Burrell School District
United States of America

A student attending Burrell High School, in Lower Burrell, PA, is required to attend and pass four semesters of "Swimming" for graduation. The class is designed to teach students several swimming techniques, strokes, and styles, as well as touch on survival information. The class presents this information well, but most students either already have this knowledge, or do not wish to learn to swim; as they would have taken it upon themselves to do it. Furthermore, the same material is presented over and over-again in each class, taken once per-year, and the final exam required to pass is nothing more than swimming lengths for an entire class, 24 for seniors. It is my personal opinion that this class should become an elective, and not a requirement for graduation; or at minimum, lower the requirement down to a single semester.

WE believe that the requirement for swimming class at Burrell High School is pathetic. We are in agreement with burrellsucks.com that the class should be made an elective, and not required for graduation or any thing else. We think that the necessary steps to make this change should be carried out immediately, and that any student who in the past has failed to graduate Burrell High School because of the swim requirement should be immediately issued a post-dated diploma and letter of apology.

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