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1. Fight for 5!

Americans demand that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) lower the level of nationwide support required to participate in “leading candidate” debates. The current number is 15%, we insist that it be lowered to 5%.

• People across the nation seek a wider variety of political options, especially when it comes the the President of the United States of America.
• Third party presidential candidates always have the odds stacked against them. Their message is smothered by the sheer weight of their competitors’ financial power.
• Lowering the prerequisites to participate in the CPD debates of the general election will help even out the playing field, and open the door for more qualified and innovative candidates that are not held back by the two establishment parties.

2. Request the NFL Reschedule for the Debates

Donald Trump has expressed disapproval for two of the dates for the national debates, because they will coincide with two NFL games. He claims the system is rigged against him due to conflicts for viewers; the possibility exists that he is already forming an excuse to back out of participating in those debates.

The independent committee that selected these dates is unlikely to make changes to the schedule; the best course of action would be to request that the NFL take the action of re-scheduling these games at different timeslots or different days. The networks would likely agree to such changes; back-to-back big events create more ratings compared to events that compete for viewership. “Tuesday Night Football” night would be just as lucrative and widely viewed.

By hinting at this now, it is conceivable that Trump will not use this to form an actual excuse for a refusal until much later on the calendar, when making any changes would be a far more difficult endeavor. Let us at least do all we can to remove this option as soon as it is feasible.

- IF you're a LIBERAL, support this petition to prevent Trump from using this as justification for a possible boycott before a deadline can be set in stone.
- IF you're a CONSERVATIVE, support this petition in order for Trump to receive the widest potential audience, have the most forums to set his record straight against Hillary, and to not allow him to be stifled by the biased media.

3. Get Sohail to Phi Rho Pi

Sohail is a middle-aged, 27 year old, trendy yet not douchey, Afro-Arab debate coach.

Sohail works extremely hard to provide a safe, hospitable, and competitive environment at work sessions, in prep, and wherever he is needed. He went to Oxford which is pretty cool I guess, and he won't complain about white men being excluded from debate.

He doesn't just drive the van, he is the van, as he carries with him truckloads of knowledge and has with him the Wheels of Justice that ensure that we get to our debate rounds on time. Sohail is pretty dope overall, and he definitely deserves to go to Phi Rho Pi.

We only have one coach going, yet we have 14 overall slots filled, and 8 people to coach. Scott can't do it all, which is why Sohail is a necessity at this year's community college nationals. Let's keep this national champion sign on our freeway exit for KCK.... let's take Sohail!

4. Queremos un debate presidencial en la República Dominicana

En países desarrollados social, política y económicamente, los debates son indispensables para dar a conocer los planes de gobierno.

De los 19 países de Latinoamérica, con gobiernos democráticos, República Dominicana es el único país que no celebra debates presidenciales.

Debido a las propuestas presentes en este certamen electoral 2016-2020 de proyectos de gobierno, nos inquieta conocer las diferentes iniciativas de parte de los candidatos presidenciales y sus detalles de cara a una eventual gestión.

En aras de la salud democrática, demandamos opiniones diversas de la población electoral en general, organizando un foro para debatir los temas de urgencia nacional, con la debida altura que merece la ciudadanía de parte de los candidatos.

Con esto, los ciudadanos tradicionalmente ajenos a los temas políticos, tendrán las herramientas adecuadas para elegir entre las ofertas presidenciales actuales.

5. CNN: Use the most recent polls to decide who participates in the GOP debate

CNN is using data collected from July to determine who will face off in the Republican debates this September. Due to this policy, those who have climbed in the most recent polls will not be able to participate.

Likewise, those who have declined in numbers are taking the spots of candidates who have earned their right to speak on the main stage.

Please rewrite this decision to be fair to the potential nominees, and to the registered voters who have to make a hard decision next election.

Thank you.

6. Ed Miliband to boycott ridiculous TV debates

This petition is for convincing Ed Miliband to boycott from the TVs “debates” in order to put pressure on the broadcasters to allow two-way debate between Ed Miliband and David Cameron.

We to need send a clear voice to the media to stop this bias of allowing too much concession on one person, David Cameron.

7. Allow Communist Party of Canada Leader Miguel Figueroa in the Federal Debate!

The Communist Party of Canada is Canada's 2nd oldest political party. It has been wrongfully outlawed 3 times in it's almost 100 year history in Canada; and had to WIN a Supreme Court Battle just to remain a party in existence.

Over the years they have fought to bring in things such as : public health care and unemployment insurance. They represent the People, are for the People, and are a party of the People. Let's give them the opportunity to speak for the People!

They have earned the right to speak to Canada.

8. Debate the Monopoly Man over the Common Core

Mr. Monopoly is really a public school teacher named Michael Bowen from WNY. Mr. Bowen has been involved in the anti- Common Core movement for two years. He wishes to publically debate any politician, business leader, educator, or group in favor of the Common Core curriculum.

Mr. Bowen feels the coverage surrounding the Common Core in the Buffalo News has been one-sided. He wants to provide an open forum that weighs the curriculum's merits and shares the facts with the public.

Please sign this petition to encourage the Buffalo News to sponsor such an event on the last day of school!

9. Request Michael Oren Accept Martin Sherman's Debate Challenge

We hereby petition Amb. Michael Oren to accept Dr. Martin Sherman's challenge to a public debate on the various and multifaceted ramifications and validity (or lack thereof) of Mr. Oren's recent statements regarding Israel's national policies regarding the disputed territories (also known as Judea and Samaria or The West Bank) and how they might impact Israel's present and future prospects for genuine and durable peace and security.

The debate should be held at a place and time mutually agreed upon by the two participants and made open to the public.

10. National Call for Public Debates

The purpose of this page is to gather enough signatures (LIKES) to force National Public Debates between the political parties in Antigua and Barbuda. This is intended to be the genesis of paradigm shift in our political climate for the betterment of our society.

We no longer want to hear political rhetoric spewed from a loud speaker on a vehicle nor do we want to hear political candidates abuse each other at political rallies. No longer do we want to hear empty promises or nearly impossible promises coming from a political platform without substance or the possibility of a question or challenge from the electorate.

We need our Candidates to speak to issues those we, the electorate, care about. We want to be able to question our leaders on these issues, hear the details of their plans and effectively analyze their program for Antigua and Barbuda.

Some of the issues include:
1. Education
2. Health Care
3. Economy
4. Youth

We believe that this initiative would better aid the electorate in making more informative decisions at the polls.

11. Encourage real democracy in Malaysia: more political debates and open government

Over the last few weeks, many of us have heard what the two coalitions have had to say about their economic reforms in the coming years. Each has presented its manifesto albeit not simultaneously. Each aspires to reach out to different segments of society. However, the current regime has refused to debate.

We are told that it is not our culture to debate. Why shouldn't those aspiring to win our votes engage in a debate? Is it not part of our legitimate expectation to hear both sides exchange their views? Are not debates, which includes exchange of views and opinions, one of the cornerstones of democracy? If it can be done in other democratic nations, why can it not be done in Malaysia? Not being part of our culture remains nothing but a feeble excuse at best.

In Malaysia, public perception plays a pivotal role in politics and, perhaps, everyday life. There are no doubts that the current regime failed to take avail of the numerous opportunities offered to them by Pakatan Rakyat. It sent out the impression that the current regime was afraid and scared of engaging with those canvassing opposing political and economic views. If it came to public perception, the current regime showed that even after 55 years of ruling the nation, they really had not heard the heartbeat of the nation. They failed to understand the citizens of this nation. They failed to understand the voters sentiments.

Instead, what we are constantly reminded of by the current regime is how grateful we should be to them. We should be grateful that we live in peace, harmony and tranquility. We should be grateful for the economic benefits brought to the people. Yes, the people will be grateful but only if you have led with honesty and integrity.

What have Malaysians from all walks of society seen over the years? Malaysia has never been more racially polarised than ever before under the current regime. Malays and non-Malays have been constantly pitted against each other. The current regime talks about Pakatan Rakyat eradicating Malay supremacy. Ask yourself this question. Apart from a handful of Malays, who are mainly cronies of the current regime, what have the Malays really benefitted? They still remain poor and economically disadvantaged. All they get is a once-every-five-years handout of a few hundred ringgit. Is that fair? The current regime has failed virtually every Malay in this country. The New Economic Policy introduced more than three decades ago is one of the biggest failures of the current regime. It hoodwinked virtually every right thinking Malay into believing that they would get the economic assistance that they deserved. They did not.

The current regime has also pitted Malaysians against each other through its other component parties. They have attempted to sow seeds of fear of PAS' hudud agenda knowing very well that it will take much more than a simple majority in Parliament for it to be implemented. We have already been told that it would require a minimum two thirds majority in Parliament in implementing any form of hudud laws. All the current regime does is try to increase hatred and discourse amongst Malaysians.

Even the usage of the word "Allah" was eventually politicised by the current regime. In all honesty, what need was there for them to politicise this issue? For several decades and for generations, Arab Christians and Christians of Sabah and Sarawak have been using the word "Allah" in their holy bibles. Sikhs have used the word "Allah" in their holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, for more than 500 years. Will the current regime, if re-elected, ban the Guru Granth Sahib as well? What is wrong with the current regime? We are supposed to live in peace, harmony and tranquility. Whatever happened to the protection of freedom of religion and it's practice under our Federal Constitution?

We had people from Perkasa calling Malaysians, "pendatangs" and "kelings". Perkasa's Zulkifli Nordin made fun of hinduism and its deities. Ibrahim Ali attacked Christianity and threatened to burn bibles. What happened? Did they get charged for inciting racial hatred or sedition? Did they even get questioned? Instead, the current regime hand picks Zulkifli Nordin as its candidate in Shah Alam by the Prime Minister. The same Prime Minister who has been propagating that he is the PM for all Malaysians. He is supposed to be Malaysian first then Malay. His rhetorical slogan of 1Malaysia was announced everywhere. These were nothing but all lies. All clearly designed to hoodwink every Malaysian in this country. What happened to his candidate in Pasir Mas? We were told that each candidate would be hand picked and be winnable. Instead his so-called winnable candidate failed to submit his nomination for a racist bigot. All lies by the current regime. There is no such thing as one Malaysia. The current regime and its leaders have divided Malaysia for their own gains. Is this the Malaysia that we were trying to build for so long?

What happened to the Malaysia of yesteryears when all races ACTUALLY lived in harmony? Back then, we never questioned each other's religion or motives. We accepted each others religion as our own. As one writer pointed out in a recent article, back those days people from all races could sit down together have char koay teow, nasi lemak and nasi kandar in a coffee shop without having fear. Calling each other names was always taken in jest and good heartedness. It was a different friendship back then. A different bond. Now it has all changed. All destroyed under the current regime.

We are always told to be grateful about the economic benefits given to us under the current regime. What have we really benefitted? Petrol subsidies? Yearly cash handouts? Handphone rebates? Is that what Malaysian citizens are worth? Whilst, Malaysians are handed the crumbs, those in power and who enjoy peerage, literally loot and rape the nation's coffers with bizarre and ridiculously drafted and lopsided contracts. Malaysians have experienced the PKFZ scandal where more than RM12 billion was looted, the highly scandalous MAS buy back deal worth more than RM8 billion, the purchase of two Scorpene submarines worth almost RM7 billion, the NFC scandal of RM250 million, the multi-billion dollar highway concessionaire contracts, the RM2.2 billion to ex top judge of Malaysia and much more. Our Malaysian history is littered with these scandals. Even one Sarawakian is worth more than RM40 billion after looting the state's natural assets. When does it all stop?

Are average Malaysians not entitled to share the economic pie? Does every Malaysian not deserve an equal opportunity? An opportunity to succeed in their working lives and businesses? Or should you only be allowed to succeed because you happen to know a, b or c? There must be equality and meritocracy in society for all to do well economically regardless of race or religion.

All we see is the constant public hounding of Pakatan Rakyat members. Anything that they dare to question is wrong. Karpal Singh was charged for sedition for expressing his legal views and opinions as a lawyer. Do we not as ordinary members of public turn to noted public figures to help guide us as to the legal aspect of the law? So, why charge him? Are we not allowed to question certain laws anymore? Ask yourself this. Has freedom of expression and speech not been eroded under the current regime? As the world gets bolder and open, we move in the opposite direction.

Look at the example of Rafizi Ramli. He led the expose on the NFC scandal. He provided proof by way of documentary evidence given to him. Instead of being given protection under the Whistleblowers Act 2010 and being given a pat on his back for bringing this to public attention, he was charged under Bafia. How do you then expect any member of the public to come forward and disclose any form of abuse of power or wrong doing? But just because he disclosed the misuse of funds by an ex minister's family, he got charged.

There are several other examples of Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua et al. All have stood up for everyday Malaysians in one way or another over the years. And, in return, they have one way or another been punished by being arrested, charged and jailed. If public figures are not going to question the government of the day, then who is expected to do it? The citizens only make their choices once every 5 years. We put our faith and trust in the opposition of the day to question every move and step of the government of the day on our behalf. In a way, they are supposed to be our custodians and guardians.

What happens when the authorities are fault? Look at the well publicised Teoh Beng Hock's incident? So, who got charged? Who was held responsible? The best the authorities could come up with was that he committed suicide. No right thinking member of the public agrees with this reasoning. No justice was delivered to the Teoh family. Till today, they live in the hope that one day, someone will be held accountable.

What about the Ahmad Sarbani, the customs officer? He is supposed to have committed suicide as well according to the authorities. What about the numerous deaths in custody? So many Indians have died alongside other Malaysians. They are all supposed to have deaths of natural causes? Does the current regime take the Malaysian public as fools? There are just too many coincidences. Today, virtually everyone just assumes that there has been some form of abuse of power by the authorities.

Over the decades, a mockery has also been made of the social justice system. In 2008, we expected a complete overhaul and clean up of the judiciary after the video that was leaked by Gwo Burne. We were promised major changes. But soon after 2008, we saw the dereliction of that promise in the Perak fiasco case. The current regime somewhat illegal engineered to overthrow the Pakatan state government. This showed complete disrespect to the people's choice of whom they wanted to run the state. It was subsequently expected that the courts would uphold justice and it did happen in the High Court. But was eventually reversed in the Appellate courts. Democracy was once again damaged. And, in the eyes of the people, the image of the justice system tainted. Many other cases such as Lynas has followed in the same manner and public confidence in the social justice system remains at an all time low under the current regime.

12. Request that Mitt Romney withdraw from the 2012 Presidential race so as not to take votes away from Gary Johnson

Due to the recent events involving Mitt Romney's remarks about Obama supporters and the Republican parties unfair treatment of Ron Paul supporters, we have no confidence in Mitt Romney's chances of winning the 2012 Presidential election.

We feel that these events reflect poorly on Mitt Romney,and any further involvement would only hurt Gary Johnson's chances of victory.

13. Change the "God Particle" to the "Love Particle"

Which is harder to find the higgs boson or love?

Therefore I believe love is a "good" analogy for the higgs boson. Life appears meaningless until "love" joins it, and things have little meaning without love, therefore the higgs boson could be metaphorically renamed as the "Love particle".

How do people long for love but never find it, it finds them. For love still exists in space where there is no gravity.

Unless you believe in love, you will never find it. If scientists never believed the higgs boson was possible, would the multi-billion pound LHC have been built?

...and when many people refer to the God particle, it feels more of a insult to believers, as how many people who distinctively believe God does not exist will look for a particle they don't believe exists? It appears to misrepresent both parties. The higgs boson particle is thought to be associated with a field that is responsible for giving other particles their mass.

Please can we stop misrepresenting knowledge and respect, that science and religion can co-exist together. That one must cease. Love is the highest respect possible. I love science. I love God, I love you. But to prove love, would require a more powerful experiment than the LHC, it requires life.

The "Love Particle" explains how we can finally move on and not be stuck with backward ideologies.

(Apologies for wording, this is my first petition).

14. Keep Them Honest

Candidates for President often site information to support their political positions.

A candidate's political affiliation is what determines the information they put forth. Democrats say one thing is true, and Republicans say exactly the opposite is true. This phenomenon leaves the American citizen at a loss for what is actually true.

I believe we as citizens can and must change this.

15. Polytechnic Students Should NOT Pay Adult Travel Fares - SINGAPORE

Currently, students from polytechnics and universities pay twice as much in bus fares compared to their peers in junior colleges (JCs) and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), who are classified as post-secondary-level.

Polytechnic students, who in all technicalities are doing their post secondary studies, are considered tertiary education students. We end up paying adult fare! Our counterparts in junior colleges get to enjoy the subsidies while we are denied the subsidies.

"With the comparison of MRT concession pass between JCs and Polytechnics, JC student pay about $25 while Polytechnic student pay about $45 per month for the same service." Quoted from Edison Lim's Speech, titled : Student Rate For All Polytechnic Students.

Even as a soon to be polytechnic student, he/she would too have started paying adult fares even before entering a polytechnic. He/she is no longer given student subsidies, even though their age is clearly below that of an adult.

What is most absurd is that, when queried by MP for Nee Soon GRC about student concessions on trains and public buses, the Transport Minister Mr. Lui Tuck Yew, response was that it would cost transport operators $28 million more per year.

Can’t the government fork out the $28 million dollar per year, to provide subsidies for polytechnic students who are doing post-secondary studies? Isn’t the job of the government to provide for the welfare of its people? And would a $28 million pay cut from SMRT’s $895.1 million, or SBS’s $720 Million, affect them? I think not.

16. Support Michael Smith | Reinstate him to 2UE

If you let them take your right to free speech, how are you going to stop them from taking all the others?

We believe that freedom of speech and a free press is fundamental to the democratic principles that our country is based upon.

We believe that Fairfax have suspended Michael Smith for having information that if aired, would threaten both the position of Julia Gillard and the longevity of her minority government.

17. Green Party participation at leadership debate

Elizabeth May has been excluded from the upcoming Federal leadership debate, largely because there is no representative in the House of Commons.

This is despite the fact that almost 1 in 10 Canadians voted for a representative of the Green Party in the last election.

18. Patrick Harvie should not be included the Holyrood 2011 leader debates

The Green Party think that they should be included in the Scottish Leaders debate. They have only two MSPs which by anyone’s standards makes them a fringe party in Scottish Politics. If the Greens are included in this debate then the Leaders debate would have to include other fringe parties such as the SSP, Solidarity, UKIP, Respect or even the BNP.

Say no to this dangerous precedent that the Green Party in Scotland are trying to set. No one wants to see parties like the BNP on the leaders debate but this could happy if the fringe Green Party get their way.

19. John Lewis debate Fenn Little. Georgia's 5th Congressional District Candidates

Members of Georgia's 5th Congressional District have a choice of candidates this year, for the first time in several decades. John Lewis, the incumbent of 24 years is opposed by Republican Candidate Fenn Little.

While Fenn Little may be an underdog with little name recognition, this does not appear to be an indicator in the support he is receiving from the constituents of this diverse district. John Lewis has refused to reply to the claims that he is a puppet of Washington Politics who is disconnected to his constituent base and their needs and priorities. He has also refused to debate Fenn Little.

If you would like to see these candidates answer the questions for the constituents themselves, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

20. We demand the exercise of true, full democracy

When finally the major Westminster political parties agreed to televised leadership debates as part of the forthcoming General Election campaign it came as an horrific shock to find that the 'big three' - Labour, Conservative, and LibDem had conspired with the main broadcasting media to disenfranchise the SNP by refusing them the right to participate in the debate(s).

21. Return KHSDC Back to What It Was

The Korean Intervarsity Debating Association has unilaterally changed the format for the Korea High School Debate Championship from World Schools to All-Asians and also changed the registration rules without further justification.

22. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

23. Say no to US taxation

Shutterstock have introduced a new taxation scheme. This states that if you are in a country which has a double taxation agreement with the US, you will need to fill in a form, involving private information, and send notarised copies (expensive) of your passports to the US. If this form is not filled in, then 30% of ALL your earnings will be deducted for US tax. If you live in a country without a tax agreement with shutterstock, then you will automatically be leaving 30% of your earnings with the IRS.

Shutterstock is attempting to censor debate on their forums by banning contributors who disagree with their point of view. For an open uncensored debate on the issue of IRS taxation on our earnings, feel free to use this forum. Details such as when the petition will be handed in and negociations with shutterstock will be discussed there too.

For this petition to have the maximum impact with the shutterstock management, we need to get a maximum number of signatures. Because shutterstock is deleting posts from the forum refering to this petition, we need to get the word out as many contributors are unaware of this petition and the potential benefits that it will bring if successful. So please make details of the petition known as widely as possibly. This is for the benefit for every non-US contributor at Shutterstock.

Thank you.

24. Limbaugh-Obama Debate

Time for a Limbaugh-Obama Debate.

25. Academic Freedom to Debate the Evolution and Creationism Theories

The goal of this petition is to allow creationism to be taught alongside evolution in the public schools of Broward County. I am writing this petition not because I am an advocate for religious freedom in public schools, but because I am an advocate for all that is fair and just, and for allowing students to be taught "how to think, not what to think."

In August of 2005, President Bush made the following statement to Texas newspaper reporters in a group interview at the White House regarding whether or not creationism should be taught in public schools: "Both sides ought to be properly taught . . . so people can understand what the debate is about...part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought. . . . You're asking me whether or not people ought to be exposed to different ideas, and the answer is yes."

I contend that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in the public schools of Broward County. There is no legitimate excuse for not allowing both scientific theories to be discussed in the classrooms. It is only fair and just to present both sides of the argument. Teaching creation science is not about defending religious liberties because creationism is not a religion, it is a scientific theory. In fact, there are a large portion of scientists with impressive credentials, past and present, who have accepted creationism and intelligent design, including Gerald E. Aardsma, Louis Agassiz, Alexander Arndt, Steven A. Austin, Charles Babbage, and the list goes on and on.

Science Digest reported:

"Scientists who utterly reject Evolution may be one of our fastest-growing controversial minorities… Many of the scientists supporting this position hold impressive credentials in science."

So, with the evidence I have provided, the argument that evolution should be the only theory taught in public schools because it is the only theory accepted by "real" scientists is, to say the least, a weak one.

As I have stated previously, I do not want to bring religion into the public school system, I am merely trying to let creationism be taught as a "competing scientific theory."

If you want fairness restored into the classroom, and you want to fight for your academic freedom, and you want to be shown both sides of the argument for how life began, then sign the petition and fight for what's right!

26. Lanakila Washington - Humanistic Party

This petition is being utilized as a real-time voting tool online. This effort is sponsored by the social network "Candidate Forum 2008: The American Presidential Election". See the web-link above.

27. Jacques Y. 'Chief Jack' Boulerice - Native American Party

This petition is being utilized as a real-time voting tool online. This effort is sponsored by the social network "Candidate Forum 2008: The American Presidential Election". See the web-link above.

28. Gene Amondson - Prohibition Party

This petition is being utilized as a real-time voting tool online. This effort is sponsored by the social network "Candidate Forum 2008: The American Presidential Election". See the web-link above.

29. Max Englerius - The American Tradition Party

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30. Jackson K. 'Jack' Grimes - United Fascist Union

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