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1. Demand from Ubisoft Entertainment to lower the Double Memory requirement for all of their Android Apps

The Ubisoft Entertainment will NOT update all of their Android Apps and the "apk" feature which lowers the memory usage by 10 MB for example.

With this petition I'm DEMANDING Ubisoft Entertainment to update to "apk". The current memory requirement: 44.51 MB X 2 is too large for my Tablet PC &/or Smartphone.

2. Waiver the requirement for an acoustic assessment for properties near light rail

In order to get a construction certificate for properties near the rail corridor, home owners in NSW currently need to get an acoustics assessment The Department of Planning applies this condition to all properties near the rail corridor regardless of the type of rail operating. In the "Development Near Rail Corridors and Busy Roads Interim Guidelines 2007", it is stated that ‘The impact from railway depends on a range of factors including train type.’(p14).

However, The Department of planning does not make any distinction between the different types of rail in practical application. Therefore an acoustic assessment is required by anyone who wants to develop a property located near rail regardless of the type of rail it is.

This requirement is excessive in the case of light rail as the noise generated by light rail is significantly less than other types of rail.

3. Help Eliminate Math Requirement

Clearly all teachers need to be proficient in English. But why math? Why ONLY math? Who besides mathematicians use algebra or geometry in their professions or in their daily lives? Who uses them to such a degree that proficiency in those subjects would be necessary to teach any other subject?

Demonstrating a basic knowledge of math doesn't prove competency in a non-math field. It doesn't indicate a lack of intelligence or teaching competency.

If the goal is truly well-rounded teachers, why aren't teachers required to demonstrate proficiency in literature, music, art, theater arts, psychology, philosophy, history, biology, sociology, geography, physics, film, environmental studies, current events, anthropology, computer programming, or any other field studied in college or taught in public schools?

Why is math privileged?

Many people hate math. Why are potential teachers forced to learn what for them is an irrelevant, boring subject when there are many other subjects that would be of more interest and value to them and to their students? Why not give potential teachers a choice of subjects to be tested on to indicate well-roundedness? Why not ask them to show proficiency in several subjects instead of just one - math?

If well-roundedness is truly the goal, teachers should have to show knowledge proficiency in several subjects, not just English (which obviously we all need) and math (which only a small minority actually NEED). Teachers should be free to choose which subjects they're tested on.

4. ASFCME - stop the current addendum vote

On Friday September 29, 2006, a union vote took place concerning modifications in the Driver and Monitor Contract. Many union members feel that they were not properly notified or given accurate information concerning the vote.

Specifically, members were not notified in a timely manner to make arrangements or allocations of their time to participate in the vote. Some members were notified the very day of the vote and some were not notified at all. The preferred current ASCME communication style is to put paper flyers in the transportation building lounge. This style operates under the assumption that all drivers and monitors visit the lounge, which is not true.

Additionally, the amendments to the contract were not given to each union member in a timely manner to develop an opinion of good or evil. Only two pieces of paper that were confusing to some lay next to the vote box for drivers and monitors to make a very quick decision to vote yes or no. Furthermore, union members were not provided their own personal copy

5. Oscar Voters Who Have Not Viewed All Nominees Should Be Disqualified From Voting

March 13, 2006

This petition is an attempt to convince the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to change their rules, making the viewing of all nominees in any given category mandatory and verifiable, before allowing Academy members to vote in that category.

On the heels of the controversial Best Picture selection of Crash at the recent Academy Awards ceremony, it was disturbing to hear Academy voters like Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine admit publicly that they refused to view all of the Best Picture nominees.

The Academy Award has in the past been considered the pinnacle of achievement in the motion picture industry. Now imagine a panel of judges at the Olympics awarding the gold medal, which is viewed as the pinnacle of achievement in sport, to a specific competitor, despite refusing to view the routines of all participating competitors. The uproar would be quick, relentless and perfectly justified.

6. Abandon requirement of Swiss Matura in Polish Academia

Communist government for many years regulated admission do Polish Universities blocking millions of Polish Citizens from higher education not less and German Nazi occupants.

This petition is to abandon requirement of General Certificate of Aducation (Matura) for admission to Universities (especially private) and Colleges in Poland.

Remembering Polish schools under Soviet occupation this exam was nothing but extorsion of loyalty oath by Soviet Union as graduees of Polish high schools were force to praise communism and Soviet Domination.

Pre 2nd war system stagnated by military regimes enforced by surrounding aggresive superpowers and originated from restrictive totalitarian systems of Prussian Germany and Russia seems to be also not suitable for modern capitalistic Polish state.

It it outragous that free academia especially private academia in free Polish state without Soviet and any foreign army present is corrupted by national standards and exams when milions are forced to stepping to low quality crime and prostitution friendly public schools without protection of basic right to privacy and self education, but noncotroled by tuition payments of Polish students.


July 3, 2005

This petition is to persuade all the high up people who can change things to make it a legal requirement to have animals neutered.

There are far too many unwanted animals in the UK, either soon to be destroyed or are in small pens in rehoming centres. This should not happen. By neutering animals we are stopping more unwanted animals.

8. Poland should abandon visas for Russian citizens

This petition asks the Polish Parliament to cancel visa requirement for Russian citizens, to stop blocking free trade, and stop acting against Polish citizens wanting to visit Russia.

9. Abandon soviet trafic regulations in Poland

The Netherlands is the first country to introduce the requirement of registering motor vehicle. It is also a country of high taxes and euthanasia. This petition is to abandon the requirement of registering motor vehicles nad licencing drivers to protect Polish capitalism.

10. Stop requiring swim class for graduation at Burrell High School

A student attending Burrell High School, in Lower Burrell, PA, is required to attend and pass four semesters of "Swimming" for graduation. The class is designed to teach students several swimming techniques, strokes, and styles, as well as touch on survival information. The class presents this information well, but most students either already have this knowledge, or do not wish to learn to swim; as they would have taken it upon themselves to do it. Furthermore, the same material is presented over and over-again in each class, taken once per-year, and the final exam required to pass is nothing more than swimming lengths for an entire class, 24 for seniors. It is my personal opinion that this class should become an elective, and not a requirement for graduation; or at minimum, lower the requirement down to a single semester.

11. Demand a Diversity Requirement at UCLA

The struggle for a Diversity Requirement at UCLA is over 16 years long. Every UC campus except UCLA has some form of a Diversity Requirement. A Diversity Requirement would help to address racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism - especially in a growingly diverse and global world.