Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, Government of Canada

In SriLanka, the Tamils and Sinhala lived peacefully together on the same island but as two separate kingdoms. Once the British took control of SriLanka, they dissolved both kingdoms and made both groups live together. However, once the British gave control back to the people of SriLanka, the Sinhala took political power and have continously been attempting to eliminate the Tamils through various methods. Legislatures were used to discriminate against Tamils, but not allowing the Tamil lanugage to be an official language of the nation, and by causing great devastation tot he Tamil Communitites.

Many peace talks, rallies, petitions and similar actions were carried out by the Tamils, but it was not until the Sinhalese government began to murder, rape and torture Tamils while ignoring their pleas for justice, did the Tamils take up arms in order to defend themselves. The LTTE is fighting for the liberation of Tamils, and have only been fighting for the justice they deserve and seek. Currently, the LTTE are and SriLankan government are at peace, but the President, Chandrika, is doing all she can in order to destroys the peace. She is not willing to cooperate, and is only trying to delay the peace talks by ignoring to listen to the LTTE.

LTTE, with the help of Noweigan Government have been able to form their own temporary government system in the land in which they control. The LTTE have set up Immigration offices, Judicial Offices, Police Stations, an entire government system withing a few years. They succeed alot in very little time, and have good control, and show that they have the power to be patient, resourceful, and able to form a stable government.

Because the SriLankan government is unwillingy to cooperate and negotiate with the LTTE, and because both parties are on hostile ground with a mediator, we ask that the Canadian Government, who are well known to solve problems and reach a common goal of peace, to hold the peace talks between the LTTE and Srilnakan Government here in Canada. And we ask that the Canadian Government be the mediator and assist both parties to come to a peaceful resolution.

Dear People of Canada, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the SriLankan Government are currently at peace. In order to come to a common resolution, both parties must meet with a mediator and require a place for the talks to be held without interruption. We ask that the Canadian Government to hold these talks and assist the nation of SriLanka in attaining peace.

Please sign this petition and pass it onto any friends. We must come to peace, and there is no better country or place for peace talks to be held.

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