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1. Make Hoppy (Chris Hopkins) a SURVIVOR

Summer 2000... My admiration, desire, and obsession began, it was given a target to focus on. SURVIVOR was born and I became a student (to say fan would be a misuse of the word).

I've accomplished a great amount in my short 40 yrs on this planet... Served almost 15 yrs in the best Navy on the planet the US Navy. I have fought the ugliness of sexual discrimination in an age when overall people accept alternative sexual lifestyles, I once was on an early path to possibly becoming a Baptist Chaplain when a crisis of faith tested everything I thought and believed in, and Ive promised my family and friends I would do everything in my powers to make life better for them and to make sure Im never EVER boring.

I'm looking for the chance to survive, to make a difference, and to bring honor and a level of entertainment and talkativeness to SURVIVOR that hasn't happened in the course of it television history.

P.S. The name is spelled Christopher Dean Hopkins so you can get the check ready. I intend to make this life changing for everyone in my path.

2. AEDs Save Lives. Let's Keep Them Readily Available.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death in the U.S., affecting more than 1,000 people of all ages every day. On average, only 10% of victims survive. Survival rates increase to 38% when victims are treated by bystanders with automated external defibrillators (AEDs). If the national survival rate increased to 38%, more than 100,000 additional lives could be saved each year.

The FDA, however, is considering new regulations that will drastically reduce access to the user-friendly lifesaving devices. The FDA is in the process of reclassifying “pre-amendment class III devices,” including AEDs. If AEDs are reclassified as class III devices, unnecessary regulatory hurdles will increase and access to early defibrillation will decrease, drastically reducing the odds of survival for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

If you are someone who works every day to help save lives, or if you have been personally affected by SCA and understand the critical importance of early defibrillation, please express your concerns to the FDA now, before their determination is made. A decision is anticipated by June 2013.

3. Straight, Inc. Survivor's Letter Requesting Acknowledgement and an Apology

Related links with more information, documents, survivor accounts, media coverage, etc. about Straight Inc.

"Straight, Inc. (1976-1993) publicly claimed to rehabilitate teenage drug users by using tough love and Alcoholics Anonymous principles. Straight, Inc. provided NO professional counseling: Straight, Inc.'s "treatment model" relied exclusively on "positive peer pressure" from unprofessional staff (program graduates) and from the teenage clients. Straight, Inc. claimed to have an astronomically high success rate and was supported by both the Reagan and Bush administrations."

"However, Straight, Inc. did not publicly reveal what many survivors will tell you. The REAL Straight, Inc. was a facility that used coercive thought reform (aka mind control, brainwashing), public humiliation, sleep & food deprivation, extremely harsh confrontational tactics, kidnapping, isolation and emotional, mental, psychological, verbal and physical abuse to forcibly break us down then remold us in the Straight, Inc. image. Straight, Inc. also operated in secrecy, just like a cult (Straight, Inc. has been listed on at least 2 cult expert websites). No outsiders were ever permitted to know what really went on. Straight's rules and our fear of harsh punishment prevented us from talking to outsiders or from reporting abuses."

More links: - lots of articles, books, radio shows, etc. here written by journalists, cult and drug war experts, addictions experts, etc.

Also, here is a link to the petition that was posted on another site - the old version has technical difficulties that cannot be repaired - 583 signatures collected there.

4. Petition to Change Criteria to Receive Canada Pension Plan Survivor Benefits

The CPP was enacted in 1965 and came into force on January 1, 1966.

This 47 year old legislation does not allow a survivor under the age of 35, unless they are disabled or have children, to be eligible to receive these benefits until they reach the age of 65. For 31 years they are not entitled to receive CPP Survivor Benefits.

5. Russell Hantz should not have been voted out of Survivor

Russell Hantz was on the Zapertara team on Survivor 22. His team threw the challenge just to throw him out, they did not choose this decision wisely. This is probably the most dumbest move ever!

In the end, he was defeated by Ometepe, Matt. It was one of the most saddest moments on survivor ever for me. Support this petition if you love Russell!

6. VOTE Canadian Chris Ellison onto SURVIVOR!

After 23 seasons and 3 million Canadian viewers, we believe it is important for Mark Burnett and CBS to open the applications up to Canadians.

Chris Ellison seems to be the ideal candidate to apply. Please consider him as a castaway.

Visit for more information about Chris Ellison and this petition.

7. Move Clergy Abuse Survivor, Kim Michele Richardson, and Other Survivors to the Vatican

On Easter, 2010, clergy abuse survivor, Kim Michele Richardson, wrote an open and heartwrenching letter to the pope and the Church's hierarchy. To date, not one Roman Catholic clergy has stepped forward to offer an apology/accountability to Ms. Richardson. Her letter:

"Dear Pope Benedict XVI:

I was deeply troubled when I read you were ‘weary and sad’. I, too, am weary and sad. Let me explain. I’ve been answering calls, letters and emails from countless victims of child clergy abuse for over a year now – calls, letters and emails you should be answering. So I thought I would send a polite reminder: apologies and accountability are due.
I am a survivor of clergy abuse. Abandoned to a Catholic orphanage as an infant, for nearly a decade I was exposed to unspeakable abuses by Catholic nuns and a Catholic priest. It was only in the last year that these horrific abuses were publicly exposed after I was finally able to write about the long nightmare inflicted by those who hid behind His cloak to mask their evil deeds -- deeds the Roman Catholic Church concealed while enabling decades of child abuse by predator clergy.

I wanted to forgive them and I did; however, I wonder and I am often asked: how can you offer forgiveness to those who hide behind their righteousness, behind ill-conceived surety of their place in heaven and on earth, those who have not asked for forgiveness because they do not think they need forgiveness?
Along with tens of thousands of victims globally, I am still waiting. We are waiting for an apology and an admission of accountability from you and the Church’s hierarchy.

We've waited, sometimes for decades. People like the CEO, also a former orphan and victim of clergy abuse who has to lock himself in his office because he’s having a ‘bad day’. His ‘bad days’ happen when the memories of physical and sexual abuse become too strong for him to function as a regular working adult. He writes to me hoping I can offer him strength. Hoping I can make sense of crimes committed against him as a child that were the most heinous crimes committed in history.

Then there is the former priest who writes to tell me of rape by his ‘own.’ There’s a nun too. There is also the woman who suffers from crippling PSTD because of her abuses by clergy. She writes that she may not be contacting me for awhile because she will probably be back in a ‘dark place’ and she will have to seek mental health institutional care for her ‘latest bout’ -- a bout directly caused by child clergy abuse. She prays she’ll be strong and not be tempted again to commit suicide like she’s tried so many times before.

And before I forget, there’s the strong advocate for victims of clergy abuse. He was not abused, but sadly, he is now ‘religious empty’, this man from a strongly connected religious background. I worry about him and his children.

There’s also the daughter (one of five). Her mother, now deceased, a childhood resident of a Catholic orphanage, she was severely abused and raped by your clergy. The daughter says her mother’s former clergy abuse touched everyone in her family and continues to cause trauma and discord so intense, they have all sought counseling.

Pope Benedict, you and your hierarchy have created a scatter bomb. Abuse. The abuse of one does not just stop with one, it also affects and harms their families, friends, co-workers, society and on and on ... So serious that it must be diffused. To do this, it is you that must be willing to publicly help these deeply wounded still-suffering victims and survivors. Start the cleansing by reaching out to us and also disclosing the records of predator clergy that have been protected by you and yours for decades.

My name is Kim Michele Richardson. I am waiting, along with all those voices around me. Let’s chat.


8. Ashley Werth for Survivor Contestant

My name is Ashley. I'm 22 and I live in Delafield WI.

I have applied to Survivor 4 times and have yet to get a call back. I would do anything to be able to play that game.

I need to be creative in my application to stand out to them and this might help.

9. Baby James' Foundation & Law

Children are placed back into the hands of their abuser to only end up being abused again, or worse, deceased. These abusers have more children, walk our streets, become babysitters, sometimes teachers and coaches, generally remaining a presence in our communities and in the lives of our young people.

10. Protest Survivor's Racist Stereotypes

This is a petition to urge CBS to apologize for the use of degrading stereotypes on the Thursday September 29, 2005 episode of "Survivor Guatemala".

PETITION TO CBS and Mark Burnett, producer of the reality show "Survivor Guatemala"

As citizens against racism in any form, we are deeply offended by the degrading misrepresentations of Indigenous culture that were broadcast on the CBS primetime show, "Survivor Guatemala". The producers of the show demonstrated a shocking lack of intelligence and sensitivity in airing a program that demeaned and stereotyped a race and culture with a long history of cultural and political struggle in South America, the Mayan Indians.

We are forming this petition to put CBS and its sponsors on notice as to how much business they can loose through repeated racial insensitivity, not just from Indigenous Americans, but from all American consumers who possess a social conscience.

Cause for Petition

1.) CBS has an extremely poor track record in terms of presenting Indigenous cultures respectfully and accurately. In 2004, they broadcast a performance by Outkast which mocked Native Americans by presenting non-Natives in day glow green fringed outfits behaving in an offensive and stereotypical manner. While this performance precipitated cries of outrage from Native Americans around the country, CBS has yet to correct its attitude toward Native Americans. CBS has again demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice sanctity for profit and an unacceptable tolerance for racist stereotypes in its programming choices.

2.) On Thursday, September 29, 2005 "Survivor Guatemala" presented a derogatory depiction of ancient Mayan warriors. The producers intentionally provided the contestants with fake feathers, war paint and Mayan style headbands and encouraged them to engage in the mockery of traditional Mayan customs. The Survivor contestants' callous treatment of Mayan cultural and spiritual imagery, and by extension all Indigenous cultural and spiritual imagery, was insensitive, ignorant and offensive. The producers provided the contestants with materials which were clearly intended to impose a North American Plains Indian stereotype on a distinct South American culture and to imply that all Indigenous cultures are inter-changeable. Neither the contestants nor the viewing public, were educated as to the richness and complexity of Mayan culture. The producers of "Survivor Guatemala" failed to honestly research the true spiritual and cultural significance of the objects used to objectify Mayan people and culture. This spectacle amounted to nothing more than a 21st Century Minstrel show.

3.) The producers of the show have been exploiting the Mayan aesthetic throughout the season. They have been actively encouraging the contestants to adopt the harmful stereotype of Mayan Indians as superstitious savages and promoting the racist and culturally uninformed perceptions of anthropologists and missionaries over the interpretations of contemporary Indigenous scholars. The traditions, history and culture of Indigenous Guatemalans have been used throughout the season as a mere gimmick for a trivial entertainment show and exploited for their entertainment value.

4.) There are currently NO redeeming Native American characters on the CBS network nor has there ever been a Native American contestant on "Survivor". Throughout CBS's programming, Native Americans are almost never depicted as contemporary citizens with something valuable to contribute to society.

5.) CBS continues to offer programming where stereotypes dominate in portrayals of Native Americans and to cater to the racist expectations of an uninformed public. They violate their own stated goals regarding diversity in trivializing and distorting Mayan culture for American consumption.

6.) The producers of Survivor have been irresponsible in failing to present the realities of everyday life of contemporary Mayan Indians living in Guatemala. They offered the legitimate political and cultural leaders of this community, no control over their own ethnic identity.

The Harm of Broadcasting Racist Stereotypes.

CBS is a major network with the obligation to use the public airwaves responsibly. Survivor, clearly the most blatantly racist show on network television, has ignored its obligation to respect and reflect the diversity of the public it serves. Instead, the producers have chosen to project negative stereotypes into millions of American homes. The distortion of Indigenous values to conform to the formula for a reality show, the use of campy immunity idols and other imagery and the deliberate objectification of a politically powerless cultural minority is damaging to everyone who views it.

It reinforces existing misconceptions and racial stereotypes in the non-Native population and it imposes additional barriers for Native youth in developing positive identities and in acquiring the self esteem necessary for full participation in American society.

When the producers of Survivor encourage non-Native contestants to appropriate Mayan culture for the sole purpose of winning $1 million dollars, they have every incentive to reproduce derogatory stereotypes for the audience's entertainment and no incentive to put any effort into respectfully learning about and appreciating the diversity and complexity of Indigenous cultures.

This teaches the viewing audience that it is acceptable to rely on stereotypical images and that no effort to discover the richness and inherent value of Indigenous cultures is necessary.

It further reinforces the idea that Native Americans need not be treated as full human beings and that it is acceptable to use them as fodder for play-acting. CBS has hypocritically ignored its stated commitment to promoting diversity and commoditized Mayan heritage in order to sell blockbuster movies, running shoes and automobiles. This corporate racial insensitivity is unacceptable.

Our Demands

We call on CBS and the producers of Survivor Guatemala to take immediate steps to mitigate the harm they have done by airing this episode on national television. We urge CBS to abandon its hypocrisy and follow its own diversity statement.

As broadcasters, CBS should aim to ensure that the national viewing audience is reflected accurately and respectfully in ALL its programming.

1.) The producers of Survivor and anyone responsible for providing the contestants with feathers and war paint should make a thoughtful and genuine apology on the program as soon as possible.

2.) CBS should end all non-Native portrayals of Native American culture. All information about Native culture should be presented only after the producers have sought out the consent, advice and permission from authentic Native American cultural and political leaders.

3.) Any information about Indigenous culture should be presented fairly and accurately in its proper cultural context. More Indigenous voices should be included in CBS's programming. A sincere effort should be made to include contemporary Native playwrights, film-makers, poets and rap artists in special programming designed to inform the audience about the realities of contemporary Indigenous American life as well as the historical foundations of existing racist stereotypes. Native people should be allowed an opportunity to express their own culture in their own voices.

4.) CBS should also make a sincere effort to include positive Native American role models in its programming, to broadcast Native produced programs and to include Native American actors as contestants in reality shows and as actors in its programs.

The Survivor Guatemala challenge was as appropriate as having a "Sambo" challenge for Survivor Africa. The Play-acting of stereotypes of Native American people is inexcusable in primetime American television.

We the undersigned will no longer tolerate cultural symbols used in such an insensitive and garish manner. We believe that the exploitation of cultural beliefs and symbols for entertainment must not go unchallenged.

If the producers of Survivor Guatemala do not make amends for their mockery of Indigenous culture, we will boycott the sponsors of the show. We also call on CBS to take definite steps to stop all its programming that depicts any racial group in a derogatory light.

We demand that CBS adopt and implement plans to air programs which emphasize cultural sensitivity and awareness and to refrain from ever again using racial stereotypes as a source of entertainment.

The undersigned

11. Take Survivor Off The Air

This petition is protesting the treatment of the Blacktip Reef Shark of the March 31, 2005 episode. I was appalled at the treatment of that shark.

Sharks are my life and passion, I refuse to watch a reality show that would condone such brutality!

12. Rights for Sex Abuse Survivors First!

I vote that the rights of survivors of child sexual abuse are not being put first and should be. It takes an enormous amount of personal fortitude to even open up and say "I have been abused". Thus, it should be no issue that when a survivor addresses the issue with the police or authority concerned that in all cases the survivor should be treated seriously, with respect and dignity and their concerns should be invesitigated without fail.

Survivors are put off by a system that does not care, causing a life of stress and a cost to the economy. Equally importantly, the pedophile is allowed to roam free to attack other children. We can prevent these situations, and should. If you agree, vote now.

13. Anastacia Fanclub - We want Survivor Dude clothes !!

Men! Survivor chick T-shirt's and tops r available to buy from the official anastacia fan club but...what's that I hear u say - there isn't a survivor range for the guys? well, If u'd like a Survivor dude Tank top, T-Shirt or sweatshirt, please sign this petition to let the fanclub know that it's wanted!

14. Help Rupert Boneham, a Survivor!!

Rupert Boneham, a contestant in the show Survivor 7, gets voted out and everybody just loved him for his exemplary gesture of humanity and honesty that we want to help him in any we can.

15. Take "Survivor" off the air or Admit it is a Fraud

By allowing "outcasts" back on Survivor CBS and creator Mark Burnett perverted what the game was all about. On 11-20-03 Rupert Boneham, a contestant who personified what being a Survivor was all about was voted off. 2 of the votes that put him over the top were from these outcasts. The injustice was blatant