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1. Road Improvement on C.R. 6812

August 8, 2006

We would like to request that our road at C.R. 6812 (Peanut Valley) be repaved.

I Mary S. Tovar have been a resident here since 1994 and have had the potholes repaired on the surface.

The potholes have caused so much damage that to drive comfortably, we have to drive on the side of the road.

There are many new residents that have moved to the area and we are all tax payers. We feel that our road should be improved and look as good and clean as the roads of the surrounding neighbors.

2. Church Conflict Resolution / Rev. Pastor T. Whitely

Dec 28, 2005

This is asking for a church wide decision on the removeal of Pastor Rev Theodore D. Whitely.

That the Findings, reasons, of the SPR to ask Pastor to be moved, be brought to light and conflict of issues be delt with openly. Giving Pastor the opportunity to address complaints, issues, and a Time line be established for changes that may be needed.

That time be perpitted to show willness to work as adult Chrtistians to resoulve conflicts. That a group of 12 be named to come in faith with the pastor weekly to deal and resoulve complaints , and or problems. May this be for 2 , three moths sessions and revied at each 3 moths end. Giving a extra 3 months if needed.

That in 9 Months if conflict has not been worked out in agreement for either CUMC or Pastor. It will be agreeded that Pastor Whitely will request to me moved.

3. Anti-Social Behaviour of Elderly in Dublin

This Petition is being brought forward because of Anti-Social Behaviour of some elderly people living in "Old Folks" Flats in our community. Some of us have lived here for over 20 years with no problems. Last year, a new tenant was moved into the "flats" and since then there has been verbal abuse and pictures being taken of children playing outside their homes, threatening gestures with a cane, verbal abuse to anyone with a dog, and property damage to a vehicle.

Another tenant was moved in recently and same anti-social behaviour is taken place, including threatening a dog with an axe in the prescence of children. There is also a "nun" who routinely calls the "guards" (police)if she hears children playing outside.

Now the reason these flats were built within a community is so the elderly can feel like they are in a community with families, and they are not sent to nursing homes to feel instituionalized or forgotten. These people forget that if children are outside playing, then the likelihood of them being robbed (which has happened on more than one occassion when there were no children or a dog outside)is decreased.

It seems that these elderly people who have a problem with children, people and animals should be institutionalized because they are a threat to themselves as well as the community.

4. Give pregnant women an end year bonus.

A mother moved the world with her left arm and the crib in her right. Pregnant women have the right to receive a bonus.

5. During Election Years, the Celebration of Washington's Birthday Should be Moved to Election Day

Voter turnout in the United States of America has long been in decline, and its time that there was a change. We, the world's leading democracy, have one of the lowest voter participation rates in the world. This is what ultimately led to the formation of the bipartisan National Commission on Federal Election Reform headed by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. Therefore, the need for reform is there and the creation of a Federal Election Day holiday is a viable solution.

A survey completed by the U.S. Census Bureau after the 2000 election found that of those who did not vote, a conflict with work or school was listed as the number one culprit. By moving the celebration of Washington's Birthday to Election Day, we can eliminate the usage of a schedule conflict as a possible excuse.

We, as a nation, will be able to celebrate a right made possible by Washington and his successors and honor them in the process.

6. Save Our Children

This Petition is regarding the health & welfare of two children who were illegally taken from their parents and moved from Illinois to California by two diagnosed mentally ill child abusers. The parents have been unable to get government authorities to investigate and act in accordance with state and federal laws.