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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

This petition has been established by Amanda Y. Kidd in an effort to collect as many signatures as possible of individuals who wish to save the 20,000-plus koala bears of Australia that are currently in danger of being killed due to their alleged "overpopulation" and danger of starvation.

This endangerment has been a result of OVERDEVELOPMENT OF THE TOURIST INDUSTRY which is now crowding these animals out of their own environment.

This situation is Not just an "Australian issue." It is a WORLDWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL AND ANIMAL RIGHTS ISSUE, and it is in desperate need of the assistance all Animal Rights and Environmental organizations in existence worldwide.

Please assist by signing the petition and let's unite as one unit to save these beautiful creatures from needless destruction that is of Man's own making~ NOT THEIRS !!

God bless you for your assitance and concern.

I may be contacted at the e-mail address listed below.


Amanda Y. Kidd

YES !! I am concerned about the fate of Australia's koalas, and I hereby place my name among the countless others who desire to see these animals spared and kept in their own environment. In addition, I endorse the cessation of the tourist industry, which has shamefully become the primary contributor to this dilemma.

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