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1. JAIL ANIMAL ABUSERS For A Minimum Of 5 Years With NO Parol!.

The Australian Government needs to get tough on all animal abusers, NOW! ANYONE whos is found guilty of harming an animal, should be jailed for a minimum of 5 years with NO parol.

2. Instant loss of license for mobile phone use whilst driving - NSW

Currently NSW, and Australia as a whole, is seeing an increase in deaths on our roads and other minor crashes. A significant portion of these are caused by reckless individuals illegally using their mobile phones whilst driving.

Heavy penalties are already in place for individuals who use their mobile phones whilst driving, however there is not sufficient NSW Police Force resources to catch them all.

I believe an instant, on-the-spot, loss of license for anyone caught by NSW Police Force Officers, for 30 days should be applied to those individuals who are compelled to illegally use their mobile phones whilst driving.

I also believe people using dash cam footage or passengers in the vehicle should be able to capture evidence on individuals who illegally use their mobiles whilst driving and should have a platform to turn them in for the same aforementioned penalty - a 30 day loss of license. Great success was seen when a similar technique was applied to littering.

This petition may just save the life of your family or friends.

3. Call for an investigation over Joan Howard's illicit antiquities' collection

Australian Citizen Joan Howard 95 has recently made headlines due to a collection of antiquities she acquired by looting archaeological sites in Egypt and the Near East during the late sixties and early seventies. Joan, the wife of Keith Howard who served as an Australian diplomat in the United Nations in 1967, used her husband’s UN connections to travel between Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel, searching for antiquities. Her activity was recently presented in a celebratory tone in an article of the "West Australian" newspaper which featured her presenting the illicit antiquities collection she keeps at her house in Perth as "a collection come treasure trove the public has never seen".
It is not acceptable that Mrs. Howard behaved as a pirate and appropriated from the different archaeological sites. Mrs. Howard has broken all possible laws taking advantage of her diplomatic status. Thus we call for an investigation on the sources of Mrs. Howard’s collection now in Perth and an initiative for legal action over their repatriation to their countries of origin.

4. Legalise Voluntary Euthanasia in Australia

Voluntary euthanasia is the act of ending one's life painlessly as requested by the patient. This is done through an injection or lethal dose of prescribed drugs. It allows those who are in pain to end their suffering peacefully before injury or disease takes over them. This must be requested by that patient and agreed to by a doctor before it can go ahead. Voluntary euthanasia is currently illegal in Australia, forcing those suffering to endure pain for the rest of their short-lived lives. Many people who are against voluntary euthanasia argue that if voluntary euthanasia was legalised that it would become a 'slippery slope'. According to a peer-reviewed paper published in 2016 in the respected journal JAMA:
Between 0.3% to 4.6% of all deaths are reported as euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide in jurisdictions where they are legal. This paper has shown that even when euthanasia is legal only a small percentage of people actually choose that option. Voluntary euthanasia is something that would benefit only the people that choose to take the opportunity and not those who don't want it. This means that legalising voluntary euthanasia will benefit the small percentage who want it and won't effect those who oppose it.

5. Help! Teacher/Librarians in Public Schools Threatened With Extinction

I'm looking to parents, and teachers in all sectors and across all subject areas to support me in my fight to stop the last of the teacher/librarians in public education from losing their jobs to unqualified or less qualified people. I'm not looking to oust anyone from their existing jobs but to close the gap in the agreement (that is sadly open to broad interpretation) and in the Department of Education guidelines that allows principals to employ whoever they want in the role of librarian.
My job as library manager on a junior campus has been axed and has been advertised as an ES1-ES3 position (cheaper to employ), negating both my Librarianship qualifications and experience, and all the work I put in to the library. ES employees are sometimes not qualified in the role they're employed in, and do not usually have a university degree in librarianship or teaching. Private schools have qualified teacher/librarians, and I don't understand why public school students are entitled to less. Research shows that schools with a qualified teacher/librarians achieve better results overall than those that don't. I am fighting this for our profession, for the students and ultimately for our community. If you care about preparing students (your children) for life and work in the best way possible, please sign.

6. four-year-old Tyrell death, Matthew Scown walks free

4 year old Tyrell Cobb died on the Gold Coast in May 2009 from internal bleeding and stomach injuries caused by blunt force trauma.
A post-mortem revealed he had 53 bruises and 17 abrasions from head to legs when he died.
Matthew Scown 'aka scum' was charged with murder a day after the boy’s death in 2009, but the case was dismissed at a committal hearing in 2010
Because he (Matthew Scown) had already spent two years and eight months in custody, the remainder of his sentence was suspended and he walked free, laughing and smiling.
In extraordinary scenes, the 34-year-old smiled for the cameras and laughed to himself as he walked away from court through a media scrum. Even when asked directly about the death of four-year-old Tyrell, he giggled to himself.

7. Bring Delta Goodrem back to the UK and Europe

Delta Goodrem came over to the UK and Europe to promote her 1st and 2nd albums and singles but nothing f0r all her other albums and singles. The chart position with Innocent Eyes and how long it stayed in the UK chart is enough proof of how much love and respect there is for Delta and her music,

there was a brief week long trip to London in October 2015 and that week alone proved how much love and support there still is. fans travelled from Europe and all across the UK to see Delta, they did whatever they could to make sure they saw her. Some even greeting her at the airport as soon as she arrived.

After G.A.Y in the early hours of sunday morning after Delta had spoken with every single person individually #TeamDeltaUK and europe broke into song 'Together We are One' first verse. Anyone who was there will agree what a special moment that was. That was us showing our loyalty. The picture of some of us with Delta shows how happy we and Delta were in that special moment and how we all felt that week.

There were many fans from Europe and the UK who travelled to Australia for the 'Wings of the Wild' tour many travelling around the country going to more than 1 date! The 'Thank you' that was held up during her Dear Life' performance in Sydney involved many fans from the UK and Europe. If our jobs and money had allowed we would've all been there; again showing our loyalty.

other artists have openly chosen to sing Deltas songs which signifies a respect for her as a singer-songwriter. Two of them being from the UK who have sold millions of records worldwide. The first being the biggest selling classical singer of the last 25 years Katherine Jenkins. She made her own choice on what Delta song to cover which says more than if it was a record company choice and released as the 1st single from her album Daydream in 2011. Being classically trained Katherine will have a greater understanding of music itself and seeing names like Queen and Andrew Lloyd Webber in her back catalogue of the many people songs she's covered, to us signals an even greater respect. Delta Would fit very well as a special guest on tour with Katherine.

The other is pop band Steps. you only have to read and see the amount of all the amazing twitter responses to their release of 'Dancing with a Broken Heart' a few weeks ago to know how much interest there still is and that people want her back.

8. Allow Chris Brown into Australia

Chris Brown. A legend whom is not allowed into Australia because of something that happened years ago. Everyone makes mistakes and are later forgiven and the person learns from them. Chris Brown most definitely has. Australia contains so many passionate Chris Brown fans and we don't have access to him. Him coming to Australia will drag wide world attention and we could overall succeed from that. Chris Brown needs to come to Australia!

9. Australian Christian Lobby: Anti-Consistency, Lyle?

Noting the ACL's recent concerns that due to a lack of a Bill or An Act amendent in relation to Equal Marriage as being a reason to NOT SUPPORT a measure.

This is inconsistent with Australian Christian Lobby's support and petitioning for the ongoing funding of the National School Chaplaincy Programme. (NSCP)

The High Court in fact ruled that the Federal government did NOT have the power to fund them directly, i.e. via legislation.

Obviously there is a stark contrast, Marriage Equality is actually WITHIN the scope of Federal Government power.

The ACL has no problem with unlegislated actions that cost fortunes AND should perhaps retract it's position, apologise to the public at large and it's membership to perhaps clarify that a lack of a bill doesn't create uncertainty when it comes to straightforward equal rights question.

OR Start a campaign to stop the NSCP.

10. Legalise Airsoft in NSW, Australia

Make Airsoft legal in Australia.

11. Netflix Australia Equal Rights

American Netflix get more TV shows/ Movies than the Australian Netflix

12. Equal Marriage Rights in Australia: the Don't be a bystander, stand by them' campaign

We are a year 8 class from Adelaide, Australia who are fighting for change. We are campaigning for equal marriage rights.

In Australia there are many adults and teens who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. The LGBTQ+ community, just like you and I value Australia because of the freedoms we have but there is a problem: our current laws are not representative of these values and we want to see this change so that ALL Australians can be equally represented. We all have goals, dreams and aspirations and seek a happy and comfortable life without discrimination, so why are we stopping one another from having a valid marriage? Sign this petition to help support the LGBTQ+ community of Australia and let's see how far we can get to making marriage rights equal. A lot of talk has happened recently, with the issue being considered currently in parliament. Hopefully this will give it the final push it needs to become official.

13. Get the emoji movie released early in Australia

No emoji movie 4 Aus citizens 😢😞🙁.

14. At Least Two Power Tool Free Days For Victorians

Recently I have been seeking respite from having to hear my neighbour use his power tools daily. I discovered that the current law only stated when power tools could be used. I am in the unfortunate position of living next door to man who is restoring a car and has been using his powers most days for over three months. I have been attempting to take action to have him fined but the process has been lengthy and the day that inspectors is the day when the noise is reduced and not on the weekend when it is at its worst. The law would only apply to individuals living in residential areas, it would not affect construction sites in the area because there will be an end to the construction.

15. Bring B.A.P to Australia

It looks like B.A.P are about to announce a concert in there is STILL a chance they may come back!!
Last year the boys said they would be back in 2017, so let's show them we want them back!!!
If we want them back we need to prove there is a sign and share with your friends...even if they are overseas...SHARE!! as we all know fans are prepared to travel if they can!!

16. Citizens of Australia say NO to war with North Korea

Austrailian Citizens should have the right to choose whether or not we go to war.
Sign this petition to show you say NO to going to war against North Korea

17. Bring Garth Brooks to CMC Rocks 2018

CMC Rocks is Australia's Biggest International Country & Roots Festival & just celebrated it's 10th Year. We'd like to see Garth Brooks kick off the next decade of Country Music celebrations.

18. Save Good game

As we all know ABC has cancelled Good Game , this is because Hex and Nichboy are leaving, Us Australian gamers will still watch the show regardless of the presenters ( we all love Bajo and Hex ) , but its not all them that makes the show

Help protect Australian local content and diversity on our TVs

Please sign the petition and Save Good game

19. No Confidence in the Prime Minister of Australia.

It is Legally unchallengeable that the party system of Government exists and operates ONLY because the Australian people have been DELIBERATELY MISLED into believing that, other than by dictatorship, there is no other way that Parliament could function effectively and efficiently; that despite its MANY FAULTS the party system is the only effective and efficient democratic way of governing this country. THIS IS CONSTITUTIONALLY AND LEGALLY FALSE.
The only true Constitutional and legal reason for the existence, and the only true legal purpose of the Parliament, the institution of the Monarchy, and the offices o the Governor-General and State Governors IS TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THE PEOPLE ASK FOR, NOT WHAT OTHERS THINK PEOPLE OUGHT TO HAVE.
The Queen, Her Governor-General and State Governors are directly responsible, NOT TO THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT NOR POLITICAL PARTIES, but to the people in the respective Constitutional areas.
The Constitutions of the Commonwealth and States give the Queen and Her appropriate representatives, the sole power and authority, at any time of their choosing, to dissolve the so-called Lower House and send those Members back to the electorate. If directed by the written WILL of the people the Queen or Her Representative, MUST dissolve the Lower House.
This very important paragraph is taken from the work of Arthur.J.Cresby who spent 53 years studying and researching Constitutional Law.. His work entitled" YOUR WILL BE DONE" is available on the internet in pdf form and well worth reading. Please sign the petition and forward a letter of your WILL to the Governor-General. THIS MAY VERY WELL BE OUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO FIX THE DAMAGE BEING DONE BY THIS GOVERNMENT AND PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS AND TO REGAIN OUR LAWFUL FREEDOMS.

20. The Constitution in Australia - DEMAND YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

It is legally unchallengeable that the party system, with it's direct and indirect powers of manipulating politicians and people, has quite unlawfully striven to drive a wedge between the people and the final source of all their Constitutional and legal powers, i.e., the institution of the Monarchy, as a prelude to transferring the unlimited power of that Monarchy into the hands of the controllers and manipulators of political parties, including the final party political control over the Armed Forces of a nation; a control which, at present, is legally vested in the Queen to ensure that, where directly expressed to Her, THE WILL of the people shall at all times prevail.

This very important paragraph is taken from the work of Arthur.J.Cresby who spent 53 years studying and researching Constitutional Law.. His work entitled" YOUR WILL BE DONE" is available on the internet in pdf form and well worth reading.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, Please use this letter attached and Forward to the Governor General,



Love Australia or Leave Party (LAOL) will play a historic role campaigning to vote to Leave the United Nations.

On June 23, 2016, LAOL announced that we will run a #UNEXIT Leave-UN Campaign. This will be a long-term campaign to leave the United Nations.

If the UK via #BREXIT can leave the EU, then there is nothing prohibiting Australia from leaving the United Nations. Let Australia be the country to take the lead. It took 20 years from the initial concept of the British leaving the EU to having a successful referendum. Our campaign will remain active until we can rid Australia of the curse of the UN.

We will document UN events, facts and the latest decisions and outcomes.
Leave-UN is dedicated to providing factual evidence to why and how we can leave the UN.

Find out more to why Australia should leave the United Nations check out our website


22. Hot Topic In Adelaide! Australia!

Not only does Australia need a Hot Topic, but we need one in Adelaide!

In fact not just Adelaide, but in all cities!

It's about time Australia got Hot Topic cause it's like the best store ever!

So sign this petition if you agree! xD

23. Support Community Television

As the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull announced a proposal on the 10th of September 2014 to not renew Community Television operators’ Apparatus Licence. The end date is December 2016!

Malcolm Turnbull stated that community TV’s “best outcome” would be to move the entirety of the service to the internet. We are thoroughly disappointed with this move.

Community television and C31 serves so many Australians; including people with disability to Indigenous broadcasters, programmes for youth, ethic communities etc. It has been a platform for many professionals.

Whilst media consumption is rapidly changing, traditional TV still serves as the primary form by which audiences watch long form video content, with online services acting as a complement to Broadcast TV. As highlighted by the Australian Multi-Screen Report 2014; currently, the average viewer consumes 24 hours per week of Broadcast TV, whereas viewings on PC or mobile or tablet devices amounted to a little over two hours. This suggests that internet viewings are still a supplement to traditional TV, which draws the bulk of viewership.

Additionally, the free-of-charge accessibility of Community TV will be altered if the content will only be receivable online. As the internet is not free-to-access, this may restrict the ability for services to communities who may lack the technical capacities or data required to access long form video content online. Hence, the responsibility of community broadcasters to provide free-of-charge content via widely available equipment under the Broadcasting Services Act will be compromised. The move will end the ch31 TV as we know it.

24. Close the Gender Gap NSW equal pay for all

The gender gap in Australia unfortunately is getting worse in NSW men are earning 20% more then women who are working full time with same or more qualifications.

It should be a basic right to earn equal amount of money but due to the discrimination that our society seems to still hold against women we are falling behind i believe a act should be enforced for New South Wales allowing women to receive equal pay and rights for the same work and should not be discriminated against just because of there gender instead awarded for there hard work and input into our workforce.

25. Petition to Stop Squash Handicap System – SRA Sydney Pennant West

Currently the "lower" grades ( Div 6-8) of SRA 2016, Sydney Spring Pennant West utilize a Handicap system.

We believe the system is unfair as it:
# skews" Matrix scores - especially, noting that the current SQUASHMATRIX does not allow for the players “handicap used on the night” to modify the final MATRIX score results allocated against each player.
# unfairly disadvantages (but not limited to) the large majority of “mature” players who are no longer as mobile, or have the same aerobic capacity as their younger compatriots,
# adds unnecessary further stress for the “handicapped” player.
# further lengthening matches.
# Except for Div 7 & 8, the spread of Matrix ranking (Div 1 to 6) teams is similar (from position 1 player to last position player, on % basis) - with no need seen to implement a handicap system for Div 1 to 5 teams to-date?

26. The Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use Australia Wide

1. Prohibition has enormous social costs.
The deleterious effects of prohibition run from wasted resources to ruined lives. Our police devote thousands of hours to arresting, booking and imprisoning marijuana smokers, many of whom are otherwise law-abiding. These arrests take officers away from more urgent issues, and can have serious consequences for the arrested.

2. Cannabis has legitimate medical benefits.
The narrative of cannabis as a harmful drug has been dominant for so long, that many people had trouble accepting the plant’s demonstrated medicinal effects. Opinions on medical marijuana have shifted dramatically in the last two decades: recently a slew of mostly conservative states in America passed laws permitting epilepsy patients to use strains of cannabis high in CBD. These states joined 23 others with broader medical marijuana laws. While the US & Australian federal governments still lists cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it does not acknowledge any legitimate medical use, these US states clearly disagree and so does the science.

3. Legalization won’t lead to increased use.
There is reason even for people who oppose the use of marijuana to support its legalization: legal substances can be controlled in ways illegal ones cannot.

Science and government have learned a great deal about how to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors. Mandatory underage drinking laws and effective marketing campaigns in the US have reduced underage alcohol use to 24.8 percent in 2011, compared with 33.4 percent in 1991. Cigarette use among high school students is at its lowest point ever, largely thanks to tobacco taxes and growing municipal smoking limits. There is already some early evidence that regulation would also help combat teen marijuana use, which fell after Colorado began broadly regulating medical marijuana in 2010.

It is the illegal market, with no standards, regulations or price controls, that poses a menace to public health. Our current federal laws, which treat cannabis as equivalent to cocaine and heroin, mostly teach teenagers that the government is completely unrealistic on matters of drug policy. Legalization is the first step in a broader initiative of treating cannabis use as a public health issue.

4. Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.
American history has a good analog for cannabis prohibition: alcohol prohibition. With both, use of the substance did not stop, laws were selectively enforced and violent gangs made staggering profits filling a market law-abiding merchants could no longer touch. In the end, despite alcohol’s costs to bodily health, and the alarming effects it can have on behavior, it was determined, rightly, that criminalizing alcohol did more harm than good. Marijuana is less addictive than tobacco or alcohol, and compares favorably to those drugs on nearly every health metric.

27. Save Our Helipad - Coomba Park

A proposal as been put forward to demolish the Coomba Park Emergency Helipad on the NSW Mid Coast and to construct a Chapel in its place.

The Helipad, while only used several times a year by the Emergency services, is a critical piece of life and property saving community infrastructure, essential to the residents and visitors on and around the south and western shores and hinterland of Wallis Lake.

The Helipad provides a crucial landing area for Medical Helicopters in our remote region and its removal could see seriously ill or injured patients having to travel up to one and a half hours in an Ambulance rather than a 20 minute flight while being monitored by a Doctor.

The Helipad is also used by Rescue and Fire Fighting helicopters in times when bush fires in our rural setting threaten the property and lives of not just those who visit and live here, but also those on the ground who are trying to protect us.

28. Bring The Dolan Twins to Adelaide

So, the Dolans Twins are touring Australia. They're going to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, but they aren't coming to Adelaide. We want to change that, and to do so, we need your help!

29. CHANNEL TEN Please make A 7th Series of OFFSPRING!

Offspring is an Australian television drama/comedy series which premiered on Network Ten on 15 August 2010. Offspring is centred on 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman and her family and friends, as they navigate the chaos of modern life. It is filmed in Melbourne's inner north. The show mixes conventional narrative drama and comedy with flashbacks, graphic animation and fantasy sequences.

Debra Oswald wrote the series with John Edwards and Imogen Banks producing with Southern Star Entertainment.[2][3] Offspring was originally conceived as a two-hour telemovie for Ten, but was spun off into a 13 episodes series after television executives were impressed by the quality of the telemovie. The second season began on 16 May 2011, with a double episode premiere.

Offspring was renewed for its fourth and fifth seasons on 12 July 2012.

On 3 October 2014, John Edwards confirmed that Offspring would not return for a sixth series in 2015, due to Ten's cost-cutting measures in its production division. On 30 August 2015, the Herald Sun reported that a sixth season of Offspring would be made - returning after a two-year hiatus.

On 20 September 2015, Ten confirmed that Offspring would return for a sixth season in 2016. Production for the series will begin on 25 April 2016 and will run through to August 2016. Series 6 premieres at 8.30 PM on 29 June 2016.

30. Please save my husband from deportation because of disability that occurred in Australia

Please don't let them take my husband from me, my only true love of my life. The only thing I regret are the years that we lost already. Life is hard enough, where is the compassion anymore? Asking and begging strangers is not my way, but if you could please support us, you would be saving us. We should never have been living under stress and threat of separation like this. How can the government be so cruel in our lives, and demean our worth as human beings, my husband is a good man, the greatest man I have ever met, the best person I have met.

I do not believe what so ever that the government should even be able to use the fact he is in a wheelchair from being injured in Australia, in my home town where we first met. He worked, played sport and went to school here, his life changed forever here, and yet the Government are so cold and cruel.

There is no winning dealing with red tape and cruel outdated immigration legislation. My husband is a winner, he has the strength love and determination for life, despite losing so much from the accident that changed his life forever, but he changed his life he took life by the reigns and he lives for the positive with an open heart. He is strong, he is my world and my world will be lost forever, the torture of losing any time with him, after all the years we have lived apart would be more than I could bare.

My husband has helped everyone he touches in life, he helps me all the time. He has saved lives, he is a wonderful role model to so many. He touches the hearts and minds of even ' difficult' people. He has not asked for anything in return from anyone. He deserves to be with me and I with him.

If he is sent back we will never be together again. Please tell the government to give Christopher a fair go, he identifies as an Aussie - Australia is his home with his wife.

Please stop them from sending him to Canada. Christopher and I need your signatures. Please sign our petition. If you do anything today, please do that.

With love,
For more information visit: