To any government official that I can reach.

Don't take my word alone for what ACTA is really threatening. Go look it up. Search it on google. Look at the injustice. We must fight for our right to have privacy on our personal computers. We should fight for our right to not be monitored every time we switch on our computers.

Just because a few people with deep pockets are angry with the internet, doesn't mean that the government has the right to take away our constitutional rights.

Like I said don't take my word for it, go see what the news and your searches and everything else tells you.

ACTA must be stopped. I have recently realized just how dangerous ACTA is to our rights as online users. How many more unconstitutional laws will come up before someone stops them?

We as the anonymous public need to step up and stop these injustices where they are. These laws are unconstitutional, and until a law that brings justice to everyone can be brought up to the government, no law should be placed.

A simple law with some holes is far better than a law that allows nothing and devalues the constitution. Stand with me, and stop this once and for all.

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