is in need of such support due to a physical, mental and/or cognitive condition. The FCRB is very much the same as the Attendance Allowance, however unlike the Attendance Allowance the FCRB also covers individuals who also have a cognitive and mental conditions.

for the protection, confidentiality and privacy of this Veteran we have replaced their name and rank.

In 2004 Corporal Harry had sustained a foot injury in a training accident and was awarded a disability pension under the old charter for 2%.. In 2013 Corporal Harry received a disability award for 55% under the new charter for having PTSD consequential from a special duty area. Although Harry met the eligibility requirements when he applied for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit, he was denied. Veteran Affairs Canada told Harry that he did not qualify for the FCRB because he had received a disability pension in 2004. Veterans Affairs suggested that he may apply for the Attendance Allowance but was advised that this allowance was only intended for individuals with physical impairments not mental or cognitive conditions. Harry decided to apply anyway, he thought maybe they would take special consideration in his case because he didn't qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Unfortunately he was wrong and was denied the allowance because his physical injury in 2004 was not significant enough to meet the eligibility criteria for the allowance. Due to Corporal Harrys mental and cognitive condition, him and his family would have been eligible to apply for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit if Harry not received a disability pension in 2004.

Veterans Affairs Canada certainly draws a fine line between the old charter and new charter when it comes to disability payouts and awards, so why is VAC not drawing the same line between the Attendance Allowance and Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Hypothetically speaking; if VAC has grandfathered these Veterans under the old charter for collecting Allowances, then why aren't they grandfathered for collecting disability pensions as well; The vary same pensions Veterans are Battling in court today. The policy needs to be changed to accommodate these Veterans and their families. Veterans Affairs Canada should determine which program he/she would benefit from, not deny them for both.

Veterans like Corporal Harry who are involved in this situation are clearly being discriminated by Veterans Affairs Canada. These Veterans are not treated equally, do not have the same opportunities as other Veterans, and stigmatized for their mental and cognitive conditions. Veteran Affairs Canada has also violated the "Veterans Bill of Rights" by treating these Veterans unfairly. It's really an unfortunate situation for these Veterans. They deserve the same opportunity as everyone else.

We have contacted the Veterans Ombudsman’s office about this issue. Unfortunately at this time there is not enough cases to move forward. We have created this petition on behalf of Veterans and their families to raise awareness with the effort to encourage change in this flawed policy. Please help by signing and sharing this petition. Also we invite you to visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts, stories or experiences.


Social Security needs a REAL raise. Every time they get a raise, the government cuts their benefits like Food Stamps (SNAP), housing (HUD rent subsidies), and ALWAYS a corresponding increase in their MEDICARE premiums. They end up losing money. Give them a real raise! They have worked hard and deserve to not have to choose between medicine and food at their ages.
Also the disabled people on Supplemental Security Income need raises. I would DARE anyone to live on the $740, a whopping $45 in SNAP (Food Stamps) and some housing subsidy depending on where they live that I know many of them get a month,

THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF THE OLD, THE INFIRM, THE YOUNG KIDS, AND THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY AND STOP HELPING OTHER COUNTRIES. LET OTHER COUNTRIES HELP THEMSELVES LIKE WE DID. CHILD LABOR (oh poor kids in other countries)... My Dad worked for 50 CENTS A DAY WHEN HE WAS 11, I babysat for $15/week when I was 13. How many of our fathers and mothers and even ourselves worked child labor (even if it was illegal because our families needed the money. REFUGEES...stay home and fight for YOUR freedom the way we fought for ours. Build your countries up and stop fighting among yourselves and destroying them (which you will do until you have to pay for the rebuilding yourselves). Anybody who wants to go help, GO. I'll keep helping the poor, the old, the kids, the infirm, the vets, and all the PEOPLE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.




17. Veterans Deserve More (The VA is not Disneyland)

Recently, Secretary of the United States Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald, compared the wait lines at the VA to Disneyland. This is disgusting, and flippant.

Our veterans deserve so much better than this.


Today over 22 veterans will take their own lives needlessly due to TBI &PTSD. Treatment exists and is safe and very effective in the form of HBOT. (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) Its actually can and does CURE these issues returning the Veteran in most cases to Pre-combat condition mentally. Increases IQ and more benefits of oxygen based therapy under pressure.

Its being denied to our soldiers and we want this changed. Its criminal to withhold treatment from our troops when it is readily available. We ask that it be placed "ON LABEL" as treatable by HBOT. It currently is not on label.

It was approved in Oklahoma and has had great success returning soldiers to a normal life again. We need it to be part of every returning vets protocol.

It is safe and very effective. Soldiers are being force fed a steady diet of Pain killers, anti Psychotics, muscle relaxers and other drugs that have proven ineffective and in most cases have led to abuse and sadly in some cases Suicide.

In epidemics laws can be passed very quickly. We believe this is an epidemic and this law must be passed immediately to put it ON LABEL today. Every day that passes we lose more young Americans.

19. Save White Oak Apiary and Honey

Very recently, the White Oak Apiary (and River Top Farm) was told that variances have changed and the business owner will no longer be able to keep his "Honey Cart" in the location it has been at since 2006 on Route 312 across from the Home Depot Plaza.

Mike Bruen is a U.S. Veteran running this small, but beloved local business that has been providing the residents of Southeast and local towns with locally produced, natural honey.

His business is a part of the cultural landscape of Southeast and a reminder of the key factors that help keep a town sustainable during crises - locally produced food.

Please let the Town of Southeast know that the residents support and believe in small, local businesses and that they are the backbone to any community.

Sign the petition and you can contact:
Maryellen Odell- County Executive 845-808-1001
Tony Hay- Town of Southeast Supervisor 845-279-4313

Thank you!

20. Lower Veteran Suicide Rates

While the number 22 Veteran Suicides daily is going around, this number is not exact. Some research states that the number is closer to 18 and other research that the number is much higher. Regardless of the exact number, any number is a concern. Currently the Veterans Affairs (VA) has approved using Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) for treating PTSD. The approved CAM treatments for PTSD are: meditation, acupuncture, relaxation and yoga. While these alternative treatments have shown some benefits they are not treatments that the majority of our Veterans would choose.

A study was conducted at St John of God Hospital in Richmond, Australia comparing two groups. Patients being treated for PTSD with group therapy, medication and psychotherapy and patients being treated for PTSD using a structured fitness program in addition to the traditional care. Results showed that those using the structured fitness program showed greater improvements in PTSD symptoms than those that did not take part in the structured fitness program. In addition, those that participated in the structured fitness program lost weight, recovered more quickly from injuries and were healthier overall. They had such great results with this study that they now implement structured fitness into their PTSD treatment programs.

In addition to this study they have extensive medical documentation that shows the numerous benefits exercise has on mental health. From my own personal experience and discussing treatment programs with other Veterans with PTSD, I know that physical exercise significantly reduces symptoms. While numerous Veterans may have gym memberships, the affordable gyms are crowded and often trigger PTSD symptoms. Not only this but the average Veteran has been trained to do what they are told in regards to their fitness. When they leave the military they often gain a significant amount of weight and struggle with their health.

An individual will have greater benefits working with a certified personal trainer than they would on their own. While Veterans with PTSD are encouraged to engage in physical exercise this is not enough. Let’s face it, not many Veterans are going to want to enter a room full of women and try to do a downward dog. Another option needs to be provided. It is proven that exercise significantly benefits our mental health. A structured exercise program designed by a certified personal trainer specifically for that individual, will have significantly higher results than those that attempt to exercise alone with no guidance.

21. Start using "Quiet" Fireworks. Help save a vet!

Many veterans as well as civilians and animals suffer from the loud noise of fireworks.

There is no reason to have the thunderous noises that fireworks cause distress to sufferers of PTSD everywhere.

Please sign this and share the idea with those in your local government. Lets start a movement as well as a discussion. Maybe we can alleviate the stress that many people suffer on some holidays.

The "Quiet Fireworks" are beautiful and just as thrilling if not more so than loud ones.

22. Help Our Veterans First

As a country we are doing amazing things in helping refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and almost any country that seeks aid regarding this matter. However we disregard our Veterans the help they need when they get home. As a country we do not even know how many homeless Veterans there actually are.

We are not helping them but rather putting 10.5 million towards Syrian refugees without looking at the domestic issue of our Veteran affairs first. These men and women gave their lives for country, our freedom, to protect our way of life. Then when they come home, we treat them like their expendable pawns in a chess game.

Human lives cannot be valued, before we look to help other countries, we should look to our own. We should support our Veterans heavily as prized members of our society, understanding without a doubt that they are the heroes of the world.

23. Continue to Allow All Veterans into IHRP

Haven for Hope in San Antonio Texas is a transitional living environment. It provides shelter and needed services for homeless people of Bexar county Texas.

In the recent past the Health and Human Sciences Department ran In House Recovery Program (IHRP) allowing all veterans who served the United States and are residences of Bexar county Texas no matter their separation code entry into said recovery program. Now, a recent change has taken place stating that if a veteran has benefits to allow them into a VA recovery program they have to attend it not the IHRP program at Haven.

This is discrimination based on financial means that could lead to the possible death of a veteran that served the same county that provides funding for the same said program. In the past veterans who have went through the VA program have come to the IHRP and said they have benefited more from it and it's 12 step based program more and are still in recovery.

24. Ruabon homes for veterans

There are three houses on Ruabon High St which have remained empty since being built and are an eyesore.

There are also many veterans who are homeless in and around Wrexham.

25. Make Palomar Hospital a VA Hospital

Early 2015 the Board of Governors voted to close Palomar Hospital the down town campus.

This facility was being put to good use educating and serving as another logistical point of immediate access. In the Boards view it was to expensive to operate therefore hemoraging money.

It is due time to create another VA Health center to accommodate veterans who cannot travel all the way to Oceanside and La Jolla, and provide overall relief in wait times, while boosting the local economy and serving those who sacrificed so much for us to enjoy the freedoms we have.

26. Bill H.R. 667 Veterans Equal Access Act

To This Great Nation Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bill H.R. 667 147th Congress (2015-2016) Veteran Equal Access Act

We The People. Are asking the Republic of the United States of America. To Redress the (VA) Veterans Affairs systematically. Concerning Veterans Disability Rights. To bestow upon this Nation’s disabled Veterans Equal Access to Respective States Medical Marijuana Programs. For the welfare, equality, equity And impartiality are disabled Veterans deserve.

This great nation has a duty. To liberate are disabled Veteran’s systemically. The current polices infringe upon disabled Veteran’s rights, liberties, equality, impartiality, and civil liberties. The Government of The United States. Has a duty to redress the rights being infringed upon? To redress current policy’s barring disabled veteran’s. From the same rights are civilian counter parts enjoy and benefit from.

Under Section 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Is a national law that protects qualified individuals from discrimination based on their disability or disabilities. It defines the rights of individuals with disabilities to participate in, and have access to, program benefits and services.

By passing Bill H.R. 667 Veterans Equal Access Act. Would greatly increase the opportunity for disabled veterans to gain the same standard of measure. Their civilian counter parts are granted. This bill Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to authorize VA health care providers to:(1) provide veterans with recommendations opinions regarding participation in their state’s marijuana programs, and (2) complete forms reflecting such recommendations and opinions.

I implore our Government to understand disabled veterans need another option. We the disabled veterans of America need your help. To pass Bill H.R. 667 147th Congress ( 2015 - 2016 ) Veterans Equal Access Act. To bring equality, civil liberties and impartiality back to are disabled veterans. Are we not equals in comparison of are civilian counterparts, with disabilities?

Under Section 504 States that ”no qualified individual with a disability in the United States shall be excluded from, denied the benefits of , or be subjected to discrimination under” any program or activity that either receives Federal Financial assistance Or is conducted by any Executive agency or the United States Postal Service.

So I located proof that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Is an Executive Department or Agency. Under listings. Concerning the Federal Executive Branch. Also within the same list Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is listed. This is the respective federal program. In charge of respective states medical cannabis programs.

Also under 38 CFR 18.3 - (a) GENERAL: Discrimination prohibited. No person of the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program to which this part applies.

Here is a list of laws, I believe may help ratify a new policy within are (VA) nationwide. Within in these laws are subsections, which may have the ability to redress current policy of the VA nationally.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Is a national law that protects qualified individuals from discrimination based on their disability.

ADA Title II: State and Local Government Activities

[29 FR 19301 , Dec , 1964. Re designated at 45 FR 63268, Sept. 24, 1980]

38 CFR 18.3 - Discrimination Prohibited.

38 CFR 18.1 - Purpose

38 CFR 15.130 General prohibitions against discrimination.

29 U.S Code 794 - Nondiscrimination under Federal grants and programs.

27. National K9 Veterans' Day

March 13, 1942, is the official birthday of the United States K9 Corps. In 2009, the late Joseph White, retired military dog handler, began the effort to honor military and working dogs by proclaiming March 13 as K9 Veterans' Day.

Following Joe White's leadership, there is a national effort to establish March 13 as K9 Veterans’ Day. Several states have already taken that step. Our goal is to have March 13 proclaimed as national K9 Veterans’ Day, similar to our current Veterans' Day.

K9 Veterans Day is intended to honor military dogs as well as those working with police, customs, border patrol, service, therapy and other working dogs whose mission it is to protect and serve the homeland and people within it.

Working dogs are commended for their loyalty and devotion and are known for placing themselves in harm’s way even to the point of making the ultimate sacrifice for their partners, handlers, and trainers.

28. Demand Our Federal Goverment Provide the Support Our Veterans Need

It is past time that the people of Canada stand up and tell our Federal Government that we will not stand for the horrendous treatment of our veterans.

We demand that Mental Health assistance be mandatory for every person in the Canadian Forces.

We demand decent pensions and financial help for veterans.

29. Color scheme the Vietnam memorial to indicate degree of enemy fire

I recently visited the Vietnam War Memorial. I was able to identify a number of those who I served with in Vietnam from January 69 through April of 69. In those months of engagement, our Company killed a dozen or more confirmed enemy, and found blood trails that indicated many others were out of action.

Recently I have been studying Vietnam battles; and came across a number of battles that just stand out as real blood letting. I would like to ask the military that on the Vietnam War memorial they indicate by color scheme, those names on the memorial, who died in great show or arms like La Drang Valley, Ke San, and Hamburger Hill, along with all other engagements, which are around a dozen; the areas where they were killed. Example; La Drang Valley would have all those killed in that battle with their names in a color. While all those who died in another area of Vietnam in another color scheme.

The cost of this is un-estimated, but the knowledge of it could honor those who were put through the honor of passing through enemy fire.

30. SBCC Yellow Ribbon Program

This petition is to ask Santa Barbara City College to voluntarily support the Yellow Ribbon program for out-of-state tuition.

With this added support out-of-state veterans can attend and not wait a year to be a resident of California.