#Human Rights
Government Officials

The Education System
•Increased Character Education

Children's Aid Society (Child Protective Services)
•protect children physically/mentally & emotionally
•recognize & educated on the signs of parental alienation
•children need mental health protection to be acknowledged and protected from mental & emotional abuse.

Family Court System
•enforce court orders when mental health issues are being ignored
•enforce doctors recommendations for counselling when there is a family history of mental illness
•oversee the office of the children's lawyer: to work in the best interests of the children they are representing, follow through with mental health assessments
•give a doctors diagnosis the respect it deserves, and consider the recommendations
•give the education system the respect it deserves, and consider their recommendations
•enforce court orders

Loving parents, acting in the best interest of their child/ren, abide by court orders. They do not interfere with their child's parental/extended family relationships. They encourage their child to love, not hate. They exhibit positive character traits & encourage the same from their children.

Parental predators, who do not act in the best interest of their child/ren. They use their children as a weapon for revenge. They do not respect court orders, & they must be enforced.

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