#Family & Friends
Illinois & California Offices of The Governor
United States of America

This Petition is regarding the health & welfare of two children who were illegally taken from their parents and moved from Illinois to California by two diagnosed mentally ill child abusers. The parents have been unable to get government authorities to investigate and act in accordance with state and federal laws.

We Humbly Ask For Intervention To Establish Involvement Between Illinois & California Offices Of The Governor, Offices Of The States Attorneys General & Departments Of Child Welfare Leading To Immediate Return Of Bethany & Lilianne To Alan & Kelly Murphy. On May 17th 2002 In Violation Of Illinois Law, James & Mary Hurt Forcibly Removed The Minors From The Custody Of Their Parents. The Hurt's Left The State And Moved To California With The Minors Preventing A Determination By The Illinois Court That Was Overseeing The Best Interests & Permanent Custody Of The Minors. Since Then There Has Been No Communication Between The Minors And Their Parents, Resulting In Unjust Mental Anguish For Both Parties. Substantiated Evidence Shows Physical & Mental Abuse & Neglect Perpetrated Upon The Minors By The Hurt's In The Past & Presently. We Submit This Petition Asking The Children Be Returned To The Rightful Custody Of Their Parent's.

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