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The Governments of the Countries on the UN Security Council


After reading Mark Joyner’s 'How to End the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict' blog post I decided to create a global petition to rally support for his plan. Mark's plan decidedly avoids pointing fingers at anyone - it only asks for 3rd party intervention to provide security for all of the innocent civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and the surrounding Israeli towns - the vast majority of whom simply want to be left alone to live in peace.

Why sign this petition?

There is almost universal support around the world to send peacekeepers into Gaza and the West Bank, but some members of the UN Security Council block these efforts consistently. Mounting public support for an issue has influenced the decisions of governments in the past. This petition, as it gains wider and wider support, will have a greater and greater chance of having such an effect.

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Thank you,

"I love people. All people. No group is more deserving of human rights than another."  Mark Joyner

We, the undersigned, call on the following actions:

1. Send UN Peacekeepers into Gaza and the West Bank to provide security for the Palestinians and surrounding Israeli towns.

2. Allow 1,000 international reporters and bloggers into Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank who have the right to move freely (at their own risk).

3. Immediately set up an interim Palestinian government with authority over West Bank and Gaza with full recognition by the United Nations.

4. Israel immediately recognizes the interim Palestinian government.

5. Initiatives of Unifying Social Dynamics between the Palestinians and Israelis begin immediately. (joint business and philanthropic enterprise)

6. Peacekeepers remain for a minimum of 5 years to allow these initiatives to take root.

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