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1. Abolish CRA resolution

The S.J. Resolution 34 would permit any legal entity to purchase the web browser history of citizens from internet service providers. The American Citizens value their privacy and find it incredibly unconstitutional that their government would find it ethical/legal for anyone to purchase their internet activity. What a United States citizen does online, on their own time, is no business of the government, or anyone willing to pay a premium.

Furthermore, We all have all used the internet to determine if we or our loved ones should receive medical attention depending on the symptoms they may be exhibiting; and we find it highly unethical that anyone should be able to access our medical questions. We believe that if this bill is passed, there will be serious conflicts with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (aka HIPAA), which guarantees individuals confidentiality in regards to their health care.

The CRA's resolution is UN-American. We Americans find privacy one of the cornerstones of our great nation and we would be incredibly disappointed (especially during the election cycle) if this bill is approved in the house.

2. Stop Rezoning and Protect Historic Downtown Milledgeville, Georgia

This November 8th, Milledgeville's City Council will vote on a request to rezone historic downtown property from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential. This rezoning would allow the development of a gated residential complex at 221 and 231 N. Wayne St in the heart of downtown. Evidence abounds that rezoning these properties would be the wrong move for our City Council to make, especially when Council Members take Milledgeville's history, culture, and economy - as well as the ordinances they are bound by - into account.

Milledgeville is worthy of its Historic District title. As one of the first planned cities in the United States, it was modeled after Washington, D.C. Construction of Georgia's antebellum capital began in 1803, but it wasn't until 1807 that a wagon train carrying the state treasury and official documents made its way from the previous capital, Louisville, to its new one, Milledgeville.

Around that time, city land was set aside for the local community to invest in and profit from. We call such zoning Community Commercial today. One antebellum business owner, Wilkes Flagg, founded his blacksmith shop downtown on N. Wayne St - even though he started life as a slave in Virginia. The money his 'master' allowed him to earn from practicing the blacksmith trade on N. Wayne permitted Wilkes to purchase his own freedom as well as that of his wife Lavinia and son Wilkes, Jr. He accomplished this more than 15 years before the end of the Civil War.

When Sherman came through Milledgeville on his March to the Sea, he didn't burn the city to the ground as he had Atlanta, however his men did menace the population that was unable or unwilling to flee. Wilkes Flagg, 64 years old and already a free man, was hung from a tree for days by his thumbs and tortured for his knowledge of where certain spoils of war were hidden. Although he knew such information, he never confessed.

By that time, Flagg Chapel Baptist Church had held service for 34 years, and Wilkes had been its respected pastor for decades. From that moment, he would go on to found the first public school for Georgia's freed slaves and people of color, The Eddy School. Wilkes remains, to this day, a celebrated historical figure and our citizens remember with reverence how he earned his freedom, multiple times over, in our historic downtown.

After the Civil War, a nearby Freedman's Bureau was established to manage the transition from slavery to liberty. By then, the state legislature had moved to Atlanta. As the new capital grew, so did the African American Businesses District on the cross streets of North Wayne and McIntosh. In this segregated business district, countless citizens earned their economic freedom and organized their continued fight for social justice. As time moved on, and segregation lost its social stronghold, the African American Business District came to be revered as one of Milledgeville's truly influential cultural centers.

Unfortunately, not much of the Historic African American Business District remains today. Some of it was demolished to make way for the downtown police station and court house parking lot. If the current request for rezoning is approved, and the land is developed as requested, when standing in the Black Heritage Plaza on the corner of N. Wayne and McIntosh you'll be able to look left and see a police station and look right and see a gated community, which will be marketed towards affluent college students. Such a decision would be one visible step closer to erasing the cultural and commercial heritage of both Milledgeville's Historic District and its Historic African American Business District.

While most citizens approve of developing these properties, many strongly oppose rezoning as the properties are the last open land still available for commercial development in our confined downtown. On page 52 of the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Baldwin County and City of Milledgeville, one of the points for land use says "We will continue to encourage the development of Downtown Milledgeville as a vibrant center of the community in order to improve overall attractiveness and local quality of life." However, if these properties are rezoned, the resulting gated residential development would ultimately serve only a small piece of our community’s pie.

It's important to note that Baldwin County has endured a 21.1% loss in employment since 2006, according to a Market Feasibility Analysis published in 2015. Rezoning property in such a small downtown from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential - in addition to erasing cultural and economic history - would in no way offer a long-term solution to our economic woes. While such rezoning may benefit local land owners looking for a quick sell of their properties, the vast majority of profits overtime would go to benefit a developer and residential management team based out of Athens. Land set aside to nourish the local economy would forever be limited in its original purpose.

It's also important to remember community resources, like our maxed-out downtown parking, when considering Milledgeville's economy. As such, the developer must provide 36 parking spaces for the proposed 36 bedroom complex. To fit these parking spots in the proposed lot, the developer requested a variance to shorten parking space length from 20' (that’s considered Code) to 18'.

At recent rezoning hearings, citizens repeatedly pointed out the obvious: trucks that residents and students actually drive in our region don't all FIT into 18' spaces. Therefore, residents of the gated complex - along with visiting friends and family - would have no other option than to park their oversized or visiting vehicles on the street, in spaces normally occupied by cars conducting local business.

Further stress on already limited parking would hinder accessibility to nearby businesses like Slater's Funeral Home, located across the street from the proposed development. Slater's has served the local community during its time of need for over 100 years. However, since available street parking has dwindled over the years, permitting this variance alongside rezoning would only continue the negative trend in available downtown parking.

The last section on page 12 of The Comprehensive Plan says it best: "...there has been an increase in housing that contains 20-49 units, otherwise known as multi-family housing. This housing has the potential to cause traffic and environmental problems if development occurs in areas that are not prepared to handle densities of this nature."

If that wasn't enough, page 16 of the same document states: "Haphazard development could result in the loss of many valuable resources that the County and City rely on for tourism and a sense of community." Our citizens are petitioning against rezoning these properties because we see with clear eyes the long-term loss rezoning would mean for Milledgeville's historic, cultural, economic, and community resources.

If you agree that rezoning 221 and 231 N. Wayne St. from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential is the WRONG MOVE for Milledgeville's City Council to make, we implore you to sign this petition and make your voice heard.

We also invite you to join us at the next City Council meeting at City Hall on November 8th at 6:30PM when voting will take place. There are few better ways to celebrate Election Day than by make your presence known and taking action as a concerned citizen. We look forward to seeing you there!

3. Stop the Banning of the Confederate Flag

The confederate flag has been banned in many places, including battle grounds and cemeteries which may have once contained the soldiers of the Confederacy. The flag is also not allowed to be sold in many stores including; Walmart,, etc..

This ban is not only in states that were considered part of the Union but also in states which consider themselves a part of the Confederacy.

Virginia is no longer allowed to sell license plates with the emblem on them and Mississippi, a state which prominently incorporates the flag was told change their flag as to no longer contain the emblem.

This petition is to stop the banning of the battle flag because it stands for more then the negative allegations people have put onto it.

4. Stop Children being Kidnapped in Pakistan

The news of the kidnapping of 712 children in Punjab sent a chill down my spine. According to data, in 2015, some 1,200 children were kidnapped in the province and the figure for the current year is 767; while 312 children were abducted in Lahore.
It is shocking that Punjab is a safe haven for kidnappers. These children are kidnapped for many reasons like pedophilia, ransom money, trade, and beggary through children, transformation into militants or suicide bombers, and even for extracting vital organs of the kidnapped. One can realize the pain and suffering of the families of the kidnapped children.

We are signing this petition for General Raheel Sharif (COAS PAKISTAN) as we have already lost all our hopes from governing body of Pakistan. They are sleeping and taking no notice of this until there is going to be threat for their own children. They have failed to stop this hideous crime against humanity and our nation.

No matter i am living abroad, but being a democratic citizen of Pakistan, i feel its my duty to raise voice against this serious issue.

Regards: Adeel Hashmi

5. Hold off construction on Spinola

The Spinola area is one of Malta's iconic places. Almost all photos albums showcasing Malta have a photo of the Spinola bay.

Residents and tourists alike frequent it all year round but residents are a small community that has been harmed by constant developments that do not seem to ever end.

While it is possible to see 12 construction cranes from the bay itself, the tiny single lane one way adjacent street (Spinola road) has 6 notices of developments (PA/04721/99, PA/01735/16, PA/02953/16, PA/03491/16, PA/03219/16 and PA/03679/15)

Recently 2 of the submitted applications propose to tear down buildings, digging an underground parking and rebuild on top. These 2 applications are 20 meters apart.

The residents already suffer a host of problems from traffic, commercial trucks blocking garages, tourist bus, etc. and a lot of jams have been generated from trucks from the Portomaso construction site at the end of the road.

Such a small area cannot handle two more sites, Let alone side by side, as it would cause ridiculous problems.

6. Stop Cruelity : Animals should be given Anesthesia before slaughter

StopCruelity : We kill animals in any ways we want. Those creatures are not powerful enough to oppose us.

They give you food when you give them death.

I cannot turn a non vegetarian to vegan but.. WE CAN STOP THIS INHUMANE BEHAVIOR.


7. Stop Banning Us Facebook!

Facebook Groups are used for Marketing purposes. We often get blocked, with no recourse whatsoever as the appeal system does not work. It is our contention that in many instances our competitors and trollers are the cause.

When blocking someone, there is an option to first message that person. We want this to be the only course of action for a period of at least 72 hours, with at least a 24 hour period between reports and the action should have to be taken at least 3 times before banning. Further, that person must always be identifiable.

If you want to deny us our income, then at least have the guts to debate the subject.

8. Stop an Increase in the GST

In Australia, we currently have a GST of 10%. At this level it has been a complicit failure. We were led to believe implementing a GST would give our government the ability to reduce other so called hidden taxes and ultimately benefit our economy as a whole. Here we are 15 years later and currently in the worst economic health we have ever been in, even though we have just had the benefit of a 13 year plus mining boom.

An increase of 50% (10% to 15% is a 50% increase) will give your incompetent government another 30 Billion plus a year to squander in the same way our incompetent governments have in the past.

The real unemployment figure would be closer to that of reported youth unemployment around 25%. Add in the homeless, the people shifted from the Newstart allowance to the Disability Support Pension and the unemployed with too many assets to be listed as unemployed. This government is not creating any real jobs, simply screening Centrelink with a greater vigilance to remove them from receiving benefits. This is giving false figures.

There are several alternatives, we need to stop any suggestion of increasing the current failed tax and start debating the viable and sustainable alternatives.

9. No labeling, No boycott, No stabbing Israel in the back

De EU heeft goedgekeurd dat producten uit Judea en Samaria gelabbeld gaan worden zodat consumenten weten wat zij kopen. Nu is het de vraag wat men in Den Haag gaat doen. Wij van Time to stand up for Israel willen door middel van deze petitie laten weten dat wij absoluut geen herhaling van de jaren 30 van de vorige eeuw willen. Wij zeggen NEE !! tegen het labelen/ boycotten van Israelische producten.

The EU approved of the labeling of products from Judea and Samaria so the general public will know what they buy and from where . The question is what will our goverment in the Hague decide. We from Time to stand up for Israel want to let our goverment know that we absolutely don't want a repeatment of the 30's of the last century. We say NO to labeling and boycotting of Israeli products.

10. Diss The Dislike

Please sign and share showing that the new upcoming "dislike" button is horrible. Don't we have enough hate and cruelness on social media? You want ppl hatin on your selfies? Or a family picture? Or how your feeling? Even if your in a new relationship? We shouldn't have the option to put someone down.

If you have nothing nice to say, leave it alone. This button should never have even in a process in motion. Keep the love going and agree that this nonsense should come to an end before it even begins.


11. Ban Shark Finning and end the exploitation of sharks

What is Shark Finning?

Shark finning refers to the removal and retention of shark fins and the discard at sea of the carcass. The shark is most often still alive when it is tossed back into the water. Unable to swim, the shark slowly sinks toward the bottom where it is eaten alive by other fish.

Shark finning takes place at sea so the fishers have only the fins to transport. Shark meat is considered low value and therefore not worth the cost of transporting the bulky shark bodies to market.

Any shark is taken-regardless of age, size, or species.

Longlines, used in shark finning operations, are the most significant cause of losses in shark populations worldwide.

Shark finning is widespread, and largely unmanaged and unmonitored.
Shark finning has increased over the past decade due to the increasing demand for shark fins (for shark fin soup and traditional cures), improved fishing technology, and improved market economics.

Shark specialists estimate that 100 million sharks are killed for their fins, annually.
One pound of dried shark fin can retail for $300 or more. It's a multi-billion dollar industry.

Why ban shark finning?

Finning is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of sharks every year.
The removal of the ocean’s top predators may have serious, widespread effects for marine ecosystems and potentially threaten yields of other commercially important species.

Finning is hugely wasteful – throwing away 95% of a valuable protein source should not be an option in a world where fish stocks are declining and millions of people face chronic hunger.

Finning prevents species-specific catch data from being collected. Without such information, sustainable management of shark fisheries is not possible.

12. Support a Carve Out for Mental Health from Managed Medicaid

House Bill 11 aims to extend managed medicaid across the state and will decrease mental health services for our children, adolescents and adults with mental illness. This is an urgent matter as Missouri Government has secretly passed legislation which will cripple mental health care across the remainder of the state at a time when teen suicides and school violence are on the rise.

Currently, St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia and the Rolla area have managed care. These areas have increased social need and lack of services for children that suffer with mental illness such as Autism, ADHD, Learning disorders, Behavioral Disorders, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Impulse Control Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Severe Depression and many other disorders. Some but not all of these children are in the foster care system or suffer from extreme poverty, and child abuse.

Children that suffer from child abuse, poverty, neglect or have the above disorders are in need of intensive psychiatric services which is limited by the managed care system in affected areas. Fortunately, in the Springfield area we have not been affected thus far therefore, we have been able to provide quality care to the children in Springfield and the surrounding areas. Currently, mental health care in Springfield is centered around the needs of our children not by the needs of a for profit entity ran by a company in another state with no real understanding of the mental health needs of the children in our community. The house will vote on HB11 on April 13, 2015 and if this appropriations bill passes as expected, the ability to provide client centered services in the Springfield area and across the state will change effective July 1, 2015, if we don’t act now.

We are asking for your signature to stop the expansion of managed care as it pertains to mental health. We would like your support and your signature stating you support a carve out for mental health to protect the mental health needs of our children who suffer from mental illness. NO MORE Columbines, Sandy Hooks, Virginia Techs, and teen suicides. If the children and young adults that perpetrated these crimes had received quality mental health care they may have made different choices. This effects everyone in our community. Please let your representative know that you are concerned for our children’s mental health, children’s safety, and the safety of others.

Support Quality Mental Health Care and ask for a carve out for mental health by signing this petition.

13. Stop the bartering of dogs, cats, or other domestic animals

There have been numerous craigslist ads in Kentucky of people wanting to barter dogs. One breeder placed 2 ads on Craigslist wanting to trade bulldogs for either a dirt bike or scooter. On that same breeders website is a sentence that reads our dogs are family. I wondered when people started bartering family members for material things.

Someone may not have the money to get the pet so they will be tempted to trade to get it. In some cases they may not be financially equipped for the acquired animals' welfare. I called the Humane Society and asked if it is legal and was told yes. I was told pets are considered property and people can legally trade their property.

I assume pets were once labeled property to insure a form of protection. I feel that pets need more protection from being used as a form of currency. They do not deserve to be bartered into possible abusive situations. We must stop any domestic animal litters from being used for a line of credit. This will decrease a few puppy mills and the number of abandoned pets.

I hope with your signature that we can try to have state officials take notice. I also hope online classifieds websites will stop allowing any form of animal bartering offers.

Thank you.

14. Stop Sex Crimes By Legalizing Prostitution

Legalizing and regulating prostitution would be beneficial in many ways. Legalizing Prostitution would greatly decrease sex crime rates. It is a fact that sex crime rates are much lower in areas where prostitution is legal.

Sex trafficking is becoming a bigger problem everyday in the US. Not to mention Rape and Pimping. Prostitution could be regulated and monitored just as it is in Nevada. Regulating it would also keep the sex workers off the streets and provide a more safe environment for the workers and customers, its guaranteed to also decrease sex crime committed onto sex workers.

Regulating it will also prevent the spread of disease because all sex workers must be tested regularly. Prostitution should be a victimless crime but it being illegal is causing there to be a black market and many victims as a result.

The sex industry will always be prosperous in one way or another because its only human nature and trying to control nature as we know is impossible.

So Stop Sex trafficking and other sex crimes not to mention disease control by legalizing and regulating prostitution.

15. American Express, MasterCard and Visa Stop supporting Child labor

Apple Inc. Has recently made an official agreement with American Express, MasterCard & Visa that the iPhone & iPad users will be able to pay their bills on their iPhones & iPads via their American Express, MasterCard &/or Visa accounts even tough that Apple Inc. Supports child labor.

Link regarding the agreement here:
You may need to translate from Croatian to English via Google Translate.

*NOTE: And again, ANONYMOUS signers will not count.

16. Stop The Building Of Houses On Hayle Community School Field

We are petitioning against the proposed planning for 30-40 dwellings at the bottom of Hayle Community School field. The concerns for this planning can be summarised in the following points:

1) Already potentially 2000-3000 houses proposed or already granted planning in Hayle;

2) The access for these dwellings leads on to an already congested and potentially dangerous road;

3) The rapid expansion of Hayle's population is not being supported with up-dating the town's infrastructure; roads, doctor's and houses;

4) More housing = more traffic through Hayle's unsupported, residential roads;

5) Schools are not equipped to accommodate an increase in numbers - potentially leading to a negative impact on teaching and learning. Class sizes increasing beyond acceptable levels.

6) The sale of the school field for housing is to generate £1,000,000 towards the proposed sports hub at the school (that will cost £3,000,000) intended for both school and community use. However where is the market research to prove that the community want/need what is being offered in the proposed sports hub?

7) If the school field is sold for building and planning is granted there is no going back. A green space will be lost forever. If the sports hub is deemed unsuccessful as a business venture and is unable to be sustained through membership venue - the sale of the school field will be in vain;

8) It is recognised and agreed that the school requires a new sports hall - is there not a way we can raise money to support the development of this facility for the school alone that they can rent out as they wish?

9) The opening of the Asda store is going to also increase the amount of traffic entering and exiting Hayle town centre. Hayle's road infrastructure will not cope with this new development and an increase of traffic generated from the proposed 2000-3000 houses.

17. Meilleure Gestion de La SPCA Valleyfield

La SPCA Valleyfield est responsable de plusieurs actes de cruauté animale, de l'euthanasie de plusieurs chats appartenant des citoyens et ce, avant le délais de 5 jours prescrit par la LOI municipale. Ces gestes dégoûtants sont cautionnés par la technicienne-en-chef en santé animale, la directrice générale et le contrôleur animalier. Nous voulons stopper ce genre d'actions en demandant leurs démissions immédiates!

Nous demandons, de plus, au conseil d'administration de la SPCA Valleyfield de changer le nom de l'organisme si les euthanasies non nécessaires continuent et que la société n'est qu'une vulgaire fourrière plutôt qu'un refuge. Nous voulons que l'argent des contribuables cesse d'être utilisée de façon irresponsable dans l’exercice du service de contrôle animalier mandaté a la SPCA Valleyfield.

The SPCA Valleyfield is responsible for many acts of animal cruelty, for euthanizing many citizen owned cats before the obligatory 5 day delay demanded by city law. These disgusting decisions are being made and condoned by the veterinary technician in charge of animal health and care, the general director and the animal control officer. We want to stop these actions by asking for their immediate resignation.

Further more, we are asking the administration council of the SPCA Valleyfield to change the name of the organization if unnecessary euthanasias keep being done and that they maintain being a pound instead of a shelter.

We want the tax-payers money to stop being used irresponsibly in the practice of the animal control service done by the SPCA Valleyfield.

18. Petition Against Wifi in Camps Across Canada

The Canadian Press reports that Parks Canada has put out a call for bids from contractors capable of installing Internet access points in as many as 150 national park locations over the next three years – 50 this year alone. This is enraging. The Walterdale Bridge construction in Edmonton alone disrupted 17,000 square metres of fishery habitat, but this internet access construction will destroy thousands of square kilometres of forestry, grassland and potentially fishery as well.

The physical environment on the earth provides favorable conditions for the existence and growth of different life forms, including man. These living beings constitute the biological environment. Both the physical and biological environments are in a close interaction with each other and form a stable self perpetuating system. To take away the small amount of interaction with nature campers seek is preposterous and also violates environmental rights on many accounts.

Taken directly from the Environmental Bill of Rights for Canada:
"As early as 1978, a survey conducted for Environment Canada found that 89% of Canadians considered the deterioration of the natural environment to be of major concern.(2) This finding has been reinforced by subsequent polls, including the December 1990 Gallup Poll, which indicated that more than two-thirds of Canadians are buying "environmentally friendly" products.(3)"

The environment is constantly changing and this affects life on earth; some these effects can be lasting and irreversible. So we must realize that we should be concerned about environment, even moreso in our protected National Parks. Today, when environment is being polluted so rigorously, everyone has only one question on his / her lips and mind that is how to save environment from being polluted. How do we protect the earth from disaster? The strongest way to protect environment is save trees. Trees are one of the main creations that play an important role to keep air clean. If there will be no fresh air available then how will human beings, animal, and birds survive? Therefore, a clean environment is the need for every living object on this earth. Destroying said habitat will hinder the growth of animal life in our parks, as well as the spiritual connection required between man and nature.

19. Stop the Canadian Seal Slaughter

It all started in the 1800s. Seals migrated from Greenland to the coast of Newfoundland to breed, only to find greedy hunters with deadly clubs. They clubbed the thousands of seals to death every year.

The most terrible thing is, they still do it now, even though most countries have stopped importing seal fur. The way of death for these lovely animals is terrible and cruel. It must stop.

20. Raise the maximum sentence of Animal Cruelty to 5 years in prison

Currently the maximum sentence for animal cruelty ps 1 year on Prison. Recently on the media we are seeing more cases of extreme animal abuse and the offenders are only getting away with community service etc.

This is appalling that our justice system is allowing for animal abuses to get away with such atrocities and the only way to deter others from doing the same is to raise the maximum sentence so the offenders receive the punishment deserved.

21. Accountable and open government - REALLY? – POINT OF ORDER!

“The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP, leads an accountable and open government” … REALLY? – POINT OF ORDER!

To: ABBOTT - Grow a spine! Stop “ending” questions every time a Point of Order is raised …

To: Speaker of the House - THE DISHONORABLE BRONWYN BISHOP - Stop shutting down Points of Order when the question has clearly NOT been answered …

22. Save the Sharks! Stop the Cull!

There are more than 465 known species of sharks living in our oceans today. They are an apex predator near the top of the marine food chain, and they regulate the populations of species below them.

Research has shown that massive depletion of sharks has a cascading effect throughout the ocean’s ecosystem.

The fact that shark species are so diverse and inhabit every ocean on the planet makes them key players essential to the ocean environment. Yes they are a dangerous animal – but we need to remember that we are swimming in THEIR homes. We are in THEIR territory.

Sharks kill 10 humans a year, which although this is devastating, research has shown that these deaths are simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has been proven that the majority of sharks will mistake a human for food, take one taste and realise their error – swimming away without even a second thought. On the other hand, humans kill 100 million sharks a year, purely out of fear. We are not the enemy! And as a matter of fact, the chance of being killed by a shark is one in nearly 300 million. According to statistics, you have more chance of being killed by a pig!

The bottom line is, the effects of removing sharks from ocean ecosystems, especially in such large numbers, although complex and rather unpredictable, are very likely to be ecologically and economically damaging.

Save our Sharks! Stop the Cull!

23. Stop killing Ukrainian people: stop this senseless violence

What is going on in the Ukraine is a tragedy. It has to stop. Protests in Ukraine have turned into bloody crackdown. After a meeting with Ukrainian President Yanukovich opposition supporter A. Yatsenyuk said that Maidan will not be stormed. On Thursday 2014.02.20 peace between Ukraine government and its people was broken. Officers opened fire on protestants again. Numbers of dead and injured people are growing.

Witnesses have told that some died as a result of single gunshot wounds, typical of sniper fire. Officials said that one policeman had died and that 67 police troops had been captured by protesters. Eyewitnesses have told international news agencies that they have counted between 21 and 27 protesters' bodies after clashes in Kiev.

Video footage has emerged apparently showing snipers firing on demonstrators who had been trying to retake their protest camp in independence Square. Officials said more than 20 policemen had also been injured. Witnesses reported live rounds, petrol bombs and water cannon being used at Independence Square during this morning's clashes.

An opposition Twitter feed posted an image of 13 bodies in a makeshift mortuary in the lobby of the Hotel Ukraine. Earlier, several dozen protesters were using the lobby as a triage center for the wounded, and a priest arrived. Protesters - some of them armed - asked hotel guests for blankets to use as bandages.

A statement on the presidential website blames the opposition for starting the violence, saying the "calls for a truce and dialogue were nothing but a way of playing for time to mobilise and arm militants from Maidan [Independence Square]". Opposition leaders called the violence "an act of provocation" by the authorities.

24. Eliminate Tumblr Post Limit

The tumblr post limit takes away my right to post as many pictures as I want.

25. Stop Animal Cruelty on Produce and Dairy Farms

The cruelty of farm animals raised to be slaughtered not only threatens the animals, it could threaten us. The way these animals are treated could pose a health risk to the people who eat the produce.

Buying, cooking and eating produce is something that everyone does. Eggs, poultry, beef, pork, and even milk and seafood. But what the public doesn't know about what happens to our food? Is the cruelty and and assault that happens to all the animals raised at most farms. Their throats slit while they are still alive, thrown into grinders the first few moments of their lives, and constantly abused by staff at these farms. Being beaten is normal to any animal that survives, and is considered acceptable to most produce and dairy farms. This must stop. Though accepted by some farm owners, it is abuse and should be illegal.

26. Stop Greene King's new plans to change The Blenheim Public House

Greene King are due to take back the lease of the Blenheim Pub and make it into an "Eatery". This has been done previously in the past without success.

If the plans go ahead the current managers will have to leave and the style and running of the pub will change dramatically with negative consequence.

Regulars will lose entertainment and more importantly the future atmosphere of the pub will kill the camaraderie of the customers both young and old.

27. Stop Fluoridation of Biloela and Moura Town Water

Banana Shire Council is looking to proceed with the fluoridation of Biloela's and Moura's town water. This petition aims to stop this dosing system from being used on the grounds of cost, health risks and the taking away of ‘informed consent’.

• To operate the fluoridation dosing system it is estimated it would cost rate payers $70 000 a year, plus the additional cost of training staff to ‘safely’ operate the system.

• Fluoride is a toxic poison and it does not decrease tooth decay. There are no blinded studies to show a decrease in tooth decay when the water is fluoridated; however, there are studies to show harm from fluoridating the water. There is increased risk of hip fracture, birth defects, cancer, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, and the lowering of a person's IQ. Even if fluoride did reduce tooth decay, would it be worth the risk?

• Putting fluoride in the community water takes away ‘informed consent’ and obstructs the freedom to opt-out.

If you do not wish to see fluoride added to our drinking water please sign this petition. For further information I highly recommend The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson that chronicles the entire sad tale.

In the synopsis, fluoride is very important in making the atomic bomb, and in many aspects of industry. It is needed for making steel, aluminium, high octane gasoline, pesticides, Teflon, bricks, fertilizer, drugs like Prozac, and on and on.

28. End smoking at Party in the Park

As smoking is a dying trend in our society we hope to be able to eliminate smoking altogether at Party in the Park which is frequented by many children and impressionable young people.

29. Stop tattoo discrimination in the workplace!

Help us stop tattoo discrimination in the workplace! Servers should be judged on their service we provide not our body art. It's 2013 why isn't there equality at work?

Why should beautiful ink be covered up just to serve food? It's not right to presume we aren't professional because our skin is inked. Equality!

Art is beautiful, Discrimination is NOT!

30. Stop Stand Your Ground Law

The reason we want this approved is for our own safety. You would want to know if your child is safe, wherever he/she is.

We are all badly hurt in what happened to Mr. Trayvon Martin, and we would not want that to happen again to another innocent person.

So please help us STOP the stand your ground law.