Shutterstock have introduced a new taxation scheme. This states that if you are in a country which has a double taxation agreement with the US, you will need to fill in a form, involving private information, and send notarised copies (expensive) of your passports to the US. If this form is not filled in, then 30% of ALL your earnings will be deducted for US tax. If you live in a country without a tax agreement with shutterstock, then you will automatically be leaving 30% of your earnings with the IRS.

Shutterstock is attempting to censor debate on their forums by banning contributors who disagree with their point of view. For an open uncensored debate on the issue of IRS taxation on our earnings, feel free to use this forum. Details such as when the petition will be handed in and negociations with shutterstock will be discussed there too.

For this petition to have the maximum impact with the shutterstock management, we need to get a maximum number of signatures. Because shutterstock is deleting posts from the forum refering to this petition, we need to get the word out as many contributors are unaware of this petition and the potential benefits that it will bring if successful. So please make details of the petition known as widely as possibly. This is for the benefit for every non-US contributor at Shutterstock.

Thank you.

This petition is a collective message to shutterstock to state that all the people who sign it below, want shutterstock to take full ownership of the IRS withholding tax issue, in whatever way they see fit so that the contributors are not penalised either financially or by being obliged to divulge personal information.

The signatories believe that it is totally unfair to impose the additional financial burden of paying this withholding tax, or the necessary legal fees required to avoid payment, and or the disclosure of personal information to the IRS.

All people who sign this petition have the committed and serious intention of removing the stated number of images from the shutterstock database, by the end of June.

Please add your shuterstock name to the spreadsheet along with the number of images that you intend to remove from the database before june 20th (presentation date), unless shutterstock comes up with an acceptable solution to the problem.

we are sending out important mails for your information, please leave your e-mail address in the forum or in your petition vote. Thank you.

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