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1. Restore the Elderly Blind Program for southern Illinois

Elderly people with blindness or low vision, some our most vulnerable citizens in southern Illinois, have been stripped of their services that have been in place for the past 20 years.

We should all be concerned, because the loss of this funding means that elderly blind people in this entire region will no longer be served by any agency. People who have become suddenly blind due to natural causes or disease will no longer receive in-home support and training in how to cope with losing their sight. Those with long-term visual impairments will no longer have someone who will travel to their homes in rural counties to bring them items that magnify, light, or read vital information to them. There will be no one to teach them how to use their equipment, read their medications, pay their bills, or cook their meals.

The people served by this program have spent their lives working and paying taxes. Where will they find help now that this program is gone? The elderly blind in southern Illinois should not be deprived of services that restore some of the independence that the rest of us take for granted.

The Southern Illinois Center for Independent Living (SICIL) has provided these services to hundreds of people since 1997.

2. Petition to repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act of 1997

In order to secure for the future, the prosperity of the Illinois economy and its Citizens, the Rent Control Preemption Act of 1997 must be repealed. The repeal of this Act will restore Home Rule, but in no way will hinder or prevent future Real Estate Development in Illinois. The burden of a successful private development should never have been placed upon the Citizens and Business Owners of Illinois in the first place. Unfettered rental rates have caused a raise in consumer goods and the People of Illinois to demand an increase in the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. The burden of the People’s happiness however, is not solely the responsibility of Illinois’ Employers and Property Owners cannot be allowed to render this wage increase insufficient. Consequently, this petition is necessary to repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act so that we might examine what is causing the rise in rental rates statewide and determine reasonable solutions for our future well-being.


Citizens of the City of DeKalb, Illinois, have voted in favor of retaining an elected City Clerk. However, the reduced role and compensation of Clerks in recent years have made it impossible to attract quality candidates and retain qualified elected Clerks. DeKalb City Council can remedy the situation by taking action this fall on the FY2017 annual budget, and on ordinances related to the Clerk’s role and compensation.

For more information:

Signers of this petition should be residents of DeKalb and registered voters of DeKalb County. Please don't sign if you have already signed the paper version.

4. Join State Representative Candidate Nick Ciko's Fight Against Property Taxes

Lake County has some of the highest property taxes in the country. Homeowners, are struggling to cover these costs, and they continue to rise. Property taxes are a major concern among residents in Northern Lake County.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that some sort of relief is necessary.

Despite this, Representative Sheri Jesiel has prevented passing laws that address this problem.

The refusal to offer property tax relief is not in the spirit of representative democracy. The constituents in Lake County deserve to have their voices heard in Springfield.

5. Bowfishermen and women against 2015 IDNR bowfishing regulations

Bowfishing in Illinois has been a positive impact sport on our lakes and rivers for years. Limiting our Native fish limit to 10 per boat during bowfishing tournaments will drastically hurt our our local economy and attendance.

As one of the biggest growing sports I encourage everyone to sign this so we can show this to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

At this rate our kids may not get the chance to enjoy the sport we love so much.

6. Illinois Michigan Canal Reparations in Utica Illinois

The I&M Canal was once a beautiful and integral part of Utica's commerce, in the 1800's. Since then, it has definitely seen better days. With all the commerce and expansion, things fall to the wayside.

Unfortunately, our canal has become one of those. A large portion of our tourism, biking and hiking is based and revolves around our canal and its attached towpath.

The canal is currently stagnant and covered in green moss and garbage. The businesses and residents of the Village of Utica are asking for your help.

7. Michael J Sutter Park Petition

Staff Sgt. Michael J. Sutter passed away at the very young age of 28 on December 26, 2003 Serving During Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As many of you know, Mike was raised in Tinley Park, Illinois. Where his parents still reside.

Starting at a very young age and for many years, Mike participated in Judo classes taught by his father John at The Tinley Park- Park District.

Mike was responsible for bringing home to the Park District, many trophies from his accomplishments in Judo competitions.

The entire Sutter family was devoted to the sport and to the park district. They made every team-member feel like they were apart of their family.

The dedication that they have shown to the Park District through the Judo program is remarkable.

I can remember John & Judy piling the whole Judo team in their van and personally driving them to competitions, making sure no one was left behind.

They would travel to compete near and far. From little Tinley Park all the way to New York. Bringing home many, many trophies and making Tinley proud.

Mike graduated from Andrew High School and moved on to attend Moraine Valley College.

Mike was so enthusiastic about protecting others and his community, he was taking Law Enforcement Classes with the goal of becoming a police officer.

Mike was a loyal roll model to many.

The military was Mike's life and passion. Mike joined the Army in 1994, less than a year after graduating from Andrew.

After serving our Country for eight lengthy years in the Army, Mike decided to give even more and serve in the National Guard.

Mike wanted to take his bomb defusing experience and skills, he learned while in the Army, to assist the National Guard.

On December 26, 2003 Michael ended up making the ultimate sacrifice for our country, defending our freedom....his life.

Leaving behind both of his parents, John and Judy, his brothers John and Steve and his sister Angie.

"Just another day in the office" as Mike would often say, on Dec. 26th while in Baqubah, Iraq., the day after Christmas, when many of us are at home playing with Christmas presents and enjoying family time, Mike was killed trying to disarm a homemade explosive device.

Mike was using a robot to defuse one bomb, then tried to do the same with another bomb but couldn’t get to it with the robot. He tried to defuse it manually and was a foot away when it detonated.

Mike's siblings have gone on to have children that he would be the proud uncle of. Unfortunately, his Nieces and Nephews will only know him by stories and pictures.

Tinley Park lost one of Our own when Mike died. Many of us know Mike will never be forgotten. But has he been Honored by Tinley Park in an deserving manner?

Many cities and towns all across American show tribute to their hometown Heroes by dedicating parks in their honor.

I can't think of a more suitable tribute to honor and remember Mike then by having a TP, Park dedicated and named after OUR fallen solider.

Imagine, how proud Mike's brothers and sister could feel bringing his nieces and nephews to the Michael J Sutter Park.

It is well overdue that Tinley Park substantiates to Mike's parents that their Son's sacrifice, and the sacrifice their family has made, will never be forgotten by their community.

I invite you to help demonstrate to the TP Park District that many people feel the same way.

Please sign The Michael J Sutter Park Petition to show your support to not only OUR Fallen Soldier, but to his entire family, all his friends and the generations to come.

8. Save Dual Language

Oswego 308 School District's Dual Language Program is a forward-thinking program that has been a model for surrounding school districts in bilingual education. Their administrations have toured our facilities, studied our model and, with the support of their school board, have successfully implemented their own Dual Language programs.

Our exemplary program is in danger of being dismantled. This would greatly effect all students and teachers in our school district. If the program is dismantled, all Dual Language students would be sent back to their home schools which would increase class sizes throughout our schools and strain the already limited academic resources that are available to students in each school.

Currently, Reading Specialists are stretched thin between schools to try to meet the needs of students outside the Dual Language program. We are jeopardizing that resource if we add more students to these schools who will need literacy support in English. This risk is not limited to reading supports.

Considering our Kendall county tax rate ranks us in the top half of one percent for the highest tax rates in the country, (Kendall county is ranked 16th out of the 3,143 counties in the U.S.*) and that 63% of our tax bill goes to our D308, we should be able to guarantee that every child in our district is being provided with all they need to achieve academically.

This program is producing bilingual and bi-literate citizens, and every year there is more demand for this program then there are spots available. We believe that this program should be expanded to provide this quality education to all who want it. We believe that Dual Language programs provide the best opportunity for ELL (English Language Learners) students to learn English.

We need to hold this school administration accountable to ensure that best practices are being followed for every student, in every classroom, in every school.


El Programa de Doble Idioma (DI) del Distrito Escolar 308 en Oswego, IL ha sido un ejemplar esquema para los diferentes distritos del área circunvecina para educación Bilingüe. La Administración del distrito en diferentes ocasiones ha visitado nuestras aulas de enseñanza, ha estudiado nuestro modelo, y con la ayuda de la Junta Educativa han exitosamente implementado este programa por nueve años.

Nuestro querido programa está en peligro de ser terminado. Esto tiene el potencial de gravemente afectar a todos los estudiantes y maestros en nuestro distrito. Si el programa de DI llegase a ser desmantelado, todos los estudiantes de DI serian mandados a su escuela de origen dentro del Distrito lo cual produciría un aumento en el número de estudiantes a las aulas. Hoy en día ya muchas de las escuelas están al cupo máximo y el aumento de estudiantes limitaría el potencial académico y de ayuda para todos los estudiantes.

Actualmente, los especialistas de Lectura de nuestro distrito están hasta el cupo máximo de trabajo con estudiantes que no participan en el DI. Estamos poniendo en peligro esa ayuda si aumentamos el número de estudiantes que necesiten de ese servicio si es que se cancela el DI. Este riesgo también se repetiría en otras aéreas.

Considerando que los impuestos del Condado de Kendall nos sitúan en la mitad superior del uno por ciento de las tasas de impuestos del país, (El Condado de Kendall ocupa el lugar número 16 en una lista de 3,143 Condados en los EEUU) y que el 63% de nuestros impuestos se envía para el funcionamiento del Distrito 308, todos debiésemos de garantizar de que cada niño y niña del Distrito se le pueda garantizar todo lo necesario para lograr avances académicos.

Este programa está produciendo ciudadanos bilingües y dúo-alfabetizados y cada año hay más demanda para este programa aun teniendo en cuenta de que hay un numero limite de lugares. Es por eso de que nosotros creemos de que este programa se debiese de expender para proveer la calidad educativa que todos deseamos. Todos creemos de que el DI provee la mejor opción de aprender Ingles para los estudiantes Aprendices de Ingles.

Se necesita mantener a esta administración escolar responsable para asegurarnos de que se siga la política de “mejor practica” para cada uno de nuestros estudiantes, en cada aula y en cada escuela.

9. Name a street in honor and memory of Ashley L. Hardmon

On July 2, 2013, 19 year old Ashley L. Hardmon was gunned down while talking to a group of friends near her home on the 1300 Block N. Lamon.

Ashley was home only one day on summer break from Paul Simon Job Corps where she studied to be a Pharmacy Technician. After Ashley's two week summer break she was then to return and prepare for her graduation in August.

I ask that the street in which Ashley was murdered due to senseless gun violence here in Chicago, be named in her honor.

Thank You.
The Parents of Ashley L. Hardmon

10. Defend Illinois' terminally ill patients: Legalize Physician Aid in Dying in Illinois

A Physician Aid in Dying, or Death with Dignity law, is where society supports the right for a terminally ill citizen of sound mind - who desires it entirely of their own will - to a peaceful, dignified end to their suffering.

A dignified, peaceful ending for somebody with an agonizing terminal illness is arguably protected by the 8th, 9th, 13th, and 14th amendments to the United States Constitution.

I support the right to choose in Illinois. The people and/or governments of Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, New Mexico have all agreed that at least in cases of terminal illness, patients should have the right to choose to end their suffering in a dignified, painless as possible manner. A Pennyslvania court ruling in February of 2014 may serve as a precedent to prepare for a Physician Aid in Dying program there. Oregon's Death with Dignity Act has been law since 1994, has worked smoothly, and has not experienced abuse.

Illinois needs to have these programs ready for the coming calamities that our world looks to be facing. A Death with Dignity law is in the interest of every citizen of Illinois.

There are increasing numbers of terminally ill people in Illinois who, these constitutionally supported laws, may be tortured to death.

11. Let IL be the 13th state to legalise Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage is just like any other marriage, except it is between a man and man or woman and woman!


12. Stop Financial Abuse: Support the Illinois Financial Abuser Statute

The Illinois State Legislature needs to pass the Financial Abuser Statute so that those who financially exploit the elderly cannot profit from their victim’s death.

The Illinois Probate Code does not do enough to protect the families of financial elder abuse victims. Financial exploitation is the most prevalent form of elder abuse. 60% of cases reported to the Illinois Department on Aging in 2011 involved financial abuse.

The most recent major study conducted found that only 90% of adults experiencing abuse experience financial abuse. Financial abuse can be as devastating to the quality of the life of an individual as physical abuse. Many elderly persons depend upon a relatively fixed income, so financial exploitation may prevent them from obtaining needed food, medicine, or utility services. The Mature Market Institute estimates that the annual loss by victims of elder financial abuse totals at least $2.6 billion nationwide.

755 ILCS 5/2-6.6 provides that those convicted of the financial exploitation, abuse, or neglect of an elderly or disabled person shall not receive any portion of their victim’s estate. However, financial abuse can be nearly impossible to prove if discovered after the victim has passed away and only 1 in 14 victims of elder abuse report their abuser. As a result, the perpetrators of financial abuse are seldom prosecuted criminally.

Simply put, 755 ILCS 5/2-6.6 is ineffective because the criminal conviction requirement puts an insurmountable burden on the families of financial abuse victims.

The Financial Abuser Statute will solve this problem by allowing a deceased victim’s family members to disqualify abusers by proving financial elder abuse by a preponderance of evidence in civil suits. The Financial Abuser Statue would ameliorate the problems of proof and reporting associated with financial elder abuse discovered after the victim has passed away. Without the Financial Abuser Statute families of financial elder abuse victims are left without recourse in the absence of a criminal conviction. Other civil remedies do not disinherit financial elder abusers, so estate distributions can be used to offset damages in successful lawsuits.

The problems of proof and reporting justify lowering the standard of proof in cases of financial exploitation. Only the Financial Abuser Statute can disinherit financial elder abusers in the manner contemplated by 755 ILCS 5/2-6.6.

A coalition of public interest groups, government agencies, and businesses have banded together in the past to prevent elder abusers from profiting from the death of their victims, and it is time for an additional push. Currently, there is legislative proposal on the Illinois General Assembly agenda to create a civil cause of action to disinherit elder abusers.

Financial elder abusers continue to profit from the death of their victims because of under-prosecution; this is the time to demand that a legislative proposal be put on the agenda that is capable of bringing justice to the families of deceased elder abuse victims. With continued support and demand for action, Illinois legislators will have no choice but to take action on behalf of Illinois’ elderly.

Financial Elder Abusers Beware: Steal From your Parents; Lose Your Inheritance.

13. Require Illinois Schools to Defend Those Being Cyber Bullied While Off-Campus

Currently there is not even a proposed law requiring schools to get involved. Regardless of the anti-bullying campaigns, people are still being harmed and, in some cases, taking their own lives.

If this law is passed, it might help stop cyber bullying in Illinois for good.

14. WJJG is For Smart Shows Only

Not only did 2011 see the sudden death of Joe Gentile, but the removal of intelligent programming and music from weekdays (and even parts of the weekend).

It is totally unfair to get rid of Angry White Male, Job Talk, John DiVita's Morning Show, and other programming that made WJJG an amazing radio station.

Mancow should not be on at all. He is incoherent and his show does not belong on a community radio station like WJJG. Michael Savage should be aired in two hours or removed too, and sent back to WIND.

If you believe that WJJG should continue with original programming and music during weekdays, please sign this petition. This is an outrage and we need to keep whatever we have left of special radio stations like WJJG.

15. Bring F1 United States Grand Prix to Chicago in 2012

I firmly believe that Chicago can host the 2012 United States Grand Prix.

The United States has not seen a Formula 1 race on its soil since 2007. The USGP in Austin is on the verge of being canceled. The Grand Prix of America in New Jersey is is still two years away. There is a massive amount of interest in Formula 1 in the United States - and Chicago is the perfect place to host it.

16. O'Fallon, Illinois - Save Misty Valley & Glenview Addition (Main St.) from Re-Development

Update 9/30/11: CONFIRMED, Paragraphs 4(a) and (b) on pages 3-4 of the proposed Annexation Agreement spell out the complete commercial development of all current homes in the triangle formed by I-64, Green Mount, and U.S.Route 50.

If the Annexation agreement passes, affected residents WILL LOSE THEIR HOMES... Eventually. Paste this link into your browser to see Paras. 4(a) and (b) on pages 3-4:

DO WE REALLY NEED *TWO* NEW HOSPITALS WITHIN A MILE OF EACH OTHER ON THE SHILOH/O'FALLON I-64 CORRIDOR??? Belleville Memorial is already building a 2nd Campus in Shiloh, see here:

Original Text of background of this petition posted 9/28/11:
The City of O'Fallon Planning Commission is conducting a public hearing on October 11, 2011 at 6:00pm to review a recently filed Petition to re-designate our neighborhood to be part of a "Medical Campus Sub-Area Plan" in a proposed Amendment to the City's 2006 Comprehensive Plan.

This petition goes along with St. Elizabeth's Hospital's petition to re-zone the adjoining 108.79 vacant farm acres to the east and south of our neighborhood in preparation of constructing a new hospital and medical office complex.



But WORSE, imagine being forced from your home in a few years WITHOUT CHOICE, being paid a "fair" market value-- as decided by someone else-- then seeing your house Bull-dozed in the name of Economic Development.

It's called Eminent Domain.... and re-designating our homes' land under the city's Comprehensive Plan *could* be the first step towards it.

17. Emily's Law

Often, when there is a child custody order in place, or even when a custody hearing is pending, one parent may fear that the other parent will attempt to circumvent the court and remove the child without consent, or fail to return the child following a routine visit.

According to the National Center for missing & exploited children, they estimate that 200,000 families become victims of this horrific crime each year.

Currently, few laws protect families against the risk of Parental Abduction and because of this, families are being destroyed every day by the other parent when they are simply allowed to leave the Country without being cross referenced before boarding an International flight.

18. Repair Boughton Road in Bolingbrook, IL

In the Village of Bolingbrook, IL between Weber Road and Illinois Route 53, the far right (southern) East-bound lane of Boughton Road is splitting down the middle and has uneven (not level) pavement. In certain sections, there has been maintenance work and there are two rectangular man-hole covers approximately every 500 feet.

The patched pavement around these covers is rough and in places higher than a speed-bump, which can cause severe strain or damage to vehicle tires, struts, and shocks.

19. Petition to Deny Parole for Cop Killer Johnny Veal

Patrolman Anthony N. Rizzato and Sergeant James Severin and were shot and killed by gang members while patrolling community housing for an all-volunteer "Walk and Talk" project. As the officers proceeded across the Cabrini-Green baseball field, the assailants opened fire from an apartment window.

The purpose of the shooting was to seal a pact between two rival gangs. Both officers were mortally wounded in the attack.

Three adults and one juvenile were later apprehended and charged with murder. The two shooters were sentenced to 100-199 years in prison for two counts of murder. These killers have parole review every three years.

20. Petition to Deny Parole for Cop Killer Bruce Sharp

Patrolman Kenneth G. Kaner was shot and killed when he was ambushed by a suspect in a missing child case.

Patrolman Kaner was sitting in his squad near 71st Street and Union Street. Five assailants approached and one fired a 12-gauge shotgun through the open passenger side window. Patrolman Kaner was mortally wounded when he was shot in the right side of the face.

The five gunmen were stopped within minutes for a traffic violation. The shotgun and the officer's weapon were found during the traffic stop and the offenders were arrested.

The killer was sentenced to 30 to 125 years. He petitions for release annually and on November 15, 2007, the Illinois Prisoner Review Board denied parole.

Patrolman Kaner is survived by his wife, daughter, and son. His son followed in his footsteps and became a member of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Marine unit where a boat has been named in father's memory.

21. Petition to Deny Parole for Cop Killer Richard Luckey

Patrolman Robert F. Wenzel was shot and killed during a traffic stop. At some point during the traffic stop, the motorist drew a revolver and fired two shots.

Patrolman Wenzel, though wounded, was able to return fire. The dedicated officer died as a result of the injuries he sustained.

The killer was found guilty of Patroman Wenzel's murder and sentenced to 75 - 100 years in prison.

Patrolman Wenzel served with the agency for 12 years. He is survived by his wife and two children.

22. Petition to Deny Parole for Cop Killer Charles Connolly

Patrolman Thomas J. Kelly died from a gunshot wound inflicted during a routine traffic stop. Officer Kelly and his partner observed a traffic violation and stopped a car with two men at 360 E. 44th Street. As they approached the car, Officer Kelly stood outside as his partner searched the interior. Suddenly, one of the vehicle's occupants pulled a gun, fatally wounding Patrolman Kelly.

Upon hearing the gunshots, his partner tried to draw his weapon but was struck twice before he could return fire. When then attempted to shoot Kelly's partner a third time, their gun misfired and they escaped on foot.

Officer Kelly was transported to Provident Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

23. Build Rockford for Biking!

Rockford, Illinois has a growing bicycle culture. Every year, every day, more Rockfordians are using the bike paths in our city, or are attempting to ride bicycles for transportation and commuting.

We believe that Rockford city officials and the Illinois Department of Transportation have a duty to address the infrastructure and safety needs of these riders.

24. No Parole For Ronald del Raine

On October 27, 1967, two Northlake police officers were killed by bank robbers who were holding up the Northlake Bank. The killers were apprehended, tried and convicted.

One of the perpetrators has since died, another, anothers release is pending a final parole hearing, and a third, Ronald del Raine, sentenced to 209 years, has a parole hearing in October 2012. He is the last living offender of this heinous crime and does not deserve to be paroled.

The United States Parole commission made a decision to grant parole on January 6, 2010 for Ronald del Raine's accomplice Henry Gargano with a tentative release date of September or October 2010. The United States Parole commission made this decision without notification to the families of the slain officers or to the Northlake Police Department.

We CANNOT have have two cop killers roaming the streets and compromising officer or public safety in any capacity.

On April 19, 2010, the City Council passed a resolution condemning the action by the parole commission, and to honor the memories of Sergeant Nagle and Officer Perri and will seek to have the decision stayed or reversed.

The Northlake Police Department will be contacting the officers families and others to write victim impact letters to the parole commission as well as undertaking petitions and other measures to seek a reversal of this decision by the parole commission."

25. Save Illinois Library Systems!

All libraries in Illinois belong to one of nine library systems funded by the state of Illinois. Libraries in the suburbs surrounding Chicago belong to the Metropolitan Library System. These 464 libraries combine their resources to save individual libraries thousands and thousands of dollars.

MLS is able to negotiate prices for subscriptions to online information (databases) so that our users have the best, most up to date information available. MLS manages the automated online catalog system (SWAN) that 80 public libraries in the system share. MLS also operates a delivery system that allows our users to request an item from any of these 80 libraries and have it delivered in a matter of days.

At the end of June, services from MLS will be significantly reduced. Delivery of items requested through interlibrary loans and the shared online catalog will continue through November. If Governor Quinn does not fund library systems in the FY2011 budget, library systems as we know them in Illinois will disappear. The services that they make possible will change drastically.

Please ask Governor Quinn to “retain funding for library systems in the FY2011 budget.” Ask him to “release the funds that the state owes Illinois library systems for FY2010.” With your help, we can make a difference.

26. Save the Seneca, Illinois Pool

This small town of Seneca has enjoyed having a community pool. Now the High School wants to take that away! They want to build a 4 court fieldhouse that will cost tax payers over 20 million dollars.

All this at a time when the state's education system is not doing well and Seneca's enrolment is decreasing over the next two years!!

27. Free Juan Rivera

Despite solid evidence that proved Mr. Rivera innocent, evidence including conclusive DNA testing, Juan Rivera was accused and convicted of raping and murdering an eleven year old.

Juan has gone through multiple appeals courts, but he was convicted for a third time in May 2009. Help Mr. Rivera and make a stand for the wrongfully convicted everywhere.

28. Reverse Parole Decision For Cop Killer Henry Gargano

On October 27, 1967, two Northlake police officers were killed by bank robbers who were holding up the Northlake Bank. The killers were apprehended, tried and convicted. One of the perpetrators has since died, another is still in jail, and a third, Henry Gargano, was granted parole on January 6, 2010 with a release date of September 3, 2010. The United States Parole commission made this decision without notification to the families of the slain officers or to the Northlake Police Department.

Gargano received a 199 year prison sentence in 1968. While doing time for the murder of the Northlake police officers, he managed to escape from the federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, and during the two days he was out, held an elderly man and woman hostage before stealing their car. He is also suspected of other crimes which include the shooting of police officers shortly before he committed the crimes in Northlake. Gargano has a long criminal record, starting in 1946 with burglary, 1949 armed robbery, 1952 armed robbery, 1956 bank robbery, 1964 escape from federal prison before the Northlake Bank robbery and murders of the Northlake police officers.

According to Amanda Pyron, Supervisor of Victim/Witness Coordination at the U.S. Parole Commission, the parole was granted according to the MANDATORY federal release guidelines, after Gargano served the mandatory time by law.

What purpose does a 199 year sentence serve if a convicted killer can get out after 42 years, serving less than 25% of the sentence?

On April 19, 2010, the City Council passed a resolution condemning the action by the parole commission, and to honor the memories of Sergeant Nagle and Officer Perri and will seek to have the decision stayed or reversed.

The Northlake Police Department will be contacting the officers families and others to write victim impact letters to the parole commission as well as undertaking petitions and other measures to seek a reversal of this decision by the parole commission."

29. Keep illegals out of US and Illinois

This is meant to keep illegals out of United States and Illinois !

30. Legalize Assisted Suicide

I.Assisted suicide is not murder.

A.Murder can be considered ending another person's life without consent, with forethought, with interference of the natural process of death, and with the intent to do harm.

B.Assisted suicide does not fit the definition of murder.
1.Assisted suicide requires consent and a fifteen-day waiting period and the prognosis must be six months in Oregon.
2.Forethought is present when conducting assisted suicide, but it is also present when withdrawing futile treatment.
3.Both assisted suicide and futile treatment interfere with the natural process of death, though one is passive and the other is active, both are forms of euthanasia.
a.Life support prolongs life.
b.Assisted suicide shortens life.
4.When conducting assisted suicide, good intentions of relieving pain are present.
5.Furthermore, the patient, not the doctor, ends the life.

II. Terminally ill patients should be given the option of assisted suicide.
A. Patients have a "natural right," granted in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prevents states from depriving "any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law." Autonomy is important to individuals in the U.S.
B. Preserving life, an interest of the state, is no longer an interest of a terminally ill patient who is in intense pain and wishes to die.
C. A quote from an opponent of assisted suicide, Justice Stevens: "In my judgment…it is clear that [the states'] so-called 'unqualified interest in the preservation of human life'…is not itself sufficient to outweigh the interest in liberty that may justify the only possible means of preserving a dying patient's dignity and alleviating her intolerable suffering."

Assisted suicide is not a bad thing, in fact, it is very good thing. Nobody should be forced to live or die against his or her individual will. I am not asking you to perform assisted suicide or to have assisted suicide performed on you. I am asking that you sign this petition so that someone who is terminally ill and desperately wants and needs to end his or her own life is not prevented from doing so. When you sign this petition, you will be taking part in the relief of an enormous amount of pain and suffering in the state of Illinois.

(credit to Phyllis Soibel)