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February 28, 2007

We have recently learned that existing students who attend Spectrum Elementary who reside in Vintage Ranch are considered to be moved out to the new school #28.

Vintage Ranch students and their families who attend Spectrum Elementary have been with the school since its inception. We are the founding families for Spectrum Elementary School. We are outraged that our families' children are going to be considered to be transferred to the new school.

Spectrum Elementary has grown and is established today because of its families and students' contribution along with the incredible principal Mr. Hallock and his staff/teachers. We have all worked diligently over the past three 1/2 years to raise funding for school's necessary equipments, landscaping, books, and necessary materials such as sun shades for play ground structures.

We have formed a bond within our school community which is enviable compared to any other school. After solidifying our place in a school where we believed that our children will graduate from, we are now threatened to vacate our rightful place.

At a meeting which held place at Spectrum Elementary on February 22, 2007, all but one person was happy with the new boundary proposed which included East of Gilbert, South of Williams Field, West of Val Vista, and North of Pecos. Many people left feeling secure and safe that the outcome would be guaranteed and that the new boundary made most logical sense. And now after a Board meeting held on February27, 2007, someone brought up the idea that only Vintage Ranch will be carved out to be sent to the new school, and this is based solely on number 150 which will fill up the new school. This idea is preposterous because it doesn't take many important factors into consideration.

First of all, this will destroy our kids and families' relationships and undermine our community as a whole. Secondly, this will single out our community among the "Ranches" and devalue our property value. It is a fact that income, education, and property value are correlated to excellency of schools. If Vintage Ranch is linked to a school where the demographics are vastly mixed with apartment community and town homes, this will definitely drag our property values down.

We believe that the new school being built should be reserved for students who will reside in housings that are currently in construction as well as people who live closer to the news school which would be East of Val Vista and South of Pecos.

We, the undersigned, contend that existing students of Spectrum Elementary who reside in Vintage Ranch should continue to be able to attend Spectrum Elementary School.

If the board must draw a geographical boundary, we ask that the boundary for Spectrum Elementary to include South of Williams Field, East of Gilbert Rd, West of Val Vista, and North of Pecos Rd. We urge the Gilbert Education board to secure existing Vintage Ranch students' placement in Spectrum Elementary School.

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