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1. Demand New Laws and Regulations For "posted" an "Trespassing" signs.

As a PA fishing license holder we spend a lot of time, money, and energy to be able to fish. Sometimes driving 2-4 hours to get to a stream or river that is stocked to only be told we can't fish because of a land owner. We pay Pennsylvania to be able to fish Pennsylvania waters and should be entitled to unless otherwise posted by the fish or game commission. We pay tax on all of our gear, tackle, bait, and licenses and should be allowed to fish the waters that we pay to fish.

2. Petition for the addition of Mechanical Sweeping

Although we are a commercially zoned area, many transient people live on neighboring streets and in encampments. As a result our streets and gutters accumulate human waste, urine, needles, used condoms, hair, clothing, vomit, oil spills, paper & plastic debris.

Because the storm drains are clogged with trash we also have as much as a foot of standing water throughout the winter months.This all Results in a horrible public health hazard and a burden for the businesses owners, workers, and delivery couriers.

We need regular mechanical street cleaning as soon as possible.

3. Traffic Concerns of Station Hill Residents

The speed limit is 25 miles an hour from NMMC till you leave Fort Kent. I have clocked 10 ton trucks going approximately 38-42 miles per hour.

This is a high pedestrian and children area. This is the normal speed not a few individual trucks or companies.

I am trying to prevent a tragedy before it occurs.

4. YMCA Operating Hours

April 23, 2006

The members of the Jefferson City area YMCA have seen the facilities hours of operation be cut back the last two years.

We accepted the early closings between Memorial day and Labor day since the pool was open and staffed for use in the evening. The first cut was closing at 5:00 pm on the weekends from April 1st to October 31st. April, May, September, and October are times when the facility get a lot of late day use.

When the facility posted the head count spreadsheets, you could see the facility closed at a peak use time. These facility use tabulations are no longer posted. Starting this year the facilities are starting to close early on a week night.

We find this practice un-acceptable to the membership. The YMCA is a haven for youth to give them a place to go and play sports. It keeps children off the streets and gives them a positive recreational environment. This does not occur when the doors are locked.

5. Stop through traffic on Maria Street

As you are well aware there is a new Superstore under construction at the corner of St Clair and Runnymede.

Firstly, on Maria St. the city has posted signs prohibiting heavy trucks from using this street Despite these signs the street is being used as a throughway fro commercial and construction traffic on a regular basis, from Runnymede Ave. all the way through to Clendenan Ave., and vice versa. The affected residential streets include: Clendenan Ave., Boiler St., St. John's Place, Gilmore Avenue and Maria Street.

Secondly, more often than not we are seeing Maria St. used as a throughway for drivers who wish to avoid the traffic lights on Dundas West and find a "short cut" to the stock yards shopping area.

Our main concern is for the safety of the high density of small children in our neighbourhood, not used to the increased traffic. Often the drivers are moving at speeds well above the posted limit, too fast for a residential street, and thru traffic is increasing weekly.

Because of the current layout of Maria St. upon, completion of the new Superstore these problems will be compounded and Maria street will see: increased traffic, parking space deficiency, danger to our children and an increase in noise pollution.

Our proposed solution to these concerns is to have part of Maria St. be designated as a one way so that it is not a throughway from Clendenan to Runnymede.

6. Posting No Parking Signs in Cleveland Heights

For anyone who did not know, there is a law in the City of Cleveland Heights that there is no parking on any residential street during the hours of 3am and 6am, 7 days a week. (There is a number you can call to allow you to park (216-321-1234) supplying the make of your vehicle and your license plate number).

However the only way that anyone knows of this no parking law is by word of mouth, reading the City of Cleveland Heights website, or by having been previously ticketed. This is no way to run a city.

Yes sure it makes the city money, but where does the money go?

If you would like to see signs posted please sign the petition to put up the signs.


Traffic on Hillendale Drive in Big Bear City has been an on going issue. This street is currently not marked with any type of speed limit signs and many vehicles speed up and down the street at 50 miles per hour. Residency in this neighborhood has grown and the school bus stops have recently been moved to the corner of Robinhood and Hillendale.

The speed limit in this neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. The residents of this community need to insure our kids are safe and that the speed limits are posted and followed.

8. Don't Cry Daddy

This is a petition to try and get Don't cry Daddy posted on Lisa Marie Presley's site along with the video.

9. Tractor Trailer Rigs Drivng on Old Nacogdoches Trl.

We the residents of C.R. 203/Old Nacogdoches Trl., Forney, TX, Kaufman County have concerns about our neighborhood. Tractor trailers are using C.R. 203 for access to Interstate 20. C.R. 203 is not designed for heavy equipment. C.R. 203 becomes unsafe for residents vehicles because of the wash-board affect that happens from the tractor trailers on a dirt road. The part of C.R. 203 that is paved has become as bad as the part that is not.

Concerns have been expressed to the owner of Sutton Fruit and Vegitable on the South side of Interstate 20 about the trucks going above the posted speed limit, but it has done no good.
We the residents of C.R. 203 would like to request that signs be constructed at both ends of C.R. 203 "No Trucks" and Speed Limit signs that are posted clearly for drivers.

10. Unfreeze 3mousekeeper

Allow me to introduce myself. My neopets screen name is archinae. I used to be 3mousekeeper, but that account was frozen. For practically no reason.

In mid- July of 2003, I had been going to General Chat for over a month, and was considered a "reg" by most of the other GCers. For once, I was respected. People actually liked me for being a weird person. See, I didn't get much respect in real life. In fact, a large margin of the people I knew seemed to hate me- but that's beyond the point I'm trying to get across. One day, I posted a message board as follows:

Subject: Hey, wanna talk dirty? Click here...

Message: Once a white horse fell in the mud.

It was nothing but a childish joke, but it got me frozen. I wanted to make people laugh; you guys threw my account in the trash. This is the pure, honest truth. I never said any cursewords, I never got any warnings, and I was frozen all for a stupid little joke.

So, I've come to this conclusion. You, the Neopets Team, obviously hate GCers. It seems like you were waiting for me to post something stupid, to give you a reason to freeze me, all because I have some friends on a message board who I can relate to. You might be able to disprove this theory of mine by unfreezing my 3mousekeeper account, or at least transferring my neopoints, items, and the lab ray to my archinae account.