United Kingdom

28.4 million Yellow Pages per year (official)
22 million Thomson Local per year (official)

How many are used? and at what environmental cost?

This delivery system comes with at massive environmental cost. Not only with the printing and paper used but with the distribution to every home and business.

How many of use just pick them up and put them straight in the bin? or save them and never use them.

With Global Warming being such a huge problem its time to stop this system of waste. We need to create an 'op-in' delivery program. This is we the printed versions are only delivered upon request therefore eliminating pointless waste.

Join this Protest and help us to live in an environmentally cleaner UK.

This is the first protest from 'The Waste Project'. A project looking for a sustainable world.

We the undersigned support an opt-in delivery program for the Yellow pages and the Thomson Local phone directories.

Op-in means the directories are only delivered to homes and companies that request it.

By doing this we will be helping the fight against Global Warming and our waste on the planet.

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