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1. Fix NieR:Automata™ Performance Issues

Nier: Automata is an action role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game was released on Mar 17, 2017 on WIndows.
Quickly after release, game was loved by the community, however, everyone acknowledged that game has critical performance issues on PC. After so many request to the company we got a DLC instead of performance optimizations. DLC itself is overpriced, contains couple of costumes and arena mode. After that there was no sign of developers, they are probably planning to leave the game as it is. BUT WE ARE ASKING TO FIX IT. FOR PREMIUM PRICE GAME, THE COMPANY IS OBLIGED TO FIX THE GAME AND NOT GIVE US ANOTHER DLC.

2. Date Rape Choice

I have been researching date rape and sexual assault for the past couple of months, according to a popular article, most date rapes happen while the victim is under the influence of (Or high on) a drug that was placed in something that they had previously consumed (via. drink food etc). But it is hard t0 believe that no one witnesses the action of the drug placement.

3. Stop Advertising and Start Making Changes - Our Park's Ecosystems Have Withered Away

It seems for the past year or so, I have been fighting an uphill battle against a stronger force I cannot handle by myself. The Bruce Peninsula National Park has become the subject to over popularity in recent years causing damage to ecology.

I have been emailing, and asking people to limit advertisements to the area. I do think teaching people about local geography is important and CRUCIAL. It's time to start educating people. It is WELL time for change.

Stop cramming people in like sardines. What is wished for is new laws and regulations to help keep our parks healthy and sustainable for the future. This CAN'T be done by turning the area into a tourist draw and opening the flood gates to the whole population of Canada. If there is CLEARLY an issue, send measures to divert people from the dunes. Sandbanks does this and they are a Provincial Park! It's time to ban actions and take measures. Ban bulky tents, and coolers.

This park is NOT the beach and ultimately, this is a SAFETY issue. Bruce Peninsula's crowding problem hurts more than you think and we have a chance to reverse the negative effects. Garbage tossed on the ground like nothing, dangerous hazards from others bulky items. No passage ways for emergencies etc.

Who can help this resolve issue? (WHO)
WE as a society need to solve this issue. We need to come together and converse. Divisions get one no where. We need to contribute ideas and find MIDDLE GROUND not only for future visitors but for the ecology in the parks across the Peninsula. NO agency OR group is faulted. It's time we communicate. Communicate with the government, communicate with local/municipal parties for change. This can't be done by sitting in the dark.

The wonderful Parks staff and NUMEROUS volunteers are trying endlessly to help. It's our turn to join in on the action. Kudos to those mentioned for working for a bettor park. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A GREAT CHANGE.

What I hope to get accomplished by this? (FOCUS)
This petition is intended to be the start of change, beginning with new rules or regulations that will help ease the unsafe conditions of the park and to get people aware, awareness! It has become so that walking into Indian Head cove is dangerous. It has become an urban play yard without supervision where people are free to smash glass if they wish. You have rows of people sitting on rocks with huge tents, umbrellas, coolers, boom boxes and such that you become sort of lost and don’t know where to put your foot and the people that don’t have any room sit on rare vegetation. Killing them off. The first thing that comes to my mind is no doubt safety. We have native species of wild flowers migrating into distances far from hiking trails, litter, idling, bumper to bumper vehicular traffic contributing to air pollution and depletion of our Dark sky reserve we are lucky to have in Southern Ontario and just the scare away of many beautiful animals that used to be an abundant of.

Tourism in Ontario has become an appalling game. It is a struggle for each municipality to promote their area equally, thus, creating a tension and competition between each area. Muskoka VS Kawartha Lakes; Simcoe VS Grey; Bruce VS Lambton etc. When can one say enough is enough? When can we stop focusing on drawing other people in when we can be focusing on the lives, health and future of our current population of tourists and residents? Showcase Ontario as a whole. The lakes, the diverse culture, the land, the heritage... Don't split the province into sections! Unfortunately, social media and ADVERTISING AGENCIES for the province of Ontario are NOT HELPING THE CASE even after many pleas to "stop it" with the luring photographs to our region as it's clearly not healthy. Stop working on trying to bring people up here. We are already doing a swell job on that. We need a major paradigm shift for the whole peninsula.

Everyone is "I gotta make that money. Gotta do it" they forget why they live here, what they live with, and how to live with nature. People in an area such as Grey Bruce where Tourism is the most crucial aspect to the economy tend to be very narrow minded. They fear more security measures on our environment would act as roadblocks in tourism. But in reality, this is not the case. It's working in cooperation with the visitors and the environment. If we don't apply firm rules just like many Ontario tourist town do, (Cobourg Ontario's recent motion passed banning tents from the Northumberland beach is one of many examples) our environment will decay at a faster place than staff and volunteers can help it prosper... then we won't have a park. visitation is good in reason and everything has its balance. WE have a CARRYING CAPACITY which is being peaked. We can all be happy and share this land together. Everyone. But you have to be open to change.

4. Help Our Schools and Teachers!

We have received 800 million in bonds from Florida tax payers, Broward County and Miami Dade schools are still seeing no work done on the schools.

Boyd Anderson High School has no media center, Coral Springs Middle School needs fire sprinklers, Riverglades Elementary needs to stop leaky roofs.

We have the money for the first time in many years to address these problems, but the school board is filled with incompetence and people making 200,000 dollars a year.

This is not fair to our students or to our teachers.

5. Save Unborn Babies from Drug Abuse

Throughout the nation of the United States of America there are a countless amount of states that don't require doctors of any sort to report substance abuse amongst pregnant women.

This is a growing epidemic in the situation of health and our future, unborn generations. The legalizing of drugs is already being permitted in certain states, which will ultimately lead to addiction- some being women who will become pregnant. The objective of this petition is to start having a voice for the unborn children and saving their health one state at a time. Some states, by law are allowed to overlook pregnant substance abusers, which does more harm to the fetus than anyone is aware of.

We need to start by petitioning the idea of ignorance and start making it mandatory to get health officials more involved in seeking treatment for their impotent patients.

6. Grandparent Visitation For North Carolina

This petition is for grandparents in the state of NC "only" who may be interested in grandparent visitation in the state of NC.

7. Canberrans Against Paid Parking in the Parliamentary Triangle

Media Release from Senator Humphries:

Senator Gary Humphries is outraged at yet another attempt by the Stanhope Government to impose paid parking in the parliamentary triangle, calling for him to let the issue die.

Senator Humphries has started a petition through his website, saying that “we have seen increase after increase in parking fees around Canberra from this government with no real improvement in roads, or in public transport.

“Now Mr Stanhope wants to collect parking fees in the parliamentary triangle, with no indication of any improvement in the bus system to help those who might now wish to leave their cars at home.

“All this says to me is that imposing paid parking in the parliamentary triangle would be a plain and simple tax grab, and I won’t stand for it.

“Labor has been chafing at the bit for some time to get paid parking into the triangle.

“Time after time, Jon Stanhope has received clear indications that imposing paid parking in the parliamentary triangle is totally unacceptable, yet he won’t let it die.

“My message to Jon Stanhope is this: fix the buses, then we’ll talk about paid parking!” Senator Humphries concluded.

29 July 2009

8. Say no to US taxation

Shutterstock have introduced a new taxation scheme. This states that if you are in a country which has a double taxation agreement with the US, you will need to fill in a form, involving private information, and send notarised copies (expensive) of your passports to the US. If this form is not filled in, then 30% of ALL your earnings will be deducted for US tax. If you live in a country without a tax agreement with shutterstock, then you will automatically be leaving 30% of your earnings with the IRS.

Shutterstock is attempting to censor debate on their forums by banning contributors who disagree with their point of view. For an open uncensored debate on the issue of IRS taxation on our earnings, feel free to use this forum. Details such as when the petition will be handed in and negociations with shutterstock will be discussed there too.

For this petition to have the maximum impact with the shutterstock management, we need to get a maximum number of signatures. Because shutterstock is deleting posts from the forum refering to this petition, we need to get the word out as many contributors are unaware of this petition and the potential benefits that it will bring if successful. So please make details of the petition known as widely as possibly. This is for the benefit for every non-US contributor at Shutterstock.

Thank you.

9. Protest Kosovo Independence

Russia is convinced that the idea of Kosovo's independence is far-fetched. Nobody had even mentioned it before NATO bombed Yugoslavia in 1999. At that time, the discussion centered on various parameters of autonomy and a change in Yugoslavia's federal structure.

Russia's foreign minister called on Thursday (February 21, 2008) for talks on the status of Kosovo, whose parliament declared independence on February 17, to be resumed.

Tensions have escalated in Belgrade, with thousands of Serbs gathering in the capital to protest against Kosovo's independence. Groups of activists broke into United States and Croatian embassies in protest against the countries' support for Kosovo's secession.

Sergei Lavrov told reporters in Moscow: "Talks on Kosovo's status should be restarted," and warned that the unilateral declaration could have consequences which "could harm Russia's relations with the EU and the United States."

Serbia said on Wednesday(February 20th, 2008) it would utilize all possible political and diplomatic means to maintain the country's territorial integrity in the wake of Kosovo's declaration of independence. "Serbia's internationally recognized borders have been unilaterally violated," Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic told a news conference.

(thanks to various pages from )

Why is Serbia’s Province of Kosovo so important to Serbs? Consider, first, that Kosovo is the historical heart and religious soul of Serbia. Hundreds of Serbian Orthodox churches, monasteries, and holy sites in Kosovo attest to this. But our full answer would have to include that what is happening in Kosovo today is of far reaching importance for the entire world.

10. Vatican-Revoke Cardinal Njue's Appointment

Cardinal Njue:

-Openly supported PNU and Kibaki's policies.
-Has been against all ODM policies.
-Remained mum on the flawed electoral process.
-Failed to issue a way forward or issue a statement recommending a quick resolution to the current crisis.

Some International human rights campaigners have alleged Kenya's police are carrying out an unofficial "shoot to kill" policy. Cardinal Njue has not condemned this policy.

11. Save 901 Main Studios

Save 901 Main! Petition

Do you believe that the City of Vancouver municipal government should be helping to protect artist studios? Then, please help the 30 artists at 901 Main st. stop the City approved redevelopment of their studio space.

These artists will soon be without studio space and Vancouver will suffer a great cultural loss. Please take the time to read the text below and get informed.

If you are a resident of Vancouver please sign our petition today!

Thank you.


There are many senseless and irrelevant programs being broadcasted on the radio and television in the metropolitan area where the crime rate is outrageously high.

I think that Radio One should cut some programs and devote at least one hour to the youth. Allowing them to call the station and express themselves about what's going on in there community, schools, and personal situations.

A counselor of some sort would also be available to answer questions and give advice. I also believe that BET should bring Teen Summit back. It would also be a good way for teens to receive information and speak on certain issues such as sex,gang violence,and STD's.

WPGC is my favorite radio station but I have an issue with them. They speak on violence in the city every chance they get but why not open up the lines for the youth to call in and express themselves. We have all these senseless programs on the radio but the biggest issue is left unattended.

I also have a big problem with my favorite television station BET. Who like I said about WPGC have discussed youth violence but where is the shows like Teen Summit? We need these programs back in the lives of the youth so there’s space and a place to air out issues. If we don’t reach out to our youth we will never know what’s really bothering them.


Steven Davis Jr.

13. PennDOT should not close Log Tavern Road

PennDot plans on closing Log Tavern Road for six months to repair a condemned bridge. The detour will require residents along Log Tavern to go 30 miles out of their way.

This is a life safety issue for all the residents of Crescent Lake and other communities in the area.

We would ask PennDot to leave one lane open while repairing the structure to allow emergency vehicles and residents access to their communities and the town of Milford Pa.

14. Stop Nuclear power in Australia

Requires larger capital cost because of emergency, containment, radioactive wastes and storage systems. Requires resolution of the long-term high level waste storage issue in most countries. Potential nuclear proliferation issue.

Nuclear explosions produce radiation which make people sick and even kill them.

15. Lower Ohio's Drinking Age to 18 Years of Age

The drinking age was raised to 21, up from 18, in 1992 when the federal government said they would cut states highway funding by 10% if they did not raise their state drinking age to 21.

To me this seems like blackmail but the government has said otherwise. In the end, the states have final say and I would like to get this issue on the ballot in November of 2007.

16. Halt proposed development on Glendale Court

Infinity Developer has proposed to build a single-family house on Glendale Court.

This action has created concerns about the undeveloped land and surrounding infrastructure issues.

We note the following concerns that have been raised by neighbors about existing problems:

. Neighbors have complained of flooding and soilerosion along the creek behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle resulting from poor storm water drainage.

. Storm water from nearby school, Woodland, drains out of a corroded pipe into the debris and eroded creek behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle, creating a run over.

. Run-off water improperly channeled onto nearby land/property has caused damage to vegetation and parts of the landscape on Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle.

. Neighbors have complained of sewage smell in the area behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle. This is a health issue in the community.

We're seeing the blight in the neighborhood of sink holes, buckling/cracked streets and driveways. The proposed site is next to a vacant house, surrounded by these deteriorating conditions.

17. Doyle Street Parking Permit

As the growth of Riverside Metro Auto Group continues, it has become very evident that they are not providing parking to there employees. Employees from Riverside Metro Auto group are parking all along Doyle Street and blocking our mail boxes, city trash bins, and blocking our driveways.

There has been plenty of resident complaints to Riverside Metro Auto Group and no action has been taken to solve this problem. In addition residents have been issued parking tickets for parking in our own driveways leaving us no other place to park.

Having this petition expresses our concerns to the City of Riverside to issue parking permits to each household to eliminate these on going problems.

18. Ban Graduation in a Church

The idea of graduation in a church imposes on personal belief and the decision to practice religion as an individual. The new principal, Sid Bailey, is a member of the Phoenix First Assembly.

The idea that our football field is too small to hold a graduation is false. Football games alone have been known to hold over 2,000 fans. Administration has refused to accept reasonable solutions to the issue and have listened yet not taken into consideration of what the students would prefer.

19. Stop Noise Level violations and antisocial behavior in Brookhaven

We would like to request a few minutes of your time to address a critical problem that, with your help, may be greatly diminished. It is a Noise Level Control problem.

There are two Clubs "Las Vegas Sports Club" and "Las Teja Restaurant & Bar" that are operating out of 1075 Portion Road from the hours of 8 P.M. to 3:30 A.M. Tuesday thru Sunday. It is a complex issue involving a number of factors. The one we'd like to address is the ongoing problem with both clubs playing loud music that is affecting our sleep and disrupting our lives and affecting the quality of life.

Another serious problem related to these two clubs is that drugs are being sold in the parking lot and that patrons are/may be leaving in an intoxicated or drugged state and are operating their vehicles through our neighborhoods causing a dangerous and potentially deadly environment for our local residents and public.

We have contacted the Town of Brookhaven, Code Enforcement Dept and 911 to assist the residents with some relief when the music gets out of control. When the officers request the business owners to lower the volume they comply, however once the officers leave the location the club owners raise the volume up on the music again and it remains that way until we call 911 again.

20. Stop Global Warming

I cannot convince everyone to help stop global warming, but I know something that can, people say one movie can't change the world, but I think this one will.

I highly reccomend you see this movie, it's called "An Inconvenient Truth". I'd say global warming is the most important issue of anything that has ever happened, more important than terrorists or, well, everything! And anyone that thinks global warming is a load of sh** is a bastard and I hope they die of heat exaustion.

There are all these shows on TV about human life after the year 2100, but if global warming continues and if we don't do anything about it then 2100 is marked as about the time that everyone and everything on Earth will die because the planet is starting to boil! And it will keep getting hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and it won't stop there it will keep going even if the human race and all other life has been killed off by it, it will keep getting hotter because our self running machines are still there burning up the planet.

Soon earth will be a ball of fire (literally) orbiting around another ball of fire, the Sun, if this hasn't convinced you then why don't you go to the cinema and get a big box of popcorn and a large coke or any other drink you want, maybe a packet of chocolate or anything you want and sit down and watch "An Inconvenient Truth" because it will change your life and anyone's life that watches it.

21. Villages of Benning: rules for the care of children

July 2006

The school year is about to begin again, but if you aren't walking your children under the age of 12 to, and from, the bus stop every day, you could be issued a violation from housing.

It has recently been brought to my attention that the company in charge of post housing (Pinnacle) plans to enforce rules that do not comply with post rules the military police enforce.

They will enforce these rules regarding the care of your children while playing outside by issuing violation letters and calling the MPs to pick up your children. These are the exact words used by Mary Frances DeRivera, community manager.

The following is from a letter dated 7-14-06 I received:

Paragraph 6.2 Care of Children "Any children/youth under the age of 12 will not be left unattended by parents or guardians. This includes allowing a child/youth to remain unattended in a yard or playground while the parent, guardian, baby sitter or person is absent from the premises, or such child is out of sight of the adult. Children/youth under the age of 12 must be under direct supervision of a legal guardian..."

However, according the the military police here on Fort Benning, their rules are as follows:
Children aged 4-6 must be in immediate access and in sight of the child.
children aged 7-9 must be with in access and the sponser must know the exact location of the child.
Children aged 10 & 11 must be within access and the sponser must know the general location of the child.

Currently, The Villages of Benning need no documentation or proof to issue a violation to you. If someone calls them to complain, they do not have any rules in place which require them to document the phone call. In addition, when someone places an annonymous complaint, they are not required to follow up on the issue themselves to prove the violation is valid, and not just hearsay.

Right now there is nothing to stop an angry neighbor from having violations sent to your house.

22. Assam Name Change Issue

This petition is now closed.

July 2, 2006

Assam to Asom what's in a name?

Mr. Chandra Prasad Saikia, ex President of Oxom Xahityo Xobha, proposed, through the Assamese magazine "Gariyoshi" that the name ASSAM is not an indigenous one, and claimed that it is a word coined by the British during the colonial rule for their own convenience and therefore the name ASSAM should be changed.

Without discussing the merits of the suggestion with any official literary organization or any other entity, last February the government of Assam took the decision to change the name of the State from Assam to Asom. This decision was based on the above suggestion. The ruling congress party took this political decision before the assembly election.

This shows that we not only have serious problem in practicing the democratic values in Assam, but it also shows that there are some grave misconceptions even among the educated people in Assam regarding the origins of the names of the state: OXOM and ASSAM. This is rather a very sad and pathetic situation.

Mr. Chandra Prasad Saikia is wrong in his assumption that the word Assam is coined by the British. Local newspapers like Amar Oxom etc are asking for an open debate on the issue. Recently the joint Xahityo Xobha Monso of Assam also took a resolution against the spelling ASOM.

The Tai-Ahom and the Buddhist organizations in Assam are sending petitions to Government of India against the spelling ASOM. Moreover the decision of the Assam Government is still pending and it has not issued any notification to that effect.

No news paper from Assam has actually written any Editorial on the issue worth its name. Respected and prestigious English language news papers like The Assam Tribune and Sentinel, instead of playing a leadership role in the debate for the right spelling of the word ASOM or ASSAM have started using the name Asom.

By this blind adoption, The Assam tribune and Sentinel are trying to make it a fait accompli.

In a democracy there is no room for a hasty decision without any public debate to pass a political resolution. The government of Assam should give the arguments for their proposal to change the name of the State. It seems in Assam those who speak, they don't know, and those who know, they don't speak.

As there are several arguments in defence of the name Assam which existed before the British came to India, the Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters (FASS), we are voicing our strong opposition to the Government of Assam's hasty decision without any public debate to pass a political resolution for the use of the spelling ASOM.

Mr. Chandra Prasad Saikia who initiated the name change has not come forward to defend his contention. The cabinet decision by itself does not become automatic implementation. As the name Assam is enshrined in the Constitution, to change the name requires a Constitutional amendment.

For this reason we from the Friends of Assam and Seven Sisiters (FASS) would like to submit a petition to the to the President of India, Prime Minister, Union Law Minister, Governor and Chief Minister of the State resenting the recent move of the State Government to respell the name of the State as 'Asom' in English.

Please find enclosed the petition we are trying to push through. We know that this change does not necessary affect each one of you and that it may not impact your individual situations but we do hope you will on principle support us in asking the Indian government to react.

In the event that you do support this letter please reply before 99-99-9999
with a yes. We shall then include your name in the petition to the Prime
Minister of India.

Counting on your support.
Rajen Baruah, Huston Texas, USA
Partha Gogoi
Ram Sarangapani
Shantikam Hazarika, Guwahati, India
Wahid Saleh, Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands

On behalf of Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters

PS: If you want to have extra information on this subject, please download two papers written by Rajen Baruah of FASS. The papers may be found at & for more inofrmation contact the author of this petition.

1. On the origins of the names of Oxom and Assam in English. (

2. On the origins of the names of Oxom and Assam (Assamese text). (

23. Prosecute Two Dangerous Pedophiles

June 2, 2006

This petition is aimed at incarcerating two dangerous pedophiles in riverside county, california.

The riverside sheriff, san jacinto police, and the disrtict attorneys office refuse to prosecute because of racial prejudice toward the victim. I have informed Governor Arnold about the racism of riverside county in theor blatant refusal to prosecute the two dangerous pedophiles, he promised to respond and help, but nothing has been done.

Meanwhile, two armed and dangerous pedophiles are still roaming the riverside county, san diego county, and thus throughout the state of california, arizona, nevada, new mexico, and texas, where they have other convictions, and warrants.

This petition will request Governor Schwarzenegger issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER to enforce riverside county to PROSECUTE these TWO DANGEROUS PEDOPHILES!

24. Create an Idol competition where age is not an issue

May 4, 2006

I have started this petition in the hopes of taking it to the 2007 Canadian Idol auditions. My goal is to prove to the executive producers, John Brunton, and Barbara Bowlby that each Canadian deserves the opportunity to pursue his or her dream of singing, and age should not be an issue.

In April of 2006 I attended the Canadian Idol auditions in Kitchener Ontario. I went there to ask the producers to consider producing another Idol competition.

I thought that if Mr.Brunton and Ms.Bowlby were sceptical of how successful an " Open Idol" would be, they could simply take advantage of the millions of viewers that tune into the show every week.

My suggestion was to put two 1-800 numbers up during the show and ask Canada to vote on it, at the final Canadian Idol show this year, announce what Canada had decided!

I was not treated very well. I was yelled at in front on hundreds of competitors and parents. I was told the producers were too busy to talk to people like me. I was grabbed at, and humiliated.

To read my full story please go to;

I think Canadian Idol has just scratched the surface of what kind of undiscovered talent it out there.
Talent is talent.

Discrimination can takes many forms... even wrinkles

Thank you for your support!

Christine Strangway

25. Journals bundled deals - publisher data

March 22, 2006

We need to show there are sufficient institutions who want timely and accurate journal holdings information from publishers and for it to be compulsory.

26. Right to Carry Maryland

January 17, 2006

The RTC (Right to Carry) should be changed in Maryland. It should be changed from a "may issue state", to a "shall issue state".

A "may issue" policy is the law that one is allowed to carry a concealed weapon if they are carrying a large sum of cash.

A "shall issue" policy charges that by allowing anyone who doesn't have a criminal background, mental issues, or under the age of 18 to obtain and carry a concealed weapon.

27. War against Touts on eBay

January 15, 2006

We feel that ticket touting is wrong and is an issue that needs addressing.

Nothing gives these people the right to make money this way and rob the true fans of the chance to see their favourite bands perfom for the intended prices.

The first step to addressing the issue as a whole is to deal with the current 'boom' of ticket touting on e-bay.

Sometimes tickets are being sold for DOUBLE THE INTENDED SALE PRICE, this is wrong and needs to be stopped.

28. Controlling pests in Community - Arbuta Arms Apartments

Arbuta Arms Apartments have a pest control issue, which has not been addressed properly in the last three years or so.

We are aware that you, Arbuta Arms, have a contract with a Pest Control Company, which comes two to three times a month exterminating the premises. However, it does not help rid our apartments of mice. A few of the tenants have invested in a cat, to help keep our apartments in safe and healthy living conditions.

Of course, you aware of the diseases and germs manifested by mice and other rodents, that are quite often seen in our apartments, especially during fall and winter months. The tenants of Arbuta Arms are suggesting that we have the opportunity, choice or better terminology, the right to have a cat in our home to keep these pests away.

We are fully aware of the lease and its prohibition to have pets, but it also says, "Without a consent of an Agent." But you must understand our concerns and how disgusted many of us are with these living conditions.

Having pests in our homes violates the Health and Safety laws and we, the tenants should have the right to rid our homes from pest in any way we see fit as so long it does not harm or hinder our neighbors.

29. Provide parking for Calmar campus

The downtown NICC campus has been in operation for awhile.

Yet no provision is been made as yet to provide parking for faculty member and students.

30. Opposition to Oil Drilling in ANWR

Alaska hosts one of America's last remaining wilderness areas, ANWR. This 19-million-acre refuge was set aside for protection by President Eisenhower in 1960, but Congress in 1980 said its 1.5 million acre coastal plain could be opened to oil development if Congress specifically authorizes it. Recently, the Senate, by a 51-49 vote, rejected an attempt by Democrats and GOP moderates to remove a refuge drilling provision from next year's budget, preventing opponents from using a filibuster -- a tactic that has blocked repeated past attempts to open the Alaska refuge to oil companies. The budget is immune from a filibuster, meaning drilling supporters will need only a majority --not the 60 votes required to break a filibuster -- to succeed when the issue comes up for final action later this year. President Bush has deemed the issue vital to national security.

However, the United States' continual reliance on foreign oil is believed to be linked with global climate change and other environmental hazards. Environmentalists contend that while new technologies have reduced the drilling footprint, ANWR's coastal plain still would contain a spider web of pipelines that would disrupt calving caribou and disturb polar bears, musk oxen and the annual influx of millions of migratory birds.

What's more, speculations are that the United States will not reap the benefits from drilling for another decade, and only at a minimal rate of 1 million barrels a day (1/20th of current US daily consumption) at peak drilling. Relying on middle eastern oil is also a pertinent national threat. We believe more resources should be placed in renewable energy instead of reliance on coal, oil, and natural gas supplies.

We urge Senator Dole and Senator Burr to reconsider their stance on drilling in the Alaskan Refuge.