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1. Change Northern Michigan University's Parking

This petition was created for the purpose of changing Northern Michigan University's parking for residential students. As an Northern Michigan University students who pay $140 for a residential parking pass, we expect parking to be within a reasonable distance from our current place of residence. Through the construction of new dormitories and deconstruction of old dormitories we have been shorted reasonable parking availability.

The construction of the new dormitories known as "The Woods" has created a student housing availability difference of plus one hundred students per building. However no increase of residential parking has been created to match the new housing availability.
Directly outside of the side entrance of the new dormitories The Woods in lots 46 and 26 there are roughly 163 parking spots(hand counted assume error of 10 or less). This is 41% parking availability to the students living in The Woods. Leaving 59% of students living in dormitories "The Woods" looking for parking elsewhere. Which due to overcrowded parking in other residential parking lots leaves many students who live in The Woods as well as other dormitories walking a half a mile or more to the entrance of their dormitories in the dark and soon to be several feet of snow. This is an unacceptable distance to walk when paying the premium rate of $140 for a parking pass.

2. Install Stop Signs in the Cherry Hill Neighborhood, New Paltz NY

The relevant streets in the Cherry Hill neighborhood in resemble the map below:

J || || C H
O || || H I
A || _________________**|| E L
L || HOLLAND LN. ||** R L
Y || || R
N || || Y

The residents of this neighborhood have reported feeling unsafe at the marked (**) intersections (both ends of Cicero Avenue and the Cherry Hill Road access to Holland Lane). Drivers use high speeds on these back roads and have no legal reason to slow down when turning the narrow corners. Many of us have felt endangered as pedestrians, drivers, or both. There are students walking to school and families with children in this area. Residents have contacted the New Paltz Police Department in regards to increased patrol in the area, but this has not led to a decrease of the issue. Installing stop signs (such as those on the southwest end of Tricor Avenue, New Paltz [see linked image]) would reduce speeds and protect the members of our community.

3. Birch Cliff Condominium Height Restriction

The Birch Cliff Neighbourhood is unlike any other in Scarborough. Neighbourhood residents and many others throughout the community enjoy its vibrancy, walkability, and friendly neighbourhood feel. A developer has purchased half a block of property on the north side of Kingston Rd. between Warden Ave. and Manderley Dr. with plans to build a towering mid-rise condominium with 120 units. Ward 36 Councillor Gary Crawford confirmed the new development in an interview with Birch Cliff News. Crawford said the developer is Core Development Group.

Neighbourhood residents and others who enjoy Birch Cliff are not opposed to the construction of an appropriately-sized mixed retail and residential building at the proposed location. Birch Cliff residents oppose the project as currently planned because its proposed enormous scale would be wholly out of place in and forever diminish the charms of the community. The infusion into the neighbourhood of such an imposing structure, inhabited by hundreds of residents would also further congest and accelerate wear and tear on surrounding roads and sidewalks, make parking more difficult for residents and patrons, reduce pedestrian safety, congest the already congested neighbourhood schools, and increase noise and light pollution. And this project would set a precedent for the height and scope of future development of other properties held by the stakeholders in Birch Cliff or others wishing to develop the Birch Cliff neighbourhood.

We believe that the height and scale of the project is out of line with the neighbourhood and the community in particular. We are asking limit the building to 4 floors to better match the other buildings in the area along Kingston Road. Limiting the height of the building will better complement the neighbourhood and lessen the negative impact on the community.

We are organizing neighbours to ensure we have solidarity, and we hope to take everyone’s concerns into account. Your written record of support is also critical: Please sign the statement below

4. Support The Residents Of Winsick

A major residential development of 160 houses has been approved by North East Derbyshire District Council (12/00306/OL). The site lies directly to the rear of 109-247 Mansfield Road Winsick/Hasland. and also to the rear of Gorse valley way. A recent application has been submitted to the council detailing the layout of the development, access roads, type and design of houses etc.

The Historical Hamlet of Winsick is a small settlement of dwellings consisting of a mix of cottages and houses most of them dating back to the 1800s It is a single row of dwellings.

The proposed development plan shows that the new dwellings will be located directly upon the existing homes garden boundaries effectively-a continuous, brick wall approximately 11 metres tall,The new development will entirely swamp the existing homes. No public consultation to discuss the design plan is to be scheduled-effectively we have no part in the decision making.How can this right.?

5. STOP Apollo Borough Council’s Unethical Ordinances, NOW!

Apollo Borough is a small town with mostly non-wealthy residents. The Apollo Borough Council decided to put some Ordinances into effect that is totally unethical and discriminating to the local property owners. Here is one example:
Vacant Property Registration Fee Schedule (if a property is not a residence, rented or running a business the borough charges $35-40 fee for an inspection [invasion of personal privacy] in an attempt to find something that they can complain about and charge property owners to fix within a specific short time as the council determines) and if the property isn't inhabited:
less than one year the fee is $250
1 year vacant the fee is $500
2 years vacant the fee is $1000
3-4 years vacant the fee is $2000 each year
5-9 years vacant the fee is $3500 each year
10 years vacant the fee is $5000
An additional $500 will be applied for every year of vacancy beyond 10 years!
This even includes property that is being used as a storage garage - totally unethical!

There is a lot more that the GREEDY council is trying to get out of the property owners in Apollo but too much to add in this location. It is all about GREED! and is destroying the peaceful residents and property owners of our small town. Many just don't have that kind of money to waste on nothing by being forced to pay exorbitant fees to Apollo Borough Council. This has got to STOP!

6. Say NO to Waste Management Facility in Queanbeyan

Say NO to Waste Management Facility in Queanbeyan

Panel Ref- 2015STH023 DA

Development Application No - 338-2015

Suez Environmental (formerly Sita) are a company with overseas interests, is proposing to develop a Waste Management Facility on the gateway to Queanbeyan.

The proposed location for the Waste Management Facility to be built is bordering streets at 172 - 192 Gilmore Road , 5 & 7 Kealman Road , 1 Bowen Place Queanbeyan West NSW 2620.

Suez / Sita already has a waste management facility in Hume , that is close to other similar facilities.

A waste management facility within approximately 50 metres of the closest Class 1 A dwelling- Home attached to existing building (Ref Google Maps - 6), approximately 250 metres (Ref Google Maps - 2 & 5) away from the closest occupied residence, approximately 250 metres (Ref Google Maps - 4) away from the closest Sporting - Recreational Facility (Queanbeyan Kangaroos Rugby Club) , approximately 600 metres (Ref Google Maps - 7) from a day-care centre, approximately 600 metres (Ref Google Maps - 3) away from Queanbeyan West Primary School.

The development will be clearly visible from Canberra Avenue leading into Queanbeyan from ACT.

Suez are proposing to use the site to dump and redistribute -

Up to 70,000 tonnes / year of general solid waste
(Solid waste is basically what we call garbage. It includes rotting substances like food and other products that produce odours)

Paper, cardboard and solid plastic recyclables up to 12000 tonnes / year ,

Waste oil grease trap waste (amount not disclosed).

To put it into perspective, ACT waste management carried out in Symonston and Mitchell recover less for the entire ACT community compared to what this facility may be capable of.

Suez is anticipating expansion in the future indicating that it is to become a 24/7 running facility, increasing the transfer of waste, increasing truck movements, increasing local noise and the possibility of greater environmental impact.



7. Marriage and Residential Housing in Onigiri

Onigiri is already a great game, but wouldn't it be even better with marriage and housing? What if you could get benefits such as 15% more exp when questing with a spouse?

How about more clothing and the ability to buy it rather than having to spin awheel? Or what about having your own house? You can customize it with furniture, invite some friends over, or upgrade to a bigger house. If your inventory is full and Lady Shizuka has enough on her plate, why not store items in the housing storage?

These add ons are changes that many of us players would love to see in the game, not to mention how it would attract more players as well.

8. Stop Senior Neglect in Residential Care Facilities

Seniors are being neglected in residential care facilities because government allows minimal staffing levels.

Senior care has become a business for profit which has lowered staff levels to such a degree that serious neglect befalls our loved ones whom we entrust into the care of these homes. With more and more baby boomers requiring full time care we need to ensure that they are looked after properly to the respect and degree their well earned status of "senior" brings them.

Our parents and grandparents cared for us when we were unable to do it for ourselves, it is only right that we return the basic human rights given to us and give them the best possible life in their final years. With such minimal levels of staff, residents are often overlooked, missed and forgotten about. The resident is left alone, confused and often in need of assistance on a daily basis. Eventually, incidences occur where the safety and health of the resident is put into jeopardy resulting in unfortunate cases that could have been prevented.

This culture of "good enough", "out of sight - out of mind" will continue until we say it is not good enough, it is not out of our minds and we force the changes that reflect a 21st century mindset on how to care for each other.

9. Stop Rezoning of Fannie Bay Badminton Site to Residential


The Land and Economic Development Division within the Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment has applied to the Minister for Lands, Planning and the Environment to amend the NT Planning Scheme by rezoning Lots 3730, 3731 and 3732 (3, 5 and 7 Waratah Crescent, Fannie Bay) from Zone CP (Community Purpose) to Zone MR (Medium Density Residential).

We object to this proposal and do not want the rezoning to take place because it would result in the loss of amenity in the neighbourhood caused by:

> Huge increase in the number of additional cars using Waratah Crescent, Philip Street and nearby roads of Fannie Bay each day
> Street congestion due to parking of residents’ and visitors’ cars
> Over-crowding of existing commercial and community facilities and services
> More noise and litter from cars, residents and visitors
> More anti-social behaviour and crime in the local area
> Loss of land for the community
> Reduced breezes and sunlight to nearby properties
> Loss of privacy due to four storey units overlooking the adjoining properties

A further major impact would be the loss of a community sporting asset. Badminton is played seven days a week for 50 weeks of the year with 240 regular players using the current Sports House facility each week. Currently there is no suitable alternative venue for badminton to relocate. Consequently we do not want the current facility closed to badminton until such an alternative is ready.

10. Save our Residential Homes and lift the Non Admissions policy

The recent threat of mass closure of our Residential Homes is only the start! Transforming your Care is quickly becoming Transferring your Care to the Highest Bidder.

This “U Turn” from the Minister is only a short reprieve and the Minister is still planning to close over 50% of our Residential Homes.

We need to fight for OUR services and show that the best place for helping those who need it is within OUR NHS.

11. Install Individual Power Usage Meters at The Aventine

Tell the Aventine to install individual power usage meters in each unit!

The Aventine currently measures the power usage (which determine tenants’ utilities bills) for the entire complex, and splits the cost equally among the units. This means no matter how much you try to reduce your power usage (air conditioning, gas, hot water, etc.), you will still pay for OTHER PEOPLE’S UTILITIES.

Sign this petition to get The Aventine to install individual meters in each unit, so we will only have to pay for the power we use ourselves.

Your neighbors may keep the lights on all night and blast the AC, but that doesn’t mean you should have to pay for them!

12. CCTV in all Care, Nursing and Residential Homes

National Media Press Releases 2011 and 2012

‘Male care worker in care home admits to RAPING Alzheimer's residents.’

‘CARE assistant SACKED for feeding dog biscuits to a resident at BUPA run care home.’

‘Care home workers filmed BEATING frail dementia resident.’

‘Care home worker DRAGGED dementia resident along corridor like a rag doll.’

‘Elderly Alzheimer’s resident being HIT in face, SHOVED into wall and THROWN on to bed.’

‘Accused of SHOVING a patient's soiled sheet in his face before telling him 'when dogs do this, their owners rub their noses in it.’ (November 2009)

‘89 year old LEFT on floor BLEEDING whilst care worker prayed.’

You can read this small selection of press articles on abuse on our Facebook page Your Voice Matters.

We do not want to see headlines such as these and it is alarming when you think this is the tip of the iceberg, with many cases not even being reported.

The only way to prove abuse and bad practice is by visual evidence, and this has been proven time and time again with media exposures, especially with the Winterborne case and the more recent Panorama coverage.

Bedrooms and bathrooms provide a secret place for neglect and abuse to take place and often inflicted on residents who are unable to speak about what has happened to them. What is more degrading, being abused and neglected or being monitored under controlled filming?

The word of a relative or good care worker is often dismissed by care providers, Care Quality Commission, Social Services etc. with disastrous consequences. Relatives may end up being victimised or even banned. Care workers can be bullied or at worse lose their jobs.

CCTV is vital to back up allegations. Concerned relatives would be reassured and good care workers would feel less fearful of whistle blowing.

It is also paramount CCTV monitoring is managed by an independent body, not connected to the Government, Care Sector, NHS or care charity. Independent and Transparent are the key words.

Privacy and dignity may be questioned. Care workers are currently allowed to carry personal mobiles on their person whilst on duty. My fears were confirmed in a Daily Mail press release July 2012, where care workers used their personal mobile telephones to record abuse of a resident. There is also a press release of this happening in a BUPA care home in 2010. So nothing has changed, despite all the guidelines etc.

A resident already has two pairs of stranger’s eyes on them during personal care, what difference is one more? Cameras could be positioned to maintain as much dignity as possible. Surely this is better than being abused or neglected. I know which I would prefer.

It would cost approximately £300 for a family to install their own camera in their loved one's bedroom, this would be connected to their home computer and be password protected. We feel a family have a right to do this. There would be no arguments from the care sector with regards cost and monitoring.

If this petition helps to achieve compulsory CCTV in communal areas with the option for families to install their own for personal monitoring in private areas, then that is a start.

PLEASE HELP ..... our elderly and vulnerable need us to do this and don't forget one day the victim of abuse could be YOU or someone you love.

13. Allow Simpson County Citizen to Live on Her Own Property

Linda Calderon is a citizen of Magee, MS. She has lived in Simpson County practically all her life. She was deeded the property on 1st Street NW, Magee, MS, in 2009.

On December 2, 2011, she invested in the purchase of a mobile home by making a down payment and has been awaiting the arrival of this new home. The seller of home has promised to have the home moved to this property this week. In the meantime, Mrs. Calderon has had the property cleared of trees and the lawn maintained.

To her utter dismay, she was informed by the Mayor and Mr. David Dunn on May 21, that she is not to move any sort of home onto her property.

14. Oakville Residents against Residential Cell Towers

A 95 foot Rogers cell tower is planned to be installed in the Hopedale residential area, at the Big Bear Plaza at 1461 Rebecca Street, unless residents band together to stop the installation.

However, this does NOT only affect the Hopedale residents as future towers are planned for other residential areas around Oakville, affecting not only the overall health of local residents but also property values.

The National Research Council of Canada issued a report stating their belief that cell towers should NOT be placed within 500m of residential properties, schools, hospitals and daycares. In the Oakville Beaver article, dated April 29th, 2011, MP Terence Young said the safety zone should be 1000m, similar to what some European countries have adopted, citing the Precautionary Principal which states that in the absence of conclusive evidence, the onus is on the person imposing a potential danger to prove that it is NOT a danger.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to be read which indicates the dangers of chronic exposure to low levels of electromagnetic radiation to people living within a 500m radius of a cell tower. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE OF CHILDREN because of their thinner skulls. In adults, the most vulnerable parts of the body are the eyes, testicles and breasts with an increase in cancer of these areas. Aside from cancer, chronic exposure to this type of radiation causes sleep disorders, attention disorders, anxiety disorders and immune system diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized electro-sensitivity as a bonafide disorder in 2005.

Non-government funded research indicates the potential threat to human health. Government funded research points in the opposite direction. The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association reports "The members of the CWTA pay license fees in excess of $150 million each year - more than two-thirds of the total fees collected by Industry Canada from all spectrum users". Industry Canada gets the final word on tower placement. Conflict of interest??

Citizens across the nation have been speaking out for the last eleven+ years to no avail. The illnesses related to chronic exposure are now surfacing and the evidence is terrifying.

Email, write and call NOW, before it is too late to say NO:

Mayor of Oakville - Rob Burton - (905) 338-4173


Ward 1 Councillors:
Alan Johnston - (905) 825-9586 -
Ralph Robinson - (905) 827-7659 -
*ward 1 represents QEW south to the lake, and Burloak to Third Line
Ward 2 Councillors:
Cathy Duddeck - (905) 815-6003 -
Pam Damoff - (905) 582-4237 -
*ward 2 represents QEW south to the lake, and Third Line to 16 Mile Creek
Ward 3 Councillors:
Keith Bird - (905) 844-5571 -
Dave Gittings - (905) 844-5513 -
*ward 3 represents QEW south to the lake, and 16 Mile Creek to Winston Churchill Blvd.
Ward 4 Councillors:
Allan Elgar - (905) 827-6056 -
Roger Lapworth - (289) 837-1346 -
*ward 4 represents QEW north to the border of Oakville, and Oakville/Burlington border to 16 Mile Creek.
Ward 5 Councillors:
Jeff Knoll - (905) 815-6000 -
Marc Grant - (905) 815-6001 -
*ward 5 represents QEW north to the border of Oakville, and 16 Mile Creek to Trafalgar Road.
Ward 6 Councillors:
Tom Adams - (905) 849-7915 -
Max Khan - (905) 845-6601 -
*ward 6 represents QEW north to the border of Oakville, and east of Trafalgar to the east border of Oakville.
Rogers Telecommunications:
Julia Jackson - (647) 747-7081 -
MP Terrence Young - (905) 338-2008
Oakville Beaver:
David Lea - (905) 845-9742
Owner and Property Manager of Big Bear Plaza, where the proposed tower is planned to be installed:
Amer Taha - (289) 237-0462 or (905) 304-9600

15. Stop the cut in mobility component of Disability Living Allowance

Removing the Mobility Element of Disability Living Allowance for people in Care Homes.

This will have a huge and regressive impact on the independence of thousands of disabled people. Disabled people in means-tested residential care are already forced to manage on incredibly low incomes, often receiving just £22 a week in the form of a Personal Allowance to meet all of their personal costs.

DLA mobility component provides absolutely vital support for people to remain independent and to meet some of the additional costs of getting out. The average payment per person the government plans to cut is £33.40, although actual payments to each individual are either on the lower level of £18.95 per week or the higher level of £49.85

Removing DLA mobility component from people in residential care will have a devastating impact. People will not have the money to meet additional mobility costs such as a powered wheelchair, accessible taxis or a Motability car and this will seriously impact on their independence.

Whilst in some cases limited transport provision is included in residential care fees, this covers only communal or very limited independent transport. It does not provide the freedom offered by mobility DLA. This will result in people being trapped in Residential Care Homes.

We estimate that over 74,000 people will be affected by this cut

16. Support Fluffy's Law ( Bill 218 ) In Manitoba

Bill 218 or Fluffy’s Law is meant to provide landlords and their tenants with legislation to guide them in dealing with the often controversial topic of pet ownership in rental properties. There are numerous studies that show that owning a pet has measurable health benefits including increased physical fitness and lower incidents of depression. These benefits are especially pronounced in seniors who are most often tenants and frequently live alone.

The Winnipeg Humane Society has endorsed Bill 218 citing the growing number of pets that are surrendered each year due to a lack of pet-friendly rental properties in Manitoba.

Nearly each and every day our shelter faces the upset of owners turning over their pets due to a no-pet policy. Frankly I find it baffling that landlords are being so shortsighted and hard-headed on this issue. We have learned that in the 11 years Fluffy’s Law has taken effect in Ontario, only 1% of the 800,000 complaints received annually by their rental tribunal are pet related.

17. End the 'Stop within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights' Law

Nobody likes getting parking fines and we definitely hate paying for them. What makes it worse is when your fine is not only due to a ridiculously outdated reason but the price of the penalty that goes with it is equally ludicrous.

Many local residents in Sydney’s suburbs have experienced the shock of finding a $197 (the current penalty in 2010) on their windscreens or in their mailboxes for parking, according to the brilliance, too close to the intersection. 10 meters is apparently sufficient space needed for a driver to prepare to turn into an adjacent street. 10 meters is also, unfortunately, the length of two cars or who are desperate to get a spot close to their homes and not have to walk half a street after a hard days work. It’s time to stop this unfounded parking law and the revenue raising scams of local councils!

18. No to Deerfield Walking Trail

This is a petition against the proposed walking trail that is to be located to the rear of the homes that are located in the 5900 residential block of Deerfield.

19. Gate Maintenance a Must in Stetson Hills

The Stetson Hills CC&R's were written towards the aim of protecting our largest investment -- our homes. The Stetson Hills board of directors does not recognize that allowing unfinished wood on the private access gates of the homes in our community to become blackened over time is a detracting element which is negatively impacting our homes' values. Furthermore, the board does not acknowledge nor recognize that this is in violation of the CC&R's, which is the governing document of our association.

Specifically, the CC&R's brought to bear read as follows:

1.27 "Improvement" means: (a) any Residential Unit, building, fence or wall; (b) any swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, road, driveway, parking area or satellite dish; (c) any trees, plants, shrubs, grass, granite or other landscaping improvements of every type and kind; (d) any statuary, fountain, artistic work, craft work, figurine, ornamentation or embellishment of any type or kind (whether or not affixed to a structure or permanently attached to a Lot or Parcel); and (e) any other structure of any kind or nature.

3.8 Repair of Buildings. No Residential Unit, building, structure or other Improvement on any Lot, Parcel or other property shall be permitted to fall into disrepair and each such Residential Unit, building, structure and other Improvement shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished.

20. Woodland Rise CPZ

The roads opposite Highgate Woods; Woodland Rise, Woodland Gardens, Onslow Gardens and Cranley Gardens have come under increasing parking and traffic pressure during the last few years.

The streets are increasingly used for car parking by those unable to park close to Highgate station and in Muswell Hill due to the introduction of CPZ schemes in both Highgate and Muswell Hill. In addition a number of trade vehicles from local business currently use the road as a parking facility.

Local residents have found it increasingly impossible to park close to their homes and there is increased traffic flow through these residential areas from non residential traffic. There are also safety concerns from the residents of this area many of which have young families.

We request that Haringay Council consider a CPZ for this area.

21. Reduce the speed from 30mph to 25mph on Prairieview Parkway

Speeding in residential areas is one of the most common sources of citizen complaints to the police. Yet because speeding must compete with other problems for police attention, problems that may appear far more serious, the police often do not devote a lot of resources to it.

Speeding in residential areas causes five basic types of harm:
- it makes citizens fear for children's safety
- it makes pedestrians and bicyclists fear for their safety
- it increases the risk of vehicle crashes
-it increases the seriousness of injuries to other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists struck by a vehicle
-it increases noise from engine acceleration and tire friction.

22. Revoke All Liquor Licenses for Sushi Hai/Hai Bar

Due to a unique and potentially precedent setting misapplication of several extensive liquor licenses for Sushi Hai/Hai Bar, a large nightclub with entrances on residential Lowell Boulevard south of Highlands Square, we are experiencing a serious deterioration in the quality of life and basic moral values of our neighborhood.

Thru this petition, we are hoping to raise awareness of this issue with fellow residents, businesses and government officials. We hope this effort not only helps remedy the current situation via revocation of the licenses in question, but also serves as a marker to other businesses of this type attempting to place themselves in similarly inappropriate locations and unacceptable configurations throughout the wider Highlands neighborhood.

Not a Coincidence

Since Sushi Hai was granted a wide array licenses to expand to a two-hundred seat nightclub with entrances on a residential section of Lowell Boulevard south of 32nd Street (the so-called Hai Bar) we have witnessed a dramatic increase in disturbances and acts of vandalism. These incidents include, but are not limited to: assaults; persistent noise ordinance violations; littering; public urination and defecation; destruction of gardens; beer bottles thrown against homes; trespassing; patrons smoking and drinking alcohol in front of Sushi Hai against city ordinances. On Saturdays and Sundays since expansion, residential properties adjacent to Sushi Hai are and are now often littered with cigarette butts, partially filled liquor bottles and half eaten containers of sushi. A recent survey of the residents revealed that since Sushi Hai expanded to become the largest club in Highlands Square, over fifty calls were made to DPD emergency and non-emergency line concerning Sushi Hai and it’s patrons.

We stand certain that the dramatic increase in these incidents was made possible by the extensive and irresponsible liquor licensure of this business in its current inappropriate location. Due to these shortsighted policies, Sushi Hai is now one of the largest establishments of it’s kind in all of west Denver. Most offensively to us, its two entrances are located well down on residential Lowell Boulevard, it shares an interior wall with an eighty-year resident, and it has been licensed for liquor sales until 2 a.m. – keeping them open a full two hours later than all other establishments on the square.

Disturbances and Violence

According to the letter of the law and due to their close proximity to residential homes, Sushi Hai and their patrons violate city noise ordinances on a nightly basis. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the situation becomes oppressive. By 11:00 pm noisy patrons can be seen and heard loitering on the sidewalks on their way to Sushi Hai, often with open liquor containers. By 2:00 a.m, after all the other neighborhood establishments have been closed for two hours, it’s usually at it’s worst. Over served patrons yell, scream, and carry on loud conversations without regard to residents sleeping just a few feet away. We are also regularly awakened to the sights and sounds of Sushi Hai patrons returning to their parked cars to drink, listen to loud music, and continue their festivities. They have been seen throwing empty bottles, cans, and other trash, including used condoms, into our yards as they drive away.

There have also been violent scenes. A few months ago, a large and bloody street brawl erupted among Sushi Hai patrons, and spilled south down Lowell Boulevard. It resulted in a young man laying bleeding and unconscious in the middle of Lowell Boulevard, directly in front of a neighbor’s home. Of course the accompanying ambulances and police cars were a further disturbance, albeit a welcomed one. On a Saturday night in April, two households were awakened at 1:25 a.m. by an over served woman on the stairs Sushi Hai yelling unintelligibly. Neighbors called the non-emergency police number. She was physically restrained by a Sushi Hai security guard/DPD officer for thirty minutes, yelling and screaming a few feet from residents homes, and finally began screaming, Rape, Rape, Rape. Those who heard were horrified and called police emergency. She was finally picked her up in a paddy wagon after 2 a.m. One warm midnight last fall as windows were open and music blared from the car parked in front of his house, the father of a sick infant, went to the car and politely requested that the occupants decrease the volume. The father, who recognized the men as Sushi Hai patrons, was threatened that if he didn’t stop harassing them, he would be shot. That family will be moving from this Highlands neighborhood in May.

23. Wind Turbine Setback for the Safety and Health of Connecticut Residents

Connecticut and its representatives must consider the impacts that these structures can pose and recognize the need for appropriate setback requirements based upon the demographic and environmental uniqueness of our state. Experts and agencies throughout the world with years of experience with this technology have recognized the importance of proper setback requirements to minimize impact to the safety, health and welfare of neighboring communities.

We are asking our elected officials to set a responsible example for a peaceful co-existence with this new technology. For the good of all the people, we need to establish a safe and sensible setback requirement for industrial wind turbines and make it a law in the state of Connecticut. Let’s not forgo public safety for the sake of our consumption.

Let’s be smart about adopting new technology and not just jump on the band wagon without researching and understanding possible impacts and consequences. The decisions we make now become our legacy. Let's keep our state safe, beautiful, and a desirable place to live for generations to come.

24. Objection to Residential Parking North End Area

It has been proposed by Portsmouth City Council to introduce a residential parking scheme in the following roads: ANGERSTEIN ROAD, CARDIFF ROAD, KING EDWARD CRESCENT, LONDON AVENUE, MONMOUTH ROAD, NELSON AVENUE, NORTH END AVENUE, NORTH END GROVE, STAMSHAW ROAD, WEYMOUTH ROAD.

The anticipation of costs are as follows: The first resident permit is free to all residents with a vehicle. The second resident permit costs £50 and additional permits, if approved, cost £100 each.

The first business permit costs £100. The second business permit costs £200 and additional permits, if approved, cost £300each.

Permits for visitors can be purchased for 24 hours, or 4 or 7 consecutive days, costing £1.50, £5 and £9 respectively.

Initially the second resident permit was £25 but increased to £50 in February this year at the Council Budget review.Unfortunately the residents are unable to oppose this increase.

I am starting this petition to formally voice to the council the weight of opposition to this proposal. I feel strongly that the council have enough schemes in place to generate money from us, such as road tax, parking fines etc and I feel this an example of a generic scheme being put into place without any substantial thought or consideration of the residents, and feel emphasis and effort should be put on improving the substandard public transport system in the city instead of creating a new tax for the residents.

I also feel that as the Council often promotes the city as a great place to visit, I think it is ridiculous to further charge friends and relatives when they want to do just that.

Please see

25. Recycling for Schools

The City of Calgary will start a curbside residential recycling program in 2009. The plan excludes all schools. Most schools are located in residential areas, so the trucks will drive right past the schools but not stop to collect their paper.

The cost of stopping at schools would be minimal if schools are simply added to the route as trucks move through communities to collect recycling.

The children and young adults in our schools are the leaders of tomorrow. Society will be well served if our younger generation learn the importance, the logic and the simplicity of being environmentally friendly at home, at school at work and at play.

We are asking the City of Calgary to help our schools with this by allowing schools to be included in the curbside recycling program.

26. No To Building Laundry Mat in a Residential Area

Over the past 6 years, we have lived in a calm and peaceful residential area. Many of our neighbors have made wonderful changes to their homes which has made our community here around Bissell Street seem more lively and friendly. Most importantly violence free. We live in a residential area.

Lets get together and keep it that way. Lets not allow anyone come build a laundry mat which will change it all for many of us. Some of our neighbors would be forced to move if we allow this to happen, our street will not longer be a residential area. We would be exposing ourselves to losing the safety of our community.

27. NO Re-zoning of 9500 Holly Tree Lane

Re-zoning of 15.18 acres (T.M. #26-132) located at 9500 Holly Tree Lane from agricutural (A-1) to residential (R-1) and Multi-family residential (r-2) for building of single family, two family and multi-family dwellings.

28. Residential speed limit on Front Street

The current speed limit on Front Street is 35mph. Front Street is a residential area with lots of children the limit should be 25mph.

The limit is 25mph on every other street in the area that is a neighborhood they even have children at play signs. On Front Street the limit doesn't go down to 25mph until you head downtown and away from the children.

On Christmas day a child was hit by a car, the girl driving was "going the speed limit" but didn't have time to stop. She had a suspended license hit a child and all she got was a ticket because she was going the speed limit.

I don't want to see this happen to my daughters or anyone else's children.

29. South Seventh Street Construction Staging Site in Ann Arbor, MI

The City of Ann Arbor has granted a parking permit to Sanita's Construction Co. of Clarkston, MI to use the court at the end of South Seventh Street to stage a construction site.

There are numerous large construction vehicles stored there daily in addition to piles of stone, sand and dirt and a portable toilet, which is not fenced in. The construction equipment is used for the footing drain disconnection in the Morehead/ Churchill area. This project has been in process for five months.

The court is in a residential area and is next to a public playground. The playground and park are also a major traffic area for children from the Northbrook area to go to and from school. This is a very dangerous situation for the students walking past the site. The vehicles drive at too high a rate of speed to be able to stop quickly in case of an emergency.

The constant noise and traffic has been excessive on S. Seventh, Morehead and Delaware Street, although the work is now in the Churchill Downs subdivision. There are several courts over in that area that would accommodate the equipment

30. SOS from residents of Saket Complex, Thane

August 10, 2007

The Chief Justice,
Mumbai High Court,


Respected Sir,

On behalf of 4000 residents residing in Saket CHS Ltd. and Saket Towers, I am filing this letter to you with an urgent plea to kindly intervene and give us relief for the various reasons mentioned under alongwith facts :

1. Vide its order dated July 26,2006, the Mumbai High Court through its respectable Judges, Justice RM Lodha and Justice Naresh H Patil, restricted the movement of Heavy vehicles in the city of Thane, from Majiwade junction to Meenatai Thackeray Chowk to K Villa up to Kalwa Bridge and onwards towards Vitava and Belapur.

2. Delivering the judgement the Hon. Judges stated that (quote) : Pt. no. 2 : The AGP informs us that a meeting of the Collector, Thane, Commissioner, Thane, Municipal Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner(Traffic), Thane and City Engineer, Thane Municipal Corporation took place on July 24, 2006.

3. Pt. no. 3 of the said judgement further states that (quote) : The AGP placed before us a change route map,marked X for identification purposes. As per the said route map, the traffic from National Highway No. 3 and National Highway No. 4 now passes through the road marked by arrows from Navi Mumbai to Old Agra Rd. According to the decision taken in the said meeting, the traffic from National Highway No. 3 and National Highway No. 4 does not pass through Meenatai Thackeray Chowk ( Castle Mill). We are thus satisfied that the grievance of the petitioner raised through the PIL has been redressed and no further orders need to be passed in the writ petition.(unquote).

4. After this order, the Thane Municipal Corporation and Traffic Police diverted the entire traffic of Heavy Vehicles on SAKET MARG.

5. The area through which the traffic is now passing consists of a cluster of 24 buildings( 7 storied) and 3 Towers ( 19 storied) – all residential premises. There is a School and Junior College in the area which works in 2 shifts. In fact, there are less residential buildings in the so-called city area from Meenatai
Thackeray Chowk to Kalwa Bridge, as the road passes through a big lake on one side, a playground on the other side and a Jail premises later.

6. We would like to stress here that the Hon. High Court does not possess, nor is it expected to possess the specialized knowledge about the effects of the movement of Heavy Traffic from different areas of the City.

7. Looking at the trends seen for the last few years in the High Court regarding PILs, it is noticed that the judiciary is now taking over the role of Bureaucracy without having to take the responsibility and in the course, instead of hauling up the concerned officers responsible for the mess, the Courts are indulging in trying to sort out the mess itself.

8. In the current case, we would like to inform you that there are 4000 people residing in the Saket vicinity who are bearing the brunt of the irresponsible decision to divert Highway traffic through a stretch of a road meant for residential premises and constructed to withstand only LIGHT VEHICULAR movement.

9. This diversion has created daily nuisance to these thousands of people including school going children, pregnant women, senior citizens and office-goers.


11. A survey conducted by the Thane Municipal Corporation, after diverting this traffic on Saket Marg produced a shocking picture. It was found that in 24 hours more than 14,000 vehicles ply to and fro on this stretch of 4 kms – movement which has destroyed the road and left behind huge craters, rubble, pollution and NOISE POLLUTION.

12. Yes, during night time the noise levels due to constant brakeing and honking by these vehicles reaches decibel levels exceeding 130. The Supreme Court / High Courts have been pro-active in barring usage of Loud Speakers or Crackers after 10 pm. So, our plea is ban movement of Heavy Vehicles near Residential premises after 10 pm!

13. Here, we would like you to consider the following :
• Whether all parties present in the July 24 meeting have acted in conformity with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act?
• If they have acted in conformity with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, whether the diversion of Highway led traffic through an internal residential road can be construed of PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND DOES NOT AMOUNT TO VIOLATION OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT AS GUARANTEED UNDER ARTICLE 21 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA?

• Whether such disowning of responsibility which leads to residents resorting to remedies of Raasta Roko or Bandhs are in the best interest of society?

On this background, we have no alternative but to invoke extraordinary jurisdiction of this Hon. High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution of India for the protection of the rights of people as guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and seeking redress of our grievance to implement the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act so as to maintain and uphold the interest of Public Safety and not allow it redundant at any cost and in any circumstances.
Hence this petition!!


Dayanand Nene
A7/303, Saket CHSL,
Thane 400 601.
# 3290 4315/ 93239 60475.