Who Will Listen?

I vote that the rights of survivors of child sexual abuse are not being put first and should be. It takes an enormous amount of personal fortitude to even open up and say "I have been abused". Thus, it should be no issue that when a survivor addresses the issue with the police or authority concerned that in all cases the survivor should be treated seriously, with respect and dignity and their concerns should be invesitigated without fail.

Survivors are put off by a system that does not care, causing a life of stress and a cost to the economy. Equally importantly, the pedophile is allowed to roam free to attack other children. We can prevent these situations, and should. If you agree, vote now.

Police and other duty of care providers need to be more active in attending the rights of survivors of child sexual abuse. They should take all cases seriously, treat all survivors with respect and dignity, fully investigate all cases so that justice can be served.

This should occur regardless of if the crime was recent or in previous history. This should occur with the rights of the survivor and their needs put first. If special training or a specialist body is required in order to achieve this, then no matter the cost, it should be done.

Whatever research or otherwise needs to be done to minimise and eradicate child sex abuse and its effects, it should be done.

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