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1. Samoa! Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

We need closure for Maria Kolotita Kirita Pune regarding her land case in Samoa. Her case went to trial in the Supreme Court of Samoa in 2003 before Chief Justice Sapolu. To date, a decision is still outstanding and well overdue despite numerous requests by Maria’s lawyers for a decision.

In March 2014, Maria’s freehold family land in Tuloto, situated in Apia’s commercial town area was sold illegally to Samoa Stationery And Books Limited (SSAB) in a mortgagee sale by Samoa Breweries Limited. Caveats that had been placed over the Tuloto land in 2002 were illegally removed by the Ministry of National Resource Environment (MNRE), a government registry office for lands and title, to allow for the sale. This was also despite a Court Order to have caveats remain as the Court had yet to deliver a decision in Maria’s case heard in 2003 regarding freehold lands.

Following Tuloto land sale, Maria’s historic family home that was on the land was bulldozed and demolished. Her parent’s graves that were also on the land was forcibly removed and transferred disrespectfully to an unmarked grave in a public cemetery.

In Septemer 2014, prominent lawyers in opposition are demanding Maria pays ST$163,000.00 for "security" costs to Samoa’s Legal System.

In October 2014, Chief Justice Sapolu prolongs his decision with further delay tactics and pressure's Maria into mediation with the children of her late brother - (former Minister of Justice of Samoa) to salvage family relationships. "Mediation now is pointless", says Maria. What’s more important now, is that there are bigger issues of law that the Supreme Court must address;

- Case Pending a decision from 2003
- Decision still outstanding and well overdue
- Unlawful removal of caveats
- Unlawful disobeying of a court order to have caveats remain
- Unlawful bulldozing and demolishing of a historic family home
- Unlawful removal of graves to public cemetery

This petition is written in the hope that:

1) Justice for Maria Kolotita Kirita Pune is served;

2) Samoan people become more aware of what is happening in Samoa regarding
land matters. If you have lands in Samoa, check registration of land titles
regularly at MNRE offices. Lands may be transferred illegally, unknowingly from
you and your family.

Please show your support and sign the Petition for Maria and her cause for Justice. This petition will then be presented to; the Samoan Parliament,
the Honourable Prime Ministers of Samoa, Tuilaepa Malielegaoi and
New Zealand, John Key.

2. Mandatory Driving Test & Fitness Assessment for Drivers over 70 yrs

Maria Defino, 36, was cycling down Bunnerong Road in Pagewood alongside her husband Daniel shortly after 10.30am on Sunday June 9 when they were struck by a hatchback being driven by a 79-year-old epileptic woman.

Bystanders desperately tried to help Maria before paramedics arrived, but she died at the scene. The driver continued for another 150 metres before colliding into a second vehicle.

We don't want Maria's death to be in vain. We want reform. We want to see mandatory driving tests and fitness assessments introduced yearly.

We need your help in order for the NSW Transport Roads and Maritime Services to listen. Stand up and be counted. Help us achieve our goal.

3. Our Maria

Dear neighbours,

Maria Street is one of the most quiet and family friendly streets in the Junction area. It is a beautiful place for starting a family, raising children, and enjoying everyday life. It is a place where most of us keep an amicable relationship with our neighbors and make friendships with one another.

The purpose of this petition is to address the landlord of 53 Maria Street about our disapproval over his irresponsibility to the neighbourhood and urge the landlord that things need to be changed immediately. Landlords have a responsibility to do their due diligence on tenants to which they rent units.

Landlords also have a responsibility to maintain their property in a good state of repair and fit for habitation and for complying with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards. Unfortunately, the landlord of 53 Maria Street is turning a blind eye on the deterioration of the building (photos attached) and activities/behaviours taking place in and around his building that do not fit in with the culture of the neighbourhood.

We love our street. We care about the neighbourhood we live in. If you are like us and share the same values of social responsibility and neighourhood living, please sign the petition and pass it on to your neighbours. We will bring this matter to the landlord of 53 Maria Street, the City Councilor and other city authorities if investigation is required. We will hold the landlord of 53 Maria Street responsible for the building issues and activities of his tenants that negatively affect our neighbourhood.

Thank you for your support!

Your neighbour on Maria Street

June 14, 2013

4. Schließung der Ausstellung, mit "nacktem Mann" in der Johanneskirche

In der Johannes(Johanniter)Kirche in Feldkich/Vorarlberg findet eine Ausstellung statt die einen nackten Mann mit ausgebreiteten Armen darstellt.

Dies ist ein Sakrileg gegenüber Jesus der dies niemals zulassen würde eine Kirche kulturell zu nutzen auch wenn sie säkularisiert wurde.

Die Segnungen, Weihungen bleiben bis in Ewigkeit bestehen bestehen.

Wir bitten sie alle zu unterschreiben, wenn sie das nicht wollen und mutig ihren Namen darunter setzten.

Die Liste wird dann dem zuständigen Bischof übergeben.

Maria ist die Mutter der Kirche und unsere Mutter sie steht, aber in einem Winkel und muss diese Schande ertragen wie ihre Kirche und ihr Sohn pervertiert werden.

Wir sind auch ihre Kinder und wir sollten tapfer für unsere Heiligtümer kämpfen, sie tut es auch für uns.

Danke im voraus für eure Loyalität!



6. HELP ! Let justice be served in the murder case of Ana Maria Angel

Your valuable signature is ESSENTIAL in helping me REMOVE Judge William Thomas from the murder case of my daughter.

My daughter, Ana Maria Angel was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered.

Judge William Thomas has decided to throw 2 essential confessions away.

Sign this petition to ensure that justice is done in an impartial and fair trial.


On the 28th of April of 2002, my life was completely torn apart after my daughter Ana Maria Angel and her boyfriend Nelson Portobanco suffered a terrible assault. Ana Maria Angel was KIDNAPPED, ROBBED, RAPED and MURDERED by multiple assailants.

Nelson was left for dead after receiving numerous punches and stabs. He was stabbed in his back, throat and face with a knife. Fortunately, he survived.

Individuals accused of committing these heinous acts were detained and are awaiting trial.

After four long years of delays and legal maneuvers, the case has been assigned to Judge William Thomas to oversee Ana’s case. To my surprise, his attitude and decisions have demonstrated to us that he's a judge who, in our opinion, is still acting as a former defense attorney.

The judge lacks the necessary experience in criminal cases, especially since he is a new judge and has been working much of his life defending criminals.

We have decided to express these thoughts publicly in hopes that justice may not be undermined in the criminal trial.

Judge William Thomas' LIBERAL attitude and decisions so far may not see the best interests of justice served.

Judge William Thomas THREW OUT vital evidence, the confession of the alleged perpetrators. If the accused are freed in these circumstances, we face the risk that they will terrorize the lives of the daughters and sons of our community.,,,,,,

7. Justice for Lopez Family!

January 16, 2006

We often hear stories in the media, of horrific acts that others have committed once they have reached our land. We question why or how they were able to get through the stringent and strict procedures of our Country's Immigration Office.

We now have in our midst a decent and loving family of 4, who's desire is to stay in Canada and to join the group of our most productive citizens and friendliest of neighbors.

Victor Lopez Hernandez and his wife, Kaly Rosa Maria Lopez Lugo, along with their 2 very young sons, are doing whatever possible (within the boundaries of our laws) to stay in Canada.

Immigration has declined their application. Please help us to help them in their fight to stay here in this land of freedom.

Victor Lopez is from Mexico and his wife is from Venezula.

They entered this Canada on refugee status. Immigration may not even allow them to stay together as a family! They will be deported into their own countries/ place of birth. What kind of a Country do we live in where people (who sit on an immigration board), not only deports such a great family, but splits them apart?!

Victor has a very good and decent job and takes pride in providing for his family through hard work. He works in the construction industry as a skilled labourer. There is a shortage of skilled labourers in this Country. They are NOT asking for a free ride...just a beautiful country to live in, where they can exercise freedom and live in peace and harmony with all other citizens.

Please sign our petition to the Immigration board members looking at their case. We are asking them to reconsider their decision!

8. Stop through traffic on Maria Street

As you are well aware there is a new Superstore under construction at the corner of St Clair and Runnymede.

Firstly, on Maria St. the city has posted signs prohibiting heavy trucks from using this street Despite these signs the street is being used as a throughway fro commercial and construction traffic on a regular basis, from Runnymede Ave. all the way through to Clendenan Ave., and vice versa. The affected residential streets include: Clendenan Ave., Boiler St., St. John's Place, Gilmore Avenue and Maria Street.

Secondly, more often than not we are seeing Maria St. used as a throughway for drivers who wish to avoid the traffic lights on Dundas West and find a "short cut" to the stock yards shopping area.

Our main concern is for the safety of the high density of small children in our neighbourhood, not used to the increased traffic. Often the drivers are moving at speeds well above the posted limit, too fast for a residential street, and thru traffic is increasing weekly.

Because of the current layout of Maria St. upon, completion of the new Superstore these problems will be compounded and Maria street will see: increased traffic, parking space deficiency, danger to our children and an increase in noise pollution.

Our proposed solution to these concerns is to have part of Maria St. be designated as a one way so that it is not a throughway from Clendenan to Runnymede.

9. Give Levi a Record Contract

He wooed us with Maria, Maria... He wowed us with Rock Your Body... He whipped us into a frenzy with Every Little Step...!

The day Levi was voted off Australian Idol was a sad day for Australia. Let's rectify this grave injustice! Let's get the guy the record deal he deserves - and we WANT !

10. Brooke & Edmund Beautiful & Eternal

WE, the members of The Lady Grey Society and brookedmund yahoo group firmly believe that the wonderful characters of Brooke English and Edmund Grey are PERFECT TOGETHER and deserve a FRONT-BURNER STORYLINE.

We also believe that Julia Barr and John Callahan are two of AMC best assets and their talent, chemistry & charisma are being wasted!

We adore the romantic aspects of their relationship, but we want Brooke and Edmund's past explored. We want them to express their feelings with words as well as actions. We want their wealth of history tapped into by using significant flashbacks to show why it is so special that these two characters found their way back to each other.

We want Brooke and Edmund involved in an investigative story akin to quicksand saga. A tale in which Brooke's strong independence clashes with Edmund's strong desire to protect her. Or Edmund's strong desire to protect Brooke puts him in danger and Brooke must come to his rescue.

We want a dramatic portrayal of how this blended family fights to make it work. We
recommend the following issues be explored: Edmund's struggle to build a relationship with his stepson while trying not to circumvent Tad's role in Jamie's life. The unique bond that Brooke and Maddie share. When Brooke saved Maddie's life she had no idea that one day this little girl would be her daughter, play up the significance that Maddie is now the same age as when little Laura died.

The inadvertent neglect of Sammy causes more friction in the household. He starts acting out in a desperate bid for attention, perhaps even contacting his biological mother, Kelsey. The addition of JR and Rosa make a complicated situation even more complicated. With JR floundering about, Dixie calls upon Brooke to act as a surrogate Mom to JR during her absence. Tad and Adam reluctantly agree to the arrangement because it allows JR and Jamie time together. Isabella sends Rosa to stay with the new clan while she visits Noah and Julia. Trouble brews when the two teens take a liking to each other.

Brooke's ex-husband spending time with their children at Wildwind stirs up jealously in Edmund. He wishes her past relationships were not such an integral part of their marriage. Meanwhile, the past is creeping up on Brooke. She's consumed by survivor's guilt in the form of nightmares and flashbacks because she believes she's taken over the life Maria should have had. The couple is really thrown for a loop with a late in life and unexpected pregnancy.

Upon Maria's return, through trials and tribulations, Edmund realizes that Maria is his past and Brooke his future. Edmund and Brooke find new depths to their ten year relationship.