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WHFS Changes Its Tune to Spanish

WHFS-FM, the Washington area radio station that was a pioneering purveyor of alternative rock to generations of young music fans, did a programming U-turn yesterday by ditching the genre for a Spanish-language, pop-music format that transforms it into the largest Spanish-language station on the local dial.

In an instant, the station abandoned the likes of the White Stripes, Green Day and Jet for middle-of-the-road superstars such as Marc Anthony, Juan Luis Guerra and Victor Manuelle.

The switch reflects both changing demographics and a corporate war of attrition involving Washington's two major radio station owners, Infinity Broadcasting, which owns WHFS, and Clear Channel Communications, which owns WHFS's chief competitor, DC-101.

At this time, I would like your participation in signing this petition to strenghten our request to resurrect our beloved known station back to the Washington Metropolitan area! WHFS is known nationwide for it's HFStivals. Are we as listeners ready to give that all up? Do we really need another Spanish radio station? There are other alternatives for that type of station to come about.

Don't let them take away the ONE AND ONLY Alternative Rock Station we have!! Sign the petition and tell Infinity how you truly feel!

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