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1. Who decides the Environment's Value? #saveswanpark

*Designated Passive Recreation Zone
*Protect from current and future development proposals or changes to material use of land ~ BEST master plan proposal
*Local access for nature observation and Albert River
*Habitat for Endangered flora and fauna ~ Open eucalypt forest and woodlands including Melaleuca quinquenervia. Contains endangered regional ecosystems.
*Riparian area along Albert river is 849.32m ~ Erosion and land slide issues caused by disruption directly affect Albert river catchments which leads to Logan river and further to Morteon Bay. Wangerriburra (Albert River people) indigenous to the Scenic Rim catchment area with significant 'Bora Rings'. High value ecological wetlands.

2. Reform Immoral #BBA TV

We African youths wish to ask DSTV to give us a BBA where African Youths are rewarded for creativity and hard work, thereby promoting entrepreneurship and not this morally-loosed show where single parents who can’t keep their relationships go into the house to show their sagging breasts and addiction, mixed-up with ill-mannered people and get rewarded, producing international prostitutes and gigolo. Haba!

3. HRM, Fund Symphony Nova Scotia appropriately on an annual basis!

Currently the City of Halifax drastically underfunds its large arts organizations compared to other Cities in Canada. Recent annual grants were at approximately $18,000 for Symphony Nova Scotia compared to $500,000 in London, a similar-sized Canadian City with a similar-sized orchestra.

A City with a strong infrastructure for funding its orchestra ensures continued health of its arts community. This is a benchmark for attracting new businesses and citizens to the area. Without sufficient City funding, organizations like Symphony Nova Scotia struggle to make ends meet and cannot implement meaningful initiatives such as innovative programming and education programs for outreach to the youth of our communities.

With the huge financial gains HRM makes from having a vibrant and innovative arts community, it makes sense to create infrastructure for ongoing yearly appropriate funding that doesn't require ongoing re-application. HRM needs to fund at a level that ensures the lasting health and prosperity of such organizations as Symphony Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Film Festival, Brookes Diamond Productions, 2b Theatre Company, Dalhousie Centre for the Arts, Mermaid Theatre, Theatre Nova Scotia, Halifax Pop Explosion, Onelight Theatre, LiveArt Dance, Eastern Front Theatre, Music Nova Scotia, Neptune Theatre, Halifax Dance, Scotia Festival of Music and all local writers and publishers and visual artists.

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4. Review property values and tex determinations in Brown County, Texas Property

On July 9, 2009 both the Brown County Appraisal District and the Appraisal Review Board were given facts supporting the premises that the properties of Brown County Texas are not being appraised accurately or fairly according to their market value.

The most valuable properties in Brown County are being appraised WELL below their market value, while other, moderately priced properties are being appraised at the very top of their market value. This is not legal under the Texas Property Tax Code and needs to be corrected.

5. I value the Pilates classes at Silverdale Hall!

Pilates classes have been running since 2004 at Silverdale Hall, Sydenham, London.

The future of these classes is now uncertain as the management of the hall is to pass from Local Authority Control to Venner Road Hall Premises Management Committee.

6. Condemn House located at Hollar's Extension in West Providence Township

We, the undersigned, petition the supervisors of West Providence Township to condemn and have removed the house located at Hollar's Extension in West Providence Township in the town of Everett, PA.

This house was in a fire many years ago. No one has lived in it since that time. The owners purchased a mobile home and placed it on the property next to this burned out house. The house has been deteriorating since it burned. It now has broken windows, a front porch that is ready to cave in, and a roof that is rotting away.

This house is not only a nuisance, it is a hazard. Roofing is ready to fall off which could hurt an individual or damage others' property. The broken windows could entice individuals to try to enter the house and they could be injured. This house also attracts rodents and stray animals that can cause problems to other individuals living in the neighborhood.

This house hurts property values in the neighborhood. Many in the neighborhood have done improvements to their homes, only to learn that the property value has to be decreased because of this house. The tax value, however, remains the same on these properties. This devaluation is not fair to the rest of the individuals that live in this neighborhood.

7. Save HOST UK - welcoming international students

HOST UK is having its core funding withdrawn and may have to close within a year. This will be devastating for the thousands of international students who apply to HOST for a weekend visit in a British home, and for the hundreds of volunteer host families who offer them hospitality.

Every year more than 300,000 International Students come to this country to study at our universities. Choosing to study outside one’s own country is not just about formal education: the students also hope to familiarise themselves with a different culture, by immersing themselves in it. Unfortunately, the high concentration of international students on their courses, and the lack of occasion to get to know people beyond the campus, mean that they often return home without gaining this valuable experience. Less than 3% ever experience family life in a British home.

HOST was founded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The British Council and The Victoria League in 1987 with the aim of fostering international friendships and promoting cultural understanding between nations, by enabling students to meet residents of Britain in their own homes. We have developed a network of Volunteer Regional Organisers in order to link students with volunteer host families, who act as ambassadors for Britain by sharing their way of life for a weekend or at Christmas.

In the past 20 years, more than 35,000 international students have benefited from this scheme. The opportunity to spend a few days living as a member of a British family, joining in their activities and learning at first hand about our customs and beliefs, makes the students feel welcome in this country and has been proved to contribute to a successful outcome of their studies here. (UKCOSA Report ‘Broadening Our Horizons’ 2004). Indeed, the demand for HOST visits is greater than we can supply.

HOST is unique in enabling UK universities and colleges to offer extra value in a way unmatched by any other country, perhaps tipping the balance when it comes to choosing a country in which to study.

The benefits these visits bring, as students return to their own countries should not be underestimated. As the graduates progress into senior positions in government, industry and the professions, their happy memories of the time spent with a HOST family engender positive feelings towards the United Kingdom and all things British. It is worth noting, as the Prime Minister seeks to encourage links with China, that more than 38% of students applying for HOST visits are Chinese.

Until now HOST has received £140,000 per annum from the British Council – surely the best value public relations campaign the Government has ever had! This grant is being phased out due to the Government’s policy of not giving block grants to NGOs, and HOST now faces imminent demise.

Whilst HOST raises over 55% of its funding through its own efforts, the £140,000 provided the stability to pay staff salaries. We have already made our Chief Executive redundant in a recent cost-cutting exercise. We are doing all we can to raise the extra funding, but cannot afford professional fundraising help. We have also found that, because of our unique nature, we do not drop into any of the categories that grant makers will fund.

HOST looks to the government to consider whether it can afford to lose the value of HOST at so small a price.

8. Vote for Global Peace and become a Global Citizen

Global Citizens for Peace is a Global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which we all live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity.

The vision of Global Citizens for Peace is to contribute towards the creation of a Planetary Peace Culture looking to life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable society.

We have, over the millennia, translated ourselves from "oneness to aloneness". This acquired state of aloneness and alienation causes considerable discomfort. The truth is that all life on the planet is connected. GCFP attempts to understand our predicament and illuminate our future potential.

We have come together as concerned Global citizens realizing that with increasing Global population requiring more and more resources, with tremendous inequality of distribution, our planet is reaching breaking point in terms of economic and ecological crises.

This is having profound social and cultural effects. We require urgent ecological, social, economic and political solutions to problems which affect billions of people if we are to survive sustainably.

The Global Citizens For Peace aims to contribute towards this next great global step - The Final Frontier, acknowledging the common ground of humanity and our connectedness with all life.

Humankind has reached a state of development in which old modes of thinking and behaving threaten to destroy our planet. A substantially new manner of thinking is required if Humankind is to survive.

The essence of a sustainable future lies in the creation of a Transnational Peace Culture in which the quality of life of the individual Human Being and their positive contribution to society is paramount.

The Transnational Peace Culture

Is life affirming and transcends national and regional barriers
Is based on the deepest values of humanity;
Is the essence of human rights and existence;
Expresses the oneness of all humanity.

You also have the opportunity to give us your vision of the future in no more than 200 words in the comment on target section.We will publish the collated visions on our website and in a book.

Each Global Peace Representative will receive:
A Citation
The GCFP newsletter
Access to GCFP Google Net Discussion Group , tele-conferencing- and a range of other benefits which will be added over time.

9. Classical Chinese should be maintained

Classical Chinese should be maintained.

Simplified Chinese is NOT part of the Chinese culture or heritage.

It is made out just for conveneince sake for those who cannot read clasical Chinese and it has no literature value.

10. Against Low Income Condos or Houses Being Built in our Neighborhood

Charlotte has allowed a construction company to buy the golf course and passed zoning on building low income government supported housing.

Our neighborhood has already been subjected to increased crime rates and lowered property value.

If these low income government supported houses/apartments are allowed to be constructed in our predominately working class privately owned suburban neighborhood, then our property value will plummet. We will become what Charlotte calls a challenged neighborhood. The values will go down and crime will definately increase. Drugs will infiltrate our neighborhood, dealers will line the streets and crime will increase to high proportions.

We do not want anymore trouble. This project has to be terminated. The golf course is the supposed construction site. Those houses used to be worth at least 120,000 plus. After the government housing arrives those houses will be lucky to sell at all.

The city steadily increases our taxes, but wants to take away what we worked hard to achieve and will make our investments worth less than what we paid.

Please help by signing this petition to stop the construction of government housing in our neighborhood.

11. Secure Placement of Existing Vintage Ranch Students in Spectrum Elementary

February 28, 2007

We have recently learned that existing students who attend Spectrum Elementary who reside in Vintage Ranch are considered to be moved out to the new school #28.

Vintage Ranch students and their families who attend Spectrum Elementary have been with the school since its inception. We are the founding families for Spectrum Elementary School. We are outraged that our families' children are going to be considered to be transferred to the new school.

Spectrum Elementary has grown and is established today because of its families and students' contribution along with the incredible principal Mr. Hallock and his staff/teachers. We have all worked diligently over the past three 1/2 years to raise funding for school's necessary equipments, landscaping, books, and necessary materials such as sun shades for play ground structures.

We have formed a bond within our school community which is enviable compared to any other school. After solidifying our place in a school where we believed that our children will graduate from, we are now threatened to vacate our rightful place.

At a meeting which held place at Spectrum Elementary on February 22, 2007, all but one person was happy with the new boundary proposed which included East of Gilbert, South of Williams Field, West of Val Vista, and North of Pecos. Many people left feeling secure and safe that the outcome would be guaranteed and that the new boundary made most logical sense. And now after a Board meeting held on February27, 2007, someone brought up the idea that only Vintage Ranch will be carved out to be sent to the new school, and this is based solely on number 150 which will fill up the new school. This idea is preposterous because it doesn't take many important factors into consideration.

First of all, this will destroy our kids and families' relationships and undermine our community as a whole. Secondly, this will single out our community among the "Ranches" and devalue our property value. It is a fact that income, education, and property value are correlated to excellency of schools. If Vintage Ranch is linked to a school where the demographics are vastly mixed with apartment community and town homes, this will definitely drag our property values down.

We believe that the new school being built should be reserved for students who will reside in housings that are currently in construction as well as people who live closer to the news school which would be East of Val Vista and South of Pecos.

12. Stop showing station logos and program ads during tv shows

December, 2005

All television stations are now putting up their logo in the bottom right corner of the screen. It is also becoming more and more frequent that advertisements for other programs are shown while you are watching television.

These interfere with viewing. It is extremely distracting and diminishes the value of the current program being watched. It is especially annoying when the station logo covers information like the name and/or title of a person being interviewed for a particular show.

Show advertisements during commercials!!! Flash the station logo, but only show it for a short time; we know what station we're watching!!

13. Save the Human Sciences Department at George Washington!

We, the student body of The George Washington University, petition against the closure of the Human Sciences department.

The Human Sciences department is of essential worth to the university and closing this department would result in an overall detriment to the educational value of the university.

14. Redevelopment of Littlefield Playfield

Please sign this petition to request the City of Detoit Department of Recreation to redevelop Littlefield Playfield into a useful, productive park for the surrounding community to enjoy; which will enhance the value of our neighborhood and provide and safe and clean environment for children.

15. Boycott Krispy Kreme in Australia

Krispy Kreme is another US junk food disease that has entered Australia. No fanfare. No advertising, just sneaky freebies for fetes and fundraisers. Krispy Kreme is HIGH in saturated animal fats,HIGH in refined sugars, HIGH in sodium, HIGH in carbohydrate, some contain colourings which are carcinogenic and banned in many countries overseas.

Krispy Kreme IS NOT healthy. Boycott Krispy Kreme. This Junk Food has NO nutritional value. except HIGH cholesterol, HIGH in Obesity, HIGH in Heart and Stroke problemns.

16. Leave St Helens House for training Adults and put your registry office in the Old Police Building

It is beyond belief that the St Helens House buidings are under threat of change of use. The concept of helping people who are less able to work or disabled in any way was founded in Derby at this address and has a good reputation of success helping those who help themselves advance or ready themselves for re-introduction into the workforce in Derby.

This will be a disasterous loss if the changes proposed by my Council take place in April 2004 and it is also preposterous that those working or training there had no idea, until it was let slip during a radio Derby broadcast. This building is also steeped in historical value and I challenge them that it is illegal to change the use of a listed building after it has received a preservation order. I beg the people of Derby to sign my petition to save this wonderfull historical building in its present form and use.

17. Building Codes

This is a petition concerning the Building Codes and Restrictions set forth by Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association.

Policy Page C-3 of the Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association states that each portable building or mobile home brought into the addition must first have a photo submitted to the Association for approval. By moving in the mobile home on Mariner Court that appears to have been torn down once, it has and will continue to bring our property value down and our insurance rates up since most homeowner's insurance companies take note of the properties surrounding your home. Please sign this petition to have the mobile home removed.

18. Mcdonalds should have nutrition facts food labels on their food

We the people of the United States demand that McDonalds list ALL of its ingredients and nutritional value on the wrappers of everything that they sell. We demand to know what is in our food and how many calories we are eating.

19. Mcdonalds should have nutrition facts food labels on their food

We the people of the United States demand that McDonalds list ALL of its ingredients and nutritional value on the wrappers of everything that they sell. We demand to know what is in our food and how many calories we are eating.

20. Boycott the movie "The United States of Leland"

We as parents/relatives/friends/caregivers of autistic individuals and/or as Autistic individuals are signing this petition to express our intention of boycotting the movie "The United States of Leland" for its glorification of the murder of an autistic child out of "pity". (The movie is described as follows by the production company-: The United States of Leland is the story of an extraordinary young individual that begins with a tragedy, but ultimately inspires those surrounding him to make tremendously positive changes in their lives.

Premise: This is the story of a sensitive teenager, Leland, faced with issues of morality and hope under difficult circumstances, who is arrested and sent to juvenile hall, after he kills an autistic child out of sympathy (sort of like an emotional euthanasia). Once there, he meets a teacher, Mr. Pearl, who helps him figure out the reasons for why he committed the crime, as we also see the ramifications of the murder have on his community, his family, and that of the victim.) Support for this film has been guaranteed by numerous banks.

Addendum dated 5 October 2002:
'Recently it has come to my attention as author of this petition that there have been unfavorable reviews of the script which state that the movie shows an exploitive murder of an Autistic child, that the movie itself is shallow and self-serving and fails miserably in its attempt by Hoge to do a character study of human relationships and behavior.

The Autistic child, whose name is Ray, and his violent murder are used as pawns in Hoge's plot for this movie. Leland says he kills Ray out of sadness... sadness for Ray's life and the fact that he cannot relate to other children. Leland's character is using the fact that Ray is Autistic to justify the violent murder he commits. Leland, then through interactions with other characters in the movie, becomes an inspiration to others, helping them grow and mature as people.

Little consideration is given to Ray and the fact that despite his Autism, he had a family whom loved and accepted him and had every chance at a good life the way a typical person does. ..... Hoge judges everyone else's character in the movie and Leland ultimately DOES become a hero.... a hero because he helps other people grow and mature as people. Hoge admits that he wants you to sympathize and care for the main character Leland by the end of the movie in a letter which can be found on the Paramount Pictures website: So amazingly, Hoge lets Leland, in principle, get away with the murder

Compassion isn't expected to be given to the disabled child and the fact that the disabled child was killed and in one disturbing line in the movie, Rays mother makes the horrid comment that there is "nothing there" when it comes to her autistic child. As anyone whom knows and loves and cares for a child or adult with autism, this is the farthest from the truth.

21. "Pay off your Debt. Sell us a Forest!"

As an answer to many countries' debt problem and as a means of saving natural resources, especially tropical forests which affect global warming and weather patterns, the US government came up with a novel concept. The nature swap through the Tropical Forest Conservation Act of 1998 (TFCA) - to exchange the debt of forest-rich countries for conservation mechanisms designed to protect the forests.

The Act, according to a US Embassy press release will allow developing countries to shed their debt burden, while helping them to preserve natural forests. In consultation with the US government the debtor country can set up a fund or board consisting of local NGO representatives to preserve tropical forests. The value of debt will be converted to local currency and programs initiated by the board will be paid in local value.

According to them Sri Lanka's most pristine forests- the Sinharaja rainforest, Peak Wilderness, Namunukula forest and the Knuckles forest range are in danger under the debt recovery act and Sinharaja forest will be the main victim.

The United States and Japan have already taken 45 patent rights for medicinal plants in Sri Lanka. There may be hundreds of such indigenous properties in our tropical forests which will be the future of our financial stability. Under this, we fear that, it will pave the way for uncontrolled exploitation of these assets.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Forestry and Environment in Sri Lanka appointed a committee to look into the TFCA, counteracting the speculations of selling off the virgin forests to United States to offset national debt. There are remarkable similarities between the wording of the US Act and the intentions of the donor agencies as outlined in the ADB Report. At first glance it all seems ideally suited to countries such as Sri Lanka which have high international debts, and yet require funding to maintain its rich biodiversity. However, on close scrutiny, questions arise as to the intent motivating such apparent generosity. After all it is ironic that the United States is so concerned about the environmental well-being of the rest of the world that it refuses to sign the Kyoto Convention on controlling carbon dioxide emissions despite being the creator of the largest volume of these emissions!

So, do not allow capital countries to exploit poor countries' natural forests, full of genetic assets. We all should oppose it.