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1. Give Murad's parents a visit visa to the UK

My name is Abdelrahman Murad and I am a 27-year-old from Gaza. I managed to leave the city in October 2014 in order to take part in a five week training course at the United Nations in New York. One year later I qualified for a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in the UK. I graduated in February 2017 and my graduation ceremony will be held in July (2017), for which I desperately want my parents living back in Gaza to attend. To my dismay, the UK embassy has refused to grant them a visa to visit, assuming they may not return. In reality they have no interest in a long stay. My father has a family to take care of and a business to run. Please, if you can, help me and my parents meet up for this special occasion after nearly three years of not seeing one another.

In nearly a decade, exiting and entering Gaza has been difficult, if not impossible, for its two million residents. This poses a particular challenge for students looking forward for a better education.

My case was no exception. I made it through the Rafah Crossing, Gaza’s only gateway to the world which opens only several times a month, after two failed attempts in a week. Desperate, I did not have the chance to say goodbye to my family on the day of departure. I only just made it . I wrote more about this experience, which you can read on my personal website. See:

In February 2017, I graduated from the University of the Arts London with an MA in Media Communications and Critical Practice. My graduation ceremony is due for 28 July 2017. In April 2017, I began work in the field of communications at the London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP). Because of the unreliability of the Rafah border and the risk of being stranded inside, I opted to not take a break from my studies or work to travel back and see my family.

I am writing to ask for your kind support of my petition to the UK Embassy in Jordan, which calls upon them to give my parents a visa to attend my graduation ceremony in London. I have already asked my parents to file a new visa application, after the first was refused.

The visa application was refused despite being well supported by documents. I even advised my parents to attach documents providing proof of their intention to return to Gaza. I bore in mind the unmeritable humanitarian and economic situation of Gaza. I believed it is enough reason for visit visas to be refused, let alone the having the infamous Palestinian passport.

Whilst I felt let down by their decision, and have even at times considered giving up and simply not attending my graduation, I have now decided to make a challenge. Their explanation simply has no substance, and is based on the unfair judgment that my parents intend to remain in the United Kingdom beyond the expiry of their visa.

Here is the explanation put up by the embassy:

“You have not shown from the supporting documents you have any family members living in your country of residence or other countries and therefore consider you have very little in the way of ties to provide you with enough incentive to leave the UK on completion of your proposed visit”

With your support, I hope to see my mum and dad soon.
To read the response from the UK Embassy, please see the original document below:

2. Revocation of Nobel Peace Prize awarded to FW de Klerk

Since 1994, South Africa is embroiled in a dispute between the ANC, and the EFF later, and the country's white citizens. Whites face violent deaths and torture in farm attacks, while the general murder rate exceeds road deaths and is in the top 3 in the world. Our YEARLY murder rate approaches the total amount of people killed in 25 years of the Gaza conflict, and violent deaths in South Africa exceeds warzones.

FW de Klerk won the Nobel Peace Prize after a fraudulent referendum, during which South Africans had to vote either YES or No, based on premises set for either the YES or No vote by FW de Klerk. If one studies the premises, you will find that FW de Klerk won the YES vote, but fraudulently delivered the premises he assigned to what would happen with the No vote.

The result is a violent country at war with itself, with civillian casualties exceeding warzones. Every day we face violent protests, and on average 50 people are murdered every day. The ANC was a terror organisation, listed as such, and with the ANC being put in control, the legacy of human rights abuses at the ANC's Camp Quattro lives on in our daily lives. Furthermore, a majority of 10 to 1, is using race laws to protect the many against the few, thus oppressing the minority white population.

3. Stop Ebola Now - Wake Up Australia


The worlds' most volatile disease is a global emergency and is not confined to African nations. This is no joke.

•The Spanish Flu killed 100 million people and had a fatality rate of 2.5%
•This nasty virus kills 25-90% infected and killed 52 humans in 2 days
•Ebola has a 2-21 day incubation period so people are like bombs; unaware they're contagious until it's too late so checking people's temperature at airports is useless
•Every Ebola patient passes the virus onto 2.5 others
•Many affected countries have run out of living doctors to fight the outbreak
•Hospitals and pharmacies closed on Tuesday 12th August as Sierra Leoneans panic
•If this epidemic remains "OUT OF CONTROL" in 2-3 months time 50,000 people will have the worlds' most gruesome virus and in 6 months,


We need to get our government to help those who can't help themselves.
This is an emergency. Liberia and Sierra Leone are some of the world's poorest countries due to war, normally without a crisis people fight for survival. Now their governments have stopped people from leaving their homes for 3-4 weeks WITHOUT GIVING THEM FOOD!! WHERE ARE YOU, MR. ABBOTT? We pay our taxes and are Australian citizens and you're allowing our family to suffer like this during an International Emergency. Keep in mind that there's hundreds of thousands of Africans here.

Sierra Leoneans from Sydney told me this catastrophy is worse than the 10 year "Blood Diamond" war because they said "You could tell where the rebels were and avoided them. With Ebola, a family member or local GP could kill them." That's if they have any relatives left after the brutal war or can afford a GP at all due to the aftermath. Many West African Australians have lost several family members due to Ebola and are worried about their families back home, suffering from stress, fear and high blood pressure. Now family members are going hungry adding to the pressure.

WE MUST STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION and be the voice for those in West Africa.
Our government is silent, sitting idle while Australian citizens' family members are dying. Let's be honest, if their relatives were English, our government would support them fully. I am disappointed in our government for displaying racism in this manner. Instead, we're searching for dead body parts of Australians from plane crashes and diverting attention away from the fact that this plague like virus is killing innocent people and it's an insult to remain silent. How dare we make other Australians feel like second class citizens- shame on us! How dare we discriminate. Inaction speaks louder than words. These people have gone through unfathomable situations and what, because they have African roots we brush our hands? Ebola is in Australia- scientists are studying it here but where are we helping the innocent people isolated in West Africa in the midst of this!!!!

We seem to be very focused on ourselves. The Chinese government gave medical supplies, the US and UK did too. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!! Please send emergency food drops to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. These are INNOCENT PEOPLE and IF OUR AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT DOES NOTHING, BLOOD IS OR THEIR HANDS!

With your signature, we will save the lives of MANY WITHOUT A VOICE.

4. Singapore to offer adoption of Palestinian children

I appeal, as a citizen of Singapore to all Singaporeans and to relevant ministries; to help the Palestinian children facing what seems to be, a genocide.

I urge the Singaporean government to offer adoption of Palestinian children to Singaporean families.

I ask the government to help finance the adoption process, I.e travel, adoption and legal costs.

Palestinian children are dying and the world is watching. Are we, as a country ready to watch and NOT take any action? Let's stand together and help these poor innocent children. I urge you to sign the petition and spread the word as much and as far as you can.

5. Retake Gaza

Given the discovery that all Gaza tunnels where going to be used in one night to inject thousands of Hamas militants disguised as IDF soldiers in the cities of the South to massively kidnap and murder our inhabitants in order to paralyze our army;

Given the fact that they are still firing rockets after a month of warfare and that there a more than a hundred tunnels left and deep underground bases (see US satellite info);

Given the fact that Hezbollah has the same thing by a factor of 10;

Given the fact that the US President accepted the new CIA geostrategic report for our region explicitly stating there will be no more jewish State but just a jewish protectorate under the Great Califate-in-the-making (see the ISIS army that sprung to the fore from nowhere..);

Given the Knesset report proving the costs of israeli administration of Gaza were far lower than the costs incurred since the retreat (and that didn't include the cost 100.000$ per Iron dome anti-missile);

Given the fact that some long tunnels have been found in the Hebron area as well, given the fact that even the Left in Israel demands to enforce through the army a sustainable solution and refuses ceasefires,

Given the fact that but our Government covered-up for 2 years the intelligence reports regarding those tunnels and is now bent on forgoing the strategic victory to the Hamas in order to advance the PLO-based Palestinian State, and

Given the many civilian casualties and given the unceasing warfare originating from Gaza:

6. Cut ALL Tax Payer Funding for the ABC

The format ABC News has evolved into a format that does not represent Australia in a balanced manner.

Examples to support this claim are: the ongoing fixation on Left Wing Issues such as Asylum Seekers, Gaza, coupled with unnecessary media coverage of Christine Milne / Sarah Hanson-Young.

7. Belgische artsen eisen politieke druk als medicijn voor Gaza

Belgische artsen eisen politieke druk als medicijn voor Gaza.

8. Omnipresent God in You to guide you to revere all Unconditionally

Bring World Peace Now.

The Omnipresent God in all people is guiding all people in any given moment as to how to revere what or whom is before you in the moment. By looking beyond the outer façade or packaging of the relative world you can start to realize God is everywhere. When you realize God is everywhere you start to love all unconditionally. The highest form of love is not attachment but reverence to the indwelling God.

When you can feel love/ reverence towards all unconditionally you develop an understanding heart. You understand why people attach to the relative world and see the relative world as their source. Seeing the relative as their source is creating a false god. There is only one Absolute Source… God attach to that Source and release the relative.

Attachment to the relative is the cause of ALL STRIFE IN THE WORLD TODAY! The land is not ours, the resources are not ours, people, family, children are not ours, indeed our lives are not ours. They are all God’s in our trust. We are not our culture a macro mask aka persona, we are not our religion mask/ persona, we are not our language. We are to honor all as a part of God first and foremost and put all else as secondary. No matter what our role in life we are to honor the Omnipresent God in all.



Jan Eric Prieditis

9. No to Technion in NYC!

Dear Elected Officials: Ben Kallos, Carolyn Maloney, Charles Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Micah Kellner, and Jose Serrano:

We, residents of your District and concerned individuals, are deeply troubled by the proposed plan for Cornell University to partner with The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology to build a campus on Roosevelt Island.

We are particularly concerned in light of the most recent Israeli assault on Gaza, which began on November 14, 2012 and lasted 8 days, killing and maiming hundreds, perhaps thousands of civilians including children, and destroying homes and infrastructure.

On November 18, four days into the Israeli assault on Gaza, as civilians were being massacred, Cornell University President David Skorton visited The Technion in Haifa, Israel as “a true friend of the State Israel.” This visit at the height of Israel’s assault shows institutional support by Cornell for Israel’s aggressive attack, and a shameful disregard for Palestinian lives. Skorton’s visit in turn undermines the sincerity of claims he has made that academics should “connect with colleagues in Israel and the Palestinian Territories."

In a clear violation of the First Amendment, a recent peaceful demonstration at Cornell University’s main campus in Ithaca in support of the people of Gaza was aggressively repressed after pro-Israel students contacted the police claiming the gathering violated Cornell’s campus code because it was held without a permit. However, Cornell University’s Campus Code of Conduct clearly states that there is “no need for a mandatory permit” for such outdoor demonstrations.

We understand that New York City needs to invest in education and training opportunities; however, this should not come at the expense of others who are not given that chance and who suffer human rights abuses. The Technion is deeply involved in the development of weaponized and surveillance drones and has joint programs with two of Israel’s largest weapons manufacturers: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, with which Technion graduates developed the Iron Dome missile defense system used in the recent assault on Gaza; and Elbit Systems, which manufactures Hermes drones used to terrorize and kill civilians in Gaza.

Technologies developed at The Technion and by Technion graduates at companies like these are used to destroy Palestinian houses, farms, business and government buildings, expropriate their water sources, drive them off their land, suppress demonstrations for their rights, and carry out attacks against people in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and elsewhere in the region. The Technion is thus directly implicated in war crimes. Detailed information and sources can be found on the NYACT website.

You may not know that The Technion practices institutional discrimination against Palestinian students by severely restricting their freedom of speech and assembly and rewarding Jewish students who, unlike the majority of Palestinians, perform compulsory military service in Israel. Not only do these facts contradict New York City and New York State non-discrimination and equal opportunity laws and Cornell University’s own bylaws, they directly contrast the ideals embodied by the recently opened Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island. The park was built to commemorate President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s stated goals of achieving and preserving freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. When President Roosevelt made that speech in 1941, he said that people “everywhere in the world” ought to enjoy those four freedoms, a sentiment which surely must apply to the Palestinian people, as well as all others.

Now that Cornell NYC Tech has completed the seven-month Uniform Land Use Review Process, there is an urgent need to take a stand. This review process enables an opportunity to express opposition to Cornell’s partnership with The Technion and to stand up for your District community’s interests.

10. Stop All Terrorist Activity in Sinai

حفاظا على كرامة مصر و أبنائها، نهيب بكم بان تسارعوا لإنقاذ مصرنا من براثن الإرهاب والفتنة. و عليه فإننا نطلب منكم إغلاق المعابر في سيناء بصفة دائمة و الإسراع بتدمير الانفاق التي تتسبب في استجلاب الاسلحة

In order to Protect Lives and Preserve Security in the Sinai Desert,we urge you to immediately Shut off permanently all Borders Checkpoints in addition to seal and destroy all Illegal Smuggling Tunnels connecting the Gaza Strip to Egypt .

11. Give Back The Tahrir

Last November, in international waters, the Israeli navy illegally intercepted two boats bound for the Gaza Strip, Palestine as part of the Freedom Waves to Gaza. One of those boats is the 'Tahrir' which is partly owned by Free Gaza Australia.

The Freedom Waves is an international initiative with the goal of challenging the illegal blockade of Gaza, and bringing humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Gaza in the spirit of the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1860 (2009). In a report dated Sept. 13, 2011, following the release of the Palmer report, four independent UN Human Rights experts concluded that the blockade of Gaza is illegal:

The 'Tahrir' was carrying much needed medical supplies which have been impounded by the Israeli government.

We are concerned that the Australian government is giving in to pressures from the Israeli government and accepting that it is acting within its right when imposing an inhumane blockade on 1.6 million Palestinians in Gaza and seeking to control international waters.

12. Stop Australian MP's from participating in the Gaza terror flotilla

The involvement of Australian politicians in a "flotilla" which aims to encourage and support terrorism under the guise of humanitarian aid should result in the removal of their rights to run for any political position Australia.

They intend, like the last anti-israel provocation, to engage in illegal warfare with a foreign military (Israel) which is illegal. The red cross has stated that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and indeed Gaza has the highest standard of living and mortality rate in the entire arab world.

We must tell these MP's and the Australian government how disgusted we are with the involvement of the greens Sylvia Hale and Labors Lynda Voltz. The 2010 Flotilla resulted in the deaths of 9 IHH terrorists.

13. IOF Must STOP SEXUAL ABUSE Of Palestinian Children

Israeli Occupational Force are not only torturing Palestine's Children, but sexually abusing and molesting those children, who are in their custody.

Over 7,000 children had been arrested since September 2000, the beginning of the second Intifada. Some children as young as 10 are treated as harshly as adults, in violation of international law requiring special treatment for children.

Each year approximately 700 Palestinian children, some as young as 12 years, are detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. The most common charge is for throwing stones. The overwhelming majority of these children are detained inside Israel in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Please watch:
Stolen Children, Stolen Lives part 1
Stolen Children, Stolen Lives part 2

UNICEF: Convention on the Rights of the Child
The articles of the Convention may be grouped into four categories of rights and a set of guiding principles:

1. Guiding principles ( The guiding principles of the Convention include non-discrimination; adherence to the best interests of the child; the right to life, survival and development; and the right to participate. They represent the underlying requirements for any and all rights to be realized.

2. Survival and development rights ( These are rights to the resources, skills and contributions necessary for the survival and full development of the child. They include rights to adequate food, shelter, clean water, formal education, primary health care, leisure and recreation, cultural activities and information about their rights. These rights require not only the existence of the means to fulfil the rights but also access to them. Specific articles address the needs of child refugees, children with disabilities and children of minority or indigenous groups.

3. Protection rights ( These rights include protection from all forms of child abuse, neglect, exploitation and cruelty, including the right to special protection in times of war and protection from abuse in the criminal justice system.

4. Participation rights ( Children are entitled to the freedom to express opinions and to have a say in matters affecting their social, economic, religious, cultural and political life. Participation rights include the right to express opinions and be heard, the right to information and freedom of association. Engaging these rights as they mature helps children bring about the realization of all their rights and prepares them for an active role in society.

The Israeli Occupational Force have broken and abused every principle of human rights in respect to the children of Palestine.

14. Υποστήριξη στην νέα αποστολή διεθνούς Στόλου για τη Γάζα

Από την νύχτα της Κυριακής προς Δευτέρα 31 Μαΐου 2010, όταν οι ισραηλινές ειδικές ναυτικές δυνάμεις επιτέθηκαν σε διεθνή ύδατα (80 μίλια από τις ακτές του Ισραήλ) στον πολυεθνικό στολίσκο «Freedom Flotilla», σκοτώνοντας 9 συνανθρώπους μας, τραυματίζοντας βαριά δεκάδες άλλους, οδηγώντας στην συνέχεια το σύνολο των συλληφθέντων σε ισραηλινές φυλακές, πέρασε σχεδόν ένας χρόνος.

Οι 38 Έλληνες της Πρωτοβουλίας «Ένα Καράβι για τη Γάζα» που συμμετείχαν στην διεθνή αυτή αποστολή -την δεύτερη σε αριθμό επιβαινόντων αντιπροσωπεία- συνελήφθησαν, κάποιοι υπέστησαν σοβαρούς τραυματισμούς, τα υπάρχοντά τους κλάπηκαν, ενώ τα 2 ελληνικά πλοία της αποστολής, σε αντίθεση με τα τουρκικά πλοία που αποδεσμεύθηκαν σε τρεις μόλις μήνες μετά το πειρατικό συμβάν, βρίσκονται ακόμα, υπό ισραηλινή κατοχή στο λιμάνι της Χάιφας.

Σε όλο τον κόσμο ξέσπασαν τότε ισχυρές αντιδράσεις και κινητοποιήσεις καταγγελίας που οδήγησαν το Ισραήλ σε σχετική απομόνωση και –πρόσκαιρη έστω- διπλωματική αναδίπλωση. Η απόφαση του Δικαστηρίου Ανθρώπινων δικαιωμάτων του ΟΗΕ, που ορίσθηκε από το Συμβούλιο Ασφαλείας, υπήρξε αποκαλυπτική σε ότι αφορά την χρήση άμετρης και αναίτιας βίας.

Οι περισσότερες αποφάσεις των διεθνών οργανισμών ζητούσαν τότε και την άρση του αποκλεισμού της Γάζας ενώ παράλληλα, ορισμένοι από αυτούς, εκπονούσαν σχέδια για την υλοποίησή του. Όμως, και σε αυτή την περίπτωση, δεν έγινε δυνατό να διασφαλιστεί η εφαρμογή των ευνοϊκών για τα στοιχειώδη δικαιώματα και τις βιοτικές ανάγκες του παλαιστινιακού λαού αποφάσεων.

Όμως η Μέση Ανατολή σήμερα αλλάζει. Όποια κι’ αν είναι η εξέλιξη, όποια κι’ αν είναι η νέα γεωπολιτική μορφολογία η πορεία των ανθρώπων της περιοχής προς την χειραφέτησή τους είναι βέβαιο ότι συντελείται. Τα ολιγαρχικά αυταρχικά καθεστώτα που μακροημέρευσαν, στηριζόμενα στην πολύτροπη συνεργασία και συνενοχή των καθ’ ημάς επαιρόμενων για την πολιτική και κοινωνική τους δημοκρατία κρατών, καταρρέουν.

Η Ελληνική Πρωτοβουλία «Ένα Καράβι για τη Γάζα», γενεσιουργός συνιστώσα του κινήματος για το σπάσιμο της 43χρονης πολιορκίας, συμμετέχει και πάλι με τρόπο καθοριστικό στην νέα διεθνή πρωτοβουλία «Freedom Flotilla - Stay Human» στο πλαίσιο μιας νέας, ευρύτερης, ριζικά αναβαθμισμένης, διεθνούς αποστολής.

Πρωτοβουλία «Ένα Καράβι για τη Γάζα» Αθήνα 18 Μάη 2011

Γραφεία: Νοταρά 6, Εξάρχεια – Αθήνα
Τηλ: 210-3800933

15. Boycott Israeli products and support the BDS Campaign

Since 1948, Israel has denied Palestinians their fundamental rights of freedom, equality, and self-determination through ethnic cleansing, colonization, racial discrimination, and military occupation. Despite abundant condemnation of Israeli policies by the UN, other international bodies, and preeminent human rights organisations, the world community has failed to hold Israel accountable and enforce compliance with basic principles of law. Israel’s crimes have continued with impunity.

In view of this continued failure, Palestinian civil society called for a global citizens’ response. On July 9 2005, a year after the International Court of Justice’s historic advisory opinion on the illegality of Israel’s Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), a clear majority of Palestinian civil society called upon their counterparts and people of conscience all over the world to launch broad boycotts, implement divestment initiatives, and to demand sanctions against Israel, until Palestinian rights are recognised in full compliance with international law.

As a result of Israel’s war in Gaza, with its death toll of over 1,300 Palestinians and allegations of multiple war crimes, there has been a large upsurge in support for the already growing global campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it fully complies with its obligations under international law and recognises the fundamental human rights of Palestinians.

The BDS campaign has been endorsed by over 170 Palestinian political parties, organizations, trade unions and movements. The signatories represent the refugees, Palestinians in the OPT, and Palestinian citizens of Israel. It is worth noting that a boycott is also supported by many Israeli citizens and Jewish organizations including European Jews for a Just Peace, Breaking the Law of Return (consisting of over 100 American Jews) Ilan Pappe (Israeli Professor of History based in UK) and Michel Warschawski (Israeli journalist).

Artists who have voiced support for the campaign or cancelled appearances in Israel citing political reasons include musicians Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Gil Scott Heron, Pete Seeger, The Pixies, Roger Waters, writers Eduardo Galeano and Arundhati Roy, filmmakers Ken Loach and Jean-Luc Godard. In 2010, UNITE, the UK’s largest trade union, unanimously called for BDS.

History ultimately proved the effectiveness and necessity of the boycott campaign in helping bring an end to Apartheid in South Africa. Amid the desperate pleas of Palestinians and concerned Israelis, we can no longer resort to the same discredited arguments that were used against boycotting Apartheid South Africa. The illegal Israeli occupation on Palestine must end.

More information can be found at:

16. Stop The New Cast lead On Gaza

On 27 December 2008, without warning, Israeli forces began a devastating bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip codenamed Operation “Cast Lead”. Its stated aim was to end rocket attacks into Israel by armed groups affiliated with Hamas and other Palestinian factions.

By 18 January 2009 some 1,400 Palestinians had been killed and large areas of Gaza had been razed to the ground. Amnesty International believes that the deaths of so many unarmed civilians and the manner in which they came under attack demand a thorough, independent and impartial investigation into the conduct of all parties in the conflict.

17. Accountability Now!

In an effort to take advantage of the momentum towards accountability that the report of the Fact Finding Mission on Gaza 2009 [Goldstone Report] created in Palestine and the international community, Students at Al-Quds University launched the Accountability Now! Campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to collect signatures from students around the world on a letter addressed to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, urging him to take action forwarding the recommendations of the Goldstone Report.

The campaign hopes to raise awareness about Gaza, the plight of the Palestinian people, and efforts towards accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Palestine. Additionally, the campaign aims to contribute to efforts around the world to establish an honest rule of law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory [OPT].

A significant step towards accountability for the war on Gaza was taken when the Goldstone Report was adopted by the Human Rights Council in 2009. It is now the time that accountability begin, through compensation for the victims as recommended by the Goldstone Report. Human dignity lies in justice, and accountability is the people's means to establish a world regime of human rights.

[The following Letter can be found in English, Arabic, Turkish, French, and Spanish on our upcoming blog, the web address will be added in the next few days.]

18. Stop sending money to Israel to kill American citizens

Israeli forces killed humanitarian activist Rachel Corrie who was trying to stop destruction of a doctors home in Palestine.

They killed humanitarian activist Furkan Dogan who was a member of the freedom flotilla and onboard the Mavi Marmara. He was killed in international waters near Gaza while attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

19. STOP Israel's War Crimes in Gaza - Palestine Solidarity

The world has looked on aghast as more and more details emerge of the violent attack by the Israeli Government on the unarmed flotilla of boats carrying essential medical supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. Tens of people have been killed and scores more injured.

Those who survived the brutal attack have been illegally imprisoned, without access to legal representatives.

20. We call on the Australian Government to cut ties with Israel

On 30th May 2010, under the cover of darkness, the Israeli military hijacked the Free Gaza Movement flotilla in international waters. During this illegal act of what can only be described as piracy, at least 15 international peace activists were killed and scores were wounded.

The ship was carrying tons of desperately needed humanitarian aid for the besieged people of Gaza. The items on board the ships included water purification equipment, cement, generators, prefabricated homes, chocolate, crayons, wheelchairs, crutches, basketballs, and tons of paper to be used by schoolkids.

There was absolutely no need for Israel to attack this ship and murder unarmed peace activists.

21. We Condemn the Israeli Terrorist Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Around 20 activists massacred, dozens injured, as Tel-Aviv Apartheid regime opens fire on Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla on international waters.

Hundreds of unarmed Turkish and Arab civilians, dozens of foreign journalists, European parliament members, British and American nationals, Jewish activists against Israel, 50 women and a one year old baby were in the boats.

A priest and Muslim cleric among the critically wounded by the Israeli gunfire.

22. Δυνατότητες διπλωματικής παρέμβασης για την αποστολή «Ένα Καράβι για τη Γάζα»

Εν όψει των απειλών του κράτους του Ισραήλ εναντίον του Στόλου της ελευθερίας, θεωρώ ότι οι κυβερνήσεις των δυτικών χωρών πρέπει να πάρουν θέση στο θέμα.

23. Defend the Gaza protestors

The arrest of over 100 people who demonstrated last year against the Israeli invasion of Gaza, the charging of 78 of them with violent disorder and the imprisonment of many of them for up to two and a half years is completely disproportionate. This police operation amounts to the persecution of protesters. It is made more alarming by the fact that almost all of those charged are from Muslim backgrounds.

24. Supporting Independent Sovereignity of the State of Egypt

Iran has been targeting Egyptian Sovereignty during the 2000s and still is doing so, to create Chaos in the Middle Eastern region.

It does so, using Islamist forces (Hisbullah and Hamas), to create terror in the region, to enforce a role over all.

It does this all, by falsifying deep grounded facts of the Arab - Israeli conflict to hinder peace!

25. GAZA World Leaders Unite for a Leading Eco-Sustainable Community and Peaceful Resolutions

United we stand. We do make a difference. We vote for truth, love, and honest reasoning. Current Issues affecting the children and people of Gaza (just to name a few) :

- Water Contamination, Nitrate levels in some areas 300x's the world health organisation's recommended levels!

- A 12yr old child in Gaza average hight and weight the same as an 8yr old child in West Bank.

- the blockading of education materials, text books, essential items of daily living, building materials, this includes being able to rebuild those that were damaged or distroyed during 2009 Assault: 15 of Gaza's 27 Hospitals; 29 Ambulances; 41 Primary health care centers; 280 schools and kindergartens; 11,135 homes; 700 businesses...

- Denial of civil liberties;

- Please if you are from Gaza and feel there is more you would like to be said... (or Palestine\Israel\Somewhere else in the world)... please write me: and I will make sure your voice and visions are heard when I send off the petitions and in any meetings with the powers of be...

subtotal of paper signs sofar... 864: Bulgaria 4;Spain 5; Argentina 1; Turkey 156; Finland 1; Canada 9; Korea 19; China 7; Germany3; Ireland1; france19; USA 12; NZ 1; India12; Italy 149; Iraq 2; UK 12; netherlands 2; Greece 150; Slovakia 1; Mexico 1; Brazil 2; Belgium 2; Tunisia 2; Morocco 6; Africa 4; Cyprus 3; Copenhagan 1; Swizeland 3; Slovinia 15; Lebanon 1; Romania 4; Montenegro 1; Syria 2; Malaysia 7; Serbia 1; Albania 2; Poland3; Japan 4; Israel 10; Pakistan 20; Ukraine 1; Afganistan 7; Egypt 20 (+100 who were too scared of Gov); Denmark 2; Sweden 2; Australia 167 + 500 peace love messages (95% from my community here: WESTEND)

26. Scholarships for Students Living in Conflict Zones

Students in conflict zones often face disrupted and halted education due to forces beyond their control. We believe everyone should have the right to education and freedom.

The United Nations Development Programme has estimated that 240 schools were destroyed in the recent attacks on Gaza. The Islamic University of Gaza suffered extensive damage to all its buildings and facilities.

There have been many precedents for universities, such as Goldsmith’s and Plymouth, to offer scholarships to students from conflict zones so they can study uninterrupted.

27. Say No to Sending $900 Million to Gaza and Palestine

Secretary of State Clinton attended a Gaza reconstruction this week and promised $900 million in support, which by the way we do not have. A third would go toward the reconstruction of Gaza, and the rest toward Palestinian National Authority's (PNA) budget shortfalls and operating expenses.

(Find the article at

28. Say No to Veolia Bid

Breaking News: Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council decided not to further consider Veolia’s bid for the 'Waste Improvement Plan' contract. This contract was worth £1bn over 20 years for Veolia.

Sandwell Council's decision can be seen as a victory for organisations and individuals who wish to implement a campaign of Boycott, Sanctions and Disinvestment until Israel ends its illegal activities directed at the Palestinian people.

Simon Cardy/Jolyon Jones/Samrina Mir of WMPSC said: “We congratulate Sandwell Council, which has set a positive example which other councils need to follow and we would like to thank all those who helped to make this decision possible.”

West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign thanks all those who signed this petition and others who helped campaign against Veolia's inclusion in the shortlist. The campaign notes that Veolia continues to provide a service to Birmingham City Council and surrounding councils. We specifically urge Birmingham City Council to revisit its contract with Veolia along the lines that Oslo City Council revisited their contract, that is that Veolia is guilty of gross misconduct in supporting activity that contravenes international law.

The West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign looks forward to working with all sympathetic Birmingham councillors, regardless of political persuasion, in this humane endeavour."

Veolia owns Connex, who along with another company called Aistom, are building a tram network to connect Israeli West Jerusalem with the illegal Jewish settlements, built by Israel on stolen Palestinian land in the east of the city and the West Bank.

The tram network breaches the Geneva Conventions which forbids the destruction of property and significant changes in the infrastructure of an occupied territory.

The campaigners argued that the Sandwell Council should not assign the contract to a company that is complicit in Israel's flagrant violation of international laws and whose work in occupied territories are contrary to human and civil rights of the Palestinian people. The campaigners are glad that Veolia will no longer be on the shortlist of contractors to provide a Waste Management service to Sandwell. We hope other councils and public services will follow Sandwell's lead ot that Veolia will change its ways and break any links with illegal activities in occupied Palestine.

29. Bring Gilad Shalit home

Gilad Shalit was kidnapped in Israel by Hamas militants in 2006.

He is currently being held captive in Gaza and has not been heard from in almost three years.

We want him home - as Zionist Youth Movements and organizations in South Africa, we are calling for this now.

30. Release Philip Rizk

To His Excellency President Hosni Mubarak,

On February 6, 2009, Philip Rizk, a German-Egyptian activist and a graduate student at the American University in Cairo, was arrested north of Cairo while participating in a protest against the Rafah border closure into Gaza. Rizk, who blogs about relief work in Gaza at, has been working to get medical and relief supplies into the Gaza Strip.

Philip Rizk was separated from his fellow protesters, placed in a van, and whisked away by Egypt’s security police. Rizk has been detained and no information of his whereabouts has been released to his lawyers or family.

In the early morning of February 9, 2009, the security police came to the home of Philip’s parents and proceeded to search the house, without a warrant, for evidence against Philip. They attempted to take Philip’s father and threatened to search his office as well.

The Egyptian government is well-known for its torture of political detainees.