#Roads & Transport
Roman Oleksij, Supervisor (Traffic Operations), Bill Saundercook (City Councillor

As you are well aware there is a new Superstore under construction at the corner of St Clair and Runnymede.

Firstly, on Maria St. the city has posted signs prohibiting heavy trucks from using this street Despite these signs the street is being used as a throughway fro commercial and construction traffic on a regular basis, from Runnymede Ave. all the way through to Clendenan Ave., and vice versa. The affected residential streets include: Clendenan Ave., Boiler St., St. John's Place, Gilmore Avenue and Maria Street.

Secondly, more often than not we are seeing Maria St. used as a throughway for drivers who wish to avoid the traffic lights on Dundas West and find a "short cut" to the stock yards shopping area.

Our main concern is for the safety of the high density of small children in our neighbourhood, not used to the increased traffic. Often the drivers are moving at speeds well above the posted limit, too fast for a residential street, and thru traffic is increasing weekly.

Because of the current layout of Maria St. upon, completion of the new Superstore these problems will be compounded and Maria street will see: increased traffic, parking space deficiency, danger to our children and an increase in noise pollution.

Our proposed solution to these concerns is to have part of Maria St. be designated as a one way so that it is not a throughway from Clendenan to Runnymede.

To the Supervisor Roman Oleksij (traffic operations) and Bill Saundercook (city councillor ward 13). We the undersigned petition that an expedient solution be reached to stop the dangerously increasing thru traffic on Maria Street. (Affecting Clenndenan Ave. to Runnymede Ave.)

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