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1. 3 Tree Flats - Rooftop Access

We, the undersigned residents of 3 Tree Flats, would like access to the rooftop of our building.

From our understanding, when the building first opened, the owner made a "no rooftop access" rule after some kids threw small items over the balcony. That rule was put in place over 6 years ago. Notably, this rule is not included in any of our leases.

We would like the owner to eliminate this rule for the following reasons:

(1) Antiquated, Baseless Rule:
 The "no rooftop access" rule was put in place over 6 years ago. Therefore, it is beyond time to reevaluate the purpose behind this hardline rule. In the past two years, there have been no incidents or accidents reported with the limited access we were given. Therefore, it is established that our residents can occupy the space responsibly.

(2) Building Amenities:
 We pay thousands of dollars for rent, which should include access to ALL amenities, such as the rooftop, a (working) business center, clubhouse, and the fitness center. The diversity of our residents -- mixed income, different ages, tax credits, Section 8 vouchers holders, different racial/ethnicity, etc. -- is no reason to keep residents from accessing this amenity for our enjoyment. The rule itself seems based in unfounded biases and a belief that the residents in this building, for whatever reason, are not responsible enough to have rooftop access.

(3) Children:
 We understand the concern for the safety of children. Therefore, we propose a "no children on the rooftop" rule. This rule would prohibit all children under 18 from accessing or being on the rooftop at anytime. This way, adult residents can still have access. We are also open discussing any other rules to ensure the safety of our residents.

(4) Security & Monitoring:
 We believe that if we start with limited rooftop access hours, we can show property management and the owner that we can be responsible with the rooftop access. Since the building now employs security, we can ask the security guards to check-in on the area during their shifts. During business hours, a property employee can check-in on the area periodically throughout the day.

That said, it is very upsetting that our neighbors at the Fahrenheit, the Swift, Park View, and others, allow their residents to use their rooftop space. Of course, children live in these buildings too, but instead of eliminating access all together, these buildings have simply established appropriate rules and safeguards. Yet, the rooftop space at 3 Tree Flats is simply being wasted. The building architects created rooftop space for our enjoyment - let us enjoy!

2. Protect the future education of women; Keep AWS all girls

Annie Wright School’s Board of Trustees announced January 4, 2017 that it will allow boys into the Upper School beginning with ninth grade in the Fall of 2017. As you know, Annie Wright’s upper school has been an all-girls educational and boarding program for 133 years. In 1881, Charles Wright outlined his vision for our school:
"The school will provide education for the rising generation of daughters of the
pioneers, children who will lay a firm foundation for the great state that is to
be, a state which will require them to have kind, not callous hearts; joyous, not pampered spirits; broad, not petty minds; refined, not tawdry tastes; direct, not shifting speech – women who will meet wealth with simplicity, and poverty with dignity, and face life with quiet strength – developing from strength to strength; contributing to the righteous up-building of this great country."

There are no comparable single-sex educational opportunities for girls in the Northwest region.
1. They are eliminating an important resource for the community
a. After this decision, there will be 1 all girls boarding high school per 7.062
million in Washington state and 21 all girls boarding high schools per 318.9
million in the United States. This means that Washington is only serving
7,062,000 of the population while the rest of the nation is serving
15,185,714.3; that’s less than half of the national average;
b. If this decision is carried out, then young women in Washington state will be
underserved in this area;
c. There are a multitude of educational options for boys in a private school
setting in Washington state
2. There is is tremendous benefit of an all-girls education, as documented in the

3. Washington State Daylight Savings Time Elimination

Washington State Residents: Daylight savings time is an archaic process in which residents of the State of Washington set their clocks forward one hour in the spring and set them back one hour in the fall.

The process makes it so that it is dark in the fall and winter months when many people arrive home from work, eliminating recreational time, outdoor family time and home maintenance time.

Please sign this petition if you are a resident of the State of Washington and wish to do away with the process of daylight savings time.

4. Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon to join Idaho

The portions of Washington State and Oregon east of the Cascade mountains have irreconcilable differences with their western counterparts, but have much in common with Idaho. Farmers in eastern WA & OR struggle under unreasonable laws created by urban lawmakers on the states' west sides who do not understand agriculture.

State-level politicians from the east sides of the states return the favor by wreaking havoc on political decisions important to the west sides, blocking for example funds for the repair of deadly dangerous earthquake-damaged infrastructure.

Dividing Washington State and Oregon down along the middle of the Cascade mountain range, and moving the eastern portions of both states to Idaho, would allow farmers in those areas to become more productive under more sympathetic and understanding political leadership, while allowing political leadership on the west sides to make decisions for the west unimpeded by obstructionists exacting revenge.

This change would affect about 1.5 million residents in Eastern Washington and about half a million in Eastern Oregon. It would more than double the population of Idaho to about 3.6 million. Washington and Oregon would be left with about 5.6 million and 3.5 million.

Regarding the effect of this change on presidential electoral politics, it would move (probably) 2 of Washington State's 12 electoral votes to Idaho (raising Idaho's votes from 4 to 6) while Oregon retained it's 7 electoral votes. That net change of 4 electoral votes would not have been enough to swing any presidential election since at least 1888 when Washington became a state. In the case of the 2000 election, by far the closest during those years, it would have made George W. Bush's electoral win slightly less narrow than it was. We still would have had the 2000 Florida battle over hanging chads etc., as Florida's far larger number of electoral votes would have rendered these 4 votes moot. The likelihood that these 4 votes will ever swing an election is slim.

Washington State cities Spokane, Yakima, Spokane Valley, and Kennewick, and Bend in Oregon, would be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th largest cities of the enlarged Idaho, nudging Idaho's Nampa, Meridian, and Idaho Falls to 5th, 6th, and 9th place.

Idaho's capitol, Boise, would remain the largest city at about 220,000, and the Boise metropolitan area would remain the largest at about 680,000. Spokane would be a close second at about 209,000 and 557,000, and Yakima would be third-largest with about 91,000 and 249,000.

The enlarged Idaho would still have fewer people than the Seattle metropolitan area, which is about 3,734,000. The city of Seattle is about 609,000.

The enlarged idaho would be 187,724 square miles, making it the 3rd-largest state after Alaska and Texas, nudging California to 4th place (it would be about 14.7% larger than California). It would be the 28th most populous state. It would remain the 7th-lowest state in population density, after Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, and New Mexico.

Washington would jump to from 24th to 16th-highest state in population density, dispacing Indiana. Oregon would jump from 39th to 23rd, dispacing Louisiana.

More information:

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5. Save Medical Cannabis in Washington state

We are a local Medical Marijuana dispensary residing in Bellingham Washington part of Whatcom county. With current law changes in the state small medical marijuana businesses like ourselves are struggling to stay open. With over 1,300 patients relying on our survival through the changes in the state. We are very worried about the well-being of our patients and the future of their medicine.

As a company who from the beginning has charged sales tax on our products while from the beginning being zoned correctly we are confused on why we have not gotten our 502 retail license. We are interested in getting our medical endorsement as well to continue to serve our patients. We are asking to receive our license, we pay our taxes and we have our business license. We have had our business license from the beginning proving we are ahead of the game and deserving of being able to serve our community.

We are here to fight for our patients, over the years of being open we have seen our fair share of success stories in the state. Being one of the leading states on patients rights for medical cannabis access. People from all over the country and even world have settled in to embrace the medicine and its god given potential. Sadly the example we were leading has diminished and unfortunately the states current laws take a decent amount, if not most of patient's rights away. From children with epilepsy going seizure free for extended periods, to multiple patients cancer being abolished.

We know there is something we are doing right to help people find the products needed for their survival. Call us Crazy, but we love to see these types of success stories. It brings joy to our hearts to see a little girl who knows nothing but suffering, 150+ seizure free days and counting. It makes our problems not seem so big when we are able to see a woman clear up tumors on her lungs, or to see a man walk in the door a week later when his leg was suppose to be amputated do to cancer. To even success stories of our own.

If we are forced to do so, we will begin our transformation into a recreational style store, while serving medical patients. We want to stick around to help all aspects of the field and assure that someone around still cares about patient rights. Sign the petition to not only keep us going, but to fight for the rights of patients everywhere.

Cannabis is a natural plant found naturally around the world, it is a right that we have our medicine, not someone's decision sitting behind a desk. It all starts with Grass Roots movements, will you be able to say you were there to see it all blow up? Or will you be there to say damn, if only i would have spoke up?

6. Longboarders to have the same rights as bicyclists

In 2015, as I was riding down 185th street in Shoreline Washington, my longboard struck uneven sidewalk resulting in my first longboard related hospital trip. I ended up with 4 scars on my hips and knees and a sprained hand.

After that accident I heard more stories about longboarders who came to a sudden stop due to uneven ground. I also became aware of the other dangers around riding on sidewalks. Pedestrains and children often play and walk much slower which may result in a collision. Cars pull out of driveways and inch out past the sidewalk to get a better view of the road.

Often times they will not see the longboarder until they are pulled out and their front tires are on the sidewalk. One time I thought a driver saw me at the Crest Theatre, as there was nothing obstructing his view, but he pulled out and I landed on his hood.

7. Washington wants fair Health care

MultiCare sends patients who should income-qualify for financial assistance to collections.

According to the Affordable Care Act, non-profit hospitals like MultiCare are required to inform patients about financial assistance and must take all "reasonably available measures" to avoid sending someone who would qualify for financial assistance to collections.

8. Traffic Safety Measures for Oak Crest Newport Intersection

On June 26, 2015, a 4-year-old boy was struck and fatally injured by a vehicle while in the NW Oak Crest Drive/ Newport Way NW crosswalk. This incident was due in no small part to the inadequate safety measures for that intersection.

Newport Way NW has a 40 mph speed limit, which is very high for a road bordered by multiple residential sections. Residents of surrounding neighborhoods have noted that cars also tend to exceed this speed limit with some frequency, especially during peak driving times.

Driving eastbound on Newport Way, the crosswalk for the NW Oak Crest Drive intersection is preceded by a blind curve less than 100 yards from the intersection, which makes it very difficult for pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars leaving NW Oak Crest Drive onto Newport Way or coming westbound on Newport Way NW and turning left into NW Oak Crest Drive, to see approaching eastbound vehicles. It also makes it difficult for drivers approaching the intersection on Newport Way NW to see those individuals and vehicles before it is too late to slow down.

While the crosswalk does have a flashing pedestrian sign that can be activated by pedestrians and bicyclists, a. it is very hard to see that it is lit up in the daylight hours, b. it is very hard to see when coming around the blind curve, and c. it is far enough to the side of the road that many drivers unfamiliar with the road do not notice it.

The sidewalk/ walking path in this area is used frequently by bicyclists, joggers, runners, and families. As the traffic flow has increased on Newport Way NW, the safety of those using this path has been compromised. In order to prevent any further injuries, accidents, or fatalities, the City of Issaquah needs to improve the safety of the NW Oak Crest Drive and Newport Way NW intersection.

9. More Public Toilets for the District of Columbia

With Ebola entering the US, it is even more urgent to have public restrooms for handwashing and sanitary urination, defecation, and removal of tampons.

The CDC says handwashing is the best way to prevent spread of many diseases, including norovirus, flu, colds, TB, hepatitis A, SARS, MERS, and ebola. All of these diseases can be spread by "casual" contact such as coughing and sneezing. Homeless people, tourists, and people with lots of kids can't always afford to go to a restaurant to use the bathroom.

Cleanliness should not only be for rich people!

There are only a couple public toilets in our nation's capital, and in East LA and East Las Vegas most fast-food restaurants and convenience stores have closed their restrooms even to paying customers!

10. 1D Come To Washington!

I'm a huge Directioner, I would be what you call those dedicated fans. I really wanted to see them but the fact of the matter is, I'm a military brat. We're a one income family, spending money on traveling to California then for food, that would take most of our money. That we need for our own food and bills etc.

My Goal is to get One Direction to come to Washington State so me and other fans that can't go because of the difficulties of traveling. #1 MILITARY BRAT FAN

11. Inclusion for Students with EBD

-Research shows that mainstreaming is more academically effective than exclusion practices. Students are exposed to the general education curriculum and are held to higher standards.

-Evidence shows that children model the behavior of the children that they’re around. If they were to be included, they can learn socially appropriate behavior through firsthand observation and interaction with their peers.

-Mainstreaming is the most realistic educational option because in the real world, students won’t always receive special services. If they become accustomed to being treated similarly to those around them, they will become more successful.

-Students have the legal right to an education in the least restrictive environment (an environment with non-disabled peers).

-Teaches skills to general education students such as patience, tolerance, sympathy and problem solving and therefore allows them to thrive into better individuals.

12. Modify LCB Proposed Marijuana Rules

WASAVP represents professionals in the field of substance abuse prevention which focuses on stopping the harm from legal marijuana before it starts. We remain concerned that without stronger restrictions and safeguards on the commercial marijuana marketplace during its infancy, that illegal diversion and “Big Marijuana” will flourish and unnecessarily harm youth and communities.

Without a “crystal ball” to predict vulnerabilities in the rules and given that the marketplace will rapidly evolve, we urge the Liquor Control Board to err initially on the side of caution. As we have learned from “Big Tobacco,” it is much easier to loosen ineffective regulations than to tighten them once precedent is set and reinforced by the marketplace.

The following modifications to the Proposed Rules will maximize and extend the protective measures in I-502 and help keep youth and communities as safe as possible in the emerging commercial marijuana marketplace.

13. 40% cut in Congress memebers' pention/salary

It's relevant to note that the American people see a constant stream of irresponsible and corrupt political leadership in Congress.

Congress are so incompetent that they cannot even pass a budget.

14. I support P.O.W.E.R.

Washington State ratepayers are feeling the pinch of initiative 937's (Energy Independence Act) unintended consequences.

While the initiative was intended to increase energy conservation and renewable energy resources, many of our utility companies are now required to purchase eligible renewable power (or equivalent credits) even if they don’t need it. This has forced utility companies to pass those unneeded costs onto their customers.

With your help, we can make important changes to the EIA. Legislators need to hear from individuals and businesses that sensible, cost-effective changes can be made to the EIA to protect ratepayers from rising rates without changing the overall intent of the law.

By working together we can send a strong message to Olympia – Legislation is needed to amend the EIA to remove the requirement that utilities must buy power they don’t need to serve their customers, thus protecting our rates. Visit our website today,, to sign on in support and/or to make a donation in the effort to make changes to the EIA.

15. Allow Washington, DC PEPCO Customers to opt-out of having a wireless "smart" meter as Maryland PEPCO Customers can

On August 10th, 2012, Councilmember Alexander released the following Press release:

Councilmember Alexander Requests PSC to Investigate
Pepco’s Smart Meters, Opt-out Policy

After receiving numerous complaints from Pepco customers, Councilmember Yvette M. Alexander and the members of the Public Services and Consumer Affairs Committee are requesting that the Public Service Commission (PSC) investigate any health, safety and privacy issues related to the installation of the smart meter.

Since the smart meters were deployed in September 2010, Pepco customers have expressed their unease with the new device and have inquired about an opt-out policy that will prevent the installation or the transmission of data from already installed meters. Throughout the United States, opt-out provisions have been approved by state commissions and legislatures and several were adopted after the deployment of the smart meter. Councilmember Alexander as well as the members of the Public Services and Consumer Affairs Committee believe that this investigation will provide much needed answers to the inquiring public.

“It is essential for the PSC to take a long, hard look at the concerns raised by the residents and to determine if there is anything that Pepco can do differently to better serve its customers,” said Councilmember Alexander. “As legislatures, it is our duty to not only listen to our residents, but to show them that we have done everything in our power to help alleviate their concerns.

On August 16, 2012, PECO (The Philadelphia Electric Company) suspended installation of their "smart" meters due to fires and over-heating.

See: (Illinois , GE Meter - Note: PEPCO is using GE and Landis & Gyr brand meters) (Georgia) (Texas) - Note: The meters mentioned in this article are Landis & Gyr meters. One of the brands of meters PEPCO is using. Note: They were found to malfunction when they get too hot.

On February 8, 2013 West Monroe Partners was hired by the Commission to start the study. The cost of the study is $108,000 and is for one year. Details can be found here: and concerns here:

Note: The Santa Cruz County, California, Health Agency issued a report, in January of 2012, on the "Health Risks Associated with Smart" Meters" at the request of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. The DC Public Service Commission does not have to reinvent the wheel and can take notice of this report:

and, The Commission twice rejected requests of the Office of Peoples Counsel to have an "opt-out" provision studied arguing that the Council required "all" to have a participate in the "smart" grid. The Council law authorizing the "smart" grid stressed two way communicating devices and did not order that they be "wireless." PEPCO decided to use "wireless" meters as opposed to fiber optic or cable/ethernet (Note: ANC 4B supported the second request of the OPC)

With the growing reports of "smart" meters being connected to fires, health problems (such as headaches, heart palpitations and interference with pace makers and other implanted medical devices) the Commission should to grant an immediate right to "opt-out" for all PEPCO customers while the issue is studied.


We the people of the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, are here together as one voice.

We stand together as Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, and Freedom Fighters. We come together from all different beliefs, races, and sexes but we all believe in America. We stand together as friends, we stand together as family, and we stand together as a country.

We ask that you not let the voice of the American people die, and that you restore the belief in our people, so that our great nation may inspire the world all over again. We work as firemen, nurses, cab drivers, teachers, cops, cooks, and customer services representatives. We work at schools, restaurants, and hospitals. We work for the city, for the state, and for the country.

It is our understanding that Republican Presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul has achieved a plurality of delegates in a minimum of five states. We are asking as one voice that you make our republican convention fair by giving Dr. Ron Paul a speaking slot at the convention. The world has taken notice of this election.

Let us not become a joke to them, but rather an example of the integrity of our great nation. Let the convention showcase the two great leaders from our republican side, that one may emerge to contest Barack Obama. Let us showcase to the world, on the greatest of stages, what a republic looks like.

17. Save 13 Year Old Ariana-Leilani

Ariana-Leilani is only 13 years old and still very sick. She is a dual German - American citizen of Gullah/Geechee dissent, who currently lives in the USA. She urgently needs proper medicine, treatment and full independent medical investigation for her Severe Chronic Neutropenia and to be protected from further abuse. Without it, she could die. Learn more at Save Ariana-Leilani.

Sign this petition to urge President Trump, Chancellor Merkel and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to turn their words into action to protect Ariana-Leilani and other children like her. An international coalition is actively advocating to save Ariana-Leilani's life.

Please sign to add your voice and show the growing worldwide support for Ariana-Leilani and for other children who could have avoided death, but no longer have a voice because they did not get the proper medicine or medical treatment.

18. Beacon Hill Community Petition - Alcohol Impact Area Initiative

Beacon Hill neighbors have started a project called the Alcohol Impact Area Initiative (AIAI) in an effort to get an Alcohol Impact Area for the hill.

Several years ago the Washington State Liquor Control Board allowed certain areas such as Pioneer Square, the Downtown Core, and the University District to restrict or ban the sale of specific types of low cost, high sugar, high alcohol content beer and wine. These drinks are the beverages of choice for many chronic public inebriates.

Many neighbors have stories of people passing out on their lawn, drinking and loitering at bus stops and being harassed for money outside local stores or on sidewalks. Stories like these were the impetus to create the AIAI.

The process to get an AIA on Beacon Hill will likely be long and involved and the AIAI needs your help in supporting this effort. You can help by signing this petition and also by collecting cans and bottles of the targeted beverages for evidence to officials. A list of the targeted beverages as well as more details on the project can be found on the Facebook page (Beacon AIAI) as well.

19. National Safe Seafood Council's Petition for Testing

Since the BP Oil Disaster, America's Gulf seafood has been in question. As Americans watched the millions gallons of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico in horror, those businesses and families that depend on the Gulf for their livelihoods held their breath.

While the people of the Gulf had seen oil spills before, the BP Oil Spill would change the environment and their lives for generations to come. It seems that Washington DC thinks Americans are simply naive and that be issuing a few press releases and some commercials that everything will be fine. Well Mr. President, I for one can say that is not good enough.

More needs to be done and it needs to be done right now before these hard working people, who want only to work for their money, become another statistic in what history is sure call America's worst nightmare. Do you feel safe Mr. President feeding this seafood to your children and what it may do to them on a cellular level? Do you fear what it may do to your grand children because that is what "we the people" fear the most!

There seems to be only one organization that has made a commitment to any kind of stand on this issue. The NationalSafe has been created by some of the same people effected by this disaster and they are committed to see this through until funding is provided for proper long term testing.

20. Petition to Deny Parole for Cop Killer Lonnie Link

Detective Orchard was shot and killed while conducting an undercover stakeout of two thieves wanted for the theft of a valuable gun collection. The suspects had attempted to ransom the collection for $20,000. When the men pulled up to the surveillance area Detective Orchard approached the car and identified himself. One of the occupants fired a shot from inside the car, striking Detective Orchard in the head.

The men were later arrested and convicted of the murder.

Detective Orchard had served with the agency for 15 years. He was survived by his wife three children.

21. The Florida Open Carry Initiative

Throughout our history, the ability to be armed for self defense has been essential to our liberty. Today, the Florida state legislators have stripped the people of the ability to openly carry arms. This policy is inconsistent with that of a free society. The elimination of an open carry arms policy leads to corruption, the loss of liberty, and to a state of perpetual tyranny.

Here are a few thoughts that our forefathers left us with in regards to a well armed people.

“The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
-Thomas Jefferson

“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.”
-George Washington

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
-Thomas Jefferson

A free people ought to be armed."
- George Washington

“To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them” .
-George Mason

22. Reformation of Washington State Marijuana Laws

Two marijuana reformation bills before the Washington state legislature were voted down by a House committee Wednesday, January 22. HB 2401 would have legalized marijuana possession for people 21 or older, and HB 1177 would have decriminalized the possession of up to 40 grams.

Both bills got a public hearing before the Assembly of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee last week. But despite impressive testimony, a public opinion poll showing majority support for legalization, and the announcement by reform activists that they would put a legalization initiative on the ballot this fall (2010), the same committee voted 6-2 against legalization and 5-3 against decriminalization.

The four committee Republicans voted unanimously against both measures. Two committee Democrats joined with the GOP to vote against legalization, while one Democrat voted against decriminalization.

Washington State Reformation Bills:

HB 2401 (Legalization) -

HB 1177 (Decriminalization) -

23. Help Low-Income/Homeless HIV Positive Patients Find Care

D.C.'s AIDS groups care for more patients with less money, even as funds go missing. (Washington Post)

D.C. government allowed widespread waste and mismanagement to overwhelm the city's AIDS services.
(Washington Post)

Go to for the unbelievable video.

24. Immigration Clinic at Wash U

Over the years, students have informally voiced their desire to add an Immigration Clinic to Wash U's top-rated clinical program. Considering the large number of potential clients in the St. Louis area and the enthusiastic student response, it is unclear why the law school has not moved on this.

In order to quantify student interest, we would like to poll students here. If you would like to support the addition of an Immigration Clinic, please note that in the space provided.

25. Immigration Law Society at Wash U

The purpose of this petition is to gather enough signatures of currently enrolled law students at Washington University in St. Louis to formally create an Immigration Law Society at Wash U.

The Law School has never had an Immigration Law Society, yet St. Louis is the home of a surprisingly large population of new immigrants and refugees. Immigration is a topic commonly intertwined with employment and labor law, criminal law, health care, international law and foreign policy, among many other areas. The Immigration Law Society at Wash U would allow students to explore immigration law through direct community outreach, local and national speakers, fair-minded debates, contacts with employers and professional organizations, and advocacy and awareness events. Furthermore, the community outreach and volunteer aspect of the organization would provide students another avenue to obtain real-world legal experiences while in school, giving Wash U law students a competitive edge in the job market, even in areas other than immigration.

If you support the creation of this new organization, please help us by signing this petition. Under the Bylaws of the Student Bar Association, a new organization needs at least 10 registered members and twenty student signatures supporting the group’s formation, among other things. Please note in the space provided whether you would like to sign as a "Member" or "Supporter."

Thank you!

26. Keep Camelot Open for Sport Fishermen

Camelot park which is located in castlerock, Washington closes at 10:00 P.M. every night, Steelhead fishing is best sunset to sunrise and is one of the only sections of the river with a sandy beach that is a prime location to catch steelhead so we would like it to stay open 24 hours a day.

27. Redefine Basic Education in Washington

Generations of children have moved through the Mercer Island public schools, seeking a modern education. That education today is mired in funding formulas patched together over the last 3 decades.

We urge legislators to consider that the last study - the very thoughtful and comprehensive Basic Education Funding Taskforce recommendations - should indeed be the last study. Now is the time to enact a new definition of basic education, the paramount duty of Washington's government according to its own Constitution.

We ask our legislators to include these priority components in the new definition of basic education which shall be fully funded by the state:

- CORE 24 - a framework of high school graduation requirements already approved by the State Board of Education. CORE 24 is more specific than a "meaningful high school diploma." CORE 24 specifically raises the credits required for graduation to 24, enabled by a day of at least 6 periods, better preparing our children to effectively enter the workforce, or attend trade schools, community colleges, and universities.

- Technology - the equipment, the software, and the training that bridge our students to the challenges of a modern digital world

- Reduce class sizes - A true commitment to lowering actual class sizes, particularly for grades K-2, rather than the slippery fiction of average teacher:student ratios

- Special education – Enable programs based on verifiable Individual Education Programs

- Model school – establish specific guidelines with specific funding for basic services like librarians, counselors, and support for struggling students to replace complicated staffing formulas currently in use

These are key elements to be incorporated into the new definition of basic education. In terms of implementation, we understand that new funding dollars should not be funneled to the same old (broken) system; an overhaul of both accountability systems and the teacher compensation structure are required. Until full implementation is funded by the state, it is critical to also rely on current local funding sources such as levies to bridge the gap to reform and stimulate education advances in the future.

Our children need action now. Preparing for the global economy has never been more critical. Don't wait for yet another generation to slip through the K-12 system.

28. Ensure the Right to Life for all Citizens of Washington State

We the People of the State of Washington, in order to regain justice for all citizens of Washington state, born and unborn, and to ensure adequate and honest education pertaining to fetal development (according to biology) and abortion, in schools, clinics, and hospitals; as well as provide support for those in need, do establish this plea for justice.

29. Lanakila Washington - Humanistic Party

This petition is being utilized as a real-time voting tool online. This effort is sponsored by the social network "Candidate Forum 2008: The American Presidential Election". See the web-link above.

30. Yes to more Government Aid for Solar Power in Washington State

This petition is to make aware to the State of Washington's government the importance of a more drastic movement towards solar power as a viable alternative for energy.

An increase in funding for households and businesses that choose to use solar power is necessary to ignite this trend.

The current legislation of Washington contains various incentives, but are not enough to make a significant difference financially.